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Hello! Hope you are having a great week. We finally are getting a little snow and while it is always beautiful I am over winter and so anxious for spring. I guess the older you get the more you crave that warm weather, especially when it signifies the season of spring flowers is around the corner. I am already dreaming about bringing out all my patio furniture and pillows………ahh!

As I periodically do I hold a blue and white “meeting” for all of us incurable blue and white lovers. I like to feature various ideas for incorporating blue and white into our lives and homes. Today is all about pillows, specifically blue and white pillows.

They can take a tonal room from boring to giving it the wow factor. The ability of pillows to transform a space is quite amazing and blue and white pillows add a feeling of freshness and beauty like few others can. So take a look and would love your take on blue and white pillows in a room!



I clearly practice what I preach, my own patio filled with blue and white pillows!

Love the way these beautiful soft blue pillows look on this elegant window bench, Nightingale Design

This is so pretty, love the mix of patterns and shades of blue in this dreamy breakfast nook, Amanda Reynal

Clearly I am a fan! My own patio featuring a bevy of beautiful pillows (from Studio Tullia)

How swanky does this look! Love this entire setting from KD Hamptons

Love my blue pillows from Studio Tullia on my porch in PB

The great thing about upholstered patio furniture in ivory is the ability to change things up so easily with pillows and blue/white pillows always look fabulous, Sarah Bartholomew

One of my favorite palettes,, this soft dusty blue/ivory palette is so soothing and tranquil, makes you just feel good, and even the subtle touch of very soft blue pillows add just the right amount of accent/contrast, Ally Whalen

I had one of my custom chinoiserie silk pillows made for my bed in the softest of blues to compliment my bedding

I really like the idea of adding a beautiful monogrammed pillow mixed in with other blue/white pillows, my patio

Today patterns get mixed and matched with abandon, there really are no rules and this pretty setting shows how to do it beautifully, Trellis Home

Sarah Bartholomew shoes how beautifully blue and white pillows mix into other colors in a room

Don’t forget about blue pillows in a child’s room….they work as well in young kids spaces too! Waterleaf Design

My living room, with handpainted chioniserie pillows (from my shop) in blue and white, solid blue velvet and tonal ivory, one of my favorite combinations

I used lots of blue and white pillows for my patio over at PB, makes  me feel so good walking into this space

Isn’t this cozy, mixing in blues with the aquas is a very pretty and fresh combination, love the addition of the monogrammed pillows  Richard Harp

Take away the pillows and lamps and you have a tonal room, so see what a difference even the added touch of beautiful soft blue pillows and a pair of lamps makes! Kate Lester

This is a very symmetrical look but I like it! There is something very charming and welcoming about this wonderful space, Serena and Lily

Love this room filled with blue and white! Beautiful accent pillows add the finishing touch to this beautiful space by Phoebe Howard (using one of my favorite prints- Digby’s Tent from Brunschwig and Fils, which I used in my kitchen)

A very traditional look in a bedroom, these lovely blue and white monogrammed pillows are an elegant and understated touch, Instagram

Isn’t’ this pretty? Such a dreamy space swathed in soft, soothing tones of of blue and ivory, Andrew Howard Design

Here is one of my favorite needlepoint pillows (from my shop) on a living room chair, classic and timeless

Another great example of mixing and matching patterns and shades of blue…don’t be afraid, jump in and try it! Evolve Residential


My own online collection of beautiful blue/white needlepoint pillows which I obviously love. Click here to see my pillow collection from my shop.

Studio Tullia has some of my favorites and I have bought many from her and we even created an Enchanted Home collection together,  great quality and a beautiful selection of blue and white pillows! Click here to visit them



A giveaway so you can add a little blue/white love into your home! One lucky winner will win one of our best selling tulip vases! Perfect for your weekly flowers. Just leave a comment on this post and you are in the running. I will announce a winner on Sunday.


And there you have my take on using blue and white pillows in room. Lordy knows I have added plenty of blue and white pillows over my time:) So now your turn to weigh in on using blue/white pillows in a space. Have a particular favorite formula? Please tell! Always love to hear your take on things. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until  next time…..

PS Today is the second day of our amazing orchid sale, and the response has been amazing. These are incredible realistic seeing is believing. Click here to see the sale.

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Susan M on

Always inspired after reading your posts!

Gay Dean Lundin on

Oh my goodness, any pillow from Sudio T is an heirloom! I so would love this vase…I’m dreaming of catching the pussy willows at just the right stage here in Michigan. Whoukdnt this be perfect for them!

