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Hello and happy Sunday. Hope you are doing well and having a great weekend. Here its been pretty nice but winter is getting old. Thankfully we crept up into the 50’s yesterday but lots of dirty icy snow still remains which is not an attractive sight. Have had a nice weekend, dinner with friends, some much needed down time and probably a canceled trip into the city today due it being forecasted to rain all day. A good day to stay in and organize:)

I am waiting for spring like never before and let’s hope spring is getting ready to show it’s pretty face soon. I am ready to fill my house with cherry blossoms, forsythia and lilac! Plus I realized unless you are partaking in winter sports, winter days are way too long and cold for my liking. Are you tired yet of my ranting about how much I dislike winter:)   OK, enough, let’s move along to my Seven on Sunday-



1 ONE GORGEOUS LEMON THEMED PARTY I love lemons and idea of a party around them so much I did a post on this subject in 2018  (click here if you missed it). Look at these fabulous pictures form a dreamy lemon themed party in Capri… fabulous! It is simple to do when you think about it, lemons and lots of beautiful greenery. Has me thinking…….

Click here if you want to see more from this beautiful event.


2. A GORGEOUS SOUTHERN SHOWHOUSE! I so enjoyed  this video featuring all of the stunning rooms from a Southern Style Now showcase in New Orleans…would have loved to have gone! I was impressed with how they honored timeless elegant traditional decorating but made it feel current, so well done! Thought you might enjoy.

3 BEAUTIFUL CUSTOMER PHOTOS These just get better and better, I am always so wowed every time I get pictures of how my customers are using my products. These pictures are the best compliment to what I do and my products so please do keep them coming. Check out these recently received pictures and if you have one to send us please send to [email protected] so we can add it to our online gallery!


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST There is a theme this weekend, and I didn’t even realize it until after I put this post together, flowers! That must mean that spring is very much on my mind and hopefully a sign that spring is not too far away, fingers and toes are crossed.


5. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK This video is powerful. Few things are as heartbreaking as a child being bullied. I loved watching this because it is a reminder that every single one of us has the power within us to stop something we know that is wrong.

I would not hesitate to speak up myself in this instance but it made me feel good to see the average bystander doing the right thing nice to know that so many of us feel the same:) It is inspiring and I imagine how that child felt, being shielded from the hate, what an empowering thing those people did, and what a difference that small gesture can make.



6. NEW CUSTOM FLORALS. Say hello to our newest floral arrivals. These are of the. highest quality and literally could fool anyone. I am all about real flowers but will not lie, having not to worry about watering and keeping up florals that look this good is a huge perk and one less thing for me to worry about in the day to day minutia. I get emails from people often who, once they get their order, write to say they cannot believe how realistic they are. Click here to see our full line of custom lifelike florals.

This elegant arrangement above is gorgeous and quite large, very impressive

Isn’t this a beauty!! Just love this one!

Really loving this lemon topiary and may need to add a pair to my kitchen island:)

These new hydrangeas offered in green and blue are simply stunning. They are sizable, very realistic and look like you just went and cut them from your flower garden. At $120 these are a lot of value and will look great just about anywhere!

For someone who has a more modern/transitional interior, this lifelike orchid is a stunner


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK this week is all about Christmas. Yes, you heard right:) I need your input here. This is for anyone who has purchased our exquisite line of Christmas ornaments OR if you are considering purchasing this season. The blue and white collection is/was the main category with the most ornaments, but I offered the last two years, a gold and white collection, green and white and red and white.

Though those were not as extensive as the blue and white, we still did well with those other colors. Now we are down to just a few boxes of each and I am at a point where I need to make a commitment (or not) to continuing with those colorways.

