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Hello and happy Wednesday morning to you! Time for our “virtual meeting” for all of us incurable blue and white lovers:) So imagine that we are all seated in a beautifully decorated room (blue and white of course) and having our monthly meeting about our insatiable love for our favorite color combination. Every time we “meet” we discuss different ways to use this timeless combination.

I  pick a subject and show many examples of why I think it works. It is fun to hone in on one specific look with blue and white and see just how gorgeous blue and white is in a bedroom, but then again when does blue and white not work!

Ironically,  I have never had a blue and white bedroom myself, unless you count the guest room at my moms’s house which is so gorgeous (almost mine:). So lets take a look at just how blue and white works in the bedroom then I want to hear from you and your take on it! Then a special offer as I always offer a special discount code or giveaway for our blue and white club members.


This is about as pretty as blue and white gets! Cece Barfield

A vision in blue and white by Sara Bartholomew

This beautiful aqua blue bedroom looks like it belongs on a beautiful island with the ocean as a backdrop,  Meg Braff

Love everything about this, and that view is the icing on the top of a beautiful cake, Giannetti Design

Pretty room by Phoebe Howard, I like the all white bedding accented with subtle blue detailing

Love blue and white in a more transitional space too! Decor Pad

Darling boys room swathed in this wonderful color combination, Amy Studebaker

Never met an upholstered blue and white bed I didn’t just love, Sarah Bartholomew

Kara Herbert made this tranquil space super soft and airy, the pale blues offset by lots of white

Love the rich accents of navy in this pretty room by Liz Carrol

Isn’t this a fun room for kids, Phoebe Howard

This reminds me of the feeling in Palmetto Bluff simple, clean and inviting….love a soft palette and ethereal feeling in a bedroom, Kara Hebert

Just love the soft blues and feeling of this precious little boys room, Waterleaf Interiors

Good things come in threes, this is a great room done by Beatriz da Costa

Is this not the sweetest boys nursery! Love it, Amy Berry

Bungalow 5 created a blue and white oasis with bright green walls as the accent color, it works!

There is lots of pattern here, but its so crisp, pretty and welcoming! Sarah Bartholomew

Soft blues make this room feel so peaceful and inviting, Geoff Chick

I really like the balance here, the navy is the focal point but is offset by lots of white and green tones in the wallpaper, beautiful. Charla Ray Interiors

How about this elegant bedroom with its chinoiserie walls and touch of animal on the bolster pillows? Fabulous, Munger Interiors

Blues come in so many shades, and this shade is stunning in this very striking bedroom with twin beds, well done! Anne Hepfer

How about mixing in a blue and white bedroom with a burst of color like orange! I actually really like the effect here,  Kriste Michelini

This embodies all I personally like in a bedroom, a soft, ethereal palette. Inviting bedding, and just an overall beautiful and inviting room, Andrew Howard

Love everything about this beautiful and very welcome master bedroom by Mark D Sikes, its giving me some ideas of how to change up the setting in front of my own master fireplace, so cozy!


So much to love, this has me daydreaming about possibly switching up my guest room:) I still love my guest room but its very traditional and in 7 years I have evolved a little:)  If and when I change it, I would do a beautiful blue and white (with lots of white) bedroom to have it feel very fresh and clean. I just love that look. And you? Do you have a blue and white bedroom? Want one? Always love to hear you take! OK your turn to chime in……..


I always offer a giveaway or discount with our “club meeting” posts. Today and tomorrow all blue and white porcelains are 20% off just in case this post has you feeling the urge to add some blue and white into your bedroom or home:) Use code “club”, click here to see all of the beautiful blue and white porcelains.

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Elizabeth on

Happy Wednesday Tina! So many beautiful rooms to choose from for inspiration! I love them all.

Marlene on

Love the picture of Teddy in the ground cover.

Jennifer Roberts on

Thanks for sharing. Lots of great ideas to use in my guest room. Have a great rest of the week.

Cheryl on

I’m so inspired!!

Gay on

You should have us post our blue and white bedrooms, after all you inspired all of us!

Melissa Safer on

I especially love the little boy’s nursery.

Elizabeth on

Love the children’s rooms – so sweet, and the first bedroom looks soothing and inviting. Thank you!

Mary Anne on

Yes, I do have a blue and white look in my bedroom! The walls are pale gray, the rug is an antique blue,cream , white….bedding is white comforter with blue trim. Ralph Lauren fret work pillows (blue and white) along with blue and also white euro pillows. My husbands laughs about all the pillows when he turns down the bed! White silk drapes too the floor. We love the serenity this room gives us!!
Love all the above rooms and it keeps me learning about what I like and why!

Jayne on

We did one of our guest rooms (visiting daughters room) in white and pale blue and grey, and a second guest room in deeper blues and off white, when we moved South. Hmmm, looking around the master, guess that is blue and white to a degree, predominantly white and taupe with accent of blue! Very calming! on

White Plantation shutters, B Butera blue/white chair, blue/white Weinrib dhurrie, blue/white monogram bed linens, collage wall of assorted blue/white framed needlepoint and blue/white porcelain.

Pamela Graham on


michelle l oleary on

Love the wallpaper in the boy’s nursery and the room by Andrew Howard.

michelle l oleary on

The room by Andrew Howard is my favorite. Love the wallpaper in the boy’s nursery.

Mary Pickett on

I love the bedroom sarah bathlowmew did with all the pattern! It is so interesting and so much fun!!

April on

Like the fabric Sara Bartholomew used, the little sweet nursery, and the tranquilness of the Kara Hebert room.

Joyce on

I love all things blue and white. Several rooms in my home are blue and white- living room, master bed and bath, guest room and guest bath. You can never have too much! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures today with so many great ideas. Love the Sara Bartholomew bedroom with the upholstered bed pand blue and white carpet. The boy’s nursery by Amy Barry with the blue and white toile wallpaper is just precious.
Thanks , Tina, for providing such inspiration ,

Anne Marie O'Connor on

A Blue and White bedroom is wonderful. Remember blue and white can complement many colours. Example fascia, raspberry, yellow, apple green, etc. Embrace Blue and White in all your rooms, it’s a wonderful soothing colour palette to work with.

Victoria Taylert on

What an inspiration these rooms are! I especially like Sarah Barthelomew’s creations. My entire house is blue/white except for our bedroom! Even my kitchen has blue and white decor, mostly taken from my Polish Pottery ware, with yellow accents here and there. My studio is so cluttered, I can’t tell what color the walls are! But I’ve been collecting and using blue and white in my home decor for over fifty years and never get tired of it, and it never goes out of style. Your website has been an inspiration and a blessing. Thank you.

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