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I always love doing posts on the subject of design. I like to do them when something really speaks to me and I can get enthused about what I am writing about. Sometimes there is a dry spell and other times, the ideas just keep coming (more lately)! Today is a great example:) I love and always have the power of a little (or sometimes a lot) of black in a room. No matter what color it is paired with, a touch of black adds drama, contrast, sophistication and punch to a space.

My own home would be a great example of that, even in my my living room which is blue and ivory with touches of gold, there are small touches of black. Go into my cream colored kitchen and my island is black.

There are a number of other areas in my home where I have applied this design practice. I thought it would make a great subject for a post and give me the chance to demonstrate just what I mean. So without further ado, here is a look at how fabulous a touch of black in a room really is! Even if you were a skeptic, this post just might change your mind-



Love this space, the black here is in the floor and look how fabulous it looks next to the blue! Cece Barfield

My foyer which features  beautiful black/ivory inlaid floor and a pair of these elegant black chairs, think it contrasts nicely with the blue and whites

Check out the black ceiling, sconces and the black vanity, bold and daring, but it works! Ann Lowengart

My own living room with touches of black, in the chair frame and a favorite black coffee table from EJ Victor, it balances the otherwise soft palette

John Jacobs certainly got the memo about the power of black, love this space!

This post has me rethinking about the power of a black lampshade, case in point here! Hadley Court

I think my black range would count as a “black accent”!

Adore this and have done the same thing in my own living room with having a black cocktail table in an otherwise light and crisp room, Trellis Home

Never ever underestimate the power of a black glossy door and sensational black marble flooring, Suzanne Kasleer

Always loved this picture and this very picture inspired me to do my butlers pantry in black, John Jacobs

Lvoe this example, a soft tonal room but seeing the black in the leopard pillow really does add a major statement of drama, Jenny Wolf Interiors

A favorite black coffee table in my living room

One of my favorite pictures that inspired certain looks in my own home, just love the powder blue against the black! Degournay

Another elegant example of just how stunning and dramatic a black kitchen island is, John Jacobs

Gorgeous example of the beauty of black with blue and white, Sarah Bartholomew

My hallways where we have a beautiful black console which accents the black diamonds in the floor pattern

I actually love this, think black cabinetry is sooo pretty! Andrea Leigh Interiors

I like how Phoebe Howard took a primarily blue and white room and added the black frames to ground the space

And to show I practice what I preach, here is my own kitchen with  a great big black island

Most people would probably not have thought to add a black lampshade, but look what a statement it makes! Sarah Bartholomew

Scott Snyder knocked it out of the park with this fabulous powder room swathed in black

Black countertops can create a sense of depth and beautiful contrast in a kitchen as was done in this tonal space with black stone, Suzanne Kasler

I like that this very clean and crisp space has the black desk, it really anchors it and Stephanie Gamble

Wish I had a better picture but this is my pantry which I still love as much today as 7 years ago when we built it:)

Love how Leta Austin Foster took this soft toned room and added a dramatic black oriental screen, fabulous!

Beautiful and dramatic by Ralph Lauren

Beautiful vignette and love how the black chest and mirror really anchors this exquisite space, John Jacobs

I added this pretty black tole planter filled with my amazing faux orchids in my living room for a touch of black

Also love when I see a touch of green with the black its quite striking Glamour Houz

The beauty of a high gloss black library, Elle Decor

Few people can pull off a black room like master Ralph Lauren (and again see a touch of green, how much it adds)


Well, I would have to say this makes a pretty good argument for the power of black be it a touch or way more, in a room. I love the effect and when done right it is classically beautiful. So now, you  know i love you to weigh in and tell me what you think! Do you incorporate black into your home/decor? Or maybe this has you rethinking adding a little black here or there? Do tell and wishing everyone a great end to your week and a superb weekend!  Until next time………

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Mary Anne on

Love this post!! I love black too, in small doses!! I have used Black lampshades for years, Black Toile pots for house plants, and even have fat Black candlles and a Green Boxwood wreath above my cooktop on a shelf. (Black and White small check bow) I don’t see the use of Black very often in homes, I think it truly pulls together a room ….looks really sharp with my green houseplants. Even the Black in my 2 Leopard Pillows on the LR sofa looks good!! Thank you for a lovely post ! Happy weekend!

