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Hello friends and happy Valentines Day! Before I delve into this fun post I wanted to share some news- The Enchanted Home Shop now has it’s very own Instagram account, it was overdue! If you are on Instagram you will want to follow this new account.

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Moving along to today’s post, , It’s the day of love, and all thinks red and pink. Though I have never really decorated with these colors, I thought it would be fun to break out of my comfort zone a bit and show you how fabulous these colors can be in interior spaces.

Wait a minute I totally forgot- I was 22 and newly married, living in NYC and trying to play “designer” and had the ridiculous idea that we needed a pink bedroom. Much to my horror after choosing a pink,  I returned after a day at work to the painter having just finished up.  When I walked in I was prepared to walk into a soft tranquil pink room, instead I felt like I was inside a bottle of Pepto Bismol, I kid you not It was bad. Will leave it at that. I just remember gasping-, it’s funny now, wasn’t so funny then. Needless to say a clean white paint was applied just days later and I hung up my hat for a while on playing the “paint expert”.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by what I found in my “investigative research” doing this post (yes that’s what I call it, make it sound very official)! This post really changed my way of thinking about adding such color to interior spaces. If you weren’t sure  either, this just might win you over too, take a look-



I must say this is quite beautiful! Love how fresh it feels, House Beautiful

This is actually a very sweet and pretty bedroom, McCann Interiors

How beautiful is this pink and red-ish vision in flowers,  belongs to the home of my friend Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips

This is very sweet, who wouldn’t love to sleep in such a  pretty space! Evolution Design

How about red in a breakfast room, kind of liking it with the gray, Square Footage Inc

Thiis fabulous restroom at the iconic Annabelle’s in London was made for Valentine’s Day!

Few had that special finesse to work a red room as well as Charles Faudree did

Beautiful bedroom in soft tones of pinks and lavenders, Alyssa Rosenheck

To me, this is red done right in a bedroom, balanced by plenty of white, this is gorgeous Lisa McFadden for House Beautiful

How about this fabulous table setting by KID Hampotons

This is so pretty, if I had a daughter I would copy this in a heartbeat, love the soft pinks:) Jenkins Interiors

This little boys space is actually darling, and my kids would have loved to have a room like this growing up, the red is very striking! Laura Tutun

Love this space by Kate Coughlin, the rosy pinks with the neutrals are really striking!

This is gorgeous, these soft pale pinks are so tranquil and soothing, Ash Street Interiors

Summer Thornton shows us sometimes all you need is a subtle touch of red for an extra little punch

I guess with a name like Miles Redd, you better embrace color and this designer showed he has indeed, loving these bright red doors!

I must say this red buffalo check stools really do look beautiful in this space, and I would not have thought to do that, Tobi Fairley

This is a pink filled oasis and I think beautifully done! Nicolette Horn for House Beautiful

Another room by Charles Faudree

Love this space accented with green, Erin Gates

I like the drama that the bright pink gives to this otherwise tonal room, Ashley Goforth

Thoughts on using this iconic Scalamandre zebra print in red for a powder room? Grant Gibson Interiors

Actually adore this space, the gingham, the cabinetry the coziness…yes to it all! Wish I knew the source!

This teenage girls room by Alyssa Rosenheck is actually a great space with plenty of pop

Could you have a red butler pantry? I never thought so but must say this is really striking! House Beautiful

This is a pretty play on color and pattern, Jessica Bradley Interiors


Well I am dying to know what you think. Have a favorite room? Maybe you already have rooms done in reds and pinks and if so, what is your ‘formula”? If not has this changed your mind? Would love to know what you think.

All I can say is for someone who loves more tonal, soft palettes, there are a few rooms here I could easily live in. So this was cathartic in more ways than one! Wishing everyone an extra sweet day today, on Valentine’s Day.  Thank you for stopping in!

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Becky Vice on

Charles Faudree is one of my very favorite designers. He was a master at mixing patterns. His work was always spot on!

Eileen Azzinaro on

I actually have a pink library, but lots of white trim and 2 1/2 walls are floor to ceiling glass overlooking a lake so the pink is not overpowering. The remaining 1 1/2 walls have the pink paint with all white shelves and cabinetry. I love this room. The sun coming up into this room, like now, is heavenly. My favorite room in the house and where I take my naps.

Susan B on

Loved your post today Tina. Pink and Lavender are my favorite color scheme, I find the colors soothing, romantic and elegant. My TV/Reading room is done in lavender and white and I think it’s just so funny how my husband (secretly) loves watching TV in there!! Thanks again for the beautiful photos today and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Karen Schaubhut on

I love the color pink. I once had my brothers paint my living room ceiling pink with gray walls. The ceiling made the room glow at night and of course everyone’s skin looks better with a rosy glow. I collect pink depression glass which makes such a nice tble setting with blue and white china. I may have to rethink the color selections for my home. Thanks Tina. I love your ideas and your decorating.

Marvin on

You made very good choices to show someone who normally would not “think pink”.

