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Good Sunday morning! Hard to believe we are nearing the end of November…..sadly today we will be heading back  to NY and into the welcoming arms of the busiest month of the year. I am ready and willing for all that lies ahead in the coming month though it is always very hard to leave idyllic and peaceful Palmetto Bluff:) It was fun to change things up for Thanksgiving though and it was such a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

As the entire Palmetto Bluff property and The Montage is in full Christmas decorating mode, one reason I am excited to get home to NY is to begin (slowly) my Christmas decorating! I have to admit, that is what gets me the most excited about the season….decking the halls. I look forward to trying new things every year and already have some good ideas about what I hope to do this coming season. Nothing can get you in the mood like decorating the house and cranking up the Christmas music:)

Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one and that it involved lots of good food, togetherness, family time and relaxation. That’s what it’s all about! Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday-



1 EUCALYPTUS FOR THE HOLIDAYS I soooo love the look of eucalyptus and find it to be such a gorgeous natural element for the holiday. I will be having a big wreath made this year for my front door with evergreen, eucalyptus and variegated boxwood and either a garland to match or loose branches for mantle decorating.  It is a stunning look with its silvery/gray hue. Heres a look at how beautiful it is around the holidays…..


2 NEW RECIPE ALERT! Not only is this heavenly good but it was so easy! Sure to become a staple around here, I love fish a lot and cook it at least twice a week. Dover sole happens to be one of my favorite types of fish, it is very mild, flaky and easy on the palette. Can even turn a non fish lover into one (as happened with my nephew:)

So this recipe was tried immediately and it was exceptoinally good, I used extra lemon (more than what was called for) and my husband and I both agreed it is one of our new favorite fish dishes. Served with a vegetable and salad, this is healthy eating at it’s tastiest!  Highly recommend it, click here for the recipe.


3. NEW SILVER, NEW MINI TABLE LAMPS AND A NEW CHINOISERIE LAMPSHADE! Woo hoo, got our gogeous shipment in last week. Just look at how GORGEOUS these new pieces are.These trays are so fabulous for a bar or vanity table and/or serving. These will be part of a silver arrival sale very soon, so stay tuned. We did not have a presale on these items, so will offer them in perfect timing for the holiday season. Nothing is prettier than the gleam of silver during the holidays!

Then look at our newest mini silver table lamp in this regal beaded style, very “Ralph Lauren”! I will be setting a Christmas table before I know it.

Absolutely adore the newest style mini silver table lamp, very “Ralphy” with the heavy bevel and beading detail

And…… just look at the newest handprinted chinoiserie lampshade. We have a winner here!!! Cannot wait to offer these (within the next few weeks). So in the beginning I will offer it in 2 or 3 colors including this fabulous pale blue. Would love your 2 cents as to the other 1-2 colors that you think I should offer it in-

And here is a video to show just how gorgeous this is!


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots to love this week and particularly heavy on holiday inspiration, can’t help but get you in the holiday spirit….tis the season!



5. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PEOPLE LIKE LIZ! I want to include a “feel good” story every Sunday as one of my seven things. I think we all need to hear about the good people and the good deeds that so many ordinary citizens do because if you listen to the news, its pretty much all doom and gloom. I wish it was mandatory with every news segment to include an inspiring/feel good story. Imagine that!

This is not only inspiring but I think hearing these kinds of stories becomes contagious to do kind things for others, both big and small.  I was so touched by this particular story and its almost impossible that this will not make your heart swell and bring tears to your eyes. SO inspirational…..these kinds of stories makes me so happy and believe that our world really is a good place after all:)




6. A TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER I love following several photographers on Instagram and discovered the beautiful work of Matthew Chimera on there. He photographs mostly NYC and captures our amazing city during all four seasons so beautifully. Here is a sampling of his work, click here to follow him on Instagram


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY  This is about the holidays. For me, though I love the magic of Christmas,  the stress that comes along with it by default takes away somewhat from fully being able to enjoy it (though I enjoy it plenty). Every single year I vow to start much earlier than the year before and somehow that never seems to happen:) This year though,  I have actually ordered two gifts so that’s a pretty big deal for me and I have started making a list.

I set a deadline for myself to have all gifts ordered/purchased by Dec. 7th. That way I can concentrate on decking my halls and planning my family Christmas party with hopefully minimal stress. So how do you look  at the Christmas/holiday season?



That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you found something of interest and/or to be inspired by. Always appreciate you stopping in and love hearing from you. Hope your holiday season is off to a great start, now that Thanksgiving is over, it goes from zero to 60 around here really quick !! I am ready:) Wishing you a wonderful day and great end to your weekend, until next time…………………


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Valerie on

Hi Tina,
Loving the new chinoiserie lampshades. Would like it in a deep royal or cobalt blue.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Lisa on

One of my favorite Sunday posts of yours. All your new items are beautiful, love the video about the waitress- what a beautiful story.

Tina you have me rethinking my planned holiday decor to include eucalyptus, thanks for always providing so many great ideas! Happy you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Alicia on

Thank you for sharing the heartwarming and inspirational story of the waitress and the firefighters. It’s these gestures that we should focus on during the next month!

Carolyn on

Beautiful! Love the holiday decor, that video and new painted lampshade!!

Charlene on

I love your Fish recipe, beaded sterling lamp and the delightful lamp shade you’ll be ordering in other colors💙Thank you for allowing us to vote!

Barb Moreau on

Great photos

Jennifer James on

I so look forward to your posts. I love the decorating tips, I love the items that you use and give opinion on and I love the stories that inevitably provoke me to stop, think and reflect.

Happy Holidays Tina!

Meredith on

Tina that video gave me goosebumps, what a beautiful example she has set for others to pay forward. Keep those inspiring stories coming!
Love all your new items, yes to all that gorgeous silver and the beautiful painted shade.
And thanks for the eucalpyus tip, it is so very beautiful and something I did not think to use for the holidays but thanks to you, I have a whole new vision! Perfect timing since our holiday party is in less than 2 weeks!

Robin Harris on

That fish recipe looks amazing!

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