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Hello, hope you are having a good week. About a year or so ago, I had done a few posts on “Beauty files” about favorite products that I feel are so good that they are worth sharing. Some things, that are tried and true that I have used religiously for years and others that are new and must haves, new discoveries! I thought one is overdue as we all love dabbling with new products, I know I do. So thought it was a great time with it being a new year for me to share some of my personal faves.

I also love to hear from you about what you have used that you too recommend, knowledge is power and the beauty of the internet is the ability to openly share with so many. So here are some of mine, can’t wait to hear about yours too!



I guess my approach is kind of high/low. My cleansers are under $5.00 but my creams are let’s just say “more”:) However I could never give up using La Prairie I just love their products and they are so good for me skin. I get a lot of compliments on my skin and while obviously some of it is genetics, I firmly believe La Prairie has plenty to do with it.

It is the first line of skin care that actually motivated me to want to really take good care of my skin.  I also found a great new mask which I love. I have found in taking good care of my skin, that I don’t need as much makeup as my skin is really holding its own. I do use it sometimes of course but many times I don’t and just put on a bronzer.So here are my skin care must haves-


To clean I use Oil of Olay cleansing wipes which can be found almost everywhere, they are so reasonable and do the job!

For removing any eye make up I use these Almay oil free makeup removed pads, very inexpensive and does the trick perfectly!

For moisturizing these La Prairie products are my must haves, would rather go without new clothes then without these products!!I use the caviar cream morning and night, it feels so luxurious and glides right on, it leaves me skin feeling soft and velvety but not at all sticky or oily. My skin just drinks it right up. Click here to find out more

And this eye cream is fabulous, feels so luxurious but does not leave a heavy sticky residue like some I use it in the morning and liberally at night, click here

I was introduced to this serum from a small sample and it glides on like virtual silk…made my skin feel so incredibly soft. Then I use the caviar cream on top. This is a fantastic product and a little goes a long way, this bottle has lasted me about 5-6 months, click here

This magic in a tube for under eye puffiness/bags is a literal miracle and its so reasonable! I recommended it and several wrote me raving and thank me, see told you! Its less than Plexaderm (which does the same thing) but does not leave a white residue. Just be sure to use only a little, just a bit goes a long way.  I can’t recommend this enough, bought mine on Amazon.

And once a week or two I like to give myself a little facial via a mask. I was recommended to this one and am obsessed with it. Loaded with antioxidants, your face and skin feels very cool and tingly in a good way, when applying. It really freshens your skin and makes you look  like you had a great night of sleep. A definite yes for me, click here



Bronzer- when I don’t want to apply much make up but need some color its my Tarte bronzer to the rescue. I am forever devoted to this product because it has never once cracked despite many falls, gives a really natural looking glow and lasts forever! I swear my last one I think lasted over 2 years and I use it almost everyday!! Definitely the best bronzer I have used period. Click here

Glow- when you need a little glow/extra shine this literally cannot be beat. I have tried many and I am telling you this stuff is simply incredible, I use it on just a few spots where you want to highlight and it instantly gives your face such a great glow. This is hands down my favorite highlighting product,  Click here

Tanner-There is a reason this bronzer has won awards for many many years..its the best! Especially in the winter when you feel pasty white and just want a little color/glow, this product more than delivers. It offers such a natural soft golden glow, NOT orange. It is subtle but yo definitely see that you have a soft color. You can use this easily with no makeup at all and I love that it’s luxuriously creamy. Gets my vote and this is a product that I always have on hand. Click here

Lipstick- as many of you know I use Mac’s Angel lip color religiously….but I have also found another one I really like a lot too. From Bobbi Brown (another favorite product brand) I really like this color, its a little richer in color than Angel which I like,  but its soft enough to be a good daytime alternative too. Color is called   Pink Nude and I really like it. Click here



For facial hair removal, this little lifesaver is amazing with a capital A, I can’t believe how well it works and no it does no hurt! I think its only around $20.00 and perfect to even carry in your purse:)

I am kind of addicted to this, who doesn’t love soft feet!! This is like giving yourself a mini pedicure every day, it works incredibly well. I use it every few days then slather on a good rich foot cream and put my cozy socks and off to bed I go. I wake up the next morning with feet that could rival those of a baby! Sold in almost all drug stores and on amazon (of course)!

Bought this at CVS and this stuff is good, I slather  it on then put socks on and go to sleep, feet wake up soft as a babies:)


This will be the next things buy that I would like to try, various items on my radar and wish list:)

This sounds amazing plus who wouldn’t want Trophy skin 🙂 I need to look into the reviews and see what people are saying as its a newer item. I like buying things at Neiman Marcus because if something does not live up the hype or your expectations, they are great about returns. Anyone try this yet? The price is less than one service at a dermatologists office so it has my attention!