Kim Sullivan on

Love your choices Tina! I must say that Charles Faudree has a way of making my heart stop…?

Jane on

I love saturated color; I am not a soft colors person in how I dress or decorate. (The “Color Me Beautiful” folks–remember them?–labeled me a “winter.” Soft pastels and neutral colors wash me out.) You decorate beautifully, but it is fun to see bright color here! I want to do a room in black and white and red sometime–a living room or a kitchen.

Debra on

Gorgeous pics I feel inspired to do a pink and white room . Thanks Tina

Jan on

Love, Love, Love Charles Faudree – the patterns are so beautiful and livable.

Elizabeth on

I too decided to paint our master bedroom pink. Like your room, it turned out pepto bismal pink!
The next day it was painted white!

Elizabeth on

I too decided to paint our master bedroom pink. Like your room, it turned out pepto bismol pink!
The next day it was painted white!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

I decorate with lots of blue (navy) and white, I must say a splash of PINK or RED with flowers, pillows or a throw looks great! ? HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ?

Chris on

I have flirted with doing a soft soft lavendar bedroom , but then I come to my senses and know I couldn’t live with it
Loved Charles Faudress , all his books . Still pour over them quite often .
Happy Valentine’s Day to you ❤️ Chris

Peggy E. on

Happy Valentine’s Day! So many beautiful rooms to look at. I love all of them, but one. The bedroom by McCann Interiors is just too much pattern, for my taste. As the saying goes, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. The room would have looked so much nicer, if the walls were a solid. Absolutely love the first photo, the light pink is just right.

Joanna on

My favourite by far is the soft bedroom by Ellysa Rosenheck. I have it pinned as inspiration. I love red but in the finishing touches.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alice Genzlinger on

Pink pink pink, however in small does in every room. No pink walls but pink textiles are very pretty. I did make one exception for my master dressing room by using pink striped wallpaper that I love. It makes my aging skin look nice and rosey and even if in reality I’m not young and rosey, I step out of that room with a rosey attitude brought on by PINK!

Mary Pickett on

The room done by Miles Redd is stunning !! I just love the red door it is just my favorite !

Arell on

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tina!

Jony Baron on

I actually had the same thing happen to me in our diningroom it was to the softest shade of pink, what I got was bubble gum pink. I still love pink and I’m trying to get me newest teenager to still like pink but she’s now graduated to soft blush(I guess that’s what there calling it now). Anyway I’ll always be lover of pink, if I could only convince my mister of it.

Mary Ellen Brenneis on

Love that red butler pantry!!!

Dominique B. on

It’s very pretty in pink but nothing tops the elegance and sophistication of blue and white!! 🙂 Tina, I’m a lifetime member of your blue and white club!! I’m IN all the way!!! 🙂

Mary on

Charles Faudree will live on in our hearts forever. His work is some of the best that American designers have offered and we are blessed to have so many, talented artists of design. Pink says “innocent” to me. Years ago, I knew a gentleman who had recently lost his wife, a woman who wore only pink. Before her passing they remodeled their Florida condo, all in pink, including the kitchen cabinets, appliances, bath fixtures, all fabrics…everything. It was VERY pink. He was reluctantly living in the condo, in all of its pink glory. However, the up side for him was that all of the ladies of the condo community would regularly visit him, bringing him treats and meals and cocktails, chatting away the hours, just to enjoy the pink decor which they loved. He lived to be 98! Perhaps, the power of pink.

Ann Marie on

Uh-oh, Tina: with your comments about the pink and red rooms, are we going to start seeing a bit of red and pink here and there in your home? : ) I love toile and I have my dining room wallpapered in a red toile above the wainscoting, along with the blue and white accessories… Looks nice..

Neil Lucado on

Happy Valentines Day to you!!!!

Karol on

The red butler’s pantry really does it for me. I like brighter colors.

Roz on

That red butlers pantry is outstanding!! Also, the bedroom with the twin beds in red and white stole my heart. Thanks

Tiffany on

I had a pink master bedroom and used Sherwin Williams Sweet William pink color- it was beautiful and incredibly serene!! I also have a pale lavender guest room with Sherwin Williams paint- it’s now all I use.
My home now has blue/white, green/pink themes. Love love love pink, a touch of green in every room and blue!!

Donna on

As long as it’s very pale, very soft with white or ivory, I’m on board. In the 80’s soft pink living rooms with white sofas and some taupe-ish pinks with some black and pink florals were all the rage here. It was just after the peach and green era. It was a look as they say. I like it best in a guest room or girls room now.

Paulette Peyer on

Miles Redd does stunning work. His style and taste are always captivating. Another reason I like his work so much is that he is a boy form the south and has been so very successful in NYC. Having met him many years ago when he was first getting started in NYC and today seeing how much he has accomplished with his exceptional talent, it is quite refreshing.

Britney on

I love the color red .. I am planning to change my home decor and I will choose a red room red-room but I am in doubt to choose the red walls or focus on objects in that tone.

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