Karen on

I’m wanting the blue and white pillows at PB! Your patio is a lovely space..

Karen W, on

Lovely examples of blue and white pillows. The final picture caught my eye for a different reason. Window blinds are seldom shown in pictures, yet privacy often requires using them. The use of a soft fabric to hide the unattractive top rail is wonderful…I hope to see more ideas for this style of window treatment…so helpful!

Maribeth Prunier on

Love everything about this!

Janice on

Love your blog. Very inspiring.

Rosalind Laird on

Theses pillows are beautiful
I love to mix red with all my blue and white. Gives it a nice pop. I’ve never tried emerald green but think it would be another good choice
Thanks for bringing us so many beautiful things!!

Karenann S. on

I just love all your inspirational ideas on adding pillows to our decor. Your custom chinoiserie silk pillow for your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous!

Tory Green on

Lovely pictures today!

Ann D on

Always love blue and white

Bettina Woodring on

Love all the ideas you share. I am especially in love with the needlepoint pillows….checking them out right now!

Elizabeth Yingling on

Such an informative post! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas on how to add more beauty to one’s home with decorative pillows in our beloved blue and white. The Chinoiserie hand-painted pillows on your sofa are absolutely divine! I would love to order a pair, but I can’t find them in your online shop. Please advise? Thanks so much!

Cindy on

I too really love using pillows (and lots of them!) in my decor!❤️

Elizabeth on

Beautiful! Pillows are one of my favorite ways to freshen and update…just had new ones made for my sofa and they completely changed the look. ?

Also, I believe the aqua/blue design with the curtained window nook is by Tobi Fairley, not Richard Harp as currently attributed. 🙂

Judi on

Blue and white…always beautiful and timeless. Your perfect selections always inspire just a little more special beauty. Thank you !

Janis on

Love, love, love all of the pillows! Well….I actually love all of the blue/white and have for YEARS! Timeless.

Jan on

All so beautiful and classy!!

Anita. on

Your informative post on using blue and white pillows in many patterns and colors confirms what I believe, if you love it you can make it work. Use blue and white with confidence and it will bring joy.

Becky on

I adore this post but f blue and white! Your pillow collection is sensational!

Deborah on

Blue and white is timeless and I am amassing quite a collection! I have one set of blue and white pillows that I use constantly.
They’re elegant, fresh and timeless. The blue is navy so they are always somewhere in my house whenever I decorate.

Charlotte on

Love, love, love every pillow especially at PB!!!

Tommye on

Never get tired of blue and white no matter what fads come along!

Linda Mansfield on

Thanks for all the blue and white photos… relaxing!! I like the monogram accent pillow with other solid/subtle print pillows!

Beverly Rowntree on

Your posts are always inspiring and beautiful! Thanks for sharing. ?

Jenni Toebben on

A post about blue and white- great way to start my day- thank you!

Debbie H. on

Pillows are beautiful. They really make a difference in a room!

Kerry on

I enjoy all the pictures but have to say that the blue and white in your homes are the best!! 🙂

Lois Munn on

Your home and your taste is spectacular!

Kim Mawhiney on

You are right about taking a little blue and white and perking up any room. You rarely see a room that wouldn’t benefit from a splash of blue and white porcelain or fabric! Thank you for this post!

Karen Wheat on

As snow approaches, I look out and actually see blue and white in the atmosphere—this fabulous vase will look as lovely in snow as it will filled with Spring flowers…whenever Spring arrives.

Karen Wheat on

As snow approaches, I look out and actually see blue and white in the atmosphere—this fabulous vase will look as lovely in snow as it will filled with Spring flowers…whenever Spring arrives.

Rachael W on

I am IN LOVE with the needlepoint pillows….so classic!

Linda Doezema on

Beautiful pictures once again! I would love to have the vase to add to my “Tina” collection!

Bev Braun on

These pictures are a welcome uplift today as we are digging out from a (beautiful) snowstorm in Wisconsin!

Liz on

Enjoyed this post. So much eye candy! Love the tulip vase! I can’t wit for spring either. We’re getting snowed in once again!

Jeannete Greer on

Love the pillow combinations. Looking forward to refreshing my outdoor pillows with your beautiful choices this summer

Connie Windham on

My home is filled with blue and white and love finding new pillows in all shades of blue. Lovely spaces in your post! Always a joy to see them.

Jane B on

Have been searching and searching for the perfect lumbar pillow to complete my blue and white guest room. Thanks to your photo gallery and cited resources found it! Thank you!

