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Good morning! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, here we have had some snow  and while very pretty, after being in Fisher island last week I am so ready to go right into warm spring:)

We are due to get another storm tonight which will bring even more snow so looks like winter is reminding us that he is not quite done here after all,so much for city plans tonight. Doesn’t stop me from dreaming about spring and summer though. Onward to my Seven on Sunday-



1 A BLUE AND WHITE WEDDING NOT TO BE MISSED You can imagine my reaction after seeing this exquisite wedding held in DC. It looks like the Cosmos Club where we once attended a function and it is one gorgeous place. Love at first sight! Lots of blue and white with touches of pink, so enjoyed seeing all the special touches from the monogrammed chair covers to the exquisite blue and white toile cookies. They didn’t miss a thing including the most gorgeous welcome boxes……in blue and white of course! Click here to read about this wedding.

2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK I guess the most appropriate thing to say about this is don’t always make assumptions about what you think you know and you just will never know how a small gesture can change someone or in this case a few people’s circumstance, if even temporary. A beautiful social experiment, and a reminder that we are all more alike than not. What this man does is so not what one would typically expect.



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST As always another round of beauty to share. Lots to love this weekend,  one of the perks of my “job” on Sunday! Here is this weeks roundup-



4. NEW PRODUCTS TO OOH AND AHH OVER! Our oversized monogrammed trays are a great selling item, many order them as a special wedding or shower gift.  I have given them as gifts many times always to rave reviews. Their size makes them so perfect for entertaining.

Thrilled to introduce this gorgeous new scalloped shape and now a second font- a script! These are now available online (click here) and we will also be holding a monogrammed tray flash sale in the coming week so stay tuned:)

And how about these sconces that are officially on their way? In love:) MUST find a place for these beauties!! Four colors:)

Jumping up and down with joy about this new melamine set!!!! My vision has come to life:) Got samples back and this gorgeous sophisticated set is officially in production. Stay tuned for a pre sale in about 3 weeks and hope to have these by mid to late April. Just in time for alfresco entertaining, can hardly wait:)

These are not the professional pictures but certainly you get the idea……..



5. SOMETHING YOUR SKIN NEEDS! I read this article in Town and Country magazine then on the plane recently read a similar article in another magazine that a serum with Vitamin C is something every woman should be using. So I know what I am going out to buy today, a  Vitmain C serum, doing to do some research first to see which is considered to be the best one.  Not sure which one but will keep you posted. Once I get it, I  will begin using it immediately! Click here to read the article over at Town and Country.


6. A NEW SPRING INSPIRED DINING ROOM MANTLE With having gotten snow a few days ago (the day after I got home) I decided I needed to add some spring cheer into my home. So I got in a few boxes of my most favorite cherry blossoms (these are exceptional because they are super pliable and just make the most beautiful arrangements) click here to see them.

So excited to have gotten in our hurricane shipment on Friday, I love these! They are as chic as chunky hurricanes as they are as an oversized flower vase-

Then I added some porcelains, including my 2 Ralph vases,  picked up several bunches of spray roses from Trader Joes (literally all shown below were $35.00 total)! Then added my. bunnies and eggs and my home was instantly  “springified”!

A lot of you ask about these cherry blossoms, these are my faves, because they are a curly blossom and are super easy to bend and shape to your hearts content, they mix in beautifully with real blossoms too. Click here to see.


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY This has to do with travel. And how you plan it. We used to travel a lot. Due to my full time working, my son who has not gotten on a plane in 6 years we have not traveled as much as we used to. And I really miss it.

Traveling just opens up your eyes to everything and offers new fresh perspective. It is healthy and so beneficial to travel and see as many places as you can. I wonder if you are a planner or a winger. I love the idea of winging a trip but it’s not as practical to actually put into action though I have done it a few times for shorter trips.

Some I know plan their trips a year in advance which might sound crazy but I can see it’s merits. You mark it on your calendar, know its done and plan accordingly. So would love to hear if you travel, how you approach it!



