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Good Sunday morning, first off want to announce the lucky winner of the silver giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

 #6 JILL


Well,  our first December weekend is almost under our belt. Does this find you caught up in the holiday frenzy yet? I am very pleased to say I have already bought five gifts and that’s a first for me!

We have had such a crazy busy week getting out all the orders for gift wrap and ornaments. We have gotten out about 85% of the orders, rest are shipping Monday and Tues. What an undertaking! We will be starting Christmas next year early  late summer/fall…you can bank on it:)

In the meantime, today and tomorrow when you buy $50 or more of ornaments you get a free box of gift toppers!! These darling Staffordshire dog toppers are the ultimate way to dress up that special holiday gift.  Your order will automatically include a box if your order is placed today or tomorrow. Click here to see the ornaments (all colors are on left side)


I also spent part of the day yesterday really delving into decorating the house,  was hoping to put up some wreaths but honestly it was just too darn cold but did put , put the finishing touches on my tree and even wrapped a few gifts!

I am continuing  in drips and drabs but as I use fresh greens, I am waiting until next weekend to finish up. But with Christmas music playing, a few favorite holiday candles burning and some decor already up, it is really starting to feel like Christmas around here:)

Let’s get started with my Seven on Sunday……


1 A BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY HOME! This is such a beautiful, warm, inviting and magical holiday home. It belongs to Shelley Johnstone who I also happen to follow on Instagram. I like her updated traditional aesthetic and this home is just oozing charm. Had to here to read more about it.


2.WHOLE FOODS FAVORITES I go to Whole Foods regularly and have certain products are items I buy weekly. These are so good, they are always in my cart every time I go.

Acai- if you buy make sure you buy unsweetened otherwise you might as well by buying Haagen Daaz:) I am loving making my own acai bowls! A vitamix is really key to getting those professional looking acai bowl consistencies. I top mine with raw almonds, lots of berries and if you have raw coconut that is a nice topper too. Great guilt free dessert and super tasty.

Whole Foods makes the best hummus. I have tried many and this is my fave hands down. i will make a Greek salad and actually add a dollop of it on the salad, it is also great on top of a vege burger. The lemon hummus is super tasty, I buy both, healthy snack!

Raw cashews/nuts- I live on these (and raw almonds and macadamias) always have some nuts with me as a snack (and am sure to have a little bag of them in my car at all times)

Artichoke, kale and Swiss chard balls, these are sooo good! Best part totally guilt free, even if you have the entire box (they are small ) its like 240 calories. Very tasty! I am now on the lookout for a recipe to make these myself. Will let you know if I find a good one!



3.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Not a surprise to see most of these are holiday related. And why not, its such a beautiful and relatively short season. It’s best to celebrate while we can! Such beauty this week-


My top pick for this week is this one below because this is a CAKE!!! Can you believe it?? I can’t! This Instagram account makes the most unbelievable cakes I have ever seen.

4. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK. OK forewarning GET A TISSUE BOX!  You will not be able to watch this without leaving you teary eyed.  What a beautiful story this is. It is so simple but  incredibly touching and can move even the toughest of us, the power of the simplest gesture cannot be overstated enough.

You never know when someone is hurting and needs something so simple like casual recognition or a hug. This story is so worth sharing because honestly you just never know who you might touch….


5. MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS! I love periodically sharing with you various pictures that we get from our amazingly talented customers. So many pretties to share with you today, needless to say they are all highly inspiring! Keep them coming:)

6. FREE PICTURES FROM PHONE TO MAILBOX IN JUST DAYS. I think I have plenty of company when I say that almost all my precious pictures are on my phone or iPad and I rarely print them anymore (much to my mothers dismay)!

I actually miss seeing my favorite pictures framed and have been looking into easy to use resources (things have to be user friendly or I move on). So introducing FreePrints. As the name implies you can get up to 1000 free pictures a year and it is super easy to use.  The app quickly shows all your pictures from your phone, instagram, facebook, wherever you store pictures. The user reviews were resoundingly glowing so I decided that would be the best app to download. It was SO easy and my prints are already on their way….

You download the app and can get up to 1000 photo prints free. Sounds too good to be true right? Well check it out for yourself and when you get your first batch of pictures in the mail just a few days later you can thank me:)

Click here to find out how it works



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK this is on the subject of magazines. I am a bit of a magazine hoarder, have tons of them. We can all I am sure agree magazines are not what they used to be. They are half the thickness and many are really struggling to stay afloat as sad as that makes me.

I have some faves but my all time fave (and my moms) was Southern Accents. We both kept many many of them, and they are still fun to flip through! Many have adopted the new way of doing things by reading magazines online.

For me, I just can’t seem to break up with the paper magazines…its fun to check out homes or interiors online here and there but to me, nothing can compare to having a paper magazine in your hands, and flipping through those glossy pages. I mean seriously is it even a contest? But thinking maybe I am in the minority, which best describes you and your relationship with magazines?



So that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post and are pacing yourself during the holiday hustle and bustle. I know I say it ever year but how did it come upon us so darn fast! I am pacing myself and look so forward to my lazy Sundays, though today I will be busy continuing on my holiday decorating binge:)

Need to take advantage of those bursts of energy when we have them. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time…..


PS We have exactly 6 spots left for our HOLIDAY LOVE CONTEST! This year there will be two winners (one from each round) so take your best shot and send in your 1-2 pictures.  All details below. Once full we cannot accept beyond 80 pictures.

