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Hello! The holiday season is in full swing and we are thrilled to announce that nearly all gift wrap and ornament presale orders have shipped/will have been shipped by tomorrow. We had extra elves on hand to do this as fast as humanly possible! As we always do we hold an arrival sale and that is what today is all about. Everything in stock and ready to ship right away, tell your friends if you really really like them:)

Despite that we ordered double of what we ordered last year, there are some items that are very low in stock but this year we doubled our quantities so remember its first come first serve. Just a few rules before we begin-

  • You  must either call or email you order to 1-800-804-9565 or email
  • The only way to order these ornaments is emailing or calling AS WE ARE BUSY IN THE WAREHOUSE, CALLING IN AN ORDER IS ADVISED
  • If you email your order- you must include your name, address and phone number in the email order request for us to send an invoice
  • Please order using ITEM NUMBER ONLY (and color if applicable)
  • Limited numbers of ornaments available during this sale- subject to availability
  • This sale is on for three days and will on Wednesday evening
  • All invoices sent must be paid within 12 hours or they will be canceled
  • Shipping is extra
  • All of these come in white The Enchanted Home gift boxes (orders of 2 ornaments or more)
  • Sold individually or by the box (there is extra savings when you purchase a box of 4)
  • Final sale
  • International or wholesale orders? Call us at 800-804-9565

I decorated my tree to the brim with blue and white for a photo shoot and could not have been more thrilled with the result…it surpassed my vision and I love it so much it has stayed up!

Feeling  blue and white Christmas fever coming on? Join the club and forewarning- it’s contagious! By popular demand, here is an ornament guide to give you a  rough idea of how many ornaments we recommend as per the size of a tree. We went through this many times last year with many customers asking us for estimates, this is a rough idea but gives you some guidance (largely depends on if you decorate the entire tree and how full you like it)-



ITEM 1 NEW! Fabulous new ginger jar ornament with all over floral design is a newcomer….this hexagonal beauty measures 6″

$11.00 each or a box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 2. NEW! Beautiful floral ginger jar with Chinese double happiness symbol, measures 5.5″

$10.00 each or box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 3. NEW! Incredible new chinoiserie all over floral/bird ginger jar. Measures 5.5″

$11.00 or a box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 4 NEW! This large ginger jar will really make a statement on your tree, 6.25″ gorgeous classic design.

$11.00 each or a box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 5.  NEW! Stunning new trellis/floral jar, measures 5.75″ tall

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $38.00



This fabulous new trellis style pagoda measure 6″ tall

$10.00 each OR a box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 7 Our fabulous pagodas are coming back. Offered in two solids and one pattern-

7A. The solids are offered in white or navy, both measures 5″

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $35.00 (specify white or blue)

7B. The fabulous white/blue pagoda measures 5″.

$11.00 each or a box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 8. 5″ balls, these highly decorative large balls make a real statement on any tree. The popular pheasant ball is decorated with a pheasant and florals and was one of our best sellers.

$11.00 each or by a box of 4-$38.00

ITEM 9  5″ balls, these highly decorative large balls make a real statement on any tree. The popular classic dragon ball is one of our best sellers.

$11.00 each or sold by the box of 4-$38.00

ITEM 10  Beautiful all over floral balls in two great sizes. Love this ball and it goes beautifully with any ornaments.

5″ ball $11.00 each or a box of 4 for $38.00

4″ ball $9.00 each or a box of 4 $32.00

ITEM 11. Our fabulous navy cherry blossom jar with white blossoms is such an eye catching ornament. Measures 6.25″

$11.00 each of $40.00 for a box of 4

ITEM 12  NEW! The beautiful new Staffordshire dogs! These beauties are 4″ tall and come in three colorways- ivory/gold, black/white and blue/white. These are sure to add so much to any tree they are used on.

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $38.00 (specify color)

12A Ivory/gold 5″

12B Black/white 5″

12C Blue/white 5″

ITEM 13.  Thrilled about the return of our pheasant flat top jar, lovely style and beautiful pheasant design. Measures 4″tall.

