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Hi there, happy Sunday and happy St Patricks Day to you.  Don’t forget to wear your green:) I want to first announce the winner of the porcelain giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#241 Tricia Drefke

Please send us your info as well as your choice of jar to, and your prize will be on it’s way!


I am so horrified and saddened by the mosque attack in New Zealand. It is so senseless and it is impossible for me to understand someone who has that kind of hate for his fellow man. To go in and target innocent men, women and children is so hard to understand. I fear for the world we are leaving behind for our children. I can only continue to pray and hold onto hope that  one day our world will become a much more tolerant, kinder place where we can respect each others differences and live alongside one another harmoniously. Call me delusional but I will never give up hope.

By the time you get this, I will be out of town  but have scheduled my posts ahead of time and hope everything posts on time! Hope you are having a great weekend, it is soooo nice that warmer air is finally making its way in, I am definitely starting to feel a touch of spring air and loving it! And here we go with my Seven on Sunday-



1 A CLOSET MAKEOVER IN THE WORKS! I love my closet but must admit lately it felt like a hodge podge of seasons. I had pretty linen tops next to my thick chunky winter sweaters. It was time for a major purge and it felt SO good to get rid of all kinds of things. I sent some things to a local shelter and the rest were picked up by a local person who coordinates giving things to those in need.

I still have a ways to go but enjoyed cleaning up and out! I also added a touch of blue and white, with a pretty vase and filled with my lavender hydrangeas and I love the way it looks. Then I added a garden seat next to the chair where I put my shoes on. And it actually really has come in handy. There is almost nothing I would change about this space even over 7 years later, proof that classic styling does not go out of style.  So here is a look at things so far……

Walking into my closet, added the pretty blue/white garden seat next to my chair which I really like having there

Also added my gorgeous silver gallery tray to my island (these are finally coming back in stock next week)!

Don’t look behind the doors, only half are completely revamped but this is a work in progress!


Handles are from Anthropologie but remember bought these over 7 years ago:) Click here to see their current pulls

2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK  I just love this and that it is a reminder of what is really important to live a happy and long life.  I am not sure how I came across this but the wisdom, advice and experiences gleaned from these seniors just makes you feel good.  You really need to take a few minutes to watch this, sit back and take a deep breath and take in all their wisdom. Age is after all, just a number.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST You can see spring is most definitely in the air by my round up this week! Lots of flowers and why not…..its been a long winter and it’s time to celebrate the season of beautiful florals!


4 ONE BEAUTIFUL BEACH HOUSE This is so pretty, feels so fresh and inviting. It definitely has a Palmetto Bluff- y feeling to it. I love (of course) all the blue and white touches and that is has so much natural sunlight. Found this over at Traditional Home, click here to see more or read the article about this beautiful home.


5 MY BEAUTIFUL GIFTWRAP! I have been on a gift wrapping binge lately, had several gifts to give and a few to send. Thankfully I have a lifetime supply of giftwrap and will never have to worry about going to look for beautiful paper ever again. The arrival of our previously sold out DARLING gift toppers came at a perfect time (pagoda, ginger jar or Staffordshire dog in blue or black). Here is a look at some of my newest “looks”! Click here to see my (if I can say so myself) fabulous line of giftwrap:)


6 A FEW NEW WALLPAPERS TO FAWN OVER I am still on the hunt for gorgeous wallpaper for my PB powder room. I want to love something as much as I love the cherry blossom grass cloth for the other bathroom. I found two that I really like a lot, just waiting on samples. Fingers are crossed!

The first is a beautiful pattern from Phillip Jeffries and love all three colorways, even the green is very tempting but think the first is the best colorway for that house

And there are these from Schumacher, waiting on these samples too


7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY  OK you know I greatly value your opinion things and when it comes to my shop and needing feedback, you are the ultimate sounding board! Last week you helped me to determine I need to keep the green, red and gold ornaments going…….your wish is my command and we have begun working on the new collection.

So this week I need your opinion on a different matter. If you go on Instagram, this is for you. I love Instagram, it is immediate gratification for an instant and quick fix of pretty and frankly when you are just needing inspiration of almost any kind. However lately I have been hearing and reading about the buzz getting louder on how fake and phony it is, with all the filters known to mankind being used, it is often a manufactured depiction of life vs. “real life”. I can see how someone can go on and start feeling inadequate pretty darn fast with so many seemingly “perfectly” lived lives out there. I know and you know, that simply is not true and does not exist. But many others do not.

They say it is creating an entire generation of young adults having issues with depression, anxiety inferiority complex,etc…..maybe things need to be censored more. Maybe more regulations, I don’t know what the answer is. I mean I too like to post the pretty pictures as no one wants to see the other day when I literally ran over my sons Ninja blender in the driveway by accident. Don’t ask, still can’t believe I did that! I did almost take a picture as I though it could be funny for Instagram but then I thought you wants to see that, maybe I was wrong. I have on occasion posted “real life” funny pictures and wonder if Instagram across the board needs more of that? Hummm……your turn to chime in.




