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Hello friends and how are you doing? Hope your 2019 is off to a snazzy start. Having a  relaxing and low key weekend here, feeling under the weather so taking things slow. I was supposed to be in the city last night and was bummed I couldn’t go but I literally had no energy and when you are fighting something you just need to put yourself first.

So spending a fair amount of time watching favorite old movies, catching up on mail and magazines and working on many new projects for 2019 from home, surprisingly getting a lot done.  Always gets my creative juices flowing!

Let’s get started with this weeks Seven on Sunday.


1 NEW GIFT WRAP PAPERS I AM OVER THE MOON ABOUT Feast your eyes on this exquisite gift wrap paper- will you!!  And no, I am sorry its not wallpaper though don’t rule it out for down the road:) because hey, you just never know!

Twice a year (every spring and fall/winter) I introduce new gift wrap collections. I must say of all the things I have created over the last few years, doing these paper collections is one of my favorites. I design and create what I would personally love to see if I were gift wrap shopping (thankfully something I will never have to do ever again:)

These new spring papers have me swooning, it was a lot of going back to the drawing board but sooo worth it. I will even line some of my drawers with these, pretty enough to be wallpaper! I will possibly sell coordinating ribbons with these. For me I see the blue/white gingham which works with everything but to add a touch of elegance, I think a thick nice quality ivory satin ribbon would be stunning maybe tied in with a little flower or fresh greenery.

Just look at these beauties, we are putting the final touches on the samples and with luck my first shipment of this exquisite paper will be here sometime in March.  Stay tuned! Have a favorite? I am completely and equally torn on these as to my favorite. Would love to know your two faves-

2. A SILVER CLEANER YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE! So I am a devoted fan to Wrights silver polish and still love it however when I needed polish and the store I was in did not carry Wrights, I was recommended to Tarn-x, never heard of it but was willing to try. Well! This stuff is amazing, its a clear liquid (strong odor) but all you do is wipe, rinse and dry. Literally its like a 40 second process. I just couldn’t get over how easy this was.

I did all these silverplate pieces I swear in 6 minutes!

I had not polished this tray since I took it home about a year or so ago, so it was need of a little TLC and a few other things needed minor polishing after lots of use during the holidays.

Say hello to Tarnx-


And after-

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of wonderful Instagrams to share with you, I present this weeks beautiful round up! There is no theme whatsoever here just a little of all things good! Enjoy……

4. INSPIRATION OF THE WEEK Always love sharing my inspiring story of the week. This is short but worth watching towards the end, it is actually a true story too. It just once again goes to prove what I always say “you just never know”. Amazing how someones life or backstory can pay back in such beautiful ways later in their life, heartwarming. Also this to me say, never judge a book by its cover.


5.A GORGEOUS NANTUCKET WEDDING FEATURING OUR BEAUTIFUL BLUE FLORA NAPKINS! We worked with a wedding planner, Nantucket Island Events several months ago who ordered about 200 of our beautiful blue flora napkins which would be a focus on the wedding tables, given the blue and white theme.

We were so excited to see some of the pictures from this gorgeous Nantucket wedding and seeing our napkins being used so beautifully. Thought it would be fun to share. Beautiful photographs taken by talented photographer, Liz Banfield (click here to visit her website).


This sweet picture of the bride shows her using the napkin to wipe her happy tears:)


6. A WINTER BARGAIN AND A SPRING SPLURGE. I could not resist these darling Prada sandals, they were literally calling my name out loud and then I scored one amazing winter bargain, too good to not share!

So I spotted this knitted jacket a while back when it was full price, and then by luck found it on sale recently so swooped it up right away. I took the  medium and it fits like a glove. I love that it’s a  knit jacket so its very comfy and warm too.  Very smart looking and super versatile. Can be dressed down with jeans or up with slacks and a skirt. Love this piece, also it being more than half off is a big plus:) Click here

And looking ahead to spring/summer when I saw these, I  knew I needed them. I normally do not buy things this early but I just couldn’t resist and consider this a late Christmas present to myself:) I am a sucker for anything with bow and raffia so the two elements together meant one one thing…I need these:) Click here



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So this has to do with my online shop. Many have asked over time about a frequent buyers club, where one would accumulate points to turn in towards credit for future purchases or something along that line.