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 14  Getting in these fabulous icy blue 5″ balls again. When doing a blue and white tree theses are the perfect finishing touch. They add a lot to the tree and make a beautiful statement, the icy frosted pale blue is such a gorgeous color too.

Only sold as a box of 4- box of 4 $32.00

ITEM 15. The darling foo dog is coming back. This is. a wonderful ornament that measures 4″, works beautifully alongside all the jars and ball ornaments.

$10.00 each or a box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 16. Fabulous white ginger jar with elegant blue floral all over pattern, measure 6″.

$11 each or box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 17.  So happy to be getting this back! Fabulous large flat top all over floral ornament, measures 6″ tall

$11.00 each or box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 18. The return of our darling 4.5″ dragon jar is also coming back and will be a welcome sight.

$9.00 each or a box of 4 $34.00

ITEM 19. Solid balls. We have limited numbers of these fabulous 5″ oversized balls in red, blue, copper and ivory. They have a pearlized finish and really add a lot of impact to any tree especially when paired with our beautiful chinoiserie ornaments.

Box of 4 only $30.00 (specify red, blue or copper)

ITEM 2o. GIFT TOPPERS! Yes we are getting these back by popular demand, this year offering them in 3 styles. They all  measures 3″ and there is no more fabulous way to wrap up a gift than with these, and they are a gift unto themselves as they are an ornament once the recipient opens their gift! They are also great ornaments for smaller trees or decorating a wreath, which I personally plan to do:)

Sold in 4’s $22.00 for a box of 4


ITEM 20B In black/white or blue/white (specify when ordering)

ITEM 20C New style pagoda


ITEM 21. NEW STYLE! Our beautiful Christmas trees, love this pattern with three different blue and white patterned Christmas trees adorned with a beautiful red bow.  Talk about a way to wow your gift recipients!  What recipient wouldn’t be thrilled to get a gift wrapped in these beautiful papers.

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $130.00

ITEM 22. NEW STYLE! Our beautiful Christmas trees with a big mossy green bow, love this pattern with three differnt blue and white patterned Christmas trees adorned with an elegant mossy green bow. Who wouldn’t  be thrilled to get a gift wrapped in these beautiful papers.

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $130.00

ITEM 23. NEW STYLE! Our fabulous new topiary paper featuring two types of boxwoods in gorgeous blue/white planters is going to be a instant classic! What a gorgeous gift this will make!

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $130.00

ITEM 24. NEW STYLE! Our stunning topiary paper featuring two types of boxwoods in gorgeous blue/white planters is going to be a classic! This one comes with the blue and white gingham box. What gift will not be even more beautiful when wrapped up in this fabulous paper.

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $130.00

ITEM 25. NEW STYLE! Our incredible new Staffordshire dog and presents paper is such a beauty,  I can see it all wrapped up with a big mossy green or navy bow and one of the darling toppers.  This is such a fabulous paper, so unique and elegant..perfect for any blue and white lover:)

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $130.00


ITEM 26. Tissue paper in EVERY pattern! This year we are offering tissue in every pattern, all tissue packs come with 25 packs of oversized tissues sheets that measure 20″ x 30″.

 Each tissue pack today is $8.00


ITEM 26A. Christmas tree with green bows

ITEM 26B Christmas tree with red bows

ITEM 26C Topiaries with blue/white gingham

ITEM 26D Topiaries with red/white gingham ribbon

ITEM 26E  Staffordshire dogs and presents


By popular demand we are now offering  beautiful ribbons that are affordable and the perfect finishing touch for gifts using our papers. Ribbons can only be purchased with the purchase of gift wrap. These are the perfect match for the beautiful papers to create a picture perfect gift! Our gingham ribbon is always a big hit!