Click here to find out more

Love masks and peels, just makes your skin feel like you are giving a second and renewed chance. I had gone to a day spa and they sold this product, while I did not use it while there I remember wanting to try it. So I am going to give this a go when I am almost out of my current mask to see how it compares, click here

Love a mask and an exfoliating mask sounds really nice, makes your skin feel so good. This one is reasonable and I like this product line, so probably will give htis a while one day soon, click here


OK your turn! I want to hear what you love using and what is tried and true in your beauty treasure chest:) Everything here I love and stand 100% behind. I love trying new things but admittedly it is very daunting to walk into a place like Sephora or any makeup dept for that matter….I mean, where to begin!

That is just one reason I feel comfortable buying from a store like Neiman Marcus (click here to see their entire beauty dept), they stand behind every single item they sell:)

OK , now its your turn to weigh in and tell me what your top picks are, those products you just can’t live without. I am all ears! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time……..

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Theresa on

Hi Tina,

Religiously following you for years! At your convenience, watch Dr. Dray’s youtube videos. Her product recommendations have changed my 50+ yr old skin. I’ve used all the products you sited for year’s & they’re great. But, her list of recommends surpass! Love the Hada Labo Gels & Masks, Elta MD, & Altruist. She’s my skin guru. Enjoy!!!

Karen on

I enjoyed this post. I want to try the BB lipstick and love NM beauty counters. I didn’t know you could return a product there. I have use Olay product since high school.

Dana on

It is funny, are all women obsessed with skin care. I know I am. I try high end and sometimes drug store brands. The one thing I am hooked on is Skinn cleansers. They have one for day and one for removing makeup. My super sensitive skin loves them. My newest creams are made by Algenist and so far I am loving them, also love serums. The eye cream is perfect for someone who wears concealer under their eyes,(if you have fine lines) it doesn’t crease. That is my two cents anyway.

Mariae on

Thank you for all of these beauty tips and products!

Deri on

I always enjoy learning about new products. I was a Cosmetician while in school for Interior Design, years ago. I learned that for the most part, expensive cosmetics are rarely better than any others. It is all about marketing. I keep my routine very simple. I use only extra virgin coconut oil to remove eye make-up or moisturize. It does wonders on my heels with socks, overnight. Maybelline pink and green mascara still beats any brand, in my book. I only wash my face with Baby Magic. It is perfectly PH balanced for a newborns skin. And after years of going to dermatologists and using every kind of steroid cream to treat my eczema, I was told a secret by a dermatologist’s nurse…Gold Bond powder. The secret is in the zinc, apparently. I have been completely clear of eczema for 2 years, now. It is amazing, and it has changed my life. I tried every product when I was a cosmetitian, and because of what I learned, I now keep my routine very simple and basic.

Peggy Wilkins on

For what it’s worth, I asked my dermatologist (who is a woman) what she would recommend or use for a skin moisturizer, she said that CeraVe has everything in it the high-end moisturizers have, but with minimal the cost. It has 3 ceramides that work great with any skin type. I do love it, it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling either, but deeply moisturizes. (No, I don’t work for CeraVe) lol

Lisa on

I’ve used Erno Laszlo since I was 13 and I’m now on the downslope of 50. I’ve loved it for its simplicity. Sea mud soap still takes me back to my teens!

Kerry on

I have found the most amazing product for wrinkles (I’m 72). It’s Ex Linea by PCA. I use it morning and night only on one place–the vertical lines between my brows and I’m seeing a real difference. Don’t like Botox there bc I think it affects my eyelids. So I’m thrilled to have found this!
Although I’ll always love my La Mer cream, as I’ve gotten older I’ve switched to more “serious” brands I get from my dermatologist and facial lady—mostly PCA and Revision

Lesley on

The wipes are so bad for the environment – they don’t break down. I’ve never looked back since switching to Elemis Cleansing Oil and their Cleansing Balm. They last for ages and I double cleanse with them.

Megan Bobbitt on

Love these posts!

Benesse on

For every one thing I bought that sort of works, I’ve got 5 that were a waste of money. I am yet to come across a “miracle” anything and am extremely suspicious of anyone who touts the latest greatest unless there are hundreds of independent credible reviews to support it. I wish I had a dollar for every product I bought based on rave reviews from beauty editors, bloggers, and infomercials. I was one of many who fell for Plexiderm only to find out it didn’t quite work as shown. And of course, now there’s something even better? At this point, I’ll try anything new only if it’s free. And I’ll be happy to even write about it.