Alissa on

Beautiful inspiration pictures! I’m also ready for spring to come so I can enjoy sitting outside on my porch decorated with plenty of blue and white.

Julie on

I love love love blue and white! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. Porcelain, textiles, rugs, you name it! Blue and White is the ultimate classic and I love your website that showcases my favorite styles. And yes, I would be thrilled to use that vase in my new kitchen!

Michael John on

Thanks for bring us just great decorating ideas.

Elissa on

Getting so excited to update my home for Spring with new blue and white details! Planning a law school graduation party for our daughter at the end of May and your posts give me great inspirational ideas to swipe for getting my home ready! Thanks for all that you share with your readers you are very talented and generous!

Mary Jo Disciullo on

Looking at your gorgeous blue rooms has changed my mind that blue will dominate for my next resisdent,
The peaceful yet elegant feel is amazing!

Donna A. on

Blue & white pillows add a sophisticated accent to any room, but I especially love them in dark blue against dark wood and rattan – Classic! Would love that giveaway vase for my favorite flower, the tulip.

Lisa on

Great post, Tina! Thanks for sharing all the inspiring photos! Your PB patio is gorgeous!

Susan P. on

Your posts are so beautiful. I get so many ideas from them. Always enjoy seeing pics of Teddy at the end.

Marlene on

Enjoying all these beautiful pillows you have posted today. They sure can change a room and add so much to the look. Beautiful post today.

Natalie on

I too love blue and white pillows. I redid my family room with blue and white pillows to match all of the blue and white ginger jars, stools and bowls that I purchased from The Enchanted Home! When my son went off to college last year I redid his bedroom with all new blue and white bedding and pillows.

Anna on

Thank you for sharing. Love all of the pillows shown!!!

Sharon on

I am so excited to have found your website! I LOVE blue and white too! Your site is so inspiring.

Debbie C. on

The blue and white pillows make every room look exquisite and inviting. The fabrics are beautiful.

Cheryl p on

Beautiful display of pillows, so inviting! One can never have enough!

Laurie on

Blue and white looks good in any room. Even if only one piece.

Laurene P. on

I have purchased two of your pillows from the Palmetto Bluff collection, love them so much! I have been wanting a monogrammed pillow for our bed, going to seriously look into that! Beautiful pictures.

Erin Nantais on

Love how so many other subtle colors can be mixed in with the beautiful “blue and white” theme, like pinks and greens. It’s all so soft and pleasing to the eye. It’s nice to retreat to our home when the rooms are relaxing to us. I’ve often heard “put the colors you love around you and you will be happy!”

Nanette Forth on

I love the beautiful and peaceful setting from JD Hamptons. The beautiful orchid, pillows, mossy planters. So heavenly!

Tim F. on

Waiting for Spring!

Gail on

Absolutely love all of this. I love blue and use it a lot in my homes. Beautiful.

barbara m on

The vase is exquisite, just like the pillows, always lovely things……

Leslie Huff on

Gorgeous photos!! Your patio….. perfection!!

Rhonda Hardy on

So glad to know there is an official blue and white club. I thought I was the only person that dreams in blues and whites!!

VALERIE Arnett on

I love blue and white and have incorporated that color scheme into our house. I think groupings of chinoiserie are lovely and also enjoy the addition of blue and white pillows. I started looking at Pinterest last year and only,recently,stumbled,upon Enchanted Home while looking at, what else, blue and white. What a find !Hoping to be the winner of the tulip vase. Which I will fill with dahlias. Also planning on two larger vases or ginger jars for our dining room table.

Leslie on

Hi Tina, You know I save your emails until I have time to read all of them! You are so talented and I adore all of the blue and white!! We are building a lake home now and I will definitely order pillows from you as I too am a blue and white kind of girl! Keep up the wonderful posts and I’ve always wanted the tulip vase! oxo

Rebecca on

Blue and white anything goes with everything. If you are ever in doubt think about the sky or the sea …….they always “go”. As a pick me up I add a little fuchsia Or chartreuse with my blue and white pillows.

Pat on

It’s amazing how a few blue and white pillows in a room makes everything have a classy look. Love all your ideas,

Janet Masterson on

Your posts always inspire me to do a little fluff with a new pillow or 3, and add a new piece of blue and white to my growing collection! Thank you for sharing your homes with us!

Jennifer James on

Loved your pics today Tina! My favorite way to change up the look of a room… pillows!
Would love to add the vase to my modest blue & white collection 🙂

Have a great day!

Alicia on

I’m ready to redo my bedroom in blue and ivory. Where do you get your monogrammed bedroom pillows? Thank you for the inspiration!