27A Blue and white 2″ gingham, this generous sized roll measures 33 yards and is $18.00 today (only with purchase of gift wrap)

27B. Red and white 2″ gingham, this generous sized roll measures 33 yards and is $18.00 today (only with purchase of gift wrap)

ITEM 28. So happy to introduce to you this year this gorgeous high quality double faced satin ribbon. Such an elegant way to wrap a gift, this beautiful  1.5″ satin ribbon in extra large rolls are the prefect coordinates to all the gift wrap above.

Offered in four colors- red, gold, navy and moss green.

A huge roll of  DOUBLE FACED SATIN ( a very luxurious ribbon) 50 yards is $22.00! (only with gift wrap purchase) Specify color when ordering

Here are some pictures we just got a few days ago of the paper coming hot off the press, literally and figuratively:)



 One lucky winner will win 2 rolls of our new gift wrap and four ornaments!! Just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite items and you will begin the running. A winner will be selected on Sunday morning. YOU MUST INCLUDE A LAST NAME INITIAL IF YOU JUST USE YOUR FIRST NAME TO BE ELIGIBLE.


Email or call to place your order (calling is advised)


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Paula Culver on

I love the wrapping paper (all), but especially Item 23 and blue Staffordshire dog ornaments item 20 B.

carole nadon on

so hard to choose.. the new all floral ginger jar is one of my favorites

Laurie Marsh on

The new topiary wrapping paper with the red and blue checked bows is to die for ! So adorable!

Pam W on

The doggie ornaments are my favorite

Joy Searles on

I love the Christmas tree wrapping paper the best, but it’s all beautiful. Hope I win!

Brenda M on

Ho ho ho, so hard to pick with all these beauties!

Tory Green on

I love all of the ornaments but especially the gift topper ginger jars!

Patti S on

love the Staffordshire dogs, so cute!

Suzanne G on

Love all the gift toppers. They make presents look so special!


The staffordshire dogs (all colors) and ginger jars are the favorite ornaments!! And I love the topiary paper with red bows. So festive!! Would decorate an entire tree with your ornaments!

Donna A. on

I really like the Topiaries with Blue & White Gingham wrapping paper. Classy!

Maree Sperle on

Love the Christmas tree wrapping paper with green bows and the foo dog ornaments.

Myrna B. on

20 B Blue and White dog ornament is absolutely my favorite.
The wrapping paper designs are the most charming I’ve seen. And, your tree, the best, Christmas perfect!

Sue Di G on

Just received my ornaments. Ther’re wonderful, love them all, but I do have a favorite. The cherry blossom navy blue jar. Could there perhaps be more navy blue for next year ? Sure hope so. They are hanging from my mantle, decorated with fresh greens ,polar bear,white deer and navy balls and a branch decorated with snow. Lights of course!

Janet M on

A few of my favorite things are the 2-sided satin ribbon in navy, gift toppers, and the oversized ball ornaments in blue and copper! A fabulous way to wrap up the holidays!!

Cheryl p on

Love foo dog #15
Such pretty color. Your gift wrap is amazing too!

Kathy M on

I love the new topiary paper (item 24). The blue and green color combination is a favorite. Also, the beautiful satin ribbon will look gorgeous with it!

Marilyn on

I love all the wrapping paper. The ginger jar is nice.
Marilyn C

Lynne B. on

I love the pheasant flat top jar ornament and all the wrapping papers.

Susan C. on

ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL wrapping paper prints With the TOPIARY TREE PRINTS!!! So eloquently displayed for any gift!!

Dianne D on

Love your tree ….can’t wait for my Staffordshire ornaments to arrive !!!

Susan M on

Love item 2 and 7b – it’s just too difficult to select a favorite out of all! Love the dogs as well! Cheers!

Deri Terry on

I love the wrapping paper with the topiaries and blue & white gingham bows and the black Staffordshire style dogs! You have done a lovely job designing them!
Thank you,

Lisa Amaro on

Love it all! Impossible to choose! ❤️❤️❤️

Susan Seymour on

I adore the blue and white Staffordshire dog ornaments (12c) and both of the topiary wrapping paper featuring two types of boxwoods (23 & 24). I missed the presale so I am delighted to get them this time around!

