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Hello, well the holiday frenzy is officially on and its that time of year where we all get busy analyzing our gift lists!  So here is my second post on gift giving (click here if you missed my first which was ideas for adult children). If there is a theme this year for me in my gift giving, it is being unique and utilitarian.

Gone are the days for giving things like clothes, fragrance, and every day very predictable gifts. I am stepping up my gift giving game! Love the idea of being able to give someone something that they not only have but something truly unusual and unexpected.

I am designating each of these posts to specific recipients. Last week was adult children and this week it is geared towards our parents. Not an easy group to buy for. I have been brainstorming and quite proud if I say so myself for this list of carefully thought out gifts. Most of us have parents who are in their 70’s, 80’s and some a little younger or older.





At this stage of the game I would think its safe to say they have what they want/need and don’t really want all the “stuff” that many of us do in our 30’s-50’s. So that is when finding a gift that is both thoughtful but useful and utilitarian really comes into play. Who needs another robe, slippers or cologne? Certainly not my parents! So here is what I have come up (MOM, STOP READING NOW)!


1 MASTERCLASS – I absolutely love this idea. You are never too old to learn, anything. Masterclass is just brilliant, it offers online classes literally on just about any subject from cooking to wine to history to photography. It is a fascinating world of on line education and is especially wonderful for older parents who may not get out as much as they used to. The access it gives is priceless and I honestly think this is a sensational gift, one which both my parents will be receiving this Christmas, and I wouldn’t mind receiving it myself:) . Click here to find out more about Masterclass.

2. TILE- This is something I should also be gifting myself. I think this is such a  practical idea and lordy knows I am always looking for my keys or my phone or both:) The tiny trackable tile can be used on anything but let’s face it, keys is a big one. Glasses, phone, keys, whatever it is that one tends to lose, the tile will find in seconds! Another brilliant concept and one which honestly every household should have! Click here to get info on the tile.

3. ANCESTRY KIT I think I might be most excited about this one. I cannot wait to give this gift!! This is really a gift for the whole family…as it will be such fun to find out more about our ancestry but I think particularly for my parents who will spend lots of time going through the results. I think this is a fabulous gift not only for parents for really for anyone. There are a few good ones out there, I went with Ancestry DNA, click here

4 AMAZON ALEXA- I actually gave this to my dad last year and let me tell you, they use this CONSTANTLY. They say its one of the best gifts I ever gave them. They love “old music” and what they really love using this for is playing all their favorite songs within seconds.

No time spent searching and googling, its done within a few seconds. They love getting the weather and readily available information right when they ask. It has actually been a godsend. I can tell you this is a fabulous gift for older parents. These can be bought almost everywhere now and of course on places like Amazon, etc….



I am for the first time, maybe ever actually feeling good about my gift lists so far! It is actually cathartic to be able to share all my ideas with you and is oddly enough, prompting me to get things done sooner! So maybe we can all help each other:) Your turn to chime in, thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and great start to the holiday season. Ho ho ho…..

PS Our semi annual AMAZING Vagabond House sale has started as of this morning! So many fabulous pieces are up for sale for between 20-30% off their retail prices. The most amazing gift ideas for the most beautiful crafted wood and pewter entertaining items, a long time favorite!! . Click here to see the sale.

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Maria on

Love your suggestions and may treat myself!

My mother is tech-averse. She really enjoys the sheets of stamps we include in their cards. It’s fun picking out designs to her taste and a nice balance of pretty and practical.

I also gift her a luxury bump in whatever she’s getting for herself: when she’s in the market for a new casserole dish we’ll get her a nice little Le Creuset Dutch oven, things along those lines. And in our family, flowers go with everything!

RicMil on

On another topic, yesterday I received my order of TEH gift wrap and couldn’t be happier with the quality and beauty!! It’s a very lovely product.

Barbara on

Love this post. The ancestry and tile idea are shooting straight up to my must haves for my own parents and mother in law- THANK YOU!
I love this idea, you are not only helping yourself but us too! Happy holidays Tina

Vicky on

GREAT IDEAS. You are a wealth of great info and ideas!

Donna on

Hi Tina and fellow readers, I would like a gift card or certificate for a round of golf or greens fee somewhere fabulous I wouldn’t normally go. Such as on my annual trip to Hilton Head or anywhere near my home. Maybe if you are a member of a golf club you could give a guest round of golf to a friend (like me?).

Deanna on

I just bought some Tiles. Great gift. Thank you! Now onto the DNA kit… 🙂

Kim B on

My husband and I had just talked about giving my mom an ancestry kit. Thank you for the recommendation! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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