Judy Toline on

Pillow heaven??????????

Kim R. on

Blue and white is an eternal style maker. The combination reminds me of the sky and clouds- something “eternal” about that. Thanks you for your beautiful photos.

Amal Elhage on

LOVE your covered patio space!

Gina on

I also like a little bit of 2019 Pantone’s color of the year – Living Coral – with blue and white! The combination is cheery and springy! I would love to add the vase to my Enchanted Home collection with spring flowers!

Karen C on

Love the blue & white and the pillows!?

Pat Burdette on

Pillows are the perfect accessory for a finishing touch and yours are the perfect choice. So o o pretty,

Meghan Oxenreiter on

I look forward to reading your blog everyday! Thank you so much or everything you do!

Megan Bobbitt on

I agree, blue and white pillows add so much style to any room.
Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

Katherine on

Such an inspiring story on your pillows. I have several of them and will be adding more to my collection…..NEVER ENOUGH BLUE AND WHITE!!! ?

Donna on

I really love the monogrammed pillow and so many others,

Ellie on

Great post! Can’t get enough blue and white!!

Deborah R Campbell on

I love all these blue and white pillows! Please pick me!!

Dotsy on

I love blue and white! I inherited some lovely pieces and every time I settle in to enjoy one of your posts, I just love it all that much more! It’s so much fun to add new pieces! Thank you for your continued inspiration!

Linda Biondi on

During dreary winter days, just browsing through your photos makes me smile!

Karen F. on

Nothing fresher than some blue and white eye candy. Just bought some white tulips which would look lovely in this vase too!

Samia on

Your post is so helpful – mixing patterns can be daunting, but you make it look easy! Love the pillows and the ideas!

Lucy Porter on

This post is just what I needed! Time to think Spring and refresh!

Linda on

Absolutely LOVE all your decorating with blue my favorite color also.

Regina S. on

Love a monogrammed pillow! Oh and definitely the vase.

Ann on

I am now hooked on this site, so many inspiring ideas and beautiful photos. Thank You!

Linda Beth on

Always love the blue and white and the pillows are beautiful!

April on

I especially like the new blue/brown mix needlepoint pillow. I like a selection so I can mix seasonally.
Thank you Tina. Always interesting.

Pam F on

Your patio is breathtaking!! Thank you for sharing the Studio Tullia collection.

Paula Fagan on

Starting to snow in NYC so your blue and white pictures made me smile

Dianne Kropp on

Pillows are the jewelry of a home and yours are simply gorgeous. I’ll be working on my patio makeover and yours is my go to for inspiration.

Kathleen on

AWESOME on a bleak February day!

Kathy Bunge on

Your needlepoint pillows are so lovely! Always enjoy your blue & white posts!

Judy on

Thank you for sharing some beautiful examples of blue and white. Truly timeless.

Margaux Fuchs on

All in favor of the Blue and White Club Meeting say, “I”!
These are so fun to receive, thank you Tina!

Pat R on

As always .,., you and blude & white are an inspiration ! Thanks for sharing.

Leslie P on

Love the neutrals with the blue and white pillows.

Nell Wachtel on

Love all of your blue and white. Your design ascetic is right on!

Ruth Sullivan on

I have always enjoyed traditional settings in my home. With colors being more in the warm tones I didn’t think I could incorporate blue and white. However, over the last couple of years I have been adding blue and white porcelain pieces, including pillows and found I absolutely loved them together. I would so enjoy having your beautiful piece in my home! Pick me, pick me!

Ginger Reed on

Blu e and white is always beautiful and timeless!

Elizabeth on

Love the photos – beautiful and inspirational. Pillows are a nice way to add a touch of blue and white to
many spaces. Thanks Tina!

Karen on

Absolutely exquisite. So inspiring

Bajangirl on

I had changed my living room pillows, but after reading this post, I’m on the hunt for blue and white pillows. Your pics are beautiful.

Sandy w on

Beautiful pictures of some pretty blue and white pillows and inspiration to add to change up the look of a room.

dale s. on

The more pillows the better!

Nancy on

Tina! My favorites are all your spaces! Just gorgeous! And the Amanda Howard soft palette bedroom!

Brenda M on

Love all the wonderful inspiration!

Susan on

Would love to have that beautiful vase in my home filled with cherry blossom or forsythia branches!

Nancy on

I am now using blue and white as accents throughout our new home. Your are truly an artist of color useage and decor.