Dianne D on

Tina …your tree is just beautiful!!
I love all these ornaments, especially the Staffordshire dogs!

barbara m on

So happy to see another sale, didn’t get to it last time but just placed an order…..just cannot resist these decorations, tree is full but always room for a few more 🙂

Ann K. on

First and foremost, I love your tree! The topiary papers are my favorite and I love all of the ginger jar ornaments.
Merry Christmas!

Tim F. on

Love the Pagoda and foo dog ornaments!

Donna Scully on

Happy to see the new patterns. Love the topiary paper items!

Joyce on

Just ordered again
Can’t get enough. 🙂
This time more Staffordshire dog gift topper size, blue and white. Would love some gift wrap too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Carolyn on

I love it all! The topiary gift wrap (blue or red checked ribbon) is a favorite along with the matching oversized tissue paper. I have the 5″ balls and love those on the tree and in a bowl. I also love the Staffordshire dogs – the one with the blue floral is my favorite.

Jane H. on

I can’t pick just one. I love the blue and white Chinese vases. I also love the Staffordshire dogs. I ordered the wrapping paper with the topiaries with the blue/white gingham. Love these ideas.

Sandy w on

Well I love all the ginger jar ornaments. And the blue and icy blue balls are beautiful to go with them.

Sherri Mccormick on

Love the green satin ribbon and the topiary wrapping paper.

Eve B on

What a feast for the eyes! Love the tissue paper and the gift toppers.

Terri on

The gingham topiary wrap is so festive. How lovely!

Kathy Bunge on

I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my ornaments that I pre-ordered back in Oct.! Love the little black & white Staffordshire dog ornaments!

Tricia M on

Makes my heart sing!

Leslie Pickett on

Item 26d is my favorite. I ordered some tissue, and am so excited it shipped.

Jill K. on

Gosh, it’s ALL beautiful!!!

Mary Catherine G. on

I received my order today. Everything is beautiful — Staffrdshire dog ornaments, the new hexagonal ginger jars, navy satin ribbon, and new wrapping and tissue papers. It’s very high quality, and I love it all. Thank you!

ZZ W. on

The item 22 Christmas tree wrapping paper is my favorite. The navy ribbon and matching tissue paper tops off the presentation. So pretty!

Sharon W on

All are beautiful!!! My favorite paper is the boxes and dogs in the blue and white. The tissue packets are wonderful too! How am I supposed to choose!?!??! My favorite ornaments are: the pagodas, blue dog, and all of the gift toppers. I have a little silver tree and and everything you have would be beautiful on it!!

Tina Woodward on

I love it ALL❤️❤️❤️

Claudia McCauley on

Oh what fun to see all these beautiful holiday items…amazing selection!

Diane R. on

All of the gift wrap is gorgeous!

Jennifer L on

Love love love the giftware!

Mary Santangelo on

My favorites are the pheasant and dragon balls!

Gay Lundin on

Seeing those large rolls of gift wrap remind me of the day when we wrapped gifts at the counter. You made my heart happy.

Judith Poremba on

Love the ginger jar ornaments!

Carla G on

My favorite is ITEM 26D Topiaries with red/white gingham ribbon, though I love them all! I hope to make my sunroom look just like this.

Alicia M. on

I LOVE every single wrapping paper and the ribbon and the adorable mini ornaments to go with the gifts. What a fabulous way to say you are special to someone when gifting them!!! Thank you for bringing this idea to fruition!!!

Liane Miller on

I love the 3 tired topi paper in the fish bowl its to die for and the tissue paper is very cute as well I would love to win this !

Megan M on

I collect Staffordshire dogs and those ornaments are perfect!

Denise F on

Adore the Frosty Ice Blue Ornaments and the navy satin ribbon!

