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Good Sunday morning from PB! Here in my happy place and so relaxed. It was so what the doctor ordered! We were due to go to Argentina right after Christmas but with family visiting and a few conflicts, it just did not happen. The good news is we have a credit for a future use and hopefully a time when our boys can join us. Getting to come last minute to PB was a welcome treat and,  honestly as much fun as the trip would have been, I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to relax the way I have been here.

We are going for brunch then I hope to sit by the pool this afternoon and catch up on some reading and magazines. It has been a wonderful 70-75 degrees which in my book is just right:)  I have many exciting things percolating for 2019 and I cannot wait to share things with you as they happen. Anyway hope this finds you well and adjusting to post holiday life, onward to my Seven on Sunday….



1 VIENNA BOYS CHOIR AT CHRISTMAS  This is most definitely on  my bucket list as something I would love to see during my lifetime. Getting to witness the marvel of the  Vienna Boys Choir during the Christmas holiday sounds like a dream. Could anything be more magical! I thought this video which is a little “behind the scenes” was really interesting and worth sharing…such angelic voices!

In fact play the video then leave it on as you continue to read the rest of the post….it will put you in the best mood:)

And in case you are wondering if Christmas in Austria is really as magical as you might think, I believe this video will prove you right- it’s like going back to the time of Currier and Ives!


2. ONE DELICIOUS SOUP  Being a lover of soup, I could eat it at every meal so  am always on the prowl for good new recipes. Found this lemon chicken orzo recipe over at Nine and Sixteen and let me tell you this stuff is good!

I love soup during the colder months and make it at least once a week. Because it also freezes so easily it’s an instant and satisfying meal. I really really enjoyed this as did the rest of my family and this will be on the menu again  sooner than later.

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup
2 tsp olive oil
1 c diced carrots
1 c diced celery
1 small onion, diced
half of a chicken breast, with skin + bone
1 cup roughly chopped spinach
2 tsp fresh thyme, chopped
3/4 c orzo pasta
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
8 – 10 cups chicken broth
2 lemons

Preheat oven to 350.  Rub chicken breast with olive oil, season liberally with salt + pepper, place on baking sheet and roast for 35-40 minutes, remove, loosely cover with foil and let sit.  I made a whole chicken breast.  I used half for the soup and saved the other half for stuffed manicotti the next night. Turn up heat to 400.  Slice one lemon and place on parchment lined baking sheet.  Roast lemon slices for 20 min. Remove and set aside.

In a large pot or dutch oven, heat 2 tsp olive oil over med. heat.  Add carrot, celery and onion and saute for about 6-8 min.  Add 8 cups broth, spinach, thyme, and orzo, season with salt and pepper.  Bring to boil, cover partially with lid and reduce heat, let simmer for about 15 -20 min.    

While soup is simmering peel skin off chicken and cut meat away from the bone.  Shred chicken. Add chicken to soup along with the zest and juice of one lemon.

Stir + serve.  Top soup with roasted lemon slices.  Yum, yum…. 
Tip: Add additional broth as needed. After soup sits for a while the pasta absorbs broth and you’ll need to thin it back out.  

3. CAN YOU FREEZE THAT? Now that I am adjusting to maintaining two homes, I am still figuring groceries out for PB. On one hand I love having fresh produce at all times but on the other don’t want to overdo it either and be stuck having to throw away. I HATE waste. So I have become quite the “freezer queen” and I have surprised myself at what I can freeze.

Voila! A delicious and super healthy vitmain full instant smoothie:)

As an example I bought a lot of berries and bananas (to make smoothies) and was able to freeze all of them,  they are so handy to whip out and put right into the blender. Ditto breads and even hard cheese (including grated Parmesan) I even froze fresh basil and cilantro. So the first night we got here and didn’t feel like going out, I was able to whip up an exceptionally good pasta meal for my husband with frozen tomato sauce, basil, garlic (yep even froze the garlic) and Parmesan.I keep dried pasta and olive oil on hand. For myself I had frozen lentil soup from last visit and made a big fresh salad with avocado.

Ditto in the morning I was able to use all my frozen fruits to create a delicious smoothie. My mind started racing about just how many foods I can freeze. So in the meantime, I found this chart and found it really helpful. Just in case you are wondering about what you can and cannot freeze. Being able to freeze these food sure makes life convenient and makes instatnt quick meals a cinch!

PS I eat a lot of raw nuts as a snack, I always freeze my nuts, they are always perfectly crisp and taste so  much better FYI


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots to love even though there is a lot less of the holiday we have all gotten so used to seeing the last few weeks but managed to sneak in a few. Still so much beauty to marvel at if you ask me:)


5 MY NEW  MELAMINE PLATES FINAL DESIGN  These only look like fine china, hard to believe they are melamine aren’t they? I think they can fool just about anyone (and have)! Soooo excited about these, I am visualizing so many beautiful tablescape possibilities with this incredible new addition to my melamine line, where these dishes only look like china! Just in love with this pattern, loving that it has blue and white but the other colors as well…..think its a winner!

