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Hello  friends, hope your week is off to a great start! We are about only about 2 weeks away from getting this exquisite container of the latest of the chinoiserie tole. Such beautiful pieces if I say so myself:)

As we always do we are offering up the contents via a presale, where things are offered at their lower than usual selling price. It is a great time to take advantage of an extra low selling price!

This beautiful container is due here around April 10th. Please read over the following rules before placing an order-

  • Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (calling is recommended) Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST
  • You can only email or call your order
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special presale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • This container is due here on by around April 6th(that week) and orders will ship in the order they were received
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • Wholesale? Please be sure you are registered on our wholesale website (click here) and you would need to call in your wholesale order (this is for stocking dealers only)
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565



ITEM 1 Would you feast your eyes on these incredible sconces, that have been in the works for quite some time. Absolutely in love with these new sconces, I MUST find a place to use them:) They really are incredibly special and love the design with the elegant lattice accents. These are electrified and ready to go! Offered in one of four beautiful colors.

Specify color- pale blue, pale green, ivory and black (all with gold accents)

Measures 19.5″ x 13″ x 7″

$135.00 each

This above looks white but it is actually a beautiful very light pale blue

This is a beautiful color too, a whisper of a pale soft green

Above is a beautiful and elegant ivory/cream

Equally striking in black

ITEM 2. Made our best selling oval tole planter in a new slightly larger size. These are screaming for orchids or a beautiful flowering plant. Even the most elegant mail holder as  I have used mine. Truth is even with nothing in them these are spectacular. Handpainted with an elegant metal pierced border and four small “feet”.

Measures 12.5″ x 6.5″ x 7.5″


ITEM 3. Another best seller is coming back in black/gold and a rich dark green/gold. Aren’t these gorgeous! Features a beautiful chinoiserie painted scene on both sides with gold piping and four elegant “feet” . Perfect for orchids, flowers or any type of greenery.

Measures  17″ x 9″ x 7″


Specify blk/gold, green/gold or white/blue

Here are our beautiful faux orchids planted into this planter-

ITEM 4 Our top selling newest style quatrelfoil planter is coming back in all colors. This incredibly stylish planter is ideal for orchids, flowering planters or greenery. Even with nothing is a stunner. Offered in four colors,

Measures 14.5″ x 14.5″ x 6″

$120.00 (specify color)

Ivory/black,  black/gold, pale green/gold and pale blue/gold

Here this planter is with our amazing faux orchids-

ITEM 5 So excited about getting these bamboo lanterns in again, they have been missed! These are very stylish and are a fraction of what they cost in the few places that offer these incredible bamboo lanterns! They are electrified and ready to go *includes ceiling cap

These come in two sizes and various colors-

Med measures 24.5″ x 14″ x 14″ (black/gold, ivory/gold, ivory/blue, navy/gold and pink/gold) $295.00

Large measures 30″ x 18′ x 18″ (Black/gold, ivory/gold, navy/gold, white/blue ). $315.00




To celebrate we are having a giveaway. One tole loving winner will win this fabulous planter! Here is how to enter-

1. Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item on this post

2. Want a second chance? Then click here to start following our newest account @theenchantedhomeshop which is where we will feature all kinds of fun offers, giveaways and announcements.

3. We will announce a winner this coming Sunday so check back!


See,  I told you everything was simply gorgeous! This has me kind of wanting to redecorate a room or two:) See something you must have? Then email or call in your order


[email protected]

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Rachael W on

I adore the oval tole planter in blue and white!! Just beautiful!

Leslie Huff on

Those sconces are amazing! The bamboo lanterns are on my I want…. I need list!

Jordan Pence on

Ah!! The bamboo lanterns are BEAUTIFUL! And all of your planters are gorgeous designs 🙂

Leslie Polatty on

Your bamboo lanterns are my favorite on this post. ??

Sandy W on

I like the new quatrelfoil planter the best. They are all very pretty.

Eve B on

Beautiful pieces. Love the lanterns.

Jennifer S on

That new sconce in black is wonderful!

Heather K on

Item Number 3 – black planter. Stunning!

Tracy B on

The bamboo lanterns are wonderful! Trying to figure out which room in my new house to put them.

Robin Faulkner on

I love the lanterns. They are just beautiful…

Regina on

quatrelfoil planter is just gorgeous

Deane on

Love the sconces and the chandeliers.