Pat R on

Love your excellent taste. The toppers for gift packages are darling

Angela D. on

Item #8 is gorgeous! I can just imagine it on my tree 😉

Mary Potts on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all and my favorite is the Foo Dog Ornament…..WooFoo!

Holly L. on

I love the topiary wrapping paper with the red bows, and I also love all of the pretty ribbons!

Barbara Morris on

What’s not to love?? What a way to make the holidays so special!!

Martha Q on

I love the topiary with blue ribbon toppers. I would pair with blue gingham, , blue, and gree

Martha Q on

I love the topiary with blue ribbon toppers. I would pair with blue gingham, , blue, and green ribbon and a blue/ white pagoda package topper!

Lexi on

I am the owner of so many of your gorgeous ornaments but the large navy ginger jar and the new Staffie dogs are my favorite! ??

Leann Y. on

I have a nice collection of blue willow on display in my china cabinet and would love some of these ornaments for a matching tree. Love the wrapping paper too!

Sandy R. on

I love all of the ornaments, but # 8, 13 and 17. take my breath away. I adore all of the gift wrap and tissue paper. My favorite for the Christmas holiday is the blue ginger jars with the red ribbon. Your trees are absolutely magnificent! I have never seen Christmas trees decorated as beautifully in all of my 65 years on this planet! I would dearly love to see these in person, as I am certain that the picture does not begin to do them justice.

Cathy on

Merry Christmas! ???
All so pretty, but love 26c because it can be used for Christmas and beyond! ?

Susan K on

Christmas is so much prettier with these decorations and paper! My favorite has always been the foo dog ornaments. I bought them for my mother and she leaves them out year-round in her china cabinet with her collection of blue and white porcelain.

Alissa S on

The ginger jar ornaments are my favorite, but I really can’t narrow it down to just one design because they are all just lovely! Merry Christmas!

Karen McLeod on

I love it all!!! Can’t pick a favorite but if i have to…. i am in love with the staffordshire dog ornaments. They are so precious.

TJF Design on

It’s ALL spectacular ~ 12A, the Ivory and Gold is EVERYTHING. Love, Love, Love. And the new Wrapping Paper with the Blue Gingham Bows……These will be as timeless and elegant and ENCHANTING years from now. Great Designs Tina. Thank You. Terri J. F.

Joy G on

I love them all! But the tissue paper in all designs—oh my!! Speaks to my creative heart ?

Rosalind Laird on

Your tree is Fabulous!!! And this is the most adorable wrapping paper ever.
I can’t wait to wrap my packages and put them under the tree!!
Thank you for always bringing us such beautiful things!!

Mary Alice Taylor on

O this is a difficult call . However, I think the blue n white pagoda ornament is my fav. As a new collector the pagodas are distinctive n recall my recent trip to China

Karen F. on

The new pagoda gift toppers are charming. Those and the beautiful satin ribbons are my favorites!

Peggy Wilkins on

So many beautiful things; to narrow it down, I think I love the blue and white Staffordshire dog ornament. So classic and cute, and who doesn’t love dogs?

Marilyn S. on

Love the red checked ribbon and the wrapping paper.

Karen Salp on

Love all of the chinoiserie ornaments! The satin ribbons are gorgeous!

Susan H. on

Your tree is spectacular! I love the gift toppers. They are too cute!

Susan Lippmann Batastini on

I love the topiary wrap!! The dresses with the green bows are adorable. The pagoda ornaments and foo dogs are adorable!!

Alexandra Khalaf on

Classic and clean.

Lisa M on

Such a well coordinated collection. The wrapped gifts will display as nice as the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Especially like the blue and green bow Christmas wrapping paper, the navy satin ribbon, the large Christmas balls in navy and ivory

Racheal S. on

I love your staffordshire dog ornaments and the foo dog too! Actually, all your ornaments are gorgeous!

