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Hi friends, I was almost writing  my Seven on Sunday post but had to go out of town unexpectedly to see my niece who is in the hospital with double pneumonia. Often I schedule these ahead of time but this particular post I was not quite down with.

Hopefully by the time you are reading this,  she will have made some serious improvement and will be officially on the road to recovery. Once I get back I will then post my Seven on Sunday post, albeit a day or two late. I know you understand and welcome all your prayers. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

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Patricia Freeman on

Hugs and prayers for your neice’s speedy recovery.

Franki on

Prayers sent. Safe travels. franki

Arlene Lach on

Prayers for,your niece.

Eileen Azzinaro on

I hope everything is well with your niece.

Elizabeth on

Hello Tina, I am sorry to read about your niece. I hope that she is on the mend and feeling better. Take care

Pat on

God is able. He is still in the healing business.

Donna C on

Prayers for your niece’s recovery. Hugs!

Jody on

Praying for your niece for God to heal her.

Rosalind Laird on

I’m so sorry to hear about your niece
I pray the Lord will heal and restore her to perfect health

Megan on

Prayers for a quick recovery!

Elizabeth on

Prayers for your niece’s speedy recovery.
Safe travels to you, Tina.

Arleen Schillaci on

Hi Tina ,
God is good and he will heal your niece 🙏🏻. Be safe and take care of yourself.

Karen Phillips on

Thoughts and prayers – wishing your neice the speediest of recoveries…

Gayle Eales on

Family comes first…Here is to a speedy recovery for your niece…and peace of mind for you…take care…

Susan Haidon on

Sending prayer’s your way for your niece; hoping she is well on her way to a speedy recovery🙏🙏. Happy Sunday and Great weekend.

Karen on

Sending prayers got your niece for a speedy recovery.

Roxanne on

Prayers for complete healing

Elaine McCarty on

Prayers for a speedy recovery. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Tiffany on

Wishing your niece a smooth and speedy recovery. I’m glad to hear you put family first!

Eve B on

Prayers for your niece for a speedy recovery.

Shawn on

Prayers for your niece, as well as 100% full recovery. Safe travel prayers to you.

Donna Dowd on

My thoughts and prayers are with your niece and your family during this stressful time. The fact that you are there is a tremendous comfort. 🙏❤️

helen tucker on

Prayers for your niece.

Yvonne K on

Prayers for complete healing.

Bettina Woodring on

Prayers for a speedy recovery. Sending love & hugs!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Prayers and Speedy recovery to your niece. Also to her Mom and Dad who are needing support as well. Lots of TLC. (A big pot of chicken soup, comfort food is needed for all to build up energy) Take care, drive safe.

Ann Marie on

My prayers for you, your niece and family. Hope her recovery is swift..

Toni on

Prayers for your niece. Strength and peace and healing.

Lisa on

Hi Tina pneumonia can be really scary I have a daughter who had it last Summer and she was in the hospital for almost 8 days! The good news is that kids are very resilient and after they’ve been on medication for a good 5 to 7 days they start really responding well and I’m sure that will be the case with your niece, it was very nice for you to go visit and be there for your family… Family comes first and supporting each other it’s part of the recovery process Safe travels

Tammy Lewis on

Prayers from Sarasota…be safe!

leigh b on

Hoping for the best Tina! You are a wonderful aunt to go and be there for support!

Linda Imgrund on

Praying for a good day spent with your niece and for her recovery. Blessings to your family Tina 🙏

Myrna B. on

Adding my prayers to all the others!

Patty on

Tina, I pray God’s blessings over your niece….that she will make a complete and quick recovery 🙏

Mary Pickett on

I am so sorry for your niece!! Hopefully she will make a speedy recovery with all the prayers she is receiving.

Fran W. on

My husband was just discharged from the hospital after spending 10 days there with pneumonia. I wish your niece a speedy and complete recovery.

Juliet on

So sorry to hear this. Prayers for your niece. xo

Mary on

I am sorry to hear about your niece. I am praying for her, you and your family. Safe travels.

Judy on

Prayers for your niece.

Suzy Urban on

Praying, with you, for your niece’s full recovery. Please update when possible.

Paula on

Wish your niece a speedy, prompt recovery.God Bless.

Darcy on

Wishing your niece a speedy recovery. Safe travels…

Lucy on

Prayers and hugs from British Columbia, hoping for a speedy recovery for your niece💕

Elle on

I’ll keep your niece in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping for a very speedy recovery.

Jo Shafer on

I’m praying for your niece right now, Tina. It’s good that she’s in hospital where she is receiving expert care. And I pray for you and her family, that you be freed from acute anxiety yourselves. Blessings!

Peggy E. on

Prayers for your niece’s recovery and traveling mercies for you, Tina.

Charlene on

Prayers for your loved one🙏💙🙏

Mariae on

Praying for your nieces recovery🙏🏻

Piper B on

I couldn’t agree more, Gayle. Family comes first. Hopefully, your niece is feeling much better and will be released from the hospital soon, Tina.

Frances Tyrone on

Ohhh GOSH!!!!! I am so sorry! I live in Nashville, TN and everyone I know has some kind of “illness”! Our weather is nailing us all! I wish your niece a speedy recovery!
Frances Tyrone

Dianne on

Prayers for your niece for speedy recovery 🙏

Linda Butler Leed on

Praying for your dear niece that she gets well very soon!

wendy on


Katie Clooney on

I will keep your niece in my prayers. Safe travels.

Donna OMeara on

So sorry to hear about your niece, safe travels, and I will pray for a quick recovery.

Shelia Roberts on

Your priorities are straight. God bless your niece and you for being so family oriented.

Rebecca on

All the best!

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