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Hi there friends. Today is a very exciting day because I get to introduce to you all the beauties in our newest incoming container!  It feels like it’s been a while since we have had one of these presales, it’s been almost three months!  Lots of beautiful porcelains are headed this way, a return of some of our all time best sellers with a number of fabulous new products too.

Spring is a perfect time to think about giving your home a little spruce up and what prettier way to do it than with blue and white!


We import 5-8 containers a year and every time they are en route, we offer a presale with special pricing. This is a great time to get your order in and lock in a great price, plus it guarantees you will get your first picks (as some items sell out before they even get here).

So if you are new to these, please read over the rules, and if you have done this rodeo before you know how things work:)

  • Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email (calling is recommended) Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST
  • You can only email or call your order in as these are not online
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special presale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • This container is due here on by around April 15-23rd (sometime that week) and orders will ship in the order they were received
  • Spend $500 or more and save 10% off your entire order
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • NEW! REFERRAL INCENTIVE- recommend a new customer and if they spend $100 or more you get a referral fee of $10.00 ($10.00 for every $100 they spend)
  • Shipping Internationally?  Please call or email us for a ship quote
  • Wholesale? Please be sure you are registered on our wholesale website (click here) and you would need to call in your wholesale order (this is for stocking dealers only)
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565



ITEM 1.  Say hello to what might just well be my new favorite ginger jar, is this a beauty or what! This spectacular jar is hand painted and simply exquisite. A real showstopper! Very fine quality, large intricate dragon jar. I cannot wait to own a pair:) Measures 19″ x 11″ x 10.5″

One is $185.00

Pair is $360.00

ITEM 2. SOLD OUT Say hello to our darling new pagodas! I love this figurine pattern and gorgeous shape. Measures 6″ tall, great for any vignette, even as bookends.

$40.00 for the pair

ITEM 3. Tulipieres are coming back!! These are one of our best selling items and with good reason, they are so beautiful and with flowers, simply breathtaking. All three sizes of our original design are coming back and with spring at our doorstep, there has never been a better time to get a tulipiere or two! These sell out fast so if you have had your eye on one or two, it’s a great time to get one. (These come in four parts for easier access to adding water)

Large 33″ $315.00

Medium 22″ $215.00


ITEM 4. Our gorgeous fishbowl is finally done and en route, missed this beauty. This is one of my all time favorite planters. So perfect for orchids or hydrangeas. I also have one for my mail:) Measures 18″ x 7.5″


ITEM 5. Our top selling mid sized pagoda is finally coming back. These are speculator and I move mine around all the time. If we are entertaining outdoors I will bring them outside but normally they reside on my dining room sideboard. Super elegant and fits in so beautifully to literally any vignette. Measures 24″ x 5.5″

One $220.00

Pair is $435.00

ITEM 6 SOLD OUT Really love these jars, these more transitional solid white large chunky ginger jars are a beauty. Looks great alone or as a pair, these are very large and substantial. They measure about 23.5″ tall and have a beautiful foo dog lid. Measures 21″ x 13″

One is $140.00

Pair for $265.00

ITEM 7. Looking for a perfect midsize/smaller vase for your weekly flowers! This just might be your answer, lovely design and perfect shape. Measures 9.5″

One for $60.00

Pair is $115.00

ITEM 8. This pair of bird ginger jars is a staple in our line. These are so beautifully done and whether used as a pair of separately, the size and design make these must haves. Plus a great value for a pair! Measures 17.5″ tall

$285.00 for pair

ITEM 9. Our stunning trellis garden seat is coming back and perfect timing for the warmer months ahead. Whether used indoors or out, this is one of my all time favorite garden seats. Just fabulous with the elegant trellis/floral design. Measures 18″ tall



ITEM 10. Excited to be getting this new arrival back. This elegant square planter comes with the separate plate underneath and is ideal for orchids, or any potted plant.  This is a perfect size and works so beautifully for orchids, potted plants and flower arranging. Measures 10″ x 10″ x 8″


ITEM 11. How gorgeous is this new green/multi colored garden seat! So love this piece, and will definitely have to bring one (or two) home. Just love the colors, feels like a burst of spring air. Measures 17.5″ tall.