Susan Kayden on

I love all of the wrapping papers, tissue and ribbons – so unique and fun! And the little dog gift toppers are beyond adorable!!!

Cindy C. on

I have some all occasion Enchanted Home gift wrap and truly love it! The Christmas wrap is lovely!❤️?❤️

Brenda Stroud on

Love the topiary wrapping paper with the red/white gingham ribbon and the pagodas are one of my favorites!

Elise McC on

I love all of the wrapping paper and solid ball ornaments!

ruth bernhard on

My green satin ribbon and blue & white checkered ribbon along with the beautiful wrapping paper arrived today and so I can’t wait to start wrapping gifts and using them in my Christmas Decorating decor.

Bonnie G. on

I like the new pagoda style and all of the gift ornaments!

dale s. on

Anything blue and white with red is my pick.

Mary Joy W on

I hope this doesn’t post twice. I love all the Staffordshire dogs – ,ornaments, toppers and paper! I have some antique ones and I love having the ornaments on the trees.

Julie Speakes on

Beautiful website! Just found you on the web via IG!

Arell O. on

The double sided ribbon is so luxurious! It goes so beautifully with your wrapping paper! I love it. The copper Christmas balls and the gift toppers are wonderful as well. Truly, everything is gorgeous!

Elaine McCarty on

love the Staffordshire Dogs!!! Especially the gold and white!!!

Julie Speakes on

I love your tree with all of the blue & white ornaments! My favorites are the ginger jars and blue gingham ribbon! I’ve just painted my corner cabinet bright blue and used blue gingham in my greenery! I actually love everything on your site ? Merry Christmas

Jennifer S on

The ornaments are the perfect addition to wrapped packages. Just love them all.

Sharon R on

You really want me to choose! Love the Stanffordshire dog paper as well as the blue topiary. The dragon ball and jar are favorites as well as the adorable foo dog.

Kate on

I love it all!❤️

Mariaed on

Hard to pick, blue and white Stafforshire dog ornament is my number 1!

SusanH. on

The 3″ gift toppers are my favorites since they are the proper scale for the 5′ topiary tree to which I have downsized.

Mariae on

All so beautiful! The Stradfforshire blue and white is the winner!

Mary M on

I’m in love with the staffordshire dog gift wrap, ornaments and toppers.

Martha McC on

Love the tissue!

Cher G on

Tina, you have developed a fabulous selection of ornaments and gift wrap papers that co-ordinate beautifully. I would choose the red, blue and copper baubles only because they would co-ordinate with my current Christmas decorations. I do love the blue and white ginger jar ornaments.

Cher G on

I would choose the red, blue and copper baubles only because they would co-ordinate with my current Christmas decorations. I do love the blue and white ginger jar ornaments.

Jane on

Love it all! But I particularly love the topiary paper.

Beverly R. on

My favorite is the Topiaries with the red gingham bows. And the red gingham ribbon! The new pagoda ornament is darling.

The solid balls remind me of ornaments Neimans carried years ago. I hope you consider adding more colors and sizes…

Karen Terrell on

I LOVE all the blue and white & Staffordshire ornaments! And, the topiaries with red and white gingham ribbon gift wrap & tissue paper! Also, both gingham ribbons. So pretty!

Bettina Woodring on

I just received my dog ornaments yesterday…so excited! I have been ordering some ornaments the last couple years. Can’t wait to do my blue & white tree. Favorite item…LOVE all the ornaments!!
Bettina W.

christine e on

Can I just have your whole tree? Really? I love the staffordshire dogs and the chinoiserie ginger jar ornaments oh and all the pagoda ones…..and the paper…the boxwood with the red bows (how cute are they?) and the gifts and staffordshire dogs…adorable!

Kathryn B on

Good morning! Ordering today…love my papers from last year! The Blue and white topiary paper, matching tissue paper, and satin ribbon makes the most beautiful gift!!

Shirley Craine on

I just love it all! I especially am drawn to the wrapping paper #23 and the staffordshire dog ornaments. Am also loving the double faced ribbon-so elegant! Love the tissue as well-all of it!