Katherine on

I’ve incorporated black in rooms and love the effect….glad you agree! It works every time!!!

Tim F. on

Love to use black in every room. One of the first design principles I ever learned!

Kathy on

Love this article, I have used black throughout our home and love it especially with blue and white accents!

Marilyn S. on

Can you provide the source for the mirror in the bath with the black vanity with round knobs, blue pattern wallpaper, and pink flowers?

Janet from JRL Interiors on

I totally believe in a touch of black ( or more! ) in every room! It can add a lot of drama or a little sophistication to any space! And I love black lampshades lined with gold – they result in such a pretty quality of light! Beautiful examples you’ve shared ?

Barbara Kelly on

Hi Tina,
Very good post.
Yes, I love the magic a touch of black can add to ones decor.
Beautiful photos, inspiring.

Alice Genzlinger on

Love and use black lamp shades because the light from them does not glare as with a white shade plus I love the I ambience they give a room. One thing I have learned that you must be careful of is that black does absorb light in a room. My husband was adamant about using black granite in the kitchen and then couldn’t understand why the kitchen needed to have lighting added. Yes every room needs some black, just remember it will show dust. I am a baker and use flour. Cleaning it from black cabinet creases would be maddening.

Regina on

You are so right.
Love all of these photos so much.
Thanking you for this.

Barbara on

In my last house, I designed an all black master bath. Walls, cabinets and three doors lacquered in black; black marble veined in white for vanity, floor, shower and black tub on a step up platform. A mirrored skylight in the black ceiling to draw in light, a mirrored wall behind the vanity and a wall of windows on the tub platform. I still miss it.

Mary Pickett on

You are so right about black! It just adds a certain sophiscation that no other color does. I am glad you pointed that out!

Pansy Bryan on

Ordered a dog in Nov or Dec and have yet to receive it. Please reply to why the delay

Cheryl p on

I definitely bring a touch of black into my home…I love mixing brass and black..classic and elegant!

Lela O'Brien on

My mother had a fabulous eye and flair for decorating. Some of the design tips I learned from her were to be aware of size and scale keep furniture away from the walls, coordinate but do not match, have colors which complement and flow from room to room, include a touch of animal print in each room and punctuate with black! I have tried to honor her style in each home I have inhabited,but especially in our current home which was a custom design and build. Thank you for your beautiful images and inspiration!

Charlene on

Fabulous design insights from you here! I have incorporated black items in my home for some time now and love the contrasts with blue & white as well?

Bettina Woodring on

Saw so many inspiring pictures here….definitely rethinking some of my rooms!

Joy Wood on

I love touches of black throughout our home. I too have a white marble kitchen with a black island. I also have dramatic wide black and white wallpaper in my foyer. Would love to share that photo with you. How do I submit a photo?
Joy Wood

April on

Use a touch of black in all my rooms. Great accent. Loved the post, Tina. Thanks

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Definitely there is is a WOW factor when black is in the details of your room. It might be just a hint off black but it works ! ??

Marilyn Holliday on

Love all the pictures and your comments. You have a great eye for seeing beauty. I like the rule to have some black in each room. Thanks for the tour.

franki on

Always!! It’s really like that “little black dress!” franki

Ramona Oneill on

I yearn for your coffee table.
I agree black “grounds” a design.

Judy Brucker on

Any suggestions for a black front door…paint color and type of paint. I live in southern California

Bonnie Somers on

I love black to anchor a room. So nice!

Pria-Rose Rodriguez on

Marvellous! Such a great concept to apply to any room.

Laura on

What is the wall color in your home, its beautiful.

Annette on

I love it …Extra beautiful indeed

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