ITEM 12. Lovely mid sized double happiness jar is coming back, this size and style is almost like a neutral and works so well with any other jars, measures 15.5″ x 10.5″

One $110.00

Pair is $210.00


ITEM 13. This fabulous ice bucket is so beautiful. I really enjoyed mine last summer. The bamboo handles come off if you desire to use it without the handle. Perfect for ice or to keep 2-3 bottles on ice. A spectacular piece to add to any blue and white collection and a fabulous hostess gift. Measures 10.5″ x 9.5″



ITEM 14. How gorgeous is this new mid sized orange/white double happiness chunky ginger jar. Great shape and gorgeous color. Measures 12.5″ x 8.5″

One is $90.00

Pair is $170.00

ITEM 15. Smitten with this smaller jar, they are perfect as a pair on my mantle but I have also used them beautifully for flowers with the lid off, a very practical and very highly decorative jar.  Measures 12″

One is $75.00

Pair is $145.00

ITEM 16. And here is the  neworange/white double happiness mid sized flat top. Such a beautiful color and design, measures 8″ x 8″

One $75.00

Pair $140.00

ITEM 17. Our mini blue and white foo dogs are a staple in our line of porcelains and are super popular with good reason. They have been sold out but are coming back, and work so well with any vignette, I have also used them as bookends. Measures 4″ x 6″

$95.00 for the pair

ITEM 18. This  spectacular trio of emperors is a showstopper. Measures 17.5″ tall whether used together or separately these fit so beautifully into any vignette. I own them and love trying then in differnt places, super elegant.

Set of 3 $130.00

ITEM 19. Our best selling flat top jar is the bird and flower design with a few other designs as a close second. This beautiful mid sized jar fits beautifully anywhere, measures 8″ x 8.5″

One for $75.00

Pair for $145.00

ITEM 20. Love this regal pair of large antiqued foo dogs, they make such a beautiful impression. They are very regal and expensive looking, and if you are looking to make an impression, this is for you. Measures 16″ x 11.5″

Pair is $155.00

ITEM 21. Our incredible village scene tulipieres are making their long awaited comeback. These are like a breath of fresh spring air and filled with flowers, they are just breathtaking. Beautiful soft blues on a white base, makes these just so pretty for the warmer months ahead. Coming in small, medium and large

Large 33″ $315.00

Medium 22″ $215.00


ITEM 22. SOLD OUT  Adore these gorgeous pagodas, they are the perfect finishing touch on a stack of books or to use as bookends. Sold as a pair only (top comes off which makes an nice little hiding spot:) 8″ tall

Pair $45.00

ITEM 23. Another favorite mid sized jar which is ideal for places like mantles or consoles or chests. The peacock scene with foo dog top are extra pretty touches and is such a beautiful design. Also makes an exquisite and easy to assemble vessel for fresh flowers. Measures 15.5″

One of $130.00

Pair is $250.00

ITEM 24. This is the perfect bud vase, sold alone or as a pair. I love everything about this, including the space, color and design. It is also a great size to fill with flowers and take to someone as a hostess gift:)

One $40.00

Pair $70.00

ITEM 25. How about this fabulous trio of sitting emperors offered in two colorways, blue and white or multi colored.. Whether used alone or separately, this is a really decorative set. I love this new set! Includes one of each, measures  11″ x 12.5″

ITEM 25A Set of 3 $130.00

ITEM 25B. The gorgeous colored trio of emperors are so beautiful too done in rich jewel tones.

Set of 3 $130.00

ITEM 26. SOLD OUT This wonderful mid size jar hasn’t been here in a long time but is a beauty. Features a pretty village and figurine scene, lightly antiqued jar. Great size too. Measures 14.5″ tall

One is $110.00

Pair is $210.o0

ITEM 27. Finally getting more of our best selling hexagon planters. Just love these as the size is so perfect literally for anywhere. Great for orchids, flower arrangements or flowering plants, also looks great with a boxwood ball. Measures 12″ x 6″


Trellis/floral $75.00

ITEM 28 Finally getting more of our best selling hexagon planters. Just love these as the size is so perfect literally for anywhere. Great for orchids, flower arrangements or flowering plants, also looks great with a boxwood ball. Measures 12″ x 6

Floral/panel design $80.00

ITEM 29. Another best selling trumpet vase, which I just adore. I have a few of these and use them all the time with my weekly flowers.  Priced right and such a beautiful vase. Measures 9.5″ tall


ITEM 3o Love this jar and it’s chunky shape. Perfect for a pair as a porcelain vignette! Measures 12.5″ x 8.5″

One for $95.00

Pair for $180.00



Feeling lucky? One lucky winner is going to win one of our fabulous flat top jars! We will let you choose the pattern, these are so beautiful and work so easily into any vignette.

Here is how to enter-

1.Simply leave a comment on this post to enter telling us your favorite item

2. Want to double your chances? Then go to Instagram and follow our new account @theenchantedhomeshop, click here to follow

3. Check back as we  will announce a winner on Sunday morning!

Ahhh…..few things get me as excited as a container of blue and white. It’s like Christmas every time they come in:) So, if you see something you love and must have, just email or call in your order in. Thanks for stopping in! Wishing you a great day.