Donna DeMarino on

Hoping to receive my gift wrap today from the last of the mailings from the last order. I received my ornaments last week and they are so adorable especially the dogs. I’m so glad they came as I am gifting the large Staffordshire dog ornament to a friend this Thursday. Yay! Hope I can wrap it in the paper if it comes by then. Fingers crossed ?I like the new dog ornament with the painted designs instead of spots, so cute.

Joan Y on

Loving the Foo Dogs – perfect hostess gift for anyone who loves dogs (plus a box or two for my tree) since it’s so difficult to find ‘nice’ glass dog ornaments!

Jordan P. on

Top favorite items are all of the blue & white ornaments- such EXQUISITE, beautiful details!! And the tissue paper- I have never loved a tissue paper more until your designs came out!

Mary Anne Minich on

Love the new navy ginger jar and the wrapping paper with the Red ribbons and the pagodas and actually I love it all

Peggy Kahle on


Jennifer Roberts on

I love everything!!!! It’s just to hard to pick one item!!!!

Cynthia Macgowan on

BIG fan of the navy cherry blossom jar with white blossoms! Beautiful!

Whitney Weigel on

Adore everything but particularly love the ginger jar ornaments!!!

Kristin G on

I love item 24. Who doesn’t love a colorful topiary with a bow?

Catherine on

The topiaries with the red gingham bows is beautiful.

Cole Bird on

Absolutely beautiful! My resolve to buy “no more Christmas” is wavering. LOVE. IT. ALL.

leigh b on

I love items 3, 5 and 11 and the beautiful blue and red wrapping paper…. Your Christmas tree is beyond lovely!n Thanks so much for always giving us such wonderful giveaway opportunities!!!

Marilyn S. on

Red satin ribbon and red checked ribbon

Kathy Chandler on

I adore the little staffordshire dog ornaments! All the gift toppers are just perfect finishing touches!

Molly Ellis on

I cannot wait to get the icy blue round ball ornaments!!! They are just the touch I need to finish my Christmas decorating!!

Elena deM. on

These are beautiful! Placing my order tomorrow.

Karen Gunn on

Topiary gift wrap blue and white is my favorite!

Jeanette S on

My favorite ornaments are Item 1 new floral ginger jar and item 17 pheasant flat top jar. My favorite wrapping paper is topiaries with red gingham ribbon, this wrapping paper can be used year round.

Megan K. on

Love this wrapping paper!!

Leslie Rainer on

Everything is so beautiful! It’s hard to pick a favorite!!
Love your site! Leslie Rainer

Nancy Douglas on

The topiary with blue bow is especially stunning!

Diane K on

I am new to your site but am so very impressed! Your items are unique and lovely. I look forward to seeing your emails!


You have done a amazing selection !!
But the items are 7 12 26 26C 26D

Myrna B. on

I love all the Staffordshire Doggies! And did I say, I’m adding #1 the Floral Ginger Jar to my favorites! Yay to all things lovely and blue and white!

Mary Clare Silva on

Staffordshire dogs and pagoda ornaments! and item 23 wrapping paper 🙂

Eileen on

I have never seen anything so lovely! so different!

Jane V. on

love the solid white pagodas, the foo dogs, and the christmas tree wrapping paper.

Lisa Rochford on

Love the new Pagoda gift toppers! Hard to choose one thing! Thank you! You are so generous!

Rebecca L on

I have a ton of blue and white in my house and just love all of this chinoiserie fabulousness! Love the topiary wrapping paper and staffordshire dog ornaments! A very merry chinoiserie Christmas!

Meg T on

It’s so hard to pick one favorite. I adore item 25! The dogs on the wrapping paper is just too cute.

Tammie W on

I love the Staffordshire ornaments and the topiary wrapping paper!

Sharmila Dabare on

I love all of the ornaments but especially the gift topper ginger jars!

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