We are blessed to have many repeat customers and we love the idea of showing them how much we appreciate their business. So for anyone who shops on the site, would love to know what your thoughts are on this, click all that apply.


And there you have my Sunday post. Anything here get your attention? Love hearing form you, wishing you a wonderful day and great end to your weekend! Until next time…..

PS Before we put away what is left (not much) of our ornaments, holiday gift wrap, tissue and doggy stockings, we have our  Christmas in January sale where everything is 50% off. If you are a planner this ones for you:) Click here to see all  holiday (all subcategories are on the left by ornaments, giftwrap, stockings,etc…..)

Saks Fifth Avenue

Enjoy an extra 20% off sale merchandise at! Offer valid 1/13-1/14.

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I so enjoy your posts – all things beautiful is truly a feast for the eyes. Thank you for sharing and hoping you’re feeling better. 🙂

Tina, Tarnex has been out for years. It’s fine to use once in a while but I’ve read many times to not use it on sterling silver. Very harsh.

thank you for sharing the beautiful video….like you said, you just never know the story…serves as a reminder to us all to be kind toward others. Hope you are feeling better.

Tina, caution with using the Tarnex. My opinion is that it is harsh compared to Wright’s.

Happy Sunday All!
Love the ‘Then & Now’ list. According to Dennis Miller re: The Rolling Stones – “Moss has gathered”.
It’s sad that we have to Instagram the ‘What’s Cool’ list. I happened to catch the documentary on HBO (?) called “Always at the Carlyle”. One of the senior hotel staff was reminiscing about how different life was in the 1950s, how everyone, no matter what their income, made an effort to dress up when they went out in public. He felt that more people also behaved more politely back then as a result. The same thing went for manners: you taught your children to be polite. Our son was a student at the American Boychoir School and the boys were taught to stand up when a woman entered the classroom (or any room), and to use ‘Yes Sir” and ‘No M’Mam’ when addressing an adult. (The families the boys would board with when on Tour in the South, in particular, appreciated their good manners.) Fast forward to my son’s first year at Delbarton, when he referred to his math teacher as ‘Sir’ and almost got into trouble for it. The teacher thought he was being a smart a**, and son had to explain what he was taught at ABS after class.
Re: Tarnex – Mary Jane I’ve heard the same thing about this product. The lovely ladies who polish all the donated silver for the Rummage Sale I volunteer for swear by Wrights & elbow grease, and they’ve been doing this job twice a year for close to ten years!
Am kicking self for not ordering more of your Staffordshire dog gift toppers (love this size for my Christmas tree) for gifts for dog-loving friends and/or hostess gifts. They were a huge hit! Am waiting for the next presale!
Feel better soon!

I agree with the warnings about Tarnex. Not only is it harsh, but it strips away with beautiful patina on pieces of fine silver.

Of course, that should be “it strips away the beautiful patina.” Sorry….typing too fast!

That paper is GORGEOUS! I cannot possibly pick a favorite color because they are all equally beautiful… Good job !!!
I have used Tarnx for a few years and I love it- I use it on everything it is an amazing product.

Such fun instagrams eapeciY the one. Put the time machine haha!

Hope you feel better Tina. Love that you keep us up to date on what is trending, beautiful and fabulous…. I love Tarn-x! If I owned heirloom quality silver I might think twice about it but most of my silver is silver plate and not of great value. I tried using polish and doing it the “Wright” way but it was too tedious for me and I couldn’t get the nooks and crannies clean like a squirt of Tarn-x can. I love that stuff it smells like rotten eggs which is too bad but otherwise, what a great invention! Get well soon!

Your post was beautiful, as always. I must say, my voting on that paper was random because they are all soooo breathtaking. You have taken this to a new level of beauty. Love them ALL!!!