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Jane B on

Great inspiration for a “refresh” in my home. So beautiful!

Susan on

I love the garden seat! In the process of redoing my patio and it would be fabulous!

Julie Goldin on

Love all the new arrivals!

Peggy Mae on

I am loving a couple of things for my summer table. The square planters and the beautiful ice bucket. Now for the warm weather to dine outside.

Katherine on

Your collection is fabulous, Tina. I’m trying to decide what to add to mine! It’s so tough but th ice bucket will surely be one piece. Thank you soooo much for all you do to enhance my home!

martha sappington on

love #28. The large Foo dogs are so pretty and the details are amazing. Great blue and white new arrivals. Love them all!

Laura on

I love the garden seat in green. Always a fan of blue and white but green is my first love!

Gina Howell on

I love it ALL!!!! But probably my favorite is the fishbowl!! ???

Leslie Huff on

Can’t wait to order !! So many pretty things!!! Hope I win!!!

Doris on

Sitting emperors! Love em!

Betty Ann trible on

I love item 8/nice change from all the blue/white. It would be perfect in my living room … Blue and white does not work in there. Excited to see the orange!!! You offer so many gorgeous things!! Thank you.. Xo

Jana Rinehart on

I love #22 the 8*” pagodas. They are so versatile.

Anne on

The flat top jars are my favorite – pick me! I also reallyblike the sitting emperors and would have to name them.

Erin Nantais on

So many options, it’s hard to choose! Love the tulipieres!

Gay on

Orange! orange! orange! They are so beautiful and I have been waiting. I am a blue and white girl with an orange pop! Thank you!

ting on

ooh I love all of it- but my favorite right now and what I want For Spring Is a Tulipierre!!

Deb Harris on

Love the garden stools! On my list to get next!

Linda on

Love the fishbowl. Spectacular for big sprays of floral arrangements!

Michael John on

thanks for such great blue and white – especially love #17 foo dogs

Marian on

item #4. The fish bowl!

dale s. on

I love it all but number 30 would be a perfect addition to my blues.

Suzanne on

Love the fishbowl! I need it for the dining table with the white orchids!

Michelle B on

That new garden seat is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Heather Cain on

I them #27 is my favorite!

LaTricia Dickman on

I have to say that my most used pieces are the hexagon planters! I have SIX from you and use them for all sorts of things around my house–in the kitchen, in the bath, in the foyer! All your pieces are beautiful!

Jody on

I also have a love affair with blue and white porcelain!
My favorite would be the tulipieres? I love the layering of the tulips or any other flower; it’s such a gorgeous piece.
Thank you for the chance to win a beautiful piece of your porcelain.

Liane on

I am like you Tina I love the # 1 jars first ones on the list.
They would be perfect on any mantel or anywhere!

Tim F. on

Love the emperors.

Kelly Mufarrij on

Oh my gosh all are amazing it’s so hard to pick!!! I adore item #5 if I have to choose 😉 ??. I can already picture it in my living room I just started to furnish/decorate!!

Kerry Anne Barr on

The jewel coloured trio are must. They would look beautiful anywhere but especially with my blue and white collection

Kerry Anne

Sue on

I love it all but especially love the new set of sitting emperors !

Meredith B on

Love many of your items, but I am obsessed with the medium-sized pagodas. LOVE them!

Tracy B on

Item 30, could be used in so many ways!

Sue on

What a beautiful collection!

Laurene P. on

The trellis garden seat is just so pretty, and yet such a functional piece. Can be used indoors or outdoors, and as extra seating or a side table for drinks! Just love it!

Stephanie on

I love blue and white but I’m thinking I might need to add some of the orange and white ginger jars to my collection!


So many gorgeous things… hard to choose… But, if I had to… I would say it’s the fishbowl!

Cindy W on

So excited about the orange!!! Glad you added those for a nice accent that’s unexpected!!!

Stephanie on

Love item 19 (flat top jar with bird and flower design)!

Terry P. on

It’s True – Spring has SPRUNG:)

Alissa S on

I think #29 is such a pretty vase for flowers. I love the shape, and I’m sure it would be pretty even when empty!

Jan Mayes on

Wow! What a collection. I want one of each.

Jennifer Patterson on

Love the sitting emperors in the jewel tones! Plus everything else as usual!

