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Hi friends from Palmetto Bluff! I thought it would be fun to do an impromptu post while actually being here, have been so lucky and had the best weather week. Hoevering in the low 70’s with bright sunny skies and a beautiful breeze. Works for me!

This is part 1 of a longer Bluff Diaries post which will post in a week or so.  As you know I often refer to this little slice of heaven as my happy place. It is a place where time goes a little slower, and people wave and say good morning, thank you ma’am and please. Remember those words? I love the home we built to create special memories in with family and friends, many of which have already been created.

The spring is a glorious time to visit for anyone who has not been.  I would say March-May are incredible (though in March you will deal with pollen). Bright sunny skies, mild temps and cool evening breezes are about the norm. At this point in the game, as far as the house goes it is all about small finishing touches. When you live away these happen at a much slower pace. But slow and steady wins the race:)

I have been tweaking the bookcases, got some books and waiting on more but really loving the way they are coming along. I love the blue and white alongside the coastal touches like coral sculptures and coastal candleholders. More books and I think I am about done! Added some pillows to a guest suite sitting area which came out really pretty but the really big highlight this week was getting my wallpaper installed in my powder room.

If you followed me you know I have been having a hard time deciding on wallpaper for that powder room. One day found  a paper from Thibaut and immediately ordered it. Something told it was the the right one and to not hesitate  and boy was it ever the right decision! I absolutely love the way it came out. So enough of my talking, come on in and take a look at all that’s new……….


I cannot get over how realistic the newest arrival to our florals are! These kalanchoe in our pretty porcelain pot could literally fool anyone, best part they will always be in bloom! (click here to see all custom florals and until Monday morning all are 20 % off)!

Love the morning view from my kitchen window

Added these goregous pillows to an upstairs guest suite sitting area, love this space, so cozy!

Aren’t these pillows beautiful? Soon to be added to the site!

Added one of the pretty faux blue hydrangea arrangments  to the coffee table, just need some books

With a view like this, work doesn’t seem so bad:)

One thing I love about this house is the sunlight, it is a super bright house with sunlight streaming in from every direction, here above is the master

I must say my faux boxwoods have been a lifesaver! Not only do they look super realistic but I never have to worry about keeping them alive! Perfect when you have a second home and cannot maintain your plants, plus no one can believe they are faux! The above is the 12″ size and the ones below are the 22.5″ (click here to see them)

And of course I love the topiaries by my front door too….neighbors are probably wondering how I keep them so neatly trimmed and green:)

And here is the gorgeous Thibaut wallpaper that just went up! It feels so fresh and perfect for a coastal low country home

I will look for a small grouping of 2 or 3 prints for above the toilet


And that’s the latest from “the bluff”. Always such fun to put these posts together and such a great way to be able to look back on the entire journey from start to finish. Will continue to put the finishing touches on the house and will keep you posted.

Many ask how to get to the beginning of Bluff Diaries- it is easy. First on top of the website page look for “blog”  (where you see all the tabs) click on tab that says blog and when you are taken to the blog page,  on top right you will see a search bar, type in Bluff Diaries.

It will then take you to all 49 chapters, if you are so inclined to see how this all started. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and weekend!

PS If you missed my fun vacation wardrobe version of Which would you choose and the chance to enter your name to win a beautiful raffia clutch, click here

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Every detail is perfect- just love the whole house and could move right in The wallpaper looks sensational!!!

I am new to your blog and I absolutely love it. Strangely enough we have just moved to a tiny little town in Florida called Palmetto. We purchased a 100 year old house on the beautiful Manatee river and are renovating. Your knowledge of space and decor has been an inspiration for me. I always look forward to what I can take away from your latest posting.

Good Morning Tina,

I absolutely love and look forward to your PB posts! Your home is perfect. I have admired your crystal hurricane candles on your dining room table for some time and was hoping to see them listed in your sources. Would love to know where you purchased them from?
Enjoy your time at the Bluff!