So the question is- if you think I should continue with a new collection for those other colors and if so which? All three? Your input is most appreciated, these are always big questions when in comes to manufacturing as the quantities are very large so your opinion is really helpful. Thank you in advance! Just a reminder as to what they look like-





And that is a wrap for this weekend. Hope whatever you are up to is fun but mostly relaxing. Today with a very rainy day on tap, it will likely mean staying in and doing some organizing and hopefully going out for a family dinner later, love my lazy Sundays! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a great end to your weekend. Until next time……

PS With spring around the corner, it’s not too soon to start daydreaming about alfresco meals! Our melamine today and tomorrow is 25% off, great tine to stock up. Click here for more information

PPS Our newest account for The Enchanted Home Shop on Instagram announced a wonderful 4 roll giveaway of our gorgeous reversible papers! If you are on Instagram, click here to enter (directions are on the post). A winner will be announced  later today, so be sure to click over soon and follow this account (and read directions on how to win in post)!


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In keeping with the theme of this week’s Sunday Survey, I love what a follower did with her ornaments. By hanging them on an artificial tree is such a clever way to enjoy them year round. I always thought them to pretty to put away and I am going to try something similar with my TEH collection. Mine consist of G $ G. As much as I love you, Tina the colors in my home tend to be mostly in the green family.
Happy Sunday!!

Love waking up to 7 on Sundays, forward it onto my sister in Australia she loves it too.
Regarding Christmas decorations I would add the red and gold to your blue collection, The green will get lost amongst the many different shades of green foliage, still the most popular choice in trees, garlands and center pieces. Thank you for your lovely contribution to my Sunday’s.

I want to throw a lemon party! I love those party pictures and your new florals Tina. I own one orchid arrangement and love it, thinking I need a few more!

Thanks for sharing the sweet video, a great reminder to all of us to speak up when we see something that we know is wrong, as they say it takes a village.

For ornaments, I voted for all of the colors. I love each of those collections and think the red, green and gold are nice options to have for those that do to use blue and white or for those who like to mix and match (like myself).

I hope you will do all the colors, especially the gold and white. I used the blue ornaments with the gold and the combination was so beautiful.
Beautiful pictures as always, you are always my go to source for inspiration and beauty, thank you Tina

Renews my faith in mankind. Love how those people stood up for her. If any of us witness bullying we MUSt do the same thing.

Your readers are so talented, loved the pictures! I also love the florals, you are right they are so realistic. And those are tricky, when they are good they are incredible but when they are bad- eeekkk! I may need to get a few of those darling lemon topiary trees, I love it and like you said a great kitchen piece.

Enjoyed this post so much, the video was a good one- and like you said so good to know that many will not hesitate to intervene. We have a very aggressive anti bullying program in my kids school and they have zero tolerance and are not afraid to act upon any acts of bullying which of course we all applaud. More schools need to take a much more aggressive stance on this, as it is only seeming to get worse with social media as part of the picture. Thank you for sharing that wonderful video. Hope you enjoy your rainy day at home.

Just beautiful. I love the tablescape on the sideboard. I have a similar piece and think I might try to duplicate.
Your pictures and ideas are inspiring and cheer me up.

After noticing the small tree decorated with your package-sized ornaments in today’s Instagram post, I would like to see a larger variety of those small ornaments for those of us who no longer put up a large Christmas tree. This is a great blog and I look forward to it each day. Thanks very much!

Love the Showcase House. Thanks for posting.
The video on bullying should be shown in every school. I used to tell my three boys and now my 5 Grandchildren–” to have a friend, you need to be a friend.”
Love the lemon topiary.

Oh my, that bullying video…
I’m sitting here wiping away tears.
Happy Sunday. And here’s to Spring coming real soon.

You have a great eye for design and an inspiration for others to follow! I enjoy following your blog. Always positive. Spring is coming soon, like you, I can’t wait. ??

Love your “Seven on Sunday” posts and the Instagram suggestions. I usually start following at least two of them but enjoy checking all of them out. The amymaisondecor was of particular interest to me as I have done three dollhouses and am thinking of selling them.

Thank you for your segment on bullying; a real life example of how to make a difference in an otherwise unnoticed situation

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