Judy Walters on

As is usual, choosing a favorite is not easy to do since so many items make me smile, but for today, the Tulipieres at No. 3 and No. 21 are front and center as favorites. Since I can’t get profuse blooms growing around my house, the tulipieres are perfect for the beautiful blossoms I do get to cut and bring in. THANKS for starting my day out so beautifully!

ruth bernhard on

I love the flat top orange vase , definitely my favorite! Also, the green garden seat is such a fresh Spring look, (I’m so tired of winter weather too)!

Jordan Pence on

Absolutely LOVE the new orange white double happiness flat top jar!! Also love the bamboo handle ice bucket & this little blue & white flat top double happiness jar!

Hannah Cleveland Parr on

All of these items are beautiful! I am always an admirer of tulipieres. They are such an incredible statement piece with or without beautiful floral filling them. And of course, ginger jars are unfailingly fabulous. My favorite piece from this collection however, is the garden seat. What a lovely, eye catching work of art for ones patio!

Sandy w on

The all white ginger jar is a beauty. But so many others are, too.

cheryl p on

The flat top jars are so cute and versatile! Also, love the fishbowl back in stock!

Margianne on

Everything is soooo beautiful. I am certainly a blue and white fan but Item #11, the green/multi colored garden seat, really speaks to me too! Ready for spring!

D. Jones on

Beautiful pieces! Hard to pick a favorite!

Dana on

So many things to love. Just received my “Lauren” vase yesterday; TEH never disappoints, we are all so lucky to have you as a source for our porcelain collections. Truly nothing competes for the quality and price. Thank you for your latest inspiration!

Cindy on

The flat top with the bird is my favorite blue & white item on the list and in my home. Can’t tell you why.. just adore it!

Linda C on

I love the ice bucket the bamboo handle is very chic

Mary M on

I love everything! I think I really need a trellis garden seat!

Eve B on

Everyone one of these are beautiful!

Ellen on

The new pagodas, emperors and tulipieres are very exciting (and beautifully done!!) but my favorites are still the flat top jars. There’s nothing more elegant and I have them in nearly every room in my house!! Love, love, love them!!

Kathy M on

I love the orange and white ginger jars! Trying to find a place to work them in, they are so pretty!

Lauren on

My favorite piece is the flat top bird and floral piece!

Susan Seymour on

Love, love, love the trio of emperors and have been wanting them for quite a while – just can’t decide which set to get!

Beverly Rowntree on

I love all! ? I would love to own a pair of no. 23 for a console or mantel.

Kristin Chambers on

Love the bird ginger jars!

Dianne Kropp on

I love my new, small, square planters that I added topiaries to. Now it’s time to save for my next treasure! Thank you for keeping this look alive, as we float around in a sea of boring decor!!! Long live traditional and the history it carries with it!!

Marcia Moorhead on

Item # 8; I love these bird ginger jars.

Laurie on

Just love the pair of new pagodas! A great size to put anywhere you need a touch of blue and white!!!

Michele Burgess on

My favorite is the piece for ice holder. I’ve never even considered using porcelain for this purpose. Love the idea.

Fran W. on

Everything is gorgeous, but I especially love the orange and white ginger jars. Just beautiful!

Maureen Winchell on

It’s hard to choose between the emperors and the pagodas. Love them both!

Courtney Macdonald on

Love it all, especially the fishbowl. And the pagodas!

Rosie on

Item 4!! Love all of your pieces – excellent taste!!

Judy Toline on

The garden seats?

Judy on

The garden seats?

Robin Faulkner on

ITEM 22. gorgeous pagodas
All of your items are beautiful

Vickie on

So many new pretties.
I liked 1,4,7,11 and 28 the best..13 too.
And, the green in 11 is gorgeous and so Spring.

Jane on

Love the small pagodas and sitting emperors! Really love it all!

Maria on

I love the ice bucket! It is a unique blue and white piece that could be used so many different ways – ice, planter, vase, serving piece etc.

Jane Reed on

Love #20! So wishing for a set of Foo Dogs some day as my Mom had a pair, and I didn’t appreciate them when we were dividing up her things…

Sue Parent on

Loving the garden stool! High on my blue and white wish list!

Catharine on

I really love the orange and white mid-size ginger jars…The blue and white is always wonderful but the pop of orange is really something a little different. Really like it!

Eleanor DeMoors on

I just bought the 16″ pair of foo dogs! Love them! I am thrilled that my friend told me about this website. Love the Enchanted Home- fabulous items!

joan mcmahon on

You really make it difficult! All the items are beautiful but two in particular really stand out for me. I am a lover of blue and white on my first floor and upstairs hall so to me the jars/Item 8 are perfection in every detail and the garden seat Item 11, the colors in my bedroom with pale yellow walls, are stunning. The stool in a bedroom with your new pleated lampshades in matching color — what a combination. What more can I say — they both blow me away …

Karen Wheat on

Lucky #13–the ultimate ice bucket, triple bottles of rose cooler,filled with flowers or—cooking utensils…lusting after it and blue and white garden stool
Spring and Summer must be near

Joan on

Love the multi-colored Emperor trio and the orange/white ginger jars! Always drawn to the jars/vases that have more of an antiqued look. Great collection!