And there you go for this Sunday. Anything get your attention? Love to hear from you and your take on everything. Hope you are having a great weekend and not getting bombarded with snow like we are due to get later on. Wishing you a great end to your weekend, until next time…………..

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Alice Genzlinger on

I couldn’t get this weeks inspiring story. What happened?

Amy on

Good morning Tina I always love when I see your email pop in to my email box on Sunday mornings ! Absolutely love the post there is so much to love, the new trays your hurricanes and sconces are so beautiful .

Loved the inspiring story that you shared it made me tear up when I saw what he had bought with the money .

That blue and white wedding? It has your name all over it and I hope one day you’ll get to plan such a wedding for one of your children ?

Eve B on

The inspiring story brought tears to my eyes. We are so quick to judge.
The blue and white wedding was stunning. Apparently cost was not an issue!!!
Always look forward to Seven on Sunday!
Hope we don’t get the predicted snow!!!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Happy Sunday! Especially love your new “Blue and White Melamine Plates” and the new “Monogram Trays”. Great choices! It definitely puts an extra spring in your entertainment for the start of the new season. Enjoy your day and the upcoming week. ??

Peggy E. on

What a darling photo of Teddy, enjoying the outdoors!
Thank you for showing your readers that beautiful wedding. They certainly thought of everything and spared no expense! The toile covered banquettes were a nice touch and looked so comfortable. The room where the wedding/reception was held was beautiful by itself. I am sure that it was a lovely affair.
I was really inspired by the YouTube video about the homeless man. Often times, you see people holding a sign about being homeless, and wonder if they are just tricking the public. Kudos to that very thoughtful young man for being kind to a stranger. Even though he was skeptical, in the beginning, he learned a valuable lesson when he confronted the man a second time. We all can learn a lesson from this video.

Geraldine Fincannon on

Love the peeping pup.

Janet Carter on

So many wonderful ideas this morning!!! I can’t wait to order and get my home ready for spring!!!

Lisa on

Hi what a wonderful post full of so much beauty . In love with all of the new products that you have coming in especially that gorgeous melamine and hurricanes. The video was so surprising and made me well up- it is sad that so many are just a victim of circumstance and like you said we are all more alike than different . Beautiful wedding!

Sherry S on

Absolutely a magical wedding…love blue & white. Thank you for sharing. As always, love your blog.

Janet from JRL Interiors on

You had me at monogrammed ?! Add scallops and I’m swooning? Love the new trays!

Pamela Norwood on

Tina, thought you might want to know the HOLIDAY code on the Christmas Ornaments does not work.

Linda Cashman on

Skinceuticals has CE Ferulic, which is a fabulous serum with both Vitamin C and E. They also have other products that are great.

Pam W on

The cutest thing about this post is Teddy popping up out of the shrubs!
He was such a handsome boy & apparently loved being photographed!

Donna D on

I really like the monogrammed tray I purchased a while back from you and love the new script version. Looks great in black. I may have to indulge…again!

Donna Omeara on

When can I buy the rattan hurricanes absolutely love them

JenBC on

I love the Ole Henrikson Vitamin C serum. You can get a small sample of the Vitamin C line from Sephora. I use that for travel now. I see less dullness and clarity I was not seeing before using it. I have also gotten some from my esthetician (brand name Image). I am fortunate to have have great skin (thanks, Mom!) and didn’t think I needed to use extra product. This has made a big difference for me
The trays are beautiful. That is my go to wedding gift whether it’s on the registry or not. You can always use a good serving tray and it’s a sweet reminder to the bride and groom to be in service to one another. Your trays will make a lovely gift!

Katie Clooney on

I’m a couple of days late on Seven on Sunday. Your mantle looks stunning! My Mister is our in-house travel agent and usually books a vaca at least 6 months in advance. And then he doesn’t stop talking about it for 6 months. Have a great week, Tina.

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