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Hello! Hope this finds you well and having a good week. Here, getting back in the saddle and have lots of balls in the air. Many exciting things happening in 2019….cannot wait to share with you as they unfold. Anywho, around this time I find myself having a mild case of the winter doldrums and longing for spring. One big perk about this time of year however are the amazing sales going on everywhere. Cannot tell you how many great finds I have found over the years at Neiman Marcus’s last call sale, where everything is priced at their lowest prices ever.

I was looking for a  cashmere wrap to give someone for her birthday, as she loves the one I bought last year and of course in the meantime,  found all kinds of amazing deals. I ended up getting her two things (earrings and the poncho), as it literally ended up almost as a two for one with the sale prices and even found a little something for myself too:)

Thought this would make a fun post of some really chic and stylish bargains where everything is on sale, many are 50% off.  I focused mostly on accessories this time around as that is what I was looking for and incidentally,  many things  here are seasonless which is always a perk. So take a look and then you know the drill, your turn to choose your three faves. Here we go……


CHOICE 1 Love this poncho, in all my favorite colors! Looks so comfy and the kind of thing you could sleep in, great price too. Click  here

CHOICE 2 Just love theses earrings! I ordered them in white as I have a special event in March and thought these will be perfect with my outfit. Plus they are on sale! Click here

CHOICE 3 Own this Barbour vest and adore it. Its a perfect layering piece and looks very smart with whatever its worn with, plus its only $134 now on sale! Click here

CHOICE 4 How pretty is this watch from Michelle? Love the quartrefoil fact and gold ones, can see it now on a tanned wrist in the summertime:) Click here

CHOICE 5 How pretty is this bell sleeved cashmere sweater, such a great piece to dress up or down. Would you believe me if I told you its on sale for $81!! Click here

CHOICE 6 Two great looking pairs of earrings in a pretty ready go give gift box! Love these and at $40 for the entire set, its an instant winner of a gift! Click here

CHOICE 7 I featured these beauties a while back. I ended up buying one because now they are   half off. A great year round piece to transition you from the seasons and love this as a comfy travel piece too, two beautiful colors.  Click here

CHOICE 8 Love this variation of an elegant charm bracelet with pearl “charms”,  never met a charm bracelet i didn’t love and this one is really pretty, click here

CHOICE 9 Love vests and if you have been following me yo know that I have an entire collection of them, they are so versatile and always look chic whether dressed down with jeans or dressed up with slacks, even a skirt. This beauty comes in tw0 colors. Click here

CHOICE 10 Oscar de la Renta always nails the jewelry, I have any earrings of his and I love them today as much as I did the day I got them years ago, this necklace is so pretty and could get such mileage Click here

CHOICE 11  Love this tie cashmere cardigan and what a deal! Beautiful colors offered, click here

CHOICE 12 I have shared these before they are sooooo cozy and warm. They are literally like a spa day for your feet:) A friend gave me mine for my bday and I love them especially in the colder months. Now they are almost half off! Click here

CHOICE 13 Love fun bunches of bracelets like these, looks great all year round. At $47, its a no brainer. Click here

CHOICE 14 How great looking is this vest? I am a pink fan and love how feminine this is, could see it paired with charcoal camel. Such a great deal too, click here


Decisions, decisions! I love them all………how about you? Have a few faves? It is always fun to see which three come out on top, I could close my eyes and point and be happy with any three:) Click here to see all the exceptional late season deals over at Neiman Marcus, they will surprise you!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time…..

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Peggy Wilkins on

It saddens me to see rabbit fur used, and even the cashmere is from rabbits. My motto is cruelty-free. Please reconsider the clothing options to be cruelty-free, I thank you and so do the animals!

Susan Haidon on

I just received the Michele 18mm Two Tone Diamond watch from Santa Claus. You can wear it with several choices of watch bands, and of course the Two Tone gold bracelet. The watch is absolutely gorgeous. I love it so much. So many fav choices I want them all. Welcome Spring, with the gorgeous array of Flash sale of silk flowers. Dogwoods are so beautiful. Peonies too. HappuThursday Tina.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

🌸 Love your shopping choices. My husband keeps reminding me that there is a difference between “need and want”. I love the ”Black bell sleeved cashmere sweater”, it’s lovely, a must have. I “want” it. Lol. Enjoy your shopping spree!

Linda Beth on

I whole heartedly agree with the previous comment to please consider only cruelty free. Today we have so many options in clothing, cosmetics, etc. Let’s be thoughtful in the purchases we make and be kind to the animals.

Joan on

Angora is yarn from long-haired rabbits, cashmere comes from the cashmere goat and mohair comes from the angora goat.
I believe in being mindful of what I purchase as well, however I have yet to find a cow that molts its hide for shoe leather…

peninnah ackerman on

absolutely agree re cruelty free. Know this isn’t the forum but of course this extends to leather as well. Even out here in South Africa there are amazingly beautiful cruelty free options. Why do otherwise?

Ann on

So many beautiful choices, I have gotten so many great things thanks to your recommendations. You make shopping so much less intimidating With all of the vast choices out there !

Meredith on

Nice picks- love that poncho and think I may need to treat Myself😊😊

Francine on

I have made a conscious decision to be mindful of purchasing cosmetics, personal care products that are cruelty-free and I would never ever wear fur. As mentioned by others, can we not be kind to animals?

Ann Pauley on

Not one for real fur either.
Especially, with all of the hype surrounding anti cruelty toward animals. Something to consider.
I do love the charm bracelet and pink vest.

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