Sue OCallaghan on

The ice bucket is AMAZING!!

Lisa on

Item #15 is my favorite. It would
look great as a pair on a mantle or on a sideboard or buffet as an arrangement with other blue and white objects. Thanks, Lisa

Todd smith on

I love the new Ginger jar! Great design.

Jennifer on

Ooooh, I have been waiting for the large solid white jars to be restocked! While I love the blue & white, there are some places in my house that need the “quiet” of solid white.

Linda Beth on

Love #24 vases! Perfect size!

Carolyn on

Love the collection! The garden seat and planters are perfect with spring around the corner.

Suzanne G on

Love them all, but number 1 is my favorite

Meredith Briley on

I love the pagoda, foo dogs, and emperors!! ?

Mary Ann on

Love all the items. However, the sitting Emporers are really special. Was afraid they would be gone so just ordered them, Can’t wait till April.

Julie on

First item: tall ginger jar. Also love the hexagonal planters!

Junie on

Love the 8″ Pagodas❣

Vicki on

It is very difficult to pick just one item from your fabulous selection. The only thing I don’t actually have is the pagoda so that would be my choice. I did follow on instagram. I am so happy to find your site thanks to Katie Clooney!

Andria Baker on

Item 22. – pair of small pagodas

LeAnne G on

Everything looks beautiful, but the fishbowl looks really wonderful and caught my eye!

Myrna on

Oh Tina, I absolutely adore these, two please for my entry. ITEM 14. How gorgeous is this new mid sized orange/white double happiness chunky ginger jar.

Terri Mullis Albritton on

I LOVE the blue and white garden seat! (#23 I think). I’ve been wanting one for a while but just haven’t made myself do it yet.

Suzanne K. Hughes on

Item 26! So so pretty! Love the size and detail. Would love to add a pair to my collection of antique jars!

Suzanne on

Love the hexagon planter!!

Meghan C. on

Love them all but especially drawn to Item 30 for its unique and interesting shape!

Lorraine on

Lovely LovelyLovely

Mary Anne on

I love No. 1o….the Orchid pot and saucer!!
I bought the Blue and White Stafforshire dogs in Medium and LOVE them!!!

Patricia on

I love the tulipieries so much! Just ordered mine and can’t wait to receive them!

Tripp Atkins on

Item 8 and item 19! They would go well with my other enchanted home porcelains!

Lynn Cullen on

You make this decision wonderfully hard but the fish bowl is always my favorite. The orange/white pieces are a close second.

Diane Ruebel on

Such beauty it’s difficult to choose, nevertheless the flat top jar stands out!

Lucy Porter on

I am thinking the garden seat would be a nice addition to my bathroom. I’d love a little whimsy!

LuLu Martin on

The bud vase is my favorite! But I love them all!

Anne on

I love it all❤️❤️❤️❤️ But number 14 with the orange and white would be very appealing and fresh with all my blue and white!

Carrie on

Item 11. The garden stool is so lovely. I would love to see it on my balcony!

Jennifer S on

The darling new pagodas are wonderful

Anna Garrett on

Item 19 featuring beautiful florals and bid with Greek key trim is speaking my language!! It is my favorite but a hard choice as everything is so timeless and elegant.

Eirah on

Hi Tina,

Would you sell one sitting Emperor instead of 3? Thanks.

Dawn Richardson on

What a beautiful selection, you’ve outdone yourself! Crossing my fingers for a win!

Kelly Hinkley on

I love #15, the mid sized floral lion jars, so much that i just ordered a pair. 🙂 I have been waiting/hoping that these would come in again, as I missed out on them last time. I have ordered a few pieces and love them all! The quality is lovely.

Patricia Greene on

I love all the blue and white, but alas it does not work in my current home… BUT the all white porcelain ginger jar with lid is perfect! May have to treat myself for Spring! Thanks so much for your beautiful blog!

Molly Ellis on

I have to say it Tina…. I love everything!!!

Amy McCullagh on

Love it all… hard to pick a favorite!!

Jeana on

Those bird ginger jars are just perfect! I just got started last year with your porcelain, and, I must say, I’m a little hooked. As soon as we get our covered porch, I see another order in my future.

Anthony von Reichert on

So hard to pick only one, but I would have to go with item number 1. The dragon ginger jars!!