Patti on

Someone once told me every room should have a piece of needlepoint in it for richness and depth. Today’s post confirms that! Now which one ??? 🙂

Cindy A on

I just love the blue and white meetings! I’m such a fan!!

Arell on

You were the one who really got me loving blue and white! I have been incorporating it little by little into my decor. It is so beautiful and works with everything!

Donna C. on

The needlepoint pillows are just lovely! So very pretty!

Mimi Sabates on

Like you, I am Ssssoooo ready for spring and beautiful tulips that could go in the fab blue and white vase I might win! ?????????

Faye Barbian on

Just the the inspiration I needed today! You always come through at just the right time. Love your blog.

Christiane De Filippis on

I don’t recall how or where, but I happened upon your blog by chance, and what a lucky day that was for me. My eyes popped with excitement. My decorating bug was energized. Here was a site totally dedicated to the serene and regal beauty of just two simple colors. I am continually amazed at the variety of blues and whites you showcase. The combinations of patterns and prints seem endless, and I can’t wait to see more and more and more. I also enjoy the occasional landscapes you feature and the lovely homes – just skimming through them help me de-stress for sure.

Melissa Ritchie on

Beautiful post!

Margaret on

Best post ever!

Vickie on

Yes, spring is here now in palm beaches..gorgeous and perfect.
We have never done winter well.
The brick patio with hydrangeas and ticking cushions photo is very charming.

Karen Markovich on

Would you ever consider doing more tabletop items and accessories in blue and white? Something that looks more antique and unusual.

Arlyn on

Hi Tina,

Those pictures have me wishing for spring also. Such a beautiful setting for your pillows to shine. Thanks for the beautiful blog!!

Becky Vice on

The forsythias in my back yard are just itching to jump into that vase. The bright sunny yellow and the beautiful blue are always a winning combination !


Heavenly blues! I am caregiver for my 102 year young mama and just looking at all the lovely blues gives a peaceful feeling.
Thanks, Janice

Charlene Heuer on

Just love your postings and everything beautiful you share! Thank you.

Cathy Geart on

Bllue and white truly makes my heart happy!

Cathy Geary on

Bllue and white truly makes my heart happy!

Cheryl on

I get so much inspiration from your posts!! Love, love blue and white. Currently redecorating my office in it with many pieces of chinoiserie. Would love to include the tulip vase you are offering. My tulips will be peeking their precious foliage from our cold soil really soon.

Pam on

Your patio in PB is perfection. It must be hard to not be there when it’s so cold in NY. love the blue and white pillows.

sandra K on

Too many choices, so many new ideas…thanks for sharing!

Tiffany on

Your home is gorgeous- so warm and inviting! The bedroom and patio are so relaxing! I enjoy your posts and photos!!

Gail on

I always love your post on blue and white lovers club. It just makes you happy
to see these beautiful rooms. Thanks for brightening our day with these lovely ideas.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Thirty eight years ago I had to pick out my colours, accessories, China, crystal etc for a wedding shower my bridesmaids were having for me. I remember being so over whelmed with all the choices. When it came to picking out towels re bathroom I was gravated to Navy and white, navy and pink, The navy choices that I made had a very calming affect on me, so needless to say, today I decorate with Navy and… everywhere! Tina, You have beautiful ideas with your choices of navy blue white decor. ?

Tiffany on

The photos of your ? baby are just too cute!!! ??

jane fermature on

You are a star that twinkles with genuine warmth and style that fills ones day with true peace and hope. You can heal a soul with your beauty when it comes to your special touches. I love everything you display and am a fan and have purchased many of your blue and white vases on my living room table, I live looking at them everyday. They make me feel happy.

Molly Ellis on

My favorite store, my favorite blog. Thank you for your hard work on all the different and interesting posts and making it exciting to start my day with coffee and your blog. Hope your niece is doing better!

Sharon on

Such inspiration – can’t wait for spring!

Susan on

Love your posts and photos of your home. Blue and white is so timeless yet you elevate it constantly,

Mary Anne Liljedahl on

I love, love, love your pillows!

Roxanne on

Yellow forsythia in a blue and white vase always makes my heart happy!

Jean D. on

I love the inspiration of your photographs! The vase would be a perfect addition to my blue and white collection.

Marilyn on

Can never have too many beautiful pillows!

Nancy H on

I just love your blog, and I love giveaways too!

Jane Braica on

Loving the custom pillow on your bed!

Karen Terrell on

Such a beautiful vase and generous giveaway!

Lindy on

Love Phoebe Howard’s living room. Beautiful, inviting seating group. Want to see more of her rooms.

