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Hello…..time for our virtual love fest to celebrate our favorite color combination! I feature a way to use blue and white via our monthly ‘meetings” once a month. Today it’s all about blue and white in bathrooms. Shockingly, I have never done a blue and white bathroom until PB, finally got one and love it. It makes me just feel good walking into that space, just feels so happy, bright and welcoming.

Eventually I will redo my powder room here in NY and when I do it will be a vision of blue and white, I can see it now:) There are many ways to incorporate blue whether it’s paint, tile, accent wallpapers, accessories like ginger jars or garden seats and more.  So first a look at how exquisite this color combination is in bathrooms/powder rooms then I hope to hear from you. If you like it, have you done it or would you? So let’s get started…….


Fabulous all the way around, Waterleaf Designs

Loving this bright and crisp space, the pop of orange is unexpected but works! K and K Design

It’s all in the details and love how Courtney Blanton creatively used the moldings with the wallpaper in this exquisite powder room

A gorgeous way to bring in blue to a bathroom is via the tile and this painted cement floor is a stunner Kathryn Lilly Interiors

Traci Rhoads created a master bath in blue and white that you would never want to leave!

Loving this blue/white mosaic tile in this shower, fabulous! Ardesia Design

Isnt’ this pretty! Love the full tiled wall behind the vanity, so pretty Byrd Design

A beautiful bathroom with the softest blue wallpaper with touches of white and green,  by Meg Braff

Such a pretty master bathroom in soft grays and blues, Emily Tucker Design

Now this is my kind of bathroom, proof there is no such thing as too much blue and white in a bathroom! Atlanta Home Magazine

Sometimes the blue can be just in the vanity, very handsome! Raili Ca Designs

Another idea is featuring a really bold and striking wallpaper in the stronger blues to create that wow effect, Jane Scott Hodges

This is such a beautiful bath in the softest pale blue, Traci Rhoads

Like this a lot, a beautiful blue painted vanity with a touch of blue and white via the garden seat, Citrine Living

How gorgeous is this vision in blue and white by Phoebe Howard!

How striking is the navy vanity, I did a similar look in my sons room and coup;led with plenty of white, the effect is gorgeous. Style Me Pretty

A beautiful blue and white floor is a fabulous way to bring in soft blues such as these pretty mosaic done in Celeste Blue by PB Stoneworks

Even small spaces can be made beautiful by using blue and white, Decorpad

The power of wallpaper! Love how fresh and airy this looks, Picture Perfect House

Love the idea of a stack of towels in the softest blues, another way to bring in the blue tones Maison Valentina

Here is my master bath, which is white but I have added blue and white porcelain pieces to give it that extra special touch

Pretty bathroom and a good example of how you can introduce blue via accessories, this case towels. I would personally add a soft blue/white window treatment, feel like that would be the cherry on top of this gorgeous bathroom! Calla McNamara’

Really like the idea of adding an accent wall or niche in a beautiful blue tile or marble, this one is Celeste blue and creates the wow factor, Amy Eisenberg

And now that I am officially part of the blue and white bathroom club I figured why not share a few of my own pictures of my newly finished PB powder room which I am in love with:)

And the other bathroom in PB also got some blue and white love, the cherry blossom grasscloth really makes walking into this bathroom like a breath of fresh air:)



As I always do with these posts, I offer up a discount to coincide with our monthly meetings. So today’s special is 20% off all blue and white porcelain just in case you are feeling the “need” to add a little blue and white into your home. Use code blue. Click here to see our huge porcelain collection.

This special is on for today and tomorrow.


And there you have it…..this months  meeting on our favorite subject! Would love to know your feelings on using blue and white in the bathroom. There are as seen here, many ways to incorporate a touch of blue and white in a bathroom, all beautifully done.

Maybe you already have or perhaps this post has you doing a little brainstorming!  Always love to hear your thoughts on the subject at hand. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day!

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Franki on

Blew me away!!franki

Heather McCormick on

As always, I love all your choices! Any chance you know the supplier of the pretty paper that Meg Braff used?

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Blue and White, how beautiful!

Steve on

“Courtney Blanton creatively used the moldings with the wallpaper ”

Do you know the manufacturer/design house that makes this wall paper?


Elizabeth on

Beautiful bathrooms, one more beautiful than the next.

Nancy Greco on

Love, love, love your PB powder room and the blue cherry grass cloth in the other bathroom is just glorious!

Nancy Greco on

Dearest Tina—Forgot to say how touching and wonderful are the shots of your beloved dog that accompany each post. Thank you for letting us share him.

Celia Becker @ on

I’m currently designing the home we will be building in River Dunes, NC. Since It’s river front I plan to take a departure from my favorite color, green, and venture into using more blue. It will be a nice change and I got some great ideas here. Pinned the heck out of this post. Happy Spring!

Eileen on

Your PB cherry blossom bathroom is the prettiest. Beautiful photos.

April on

Like what Courtney Blanton did using moldings and wallpaper. Favorite, Ardesia Design mosaic tile

Patricia Freeman on

Love this post…..especially Courtney Blanton’s powder room.Does she have an account on Instagram or Pinterest? Beautiful mouldings…..

Lisa on

I love nearly all of them but your PB powder room is my absolute favorite- BOTH of them! So many good ideas here, we are building a home in CT and your blog has served me so well, cannot tell you how many great ideas I am getting for our new build. And yes, that will include a blue and white bathroom:)

Mary Pickett on

Your bathroom is exquisite !!!

Peggy E. on

This blog has got me wanting to change my guest bathroom! It has soft grey walls, darker grey vanity, and the accents are navy and white. So many beautiful wallpapers in this blog, maybe that would be a nice change from plain walls. All the bathrooms are gorgeous, however.

Lynnea Green on

First-timer on this blog. I can honestly say I have found my people. I think my Saturday is about to be shot. 🙂

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