Lynda Zieg on

Love the tulipieres! Item 21

Anita. on

Glad to see the bud vases have returned. They add so much to a room and as you say make a lovely hostess gift. The trumpet vase is my next favorite piece.

Montie Montgomery on

Love all of your blue and white but must say my favorite is the gorgeous fishbowl, item 4.

Cher on

I just love the jewel toned sitting emperors. The description says they are 11 inches by 12.5 inches. I am wonder if these measurements are correct?
The standing emperors trio are very substantial and will make a huge statement, too. I really like these guys.

Sharon Renken on

The new large ginger jar is beautiful! The ice bucket would also be a great addition heading into summer!

Nancy on

I love item #10: the square planter – so versatile!

Nichole on

I love everything, but my favorite would probably be number 12, the happiness jar!

Deane on

The mid-size pagodas are especially lovely.

Peggy on

I love the garden seats and the footbath!!!!

Judith Poremba on

Love all the new blue and whites!

Cc chintz on

I love the blue and white planters! Second loves is the colorful trio of emperors. I think I have a place where they can reside in my dining room

Sandra on

Your items are all beautiful. BUT, I too love number 1

Arlene on

I love the wine bucket but actually love it all. And especially love the picture of beautiful Teddy

Leslie P on

Love these! I like the third one on the right!

Megan M on

The ice bucket is gorgeous!

Karen Lorbacher on

I love #1, the big dragon ginger jars! So gorgeous!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

#15 is my favourite! Love the rich blue colour.

Samia on

The square planters and garden seat are perfection. Your pieces just keep getting better and better!!

Kathy Chandler on

The three emperors are so adorable, I can see them on my mantle with my blue and white vases. Will make the perfect Mother’s day gift!

Susan on

Love the ice bucket, especially the bamboo handle!

Ann R. on

My favorite item is the pair of 8 inch pagodas!

Lizabeth on

Ooh I’m in love with #1 the new Dragon jar!

Bettina Woodring on

I am feeling so inspired to get my “spring” on with some new blue and white…I am thinking hexagon planter & some emperors. Oh yes & the new Orange ginger jar…LOVE!

Donna S. on

Love item #12. Perfect size! Getting blue & white ready for spring!

Gina P on

I have three favorite things from this pre sale however my favorite is the square planter! I am going to order this or maybe the garden seat.

Marie Economus on

Love to add anyone of these beauties to my growing collection,

Gloria Barragan on

I love Item 1 Ginger Jar. And also love Item 15 Jar; item 22 Pagodas pair. Some others all beautiful

Carla G on

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I always wanted a tulipiere, so I’m picking it as my favorite!

Laura K on

My favorite is #19, love the bird and flowers design.

Dianne D on

Love it all!!!!
I do want the ice bucket!!!!

Marilyn on

Everything is so pretty. I can not choose a favorite.

Joanna R on

Love the double happiness and bird and flower jars- they’re All so gorgeous!

Mary Anne on

Love the orange and white flat top double happiness jar! Great color!

Cindi T on

Big blue and white fan but loving the colorful emperor trio.

Brooke on

I love everything…but the fish bowl is my favorite. ?

Nadine Middendorf on

Love the small pagodas!❤️

Donna Scully on

I love the tuliperies! They are just gorgeous………….I’m torn between the medium size and the small one.

Kate on

Item 17 could easily fit into any room in my house!

Valerie on

I love each and everyone of your ginger jars. What’s not to love???

Phyllis Martinez on

My favorite item is number 25 B, the gorgeous colored trio of emperors! They are fabulous!

MHill on

Love all of the beauties…

Donna on

How can I choose only one item as my favorite when I love (and want) them all!?

Joan on

I just love the trio of colored emperors! Everything is lovely.

Nancy on

Dragon ginger jars. Stunning!

Jessi Otey on

Ahhh I love these presage items – ALL of them! My favorite..the foo dogs or orchid planter! Xo Great giveaway!

Kelli Pennington on

Item 21 medium tuliperie pagoda. Beautiful!

Shannon on

What a nice surprise to see the green garden stool as another color offering. I love all your pieces.

Lisa on

All so lovely… I need a larger home to house my blue and white pieces. I’ll order when my husband is out. Tina your pieces are fabulous , thank you so much.

Dana B on

Love item #30! Stunning!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Loved all thr Pagodas best?!

Regina S. on

It’s all so pretty! Love the bud vases.

Denise on

I love the item 7 case. So lovely!

Rhonda on

Item #30 is a dream!!

JenBC on

I love the mini pagodas and the hexagonal planter. Both just so pretty but truly all of the pieces are lovely.