And that friends is a wrap for this Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday routine. It is like our virtual Sunday brunch, many thousands of us:) Love to hear what you think on any thing I have written about today and hope you will let me know. Wishing everyone a fantastic day and a great end to your weekend. Until next time……

PS In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, everything green is 20% off today! (as long as it has the word green in the title- it’s on sale)! Click here to shop


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Vivian on

Loved your fabulous “inspiring story” today!

Celia Becker @ on

Happy St. Patty’s Day to you too Tina. Hope you are enjoying a trip to somewhere warm and wonderful today. LOVE your new gift wrap, in particular the gold! I love to wrap gifts and always use gold at Christmas. Yours is some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

M on

Instagram is fine but I prefer blogs.

Kimberly Dennis on

I look forward to your posts, stories, new items, inspiration and the occasional picture of “real life”. Would’ve loved the Ninja picture 🙂

Cathy on

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Always enjoy your posts and have followed you for years, Tina.
I love Instagram and find it inspiring. My life is far from perfect and I find posting pictures of the beauty surrounding me therapeutic. You may enjoy my lowcountry photos. Charleston Girl

Janet on

Don’t feel too bad about the Ninja blender. Last week, I knocked the cover off my side view mirror driving up to the automatic teller at the bank !
I enjoy IG and probably spend more time on it than I should. And I follow the pretty — mostly interior design, travel and food. I think FaceBook is much more dangerous. Not only because it’s full of misleading stories (at best), but also it seems to invite more comparisons about family, vacations, etc. Even birthday greetings! Or maybe it’s just the way I view them? I don’t know.

Jo Shafer on

The front porch with blue & white theme reminded me I really must do something about mine, although snow still covers the ground — drape an old favorite quilt over the back of my white Luytens bench and add a pair of cobalt blue pillows, take down the winter theme wreath and clean the door, then pretend it’s spring already! Thanks for prodding me to get a move on.

Verna on

I love instagram & find it very inspiring!

Jennifer on

Thanks Tina for your wonderful post as always. The order of the results of the poll questions differed from the first page of the poll. Just an FYI or just as my ipad is displaying it.

Barbara Kelly on

Happy St Patrick’s Day
I agree with your post.
It is beyond me to understand hate to the point of perpetrating violence
on another human being or animal.
A friend said, years ago, “what you can’t do someone else can”.
We have been a witness to my friends comment.
So sad our children are not growing up in the world we knew as children,
although not perfect, far better than what we are witnessing.

Teresa Hatfield on

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Tina!

Susan Haidon on

Thank you for inspiring me to go through my closet and start to purge clothes and things I no longer need. I always donate items to a charity. Your closet looks so Beautiful. A wonderful feeling when you begin to unload items you no longer need and frees up space. I love the garden seat you placed next to a chair. Great for a friend to sit and talk to you while sipping a glass of champagne or cup of tea Or a place for yourself while getting dressed. Happy Sunday and St Patrick’s Day.

Lisa on

Your Sunday post are the highlight of my day ! But I won’t tell my twin boys that because they think that their lacrosse games are?

I want to thank you for helping me make a decision about our master closet for the new Homewood building ! I had a picture which had doors similar to yours which I have always loved but my husband wasn’t sure however seeing your gorgeous closet today has confirmed my decision and I showed it to him and he’s giving me the thumbs up . Not only is it just beautiful but look I think it’s a great way to be able to keep things looking neat at all times .

Beautiful Instagram shares and love love love all your wrapping paper which I own.

As far as Instagram goes I go on it pretty often but I go on it understanding that all that glistens is not gold ?

Carol on

Tina, I love your closet/dressing room. It looks exactly the way I want mine to look, but I am a long way from it! I also love all the gift wrap that you are showing. It is just beautiful!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

☘️? Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Love the “Traditional Home” pictures. ☘️?

Donna D on

I like the bottom two wallpapers with second from last my pick. I think the trellis type that you have shown us before look dated and sort of tired although still pretty.

michelle l oleary on

It is a powder room which I feel can deviate from the main areas of the home to set it apart. I would go with the green wallpaper. Don’t replace the Ninja. Blades are so sharp!

Laura on

I’ve been thinking of you with compassion and much caring. Take this with a grain of salt and I trust your sweetheart. Now, with spring quickly approaching I’m feeling it’s time for you to be brave, joyful and get another doggie. Not another Teddy, but another joy for your dear heart. My heart to yours. “Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning!” Let joy in, Tina. You have more love to share!
With blessings and joy…..and humility. Laura ??

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