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Good Sunday morning!  A lot to share here today, go ahead grab a second cup of coffee, sit down and take 10:) I am coming up for air today, have a day planned of doing absolutely nothing and cannot tell you how excited I am about that! We had a busy weekend, a fundraiser, a birthday dinner and a city work day yesterday (it is such fun being in the city during the holidays but be forewarned about crazy traffic)!

So after a hectic and busy week of getting in all kinds holiday items, I need to rest up and gather my energy to prep for this week because this coming week will be our busiest week yet of the entire year with gift wrap, ornaments, silver and more coming in!

So for all who placed presale orders, this week all orders will start shipping. You will get an automatic email with your UPS tracking number as soon as orders leave our warehouse.  Our team of elves are on standby to get orders out as fast as humanly possible:) Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend yourselves, onward to Seven on Sunday……



1 HOLIDAYS AROUND HERE SO FAR  So now that Thanksgiving is over, I am in full holiday mode. Slow to the starting gate, this past week,  holiday fever has swept over me. I am sure getting in some of my gorgeous ornaments and gift wrap might have something to do with that:)

So while I still have a long way to go, having my tree up in my living room already was such a huge time saver. I am still adding on and just added some of the cherished Staffordshire dog ornaments, which add such a beautiful touch. As soon as our big container arrives this week with them I am stashing aside several boxes right away and bringing them home to finish the tree!

**Many of you have written or called about ornaments and gift wrap if we still have them- YES they are all coming in this week, you can click here for gift wrap and click here for ornaments. Once all presale orders have been shipped out we will then ship out all the current shop orders. There should be plenty to go around as we doubled up on our order from last year to this year!!

I am working on wreaths and garlands this week, more to come in the coming week or so…….

So remember how last Sunday I told you I am going to be incorporating eucalyptus this holiday season because I love it so much.  Well, I started playing around doing a test run and here is a sneak peek of just me getting started, suffice to say it’s a love not a like:) I am also incorporating clusters of white roses with boxwood into my silver mint juleps (just got back in the Christmas wreath mint juleps in two sizes, click here to see)

So love my exclusive Christmas wreath mint juleps, they make the best bud vases, click here to see


2 NEW LAMPSHADE AND A FEW OTHER GOODIES So the pleated shades have required some back and forth, taking longer than I was hoping. But at the same time its very important to get it just right.  Finally that has happened and as I speak the first batch of pleated silk shades are in the works. I will to start offer them in 4 colors, 3 patterns. I hope to eventually expand on that.

Here is one sneak peek at the beige/white finished sconce shade. I gave it a test run in my guest room bath and love it. Stay tuned, hope to have these no later than first week of Jan!

And on Friday we got our newest chinoiserie tole container and oh my word, everything is sooo pretty! Makes me want to get a little dog and do some redecorating:) Since we did not have a presale on this container we will hold an arrival sale in about a week, perfect timing for the holidays! Look at the amazing pagoda dog bed!! Offered in four fabulous colors-

These are now online, in stock and ready to ship to give the ultimate holiday gift to a lucky pet! Click here to see our beautiful pagoda dog beds!

And madly in love with our new navy high gloss paneled Provence planter, I must find a place for these!! These are not online yet however you can email us if you need info at We hope to have them online in the next week or so.


3 GREAT GIFT IDEA- GLASS PRINTS!  So imagine a favorite pictures blown up into a huge glossy glass/acrlyic print for the wall. I am gifting these to my sons, because I think not only will they love seeing some of their favorite pictures blown up in a glossy acrylic/glass oversized wall art but its such a unique and unexpected gift.

I am so excited about getting these! Sharing this idea just in case someone in your might life might enjoy getting one for the holidays…think it makes a superb gift and cannot wait to give it! I used Canvas Discount, the turn around time, reviews and prices were all excellent, click here to find out more.


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This week is so good and with the plethora of holiday instagrams, its going to keep getting better and better! If there is a theme this weekend it is most definitely decorating the exterior of buildings/homes for the most magical first impressions! Somehow I was really drawn to this theme this weekend.  It was hard to narrow this down but alas I did, here is this weeks round up-


5. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WINTER WEDDING Something about this wedding really captured my attention…how magical to get married in the mountains and in the Dolomites nonetheless. To see snow capped mountain peaks makes such a beautiful backdrop. To me, this is the best of rustic, outdoor elegance. Wedding by Lake Como Wedding Planner.

We had the great fortune to attend one of the weddings in Lake Como 2 years ago and they are hands down one of the most masterful wedding planners out there! Click here to see their site and ooh and ahh over so many fairy tale like weddings.

One thing that makes me happy looking at these pictures is the brides expressions, they really “make” these pictures, the sheer joy she expresses is infections and such a beautiful thing:)

6. INSPIRING  I said I will start including one inspiring story every Sunday because well, our world needs to hear more of them! I loved this because not only was it someone doing something kind, it goes beyond that. It is a dad of two girls who takes them and leads by example.I watched it to the end as one dumbfounded shopper after another can;t believe the act of kindness but what he says at the end really touched me. Inspiring to say the least!