Ann on

Item #4 is my favorite ❤️ I have been looking for a fishbowl exactly like this. I’ve started trying to grow orchids and plan to use this to hold them. Hoping to win. Thanks for having the giveaway.

Jenni Toebben on

Love everything! 25 or 25B- have to sleep on it to decide which ones I am ordering!

Tiffany on

Item #11 is wonderful!!!
18 is my close second!!

Jenilee Hampton on

I love item #8! I love how beautiful & detailed the jars are!

Eileen Stroughter on

Very lovely . Wish I could buy a few.

Laura on

My favorite is item #5.
However, everything is amazing!???

Ann on

The double happiness jar (#12) is a perfect addition. I too like the new orange..any chance you will do Chinese green someday?

Ellen on

I love the fish bowl, ginger jars, esp. item 1, and the hexagon planters!

Lisa P on

It is very hard to pick one item! But the Foo Dog’s do capture my attention.

Claire on

I love the hexagonal planters!

Barbara Vitale on

Love everything blue & white ? My first kitchen was blue & white with yellow accents. Love lots of the new items, but the green garden seat stole my heart!
P.S. I am already following ur new site as well!

Mariae on

The colored emperor trio and the new orange jars are a must!

Amanda R. on

I love the new large foo dogs. I have the smaller set and they are great!

Bev Braun on

Love the tulipiers – especially with yellow tulips

Holly Northrop on

Love item 30! perfect combination of style, size and chunkiness

Sally Bremer on

I do love the beautiful green garden seat! The detail on it is incredible. Also love the orange/white flat top jar. And everything?

Huma on

I love the trellis garden seat. It would look so pretty after we finished redoing our backyard in our new home! So whimsical!

Lauren Rutter on

Love everything! Especially item 4 and 19 are classic! ?

Becky Vice on

I am in blue and white heaven. The orange and white pieces give me goosebumps. It’s a great day to love Chinese porcelain.???

Pat R on

Love item 29 trumpet vases. Perfect size and shape for any bouquet

VALERIE Arnett on

Oh, so many blue and white beauties to lust after. I think a garden stool will be mine later today. I have been thinking of purchasing one and yours calls to me. Lovely way to begin my snowy morning.

Anita Brown on

Love all of your blue and white porcelain pieces! It makes it so hard to choose. And I always enjoy your posts. Thanks

Mary Joy Webster on

Beautiful! I’m ordering orange for Florida!

Virginia on

I want everything!!

Linda Sermersheim on

Love both item #16 and #19. So many beautiful pieces it’s hard to pick.

Mary Pickett on

I love the emperors in the jewel tones! They are so different and their colors are so vibrant. The emperors are exquisite !!

Linda Doezema on

I absolutely love the large intricate dragon jar and the wonderful ice bucket! Everything looks fabulous!

Mary on

I love the new ginger jar! It’s always a treat to see what’s new! Happy Spring!!

Christina Campbell on

Happened upon this site and have fallen in love with everything. My goodness I have to refrain from purchasing everything.

Debra Brinkley on

Classic and curated…the fishbowl with orchids. Love, love, love!

Suzanne G on

Love the garden seat. So pretty for inside or outside.

Dominique B. on

Love item #30…it’s shape is so cute and chunky. Something about it makes me smile 🙂

Requi on

Oh, do I have to pick just one? They are all so gorgeous. Really like the darling new pagodas.

Joyce Adams on

What a beautiful collection, hard to choose which item, but I love the pagodas. Too bad they are already sold out, but I will keep looking. I’ve been collecting for many, many years and I have limited space for new pieces but I will find space if I need to.

Judy Stiles on

Your blue and white selection is gorgeous. I love it all!! It’s too hard to choose!!

Ccchintz on

You snooze you lose! I wanted to order the three colorful emperors but they must have moved on to different kingdoms than my palace. Bring them back!

Sue Yuditsky on

The tulipieres are amazing and I just love the square planter. It would be hard to single out just one…puts me in the spring spirit!!

Catherine Ferrara on

My favorite besides all of the above is the ice bucket!!! So pretty. xo

Lee on

Love the emperors! Ordering one set today, but would love to eventually have both the sitting and the standing. ?
Also love those green? chinoiserie Garden seats , so beautiful, but just no place for me to put them! Calling now with a big fat order!

Lilyette Smith on

There is a great selection this time! I like the figurines.

Lilyette Smith on

I especially like the brightly colored figurines.

VickieHawkins on

My favorite is the trio of emperors. But I love all the blue and white!!!

Mari Jabbia on

I love item #8, the pair of bird ginger jars. They are on my list!!!