With luck if all goes according to plan I will have these in plenty of time for spring and summer entertaining! So stay tuned, you will be the first to know when they will be available:)








6. NEW FABRICS TO FAWN OVER. I enjoy fabric shopping as much as anyone can enjoy “work”. I am like a kid in grown up candy shop! Working on a guest room for one client and a master for another and came up with some beautiful contenders.

For the guest room my client want greens with some ivory and the other project she is open to soft blues and/or greens.  I am loving all of these for drapery panels and an accent pillow as well as upholstering a headboard and bench. All from Lee Jofa, Brunschwig and Fils, Kravet and Schumacher, all good bets when looking for fabulous fabrics.

Also love this more mineral palette, so pretty and soft-

And a beautiful green version


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK with a new year less than 48 hours away, this is all about resolutions. Are you one to make them and attempt to keep them or do you think they are pointless? I am one to kind of attempt to create a short list of resolutions of things that I want to work on.

One did come true last year, I finally decided to get back to my normal single digit size and I did it… feels great I might add:) I have a few others a few couple personal revolutions and some big business resolutions that I am making and will attempt to see them happen. And you?


OK so that’s a wrap for this Sunday post, the very last of 2018! Hope everyone is having a great weekend as we lead into the NYE holiday, stay safe and with luck the various posts I have scheduled ahead of time will post on time.

If you have had your eye on something from my shop, stay tuned for a very special 2 day only savings in honor of the new year,  shop wide starting tomorrow:) Hope you have a great end to your weekend, until next time………….

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Debbie on

Happy New Year to you! Love to Teddy.

Emily on

Another beautiful post, one reason I always look forward to my Sunday mornings. That melamine is just beautiful, I cannot wait to order. We saw the Vienna Boys Choir about 5 years ago and they are even better in person, such voices! You will not regret making that trip, Tina. Happy new year to you and your family.

Stacy on

Everything is beautiful. With a sick family at home, I think I need to make that soup today!!

The plates are so pretty, can’t believe its melamine, is it dishwasher safe? When will it be for sale? Lastly, I would love to visit Austria during Christmas after seeing that video, incredible.

Mary Baker on

Happy New Year Tina, I am heading to the store to buy the ingredients to make the soup. Thanks or sharing the recipe.I have a short list of resolutions for 2019. I hope to work on and improve on these goals in the coming year. Love the pictures today too, simply beautiful.

Eve B on

Wishing you and yours a Very Happy & Healthy New Year!

Heidi on

Hi! If you ever are thinking of getting another Golden Retriever I highly suggest you look at this breeder we got our dog from in Los Angeles. Golden Meadows Retrievers in Moorpark. They breed an incredible tempermant beautiful calm dog. Our “Ford” is 4 years and
I can’t beleive we have this incredible dog. I know Oprah and a few others are on the wall. They are nice people that truly love the breed. Happy New Year Tina!

Eunice on

Sending warmest regards from Houston. Thank you for the soup recipe and the plate designs are beautiful. Happy New Year!

Jacqueline McLaurin on

Tina, Happy New Year to you and yours!

Molly Rosenbohm on

Love love love, Tina. Everything you do and show us is extremely motivating. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Beth H on

One other idea for your P B freezer is to freeze a small cup or bowl of water and when frozen, place a quarter on top. When you return, if the quarter is still on top of the ice then you know that your frozen food is safe to eat. If the quarter is down in the ice- don’t eat the food.

Amy on

Tina, I LOVE your new melamine designs! Can’t wait! Happy New Year 🙂

Donna DeMarino on

Tina, you are such a treasure, I look forward to continuing to read your posts next year. Happy New Year!

Donna DeMarino on

P.S. I like the last trio of greens the best. They look fresh and clean and would make up beautifully in drapes, etc.

Chandra on

Hi Tina,
I keep a supply of frozen blocks of cream cheese in my freezer. They are always perfect when thawed. I even thaw in the microwave, top with pepper jelly, and serve with crackers for a quick hors d’oeuvres. I also keep pint bags of cooked rice, bags of chopped tomatoes, and whole citrus fruits in my freezer. I just thaw and heat the rice with a small amount of added liquid. The tomatoes are perfect for adding to any cooked dish. The frozen citrus can be shaved, food prcessed, or grated for many uses. Great in lemonade, tea, smoothies, basically anything other than baking.
Happy freezing!

Holly L. on

First, I love love love your Seven on Sunday posts! Especially the Instagrams of Interest! And second, I can’t wait for the new melamine to come out – it looks gorgeous!!!

Shelia Roberts on

Thank you for adding beauty to our world. Happy New Year!

Pat on


Ann Marie on

Happy New Year to you and yours. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2019!

Judy Walters on

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2019 – I so appreciate all the beauty you share!

Jo Shafer on

Instead of resolutions, I now establish new goals for the new year, then pray and work to meet those goals. Even if I don’t succeed entirely, I do make good headway and continue the following year, particularly with long writing assignments and projects.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Happy New Year to You and your family. Best Wishes for 2019.

Bebe on

My dentist told me to never eat frozen nuts. Unfortunately this was after I broke a crown. I hope you don’t learn this the way I did. I’ve been freezing a variety of foods for years and enjoy having a variety of things to choose from in my freezer as well as my pantry.
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