Mickey H on

I love the Quarter foil planters

Peggy on

I love the sconces and lanterns!!! Just lovely

Kara on

I like the bamboo lanterns. They are simply designed, but would add interest to a foyer or a room.

Denise Howe on

Love the new lanterns. Saw mirrors in the introductory picture. Are they coming in?

Mariae on

Quatrefoil planters are my favorite, love the shape and color variety, a must have!

Gay Lundin on

Item 3 is wonderful! It’s perfect doe those longer areas that need chinoiserie love! Blue and white of course!

Eileen on

Number 4 is so pretty…along with all the items.

Elizabeth Kelly on

Excellent choices to choose from.

Deb Harris on

I love the black and gold planters. Just that “touch of black” needed to anchor each room and give contrast.

Peggy Wilkins on

Hands down, I’m in love with the footed planters! I just can’t decide which color I want and love most……black/gold, green/gold or blue/gold!! There are so many options with these, placement of hand towels in a bathroom? Or letters, as stated. How about a place to throw keys in for safe keeping!? The possibilities are endless!

Julie Shuchman on

Item#3 is my fave! Especially in the blue and white. Recently ordered a tole lamp and a obelisk in the light blue and they are fab! Much higher quality than expected, really nice painting and design. Like I said, I love #3 with the chinoserie scene

Gina Howell on

I love item #3! Actually I love them all!!

Joan on

The pagoda Bamboo Lanterns are wonderful – love how the bells are painted to match the body color. Since every room needs a touch of black, can see the black version as the finishing touch in my powder room!

Jeannie Weisoly on

I love the planters filled with orchids!

Deborah Fahy on

Beautiful! Classic! Stunning! Wether you are a traditionalist or enjoy a more Nuevo Traditionalist, these classic beauties add the perfect touch to any decor! I have my eye on the black and gold!

Ellen Clark on

I really know that the dark green planter is my choice! I will use it during
the holidays filled with paperwhites. The rest of the year it will be perfect
in my green and white garden room with white hydrangeas.

Tim F. on

Love the bamboo lanterns.

Regina S. on

I’m loving the new oval planter. But, of course it’s all beautiful!

Cindi T on

Can never go wrong with black and gold.

Lynn Cullen on

Love the Chinoiserie planter in blue and white.

Virginia on

I love the sconces!!

Alicia M. on

Everything is spectacular, but I LOVE the shape of the quatrefoil planter, and would buy it in light blue or black…so many uses!!

Cheryl Ringel on

I love the look of the green and gold planter. I have been very impressed with the quality of my purchases in the past.

Mary Anne on

I like Item # 3… the little feet on the planters!

Anita. on

Everything is fabulous. Excited that the bamboo lanterns have returned. The navy/gold is a favorite.

Vivian on

LOVE the new sconces-they are so good looking. You should consider doing some in navy.

Maria on

The quatrefoil planter is so simple and elegant. It is the perfect size! Love it for an orchid and so many other types of arrangements.

Lizabeth W on

I love the rectangular planter in the blue and white!

Judy on

Absolutely love item #2! But actually all are beautiful!

Cindy W on

The bamboo lanterns are incredible and my favorite in this sale! Just gorgeous!!!

Rebecca on

Once again I love them all but if I have to pick a favorite, it would be the new sconces.

sherri on

The blue and white tole planter is stunning

Carolyn on

I love the #4 planter in ivory. Looks awesome with the orchids!

Debbie B on

Without a doubt, the fabulous bamboo lanterns (item 5).! I’ve been looking for something dramatic for the powder room, and this would be ideal.

Amy on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new sconces! Need to figure out where I can put them 🙂 Everything looks beautiful, fresh and has me thinking about Spring!

Anne Logan on

The planters with orchards. All beautiful.

Nadine Middendorf on

All the planters are beautiful! Hard to choose! ❤️

Susan K on

The dark green planter is my favorite new item!

Meredith B on

Love Item#3 in black and gold or white and blue

Myrna on

I love Item #3, the white/blue planter. Love it!

Maribeth Prunier on

The bamboo lanterns are exquisite ❤️❤️❤️

Alexandra T on

That quatrefoil planter is stunning!!

Tommye on

Love the black and gold chinoiserie! Very dramatic as an accessory in any room.

Debbie H. on

Love the planters with orchids. Look so real.