Eileen Loeb on

love the fishbowl! would love to fill it with white orchids

Susan Fulkerson on

I love the bud vases! Thanks just ordered two diffeeent kinda from your shop!

Mickey H on

I love the trellis garden seat.

Susan on

Love the solid white jars.

Susan Roche on

So excited to get a chance to buy the smaller blue and white bud vases.

Arlene on

I love item #1. I really need taller pots but these are so stunning ill take it as it is! Would love amazon in my Boca bungalow~

Janet on

Love the trumpet vases!!

Karen Phillips on

Love the pagoda pairs – so sad you’re sold out already! I guess I’ll have to be patient until you get them in again… Thanks for all the gorgeousness!

Laurie on

I love the little pagodas and will keep my eye out for them to come back in stock!

Kim B on

Love the beautiful garden seat!

Danielle Gasper on

There are several I like but I am most intrigued by the all white jar (item #6). It is so beautiful!

Leslie P on

I too love the blue and white! Thank you for your sales ???

Leslie P on

I too love the blue and white! Thank you for your sales.

Susan Ledbetter on

I love the flat top jars! I now have so many beautiful chinoiserie blue and whites but no flat tops. They are on my list now and thinking about the beautiful orange happiness jars and how they will fit in my decor.

Andi on

The very last ginger jar pictured in my very favorite ?

Laird on

Love your selection of blue and white porcelains. My favorites are a toss up between #21 the Tulipieres and #23 pair mid size jars with peacock scene – all beautiful !

Margaret Couch on

I love #16, love the orange, love orange. love the round design with flat top, and know they will go well with our DR oriental rug and chippingdale furniture. Wil.l either place white stems of a forsythia type,in the jars or will have them made into lamps either with wood or square acrylic bases with white silk shades, either way they will be a stunning pair and surely will brighten the room. The shades and bases will add additional height, maybe double height. They will look terrific. Thank so much, Margaret

Jeanne E on

I love all the new arrivals, especially the dragon jars!

Gloria on

This is tough so many beautiful choices, going with #30!

Karen on

Just found this site. Dying over merchandise and price! Love the solid white ginger jars!

Dotti on

Love it all. And hope you get more of the big, chunky white ginger jars, and gray too!

Tricia Drefke on

There is soo much to love! Some of my favorites are the garden stool, the large foo dogs and the ice bucket!

Cheryl on

The aqua garden stool is fabulous!!!

Linda on

Love the garden stools!

Jane W on

This is like picking your favorite child….impossible! The garden trellis seat, the hexagonal planters, the large oval planter, and the ice bucket top my list.

Margaret Morton on


Mary Anne Liljedahl on

There is nothing better than blue and white porcelain! I have a pair of tulipierers and love the statement they make!

Elisabeth E on

Tasteful things are always in style and this website makes it easy to find them!! Can’t wait until my blue and white antiqued Foo dogs(#20) arrive in April.

Charlene on

I really like the #29 versatile vase?Will consider ordering!
Would also love one of the flat lidded giveaway jars!

Elizabeth on

I LOVE every single item!!! Oh to be able to buy out the entire shop!
If I have to name a favorite, number #8 is it!!! Oh how beautiful it is!

Mary Lou Layden on

I really cannot choose a favorite- that’s why I ordered 3 different ones- and wish I could order all of them !! Thank you SO MUCH for offering these beautiful blue and white porcelains – SWOON ?!!!

Elizabeth on

Love the peacock ginger jar with the foo dog lid!

Barbara Morris on

The trio of Emperors are so colorful and will add a spark of color! But, as always, everything is wonderful.

Jeannette Gevedon Interiors on

Hi Tina, I just love item 29, the beautiful trumpet vase! It reminds me of an exquisite umbrella stand I had and was sadly broken beyond repair a few years ago. It was found in an 1800’s home basement in New Hampshire. The owner had no idea how long it had been there as it was hidden behind an old boiler. My brother is an HVAC tech, did some work for the man and he gave it to him as payment! It had the same flared top as your lovely vase with beautiful swans in our beloved blue and white! Thank you for all your amazing posts!
Best, Jeannette Gevedon

Betsy Coates on

I love both styles of the burnt orange ginger jars. They would make great lamps and help to create a warm, inviting room. The ice bucket is super cool, too! (Pun intended!). Congratulations, Tina, everything you have imported for us, your lucky customers, is beautiful. Thank you….your efforts are so appreciated.

Jean on

I love the Chinese emperors and the foo dogs!

Emily Nebrig on

My favorite is item 20 the pair of foo dogs!

Julie on

So happy to find your site! I love the baskets!

Amy Stoneman on

I am obsessed with the foo dogs! Beautiful and regal looking!

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