And don’t forget with your $50 or more purchase of ornaments you get a box of the super darling Staffordshire gift toppers!



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Jamie Ashurst on

In reference to magazines, I used to absolutely love them. The quality is poorer and the main reason I have quit subscribing, especially to fashion magazines, is that they have all become political or have articles about political causes. What ever happened to just picking up a fashion magazine for fashion?

Eileen A on

You didn’t include one thing in your poll. I subscribe to just several magazines and do treasure them, but when I’m ready to release them, they go to the doctors or dentists office so others can enjoy them. Just remove the address label.

Lisa on

That video!! Tearjerker what a moving story and what an incredible little girl ! Thank you so much for sharing it .

I got my ornaments in yesterday and it was so much fun opening up the boxes, they are each like little jewels just beautiful .

As far as magazines, your blog is leap year is better than any magazine, as you said they have all changed and shrug to almost nothing . I still subscribe to town and country and traditional home, two magazines I feel that are still going fairly strong but most probably won’t last another five years .

I have only kept maybe two or three magazines ever, I cannot stand any kind of clutter of any kind so instinctively I throw them away .

Loved all the Instagram is, what beautiful holiday inspiration .

Teresa Hatfield on

Hoarder of magazines ??‍♀️!
Happy Sunday, Tina!

Eve on

I have seen the video of the “old person” and little girl numerous times and still tear up. Such innocence.
Always look forward to Seven on Sunday. The wedding cake is amazing.

Dominique B on

Thanks for sharing the video Tina! May all of us be blessed with an angel when we become OLD LADIES! 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday! As always, I adore reading your blogs and shopping your store!

Jeannie on

The story about little Nora got me ❤️?
Lots of beautiful things in your post today. I voted that I am an official magazine hoarder. I have pared them down, but still have soooo many. I will also clip my favorite pictures out and save them in a folder. I think that I keep them because I subconsciously worry that they won’t be available in the future.

Kathy Bunge on

Your “inspiring” video this week is wonderful! And I have a suggestion for anyone who does subscribe to magazines , then throws them away: consider donating them to your local hospital! I am the director of volunteers for two large medical centers in So. Calif. & we love receiving donations of current magazines! We deliver them to patients every day & leave them in wait rooms for our visitors & families. They bring joy, relaxation & can help ease anxiety!

Peggy on

Your story of inspiration this week was wonderful and so heart warming! Everyone of us needs to feel needed and loved, and that is what this relationship does for the older gentleman. I have a five year old grandson and every time that we see each other, he runs up and gives me a hug. His pure joy of seeing me fills me with such joy. Maybe it’s because I play with him or read him stories, but I take time to make him feel important, and I get so much more in return. Thank you for sharing this video.

Carolyn on

Great post! Had to wipe my eyes with my sleeve – didn’t take your advice and get my box of kleenex. Can’t wait to try your favorites from Whole Foods. Have three of your 5″ blue and white ornaments in a large brass bowl with the small fairy lights that are on a timer (makes it easier) sitting on my covered ottoman. Beautiful sight to see. I have always been a little ashamed of my magazine addiction – glad to hear I am in such good company 🙂

Jo Shafer on

VICTORIA magazines I cannot part with!!! Especially the December issues. However, with the need to downsize, I’ve been parceling them out to friends, even to my housekeeper who enjoys them and has a gift of interior design/decorating. In fact, she decorates my house for me!

Marguerite on

Thank you for featuring the photo of the lovely little girl with the menorah. Not all of us celebrate Christmas, but we love design, dogs, magazines, blue and white (as well as other colors) , and your point of view. Happy Holidays on our last night of Chanukah.

Alice Genzlinger on

Tina, recently I have stopped taking some of the magazines that I have enjoyed and looked forward to getting them. Traditional Home was a favorite but it has become anything but traditional.Their idea of traditional style is cold and modern. Lots of the magazines have returned to the 60’s style that I hated then and have the same opinion now. I’ve loved Southern Living for years but it’s become a fashion, gift and travel magazine much to my horror. I was sad when Southern Accents stopped and still have some of them that I just can’t discard.. Today I look forward to Phyllis Hoffman’s Southern Lady and Victoria and a few special editions. Nothing takes the place of a beautiful magazine to spend the evening dreaming over.

TJF Design on

Guilty of being a fellow Magazine Hoarder….I just can’t help it. Cozy in Bed going over every little detail, or soaking in a hot bath…It’s just nice to savor them in a relaxing way instead of a rush or hovered over the laptop etc. Southern Accents….Most Definitely. Still have most of mine too….Veranda isn’t as good as it used to be but still enjoyable and Pamela Pierce, of Milieu, just devoted her entire Editor’s page to the topic of magazines fading away. Tina, if you’ve never seen Milieu, you will enjoy it immensely. And for your readers who prefer digital, they offer that too. Realizing that you’re super busy…..If you have any unusual holiday dessert recipes you can share with us, I’m looking for something special and unique this year…Especially if it has the word “cake” in it…. 😉 The Enchanted Home still keeps me interested and happy…every time. Thanks for That !

Victoria Taylert on

My two sisters and I share our magazines, and if something needs to be saved, we make a photocopy, thus keeping the magazine intact. When we’ve all seen the magazine it goes to my sister’s husband’s office. We don’t discard them.

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