Passed this onto my kids, hope you might share it with someone too:)

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Has your designsstyle changed/evolved over time or have you stayed true to the style you have always liked? Its an interesting question isn’t it?  was having this conversation with a friend the other day and we were both remarking how we have found ourselves slowly warming up to that less cluttered, “cleaner” look, like what we did in Palmetto Bluff. There is a certain feeling that comes over me when I walk into that light airy oasis.

Really love the style and feeling of what we did, it is so light, crisp and clean.  It is welcoming, warm and inviting. I love a true traditional home and will never tire of a classically elegant traditional home but I am even surprising myself by how much I have embraced this transitional style. And how about you?


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and always appreciate you stopping in and make TEH part of your Sunday morning routine! Hope everyone is embracing and pacing during the bustling holiday season. Ho ho ho……

PS Just starting this morning our fabulous flash sale on all of the new and amazing Antica Farmacista products….my favorite line of all. Gorgeous gift boxes, perfect for holiday gift giving and their incredible candles are so good, you will want to place one in every room! I have them all over:) Click here to see the sale.

PPS The Holiday Love Contest is now open for entries. We are already half full and have gotten so many fabulous pictures so far. So take your best shot and send them in to The competition is going to be extra stiff this year….we have gotten in some incredible pictures! Here are the details-

Cutest Christmas elf of them all!



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Niki on

So nice to see the Instagram photo of the 1856 Country Store! We called it the Penny Candy Store growing up. Great candy and gift items inside. I would walk or ride my bike over and then visit the library next door.

Also Patrick Ahearn is my favorite architect. He has published a fabulous book called “Timeless” of the home’s he has worked on.

Meredith on

Wow another beautiful post! Your Christmas decor is incredible, so inspiring. Makes me want to decorate today!! Love the idea of the eucalyptus and need those wreath mint juleps.
Tina thanks for sharing that beautiful video, I am sending it to my girls, what. a incredible man. Would love to know when you will put the navy planters online I am in love!

Donna on

Lovely post today. This year my ever decreasing family and the elders not having much of an appetite we decided for just the few of us we would go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. When we went to pay the bill someone had already paid it!!! We had seen a couple from my mother’s church and we feel certain it was him but when we called to thank him, he would not admit it was him. So we settled on Secret Santa and he agreed that must be it. My friend and I sometimes pay for the person behind us at Starbucks, it’s fun. We want to do more to show kindness, and remember to do it even if it is just a smile to someone who may feel invisible..

Sophie on

Tina i love this post, so many good things:-) The video was inspiring, we need to see more things like this, you are so right. How cute are those dog houses!

Funny what you said about the decorating and leaning towards a cleaner look. I have lived in our home for the last 12 years,a beautiful Georgian style in suburbs of Boston. We used a decorator who went to town and honored the architecture with a very traditional, beautiful style. But like you, I am found myself really liking the new style of traditional which feels less formal and less fussy. So I slowly have started adding little bits of that look into my decor and I really like it. I just changed out our dark dining room set for a lighter oak and it completely transformed the space. It looks a lot lighter and works with the the traditional, so I do think mixing it in is very doable. I love your P.Bluff house, it feels so refreshing and peaceful. I can understand why you love going there!
Your holiday decorations are stunning, you always give me such good ideas. Hope you enjoy your day of rest.

Valerie on

Hi Tina,
I truly enjoyed the video. So many inspiring things to take away. The generosity and lesson for his children were beautiful. I was also impressed by the way that the store is providing seating for the cashiers. I also really like how they do not bag the groceries. Let’s all ask that groceries are not bagged any longer. We can keep baskets with handles, or totes in the car for loading them into when we get to our vehicles. Thanks for sharing this Tina, I think this could really catch on!

Kristin Dimmich on

SO enjoyed your post today. The wrapped packages were lovely. How did you attach the ornaments to the ribbons?

JaneS on

Tina, Loved the video, keep them coming.

Teresa Hatfield on

So much beautiful here today, Tina!
Enjoy your day off!

Donna Scully on

Marrying Traditional & Transitional styles is where I’m at………..slowly introducing a few cleaner elements.

Do hope you can share some future pictures of how this was accomplished.

Two questions, Palmetto Bluff…………..why are the hinges showing on the table behind the sofa?
What brand are the kitchen cupboard lucite pulls and knobs?

Deanna on

Now I’m crying. What beautiful thing that man did. Thank you….

Norina on

Such a kind person in the video. There is more good in our world than evil and It needs to be acknowledged more often.
Thank you for sharing it.

Lynn on

I cannot get your posts by email! When I try to sign up, it says I am already on your list. I used to get them (years ago) and they stopped. I never unsubscribed as I love your blog. Help!

Julie on

So many great ideas! The video you included could have been my husband. He has been doing this for years. He always tries to do this anonymously. It is a very touching thing to watch people’s reactions. There are so many in need throughout our country.

Susan Littig on

Always enjoy sipping coffee and catching up on your inspiration. I am eagerly awaiting your reaction to the Fillerina you were going to try for two weeks. Saving space on my Santa list until I hear the final word from you.

Linda Lovvorn on

Do you have any blue and white salt and pepper shakers left?

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