The wallpaper looks fantastic! When you “know it” you “know it”! Great choice

Although I am unacquainted with you, I enjoy so much viewing the lovely pictures of your gorgeous place. Thank you for sharing! You have excellent taste in decorating!

The bathroom wallpaper is stunning. Perfect! Where can I purchase the ginger jar tea towel in your bathroom? Love it!

I’m looking to make life more simple. I think those topiaries would be the answer to my front porch dilemma!

Just beautiful and so inviting! The view from your home is beautiful. Love your half bath wallpaper……it’s awesome!

Your second home is really coming together! Love all the light blue and cream colors. Looks so inviting.


The choices you have made for the Bluff are perfect. Just looking at the pictures put you at peace. It is like a little corner in heaven. Well done.


Love the pillows in the guest area ….clean and classic ! The little hand towels on the sink are a great touch. I have the ginger jar on one of my embroidery sites.

The weather has been perfect! We will be leaving Hilton Head 3/31. Finishing up our stay with trip to Savannah for the Home and Garden tour. Have been to PB and it is all what you describe.

Hi Tina, your home is astonishing. I does look so peaceful and I can see why you enjoy it so. Is this driving distance from your main home?
I love the pick raffia clutch purse. Would love to add that to my summer wardrobe. Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I really enjoy them.

Yes I can see from your photos how you found your happy place. I remember with my vacation house, it was hard to get there with all the work to stop or slow down (we owned our business) but once at our happy place hard to leave.
Enjoy your time there

I lived in South Carolina for several years and you are definitely correct about the slower pace and friendly people. You can still experience the 4 seasons, and also the “no see-ums”, those little gnats sometimes that accompany South Carolina outside in the summer. Your home is so pretty, enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!

Your bathroom looks amazing. The wallpaper is a perfect touch for the room. Your second home is truly beautiful!

Love how the powder room wallpaper compliments the mirror over the sink……great choice.

Love your front entry with the topiary boxes, very welcoming. The powder room wallpaper fresh and lovely.

Tina, your home is just lovely – so peaceful and serene. It’s easy to see why this is your “happy place.” Since you mentioned the March pollen season, could you tell your readers in one of your posts how you manage the pollen with your gorgeous outdoor/porch furniture and accessories? Do you cover everything when you’re not there? The pollen has hit us very strongly here in East Texas in the last 2 weeks and I’m constantly using my blower on our porches to get rid of it. Sometimes I think it’s better to just cover everything in plastic sheeting and not go outside until all the pollen is gone 🙁

Beautiful. Can’t figure out how to get the 20% off. I love your boxwoods and am waiting for more inventory in the “sold out” sizes. They look better than any others I’ve seen – and I’ve looked everywhere.

What a treat to get a visit to Palmetto Bluff today! That was so fun and refreshing. Thanks for sharing –

Your PB home is coming along swimmingly! Everything is just perfect…and I completely agree with you that the sunlight streaming in must be the reason for your love of the house and the area. A happy, sunny day makes such a difference. Your view from your kitchen window–love it. A very happy home!

Your powder room turned out beautifully!!! It was the one I voted for too! It looks great with the mirror!
Your sweet guard dog looks tired from overseeing the wallpaper project! ?
Adorable blush clutch! Keeping my fingers crossed I may win ?

Hi there I follow you from Australia it’s all so gorgeous love seeing your posts

Rae ?

Everything is so beautiful in your second home! Looks very relaxing and serene. Also, love the clutch, pretty colors! Thank you.

I love the boxwoods- and the Bluff, Im writing this right across the street from you on May River Rd, just back from dinner in Old Town! It’s a great spot here in Sc

I love the kleenex holder and the trash can in the bathroom. Do you have these for sale?

I love the bench on the front porch. What color is that? Did you paint it or do you sell the bench in that color?

Hello Tina! I have followed you for years and always enjoy your posts. My dining room was once featured n one of your contests. I have built a new home (the last was too big) and I am in need of some shades form my master bedroom and was wondering if you could share the details of the Roman Shades in your Bluff Home?

Thank you for your consideration, Michelle Bell

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