Cynthia Dalton Wilsie on

Love this post anything blue and white has my name written all over it! Love the pillows and the pair of navy pagoda lamps so cute!

Susan S on

Love the blue and white. Always in style. Mix in a touch of spring green and everything looks fresh and inviting.

Myrna on

Blue and white design and varying textures makes me so very happy and peaceful. My tulips are longing for this exquisite blue and white vase!

Dominique B. on

Absolutely love all of your pillows Tina. I want all of them! I can’t believe how talented you are. You inspire me! Thank you! Kelli

Jo Shafer on

Your first photo of the enclosed garden room is ALWAYS my favorite! It inspired me to “dress up” my own courtyard in blue and white so that this outdoor space quickly became our spring/summer living room.

Carol on

The room pictured are just stunning! Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer S on

All the pillows add a definite finishing touch to each space. Pillows are a must accessory in my book!

Mary Rollins-Hughes on

Thanks for sharing how pillows make such a statement!!
Love all of them!

Beverley Scott on

Loved this post! Everything !

Peggy Thal on

Love all the blue and white! Mine is in the kitchen, kitchen powderoom, laundry, butlers pantry and morning room .

Sara Ledoux on

Love the photo of Teddy amongst the daffodils!

Lucy Harrison on

Love, love all the blue and white. Can’t have too much.

Linda Silva on

So perfect, each picture inspires me to look for ways to make my home beautiful. thank you

Susan Fulkerson on

I love every single picture you posted today highlighting all the blue and white accents. The picture that really caught my eye was the one with the green sofa. I haven’t ever thought about putting blue and white pillows on green but it looked fabulous and gave the room such a pop. Thanks for your daily inspiration!

Barb Austin on

I love pillows as well…covet many that you have in your shop.

Angela Middleton on

Stunning pictures! Makes me crave warm weather and my own porch where blue rules!

K. Sager on

Beautiful in so many ways! I always enjoy the opportunity to simply stop and consider all the beauty while looking through the lovely designs.

Ashley S on

I’ve been drooling over putting those same Quadrille drapes from the Sarah Bartholomew pic in my library. Love!

Sandy on

Your pillows look like the finishing touch in you living room as jewelry does to complete that perfect outfit!

Carole on

Love classic blue and white!

Linda Clark on

I’ve always loved blue and white, makes me happy!

Arleen S on

Love using pillows to decorate they are one of the accessories that make the space so special and inviting. The color blue always reminds me of heaven and new beginnings.
Thank you Tina for sharing your wonderful pics .


Blair on

Thank you for sharing all of this beauty!

Margianne on

Such beautiful photos of dazzling rooms and outdoor areas. Ah, Spring should be just around the corner!

Diane Ruebel on

I love the tonal bedroom with the soft blue accessories. It invites rest.

Davina on

I love these tulip vases, along with a whole lot of other items you sell!

Yolanda on

Love the monogrammed pillows and very else is so fine.

Rachel Diesing on

I love blue and white. When I saw your site – my pulse started to race!! LOL
My kitchen is accented with blue willow wallpaper with matching box pleat valances with blue willow fabric accents in the pleats. My home is a cozy cabin, so I have added touches of blue and white with black. I love it. I love your site, and your home pics. You have amazing taste, and I Iove the quality of everything you present. xo from BC Canada – Rachel Diesing (Realtor – Sotheby’s International Realty Canada)

ting on

Hello!! I recently discovered your Beautiful Blog and have started Decorating my new to me home- in Blue & White. I Love all of your Blog posts and share it in my Fb groups- and save a few on Pinterest. I would love to own this Vase. Thanks for the opportunity!!– ~Valery Shaw~~

Lisa H. on

Blue and white is so timeless! Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Lorraine on

The blue and white is very lovely but the Golden is just wonderful in the last picture

Pam W on

All the pillow combos are beautiful

Eve B on

Enjoying this post on a snowy and icy day on Long Island. Love the breakfast nook by Amanda Reynal and everything by KD Hamptons. Can’t wait for the warmer days to come.

Lori Miller on

Love, love, love all the images you supplied in this post. I’m obsessed with all things blue and white and am slowly introducing into all rooms. Thank you for the inspiration!

Michelle on

I’m in love with the silk pillow displayed on your bed. So pretty….

Fran W. on

All so pretty. I love the way blue and white can work with almost any color.

Lisa P. on

Enjoyed all of the blue and white photos! Great decorating ideas.

Trudi R. on

My favorite, the monogrammed pillows-they make the room!