Susan Kreamer on

I love each item on this post – so many fun choices! I do think my favorite is the black oval tole planter. My daughter lives in a small apartment with limited storage and uses hers to hold pads of paper and stationery sitting on her desk. It looks great!

Jane W on

I love all of the planters but the lanterns are my favorite.

Terri Mainwaring on

Adore the black bamboo lantern!! Now searching for a place to put one!! I love this website:)

Lisa Moseley on

Eye candy for the soul! Hard to choose a favorite, but i would say #4, the quatrefoil planter.

Bonnie G. on

I love the planters with orchids. There is a perfect spot in what will be our master bath!

Mary Pickett on

I love item 3 in black and gold! It is so elegant.

Donna C. on

I love, love the bamboo lanterns. I need the white with blue accent to go with my blue and white bathroom. Love it???

Kathy Chandler on

I love the oval tole planter in black, every room needs a touch of black as you posted recently!

Kathy M on

Love the quatrefoil planters!! And all of the planters look gorgeous planted with your orchids.

Jane Morrow on

I am NUTS for the quatrefoil planter!!!!!!!!!!

Theresia on

I hope I win because I can’t make a decision on which one to purchase. I do love the oval shape planters best….I think.

Maria Elena on

Love your blog and look forward to it in morning for infusion of creativity?

Lindy Mitchell on

#4 in pale blue

Danae on

The ivory quatrafoile planter is my favorite. Tres chic!

Ann R. on

It is all so beautiful!

Sue Yuditsky on

Believe it or not my favorite is the giveaway! I love the shape and the feet…

Therese Jones on

All of the products would be a splendid addition to any home.

Gayle on

So many beautiful pieces !! While I love them all I must say the first item, the sconces are simply magnificent. We are currently building a home and I think that a pair of those in my future powder room could be incredible.

There is a place in Palm Beach that has something very similar and you are right about the prices if I’m not mistaken they were about 750 ! Beautiful Tina!

Lynn on

I love the blue oval tole planter!

Rhonda on

I adore the planter with the faux orchids, so many uses.

Marilyn on

I love the planters. Too many beauties to choose afavorite.

Julie on

Tina: my absolute favorite is Item 3 rectangular tole planter in the white. I love how you have it shown with orchids. I have seen some pics on your site using these planters, but I would like to see more if possible. What I would REALLY REALLY love to see is different pictures of the bamboo lanterns hung and lit. I’m not sure if it would work in my breakfast room, but it’s so beautiful. I need to see it in context. Also, im a little embarrassed to admit it, but I’m not quite sure about the dimensions as in exactly what is the width or is that height?? I’ve confused myself so could you clarify? Thank you so much!!

Nancy on

Love the footed Planter in blue and white!

Rhonda Hardy on

LOVE the Bird Cage Light Fixture!!
I could see that one piece changing the feel of any room, or better yet, decorate the ENTIRE room around that magnificent piece!

Megan M on

Love the idea of using a tole planter as a mail holder- now which one to pick?

Pam W on

Love the trays!

Mary W. on

My bathroom is screaming for a pair of the sconces!

Lori caldwell on

I love the quatrefoil planter in ivory. What beautiful designs!

Janet on

Love the lanterns in navy…exquisite!

Ann H on

Love item 3. In green/gold

Bettina Woodring on

Love all the planters, especially filled with a faux orchid!

Mary Beth on

Item 5- The tole lanterns are swoon worthy! ???

Cindy on

I simpy adore the new sconces!

Nancy McKeen on

So classy.
My favorite is the # 3 planter in the blue and white. The feet just take the piece up a notch.
Thanks for the wonderful products.
I’m new to your site.

Ellen on

Love it all but must say the lighting both the lanterns and the sconces knock it out of the park! Beautiful collection.

Denise P on

I love the quatrelfoil planter in pale blue/gold which I would fill with white hyacinths for the Easter table!

Kate on

Love so much. My favorite is No. 3 in the black. Would be so thrilled to be able to have two of those. . The blue is pretty, too.
I like the “giveaway” design. And I know somewhere they must be offered as shown in pictures. Introducing.

Dianne Kropp on

Just dreamy! I live them all!

Jeanne E on

I love all the tole planters–very classy.

Suzanne G on

Love item #3 with the beautiful orchid.

Penny on

Not sure how you ever pick a favorite……they are all perfection!

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