Darcy on

I just discovered a lip sugar scrub by E.L.F. that is incredibly inexpensive – at the recommendation of a friend I purchased a tube at my local grocery store. It feels odd to use at first but now I’m totally addicted. I suffer from chapped lips in our harsh Midwest winter and this has totally eliminated that problem and leaves my lips so smooth and soft that I don’t have to apply my lipstick nearly as often. Well worth the slight irritation it causes at first.

Mary on

My thoughts on this are more with the “simple products” comments. Sweet Tina, I would caution you on using the wipes to cleanse your skin and to remove eye makeup each day/night. As you wipe you are pulling on your skin, and over time, this is detrimental to it’s youthfulness and firmness. It is better to use your cleanser with tepid water, gentle washing motion with your fingertips and then lots of rinsing (15 to 20 rinses). Gently pat your face dry, never wipe. Then pat your moisturizer onto your skin with your fingertips. Never push or pull your facial skin and muscles. These simple movements will do more to preserve the youthfulness of your skin than the products themselves. Be sure to daily include moisturizer for your neck in gentle, upward motions. This keeps the skin more supple and fights the dreaded, Turkey Neck! Another good practice; rather than sticking your fingers into your products, use a cotton swab and then place the product onto your fingers. This keeps your jar of product clean and bacteria free. NO double dipping that swab! It’s a good habit to establish. I am wiith you on Bobbi Brown products. I use one of their foundations that beautifully covers my slight rosacea. Great post. Love these beauty recommendations.

Mary on

I’ve been using Paula’s Choice for years. None of her products are packaged in jars which allow light and air to destroy antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients, and everything is guaranteed 100%. Every ingredient she uses has been proven by science to work, and she posts the studies on her website, and there is no animal testing…whew! It may sound as if I’m invested in this company, but I’m nothing more than a happy client who thinks more people should know about it. I’m 75 years old, and my skin is the best it’s ever been.

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Thank you for the product info. Quick question on the bronzer. Does it smell? It seems that every bronzer I have purchased has a funny smell once you put it on. I don’t know if I am sensitive to it or it’s one of the active ingredients. Please let me know before I buy yet another bronzer that I don’t use.

Christina on

Tina, enjoyed your post. Here are some of my favorites:

Smashbox Photo Finish Under Eye Hydrating Primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer
Neostrata Bioactive Foaming Glycolic Wash
Neostrata Skin Active Dermal Replenishment
Borghese Fango Mud Mask
Laura Mercier Creme Lip Color in Praline Cream

Fran W. on

Love these beauty posts. I, too, go ‘high’ and ‘low’. I love Prescriptives’ All Clean Foaming Face Wash and Super Line Preventer serum. (This line is now sold online only). AND I’m a huge fan of Clinique ‘High Impact’ mascara as well as their lipsticks. For me, the best bronzer is Bronze Lights by Smashbox. The coverage is flawless, buildable and natural looking. I have a lot of drugstore favorites. too, including Neutrogena eye make-up remover, Cereve body lotion, Cereve eye cream, Gold Bond foot cream, and Yes to Coconuts hand & cuticle cream. During the winter, I also use Aquaphor for dry cuticles and chapped lips. But my favorite drugstore find of all time is Wet n’ Wild’s Megaglow Highlighting Powder. The texture is like butter, and it gives a beautiful glow rather than a glittery finish.

Tiffany on

An innovative product that is expected to launch in September is Neutrogena MaskID. It was introduced at this week CES show. I can’t wait to see it and try it! You can get on a waiting list on

Tiffany on

Oops- my previous comment has a typographical error. The website is


Tiffany on

I’m sometimes guilty of going to bed with makeup on. My ophthalmologist recommended an option for removing mascara that can be stubborn to completely remove. I also sometimes have a clogged hair follicle on the lash line as a result. He adamantly told me not to squeeze it (it has the appearance of a pimple), but recommended using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. He said it’s safe to use on your eyes. I began using it and love it. I keep a travel size in my suitcase when I travel. Who knew it was a great beauty product?! 😊

Ruth on

I love my BlendSmart foundation brush!

Debbie on

Thank you for your sharing all your beauty products with us, it takes a village to keep us girls informed about the latest product lines out there and what’s good and what’s not. I personally have very sensitive skin, so Tatcha Skincare has been great for me. It’s formulated in Japan based on “The Art of Geisha Pure Skin”. I use the following products:
Pure One Step Camellia Oil for removing makeup
The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder for exfoliating your skin
The Essence Plumping Skin Softner a anti-aging superfood
The Silk Cream is a rich, weightless gel moisturizer for soft, smooth, healthy looking skin
They have a much bigger line than what I’ve listened, and all of the products that I’ve tried have been good products, that produce great results.

Martha on

Best eye and makeup remover: PHILOSOPHY: PURITY MADE SIMPLE

Quick, easy and thorough in one step

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