Terry P. on

LOVE is in the Air – and I just LUV needlepoint blue/white pillows! Happy Valentine’s Day:)

Claudia Cole Letendre on

I love seeing all the beautiful blue and white photos ideas and designs. So fabulous, I love blue and white and pretty much everything! So happy to have found your site!

Donna Scully on

Love your increasing selection of pillows!……….the needlepoint adds another visual texture……..oh, my, what’s not to love. I like the blending of designs………that is truly an art. The new dishes are beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you do with them………Thanks, Tina

Jane on

Your patio is amazing!!! Every detail is perfect.

Charlene on

Love all your blue & white items featured on today’s post, from pillows to the vase offering, which would be a lovely addition to my blue and white collection!

Deborah on

Always enjoy your posts! You have a wonderful gift of design inspiration.

Gerry on

Blue & White fan all the way!

Judith Kafka on

I feel like I’m the midwest queen of the blue and white club! I can hardly wait to order some pillows right now!

Theresa on

I have loved blue and white every since I saw a picture of blue and white dishes in some magazine. My late husband would always say (Do we
need more blue & white) of course I always said yes.

Eileen Azzinaro on

Pillow heaven, I would say. The vase is beautiful and would look gorgeous in my home. Thanks so much.

Carolyn on

Your collection of ideas and photos are so inspiring! My flowers from your site are arriving today and I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for them. ?

Goldie Stetten on

Always a treat to see the blue and white rooms you feature!

Dr. Hermelinda Hesbrook on

I have a blue and white collection mostly of ginger jars and cache pots. Just started thinking I need some vases.

Love the vases!

Melissa Moore on

This pillow collection is outstanding- I need them all!

Darcy on

Love the combination of blue and white with the gorgeous spring green pillows. It looks so fresh and refreshing.

Gayle on

Thanks for this Tuesday blog.. I am looking forward to making my bedroom a tonal room that I can change anytime… since following you I have become a blue and white person with lots of your porcelain!!! I am running out of room at home so now we have blue and white ginger jars on our mountain cabin hearth!!!

leigh b on

Love blue and white and love that you do these posts! Blue is just so beautiful and calming!

Tempie martin on

I love your post and miss my daily dose of blue and white while enjoying morning coffee. Have totallly changed my e mail I’d and have tried since December to get updated on the Enchanted Home website but have not been to get back on your list. Have called your customer service am told it is a I t issue.
How long does to take to get a fix in this technical age? Help

Patsy on

Blue & white is ALWAYS in style!

Catherine B. on

Beautiful pictures of inspiration as always!! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara (Bo) on

In love with your patio! Just beautiful!

Deb Harris on

Can’t wait to add a piece of blue and white to my decor!

Marilyn on

That vase is lovely. Thank you for the giveaway.

nancy limbert on

Every room was beautiful. I love blue and white or blue and ivory…soooo pretty.
Would love to have your PB patio !!!!!!!

Holly L. on

Love love love everything you do! Thanks for the constant source of inspiration!

Linda Leed on

Love…Love…Love, the tranquility of blue & white! Thanks Tina!

Suzanne G on

Beautiful blue and white!! Perfect for any space.

Arleen S. on

Hi Tina ,

I have a love for pillows as well. I think they are the perfect accessories to any room.

Libby on

This post is the perfect spring inspo to get my florals going inside my house!!

Sandra shearron on

Your blog always lifts my spirit.!!
Everything you photograph is beautiful

Merilynn on

Beautiful pictures- I love the pillows.

Kim B on

Love all the blue and white and with a touch of green.

Lisa on

I love the pictures! We recently moved to a new home and are working on coordinating our furniture into the space. Incorporating colorful pillows in the space will be an important part of the design. Today’s pictures presented me with quite a few ideas. Thank you!!!

Meghan on

Beautiful and inspiring post. Love blue and white pillows! I have them on my patio as well- with ivory cushions ?

Chuck Schomaker on

This tulip a vase would look lovely in our home. Just starting a blue and white colletion.

Liz on

Love this post! Lot’s to inspire!

Dana on

Beautiful collection Tina! I think the formula for blue and white is creating contrast. Love them all!

Kate on

Love the pillows in your living room. Crazy about the silk pillow made for your bedroom and never tire of monograms!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Phyllis Martinez on

Your pillows are fabulous!

Ruthanne Mccaig on

I also love blue and white porcelain.

Ruthanne McCaig on

Blue and white porcelain is my favorite and I love your blog!

Mickey H on

I always get happy after reading your blog.