A great post as are all of your Sunday posts! . I discovered the Tarnx last year and agree it is like magic, I use it all the time and have had no problems whatsoever. Tina your new gift wrap is just breathtaking and I can see it as wallpaper, perhaps something for you to consider down the road ?
That video was very powerful thank you so much for sharing it with all of us today . Hope you feel better soon !!?

So many interesting items to read and review. I always wondered about TarnX; I’ve never used it because I was afraid it would be too harsh on the silver. Love my Wright’s Silver Polish too much to wander. Loved all the Instagrams, but especially the one entitled, Here’s What’s Cool. In our daily lives, when everyone is in such a hurry, manners are often forgotten. During the month of December, I notice that people are more polite and mannerly. Wouldn’t it be nice if this could continue all year long? Love the new gift wrap and coordinating ribbons would be nice. Hope that you are feeling better, Tina.

Hi! Great and fun post! Be careful with Tarn-x. I heard about it years ago but was told it was very harsh on sterling. Perhaps the formula has been changed.

#1 Tip for owning a second home: Turn of the water when you leave. We had a 2nd floor toilet run and leak for months into our 1st floor just 2 mos after a reno. Entire home was filled with water and mold and is still gutted mos later! 🙁

I will echo the comments about Tarn-X! Have been using it for years. It is great stuff in a pinch, but I have been cautioned to only use it sparingly & on places that might be hard to reach. It can be too harsh for cherished pieces of sterling. It can actually strip the silverplate off of pieces that do not have thick plating.

Be careful of Tarn-x. After a few uses you will not have any silverplate left. My friend developed that product and he reccomended not using it on silverplate.

I think the incentive plan is just another layer of book work to keep track of ……….keep it simple !

Continue to offer the best discounts when appropriate………If you carry the best price points up front where else is there to go for these unique items?

Thank you for sharing the “homeless man video”, very touching. My father would say to us children growing up “Be kind to others because you never know who might save your life someday”. Wow, the video was very powerful.

How awesome that your beautiful napkins were used for that wedding and that the photographer captured the exact moment the bride used one to wipe her tears of joy!! Hope you are feeling better and that you have a great week!!

I would love to see those papers in wallpaper panels. So beautiful in each color way!

Not only is Tarn-X harsh, the tarnish comes back faster than Wright’s. Ya gotta do the work to get the results – no quick fix. Sorry

I LOVE tarnx have used it for years and never ever had a problem. In fact the local antique shop i buy silver from recommended it and uses it on all their silver, but not sure about sterling.

the giftwrap is so beautiful, pretty enough to be wallpaper. Lots of good stuff here Tina.
Love those bow Prada sandals, cute:-)

Hi Tina,
I advise that you not use Tarn-x. I have used it on several plate silver items and have regretted it. My experience is that plate silver and sterling silver lose luster and I have not been able to restore the luster back. Please google the reviews on Tarn-x and re-evaluated your recommendation. Tarn-x is also very toxic, avoid breathing the fumes and keep it off your skin. When disposing of it, take it to a hazardous dump site. Do not dispose of it in a land fill.
Chemical Tarnish Removers (These are just a few of the products that will absolutely ruin the original finish on solid silver and silver-plate. They also allow tarnish to form more quickly.) Read about these dips here.

• Ellanar Dip Instant Silver Cleaner
• Empire’s Instant Tarnish Remover
• Goddard’s Silver Dip
• Hagerty Silver Dip
• Medallion Care Tarnish Treatment
• Midas Silver Tarnish-Off
• ShineBrite Silver Dip
• SilverMate
• Tarn-X
• Weiman Instant Tarnish Remover
• Wright’s Instant Tarnish Remover

I think all the other comments on the silver polish will put you right. On the other hand, the silver plate articles in the pictures look so cheap and nasty anyway, it can’t be that you were expecting them to hold up and last. Do you honestly sell much of this? It looks like cheap Chinese tut imported by the container load. Hope you don’t charge high prices for them.

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