Jenny Scheldberg on

If there were a color for an exhale it would be blue. I just love all the photos.

Mickey on

Beautiful homes and ideas! Always inspiring with blue and whites. I read long ago that the magnetic attraction some people have is genetically ingrained; English, Chinese, Spanish all revere the blue and white while other cultures do not.

JoanS on

Lots of terrific ideas, thank you!

Dotti on

Beautiful examples of incorporating blue and white in every space!

sabrina morgan on

Lovely as always!

Sherry Myers on

Love the vase! Love the blue and white pillows, especially the neddlepoint! What can I say? ❤️ BLUE AND WHITE! ?

Susan K. on

I so look forward to these club meetings! I get a lot of ideas about how to add more blue and white into my house. I love the addition of teal into the mix.

carole nadon on

Your custom chinoiserie silk pillow for you bedroom is divine! love the needlepoint pillows…Actually love all your pillows!!!!

Deborah K on

You have nudged me to change up my pillows! I love the Enchanted Home Pagoda collection. Using several pillows from that collection gives me so many possibilities. Thanks for the nudge!

Jeannine Kern on

I adore your taste!

Audrey on

I love your pillows but how do you handle it when you have guests who want to sit there – mine go on the floor – how about you?

Ashley Galbraith on

Wow! Your style brings tears to my eyes! My grandparents raised me (my parents passed away when I was a baby) and your style is exactly how my grandmother decorated our home! My grandparents have both been gone for ten years now, but scrolling through your instagram feed and store was like having my grandmother by my side again! I just turned 30 years old and will treat myself to one of your planters, so when I look at it, my heart will remember all of my childhood memories! Thank you so much!

Julie Waldron on

The pictures are all beautiful! I love the way all the rooms are decorated!

Karen Phillips on

As always, thank you for the beautiful and delicious eye candy!

Patti Olsen on

Wonderful how the right pillows can really transform a room!

Taryn T. on

I loved seeing all these pictures. I have fond memories of my aunt’s blue and white kitchen. I’ve always wanted to start my own collection.

Barbara Morris on

Blue and White are timeless…….love all your photos!

Jeanne E on

I am definitely a “pillowphyle”…I love all of your pillows. I think a monogrammed pair will have to be my next purchase!

Ruth Gardner Lamere on

Adding pllows as a final touch to really “finish off” a room is one of my favorite things to do. Your gorgeous pilows definitely would accomplish that !! Thanks for your great blog. I do not know where you get all your incredible energy.

Allison D on

I have Just moved into my new house/empty nest and now I get to indulge my inner blue & white! I am so grateful for your inspiration! I am in heaven!

Judy on

Beautiful as always!

Sherri Poston on

I am so inspired after reading through this blog, I want to paint and redesign my home now!

Linda Shuster on

Please never stop posting you make my day. Whether I have a good or bad time I can open your post and just sit back and lose myself in my own little world of blue and white. I do not remember a time in my life when I did not love these colors and not have one little space n my home— even if I was told how “ out of date I was” I didn’t care. I wish I had found you sooner. You make me happy in sad times. Thank you for just being there. With Love. Linda

Patricia Greene on

Love your site and pictures of your home! I know where to find anything “pagoda” by looking at your site.

Rosalie on

Thank you for the refresh on adding/updating blue and white. Inspiring!

Jane Kirkpatrick on

Just discovered your blog & I love it! I’m also a big fan of blue & white! Will look forward to reading your posts

Dianne Kropp on

I’m insane for pillows and yours are on my wish list!

Gretchen on

I LOVE blue and white! I’ve slowly been adding more and more of it over the past five years!! Love the vases.

Sandy K. on

Love all your pillows! They are all beautiful.

Lisa Vanhook on

Thank you so much for the contest…The vase is stunning..

Laurie on

I absolutely love your pillows. I think pillows make all the difference in a room!!

jeremy mclaughlin on

Great blog, thanks for the chance.

Debra on

Love the toile print!

Sari on

Absolutely everything is gorgeous!

Deborah on

I would love the vase. I love blue and white, and I have quite a bit of it. Adding this would be wonderful.

Kelly Woods on

Would love to win. Sooo beautiful..Thank you for sharing. ❤❤❤

Ms Beau Miller on

Hi, I have just discovered Enchanted Home..Looks lovely and will be fun to be in contact…Blue and White has always made me happy..evey time I try to break away from Blue and White i am quickly back in to the color combo….looking forwqrd to your blog and will start to follow on Instagram. Beau

Karen on

So happy to have found you! I love blue and white ❤️

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