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Hello, calling all silver lovers!! We just got in a fabulous shipment of silver that has put me in the mood to do some entertaining:)  Few things can add such a beautiful touch of elegance like  the gleam of gorgeous silver and this offering is pretty spectacular. I have always been a fan, grew up with a mom who used lots of silver but as an adult when I went to find it, realized there were fewer and fewer places that carried high quality but affordable silver, which is how this line was introduced and has grown considerably.

Among many other great new arrivals, we are expanding our beautiful silver collection. These are all high quality silverplate (with a brass core). Exceptional attention to detail and just a beautiful quality.

Many gorgeous things today, some previously sold out favorites and a few new pieces. Please read over the “rules” below before placing your order-

  • Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email (calling is recommended) Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST
  • You can only email or call your order
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all in stock and ready to ship now!
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • Wholesale? Please be sure you are registered on our wholesale website (click here) and you would need to call in your wholesale order (this is for stocking dealers only)
  • Every purchase over $500 will get an additional 10% off these already amazing prices!
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565



ITEM 1 Look who’s back! Possibly our all time best selling mid sized wine cooler/planter. How beautiful is this! The fabulous etch work, engraved detailing and stunning beveled oval make this one spectacular piece Has two handles and this is used equally well as a beverage holder or as a planter.

Measures Measures 9″ x 7″

$ 85.00

ITEM 2  Another best seller has come home. This beautiful and very elegant planter is so pretty for so many things. Planted with orchids it is a masterpiece, I use mine every holiday to hold wrapped up cutlery when we are doing a big buffet, makes such an elegant “holder”. Some use it for the mail. Features a beautiful engraved design, two rings on either side and 4 elegant feet.

 Measures 12” L x 8.5” W x 6.5” H

$ 95.00

ITEM 3   This is the stuff large gallery tray dreams are made of, such a spectacular tray and most definitely one of my all time favorites. Did a little happy dance seeing this come in:)  The details on this beauty are incredible.

First the size- this is GRAND! Then the pierced rim is so beautifully detailed and then you have the most gorgeous engrave work on the face. This is a beauty to serve with and equally fabulous on a cocktail table or on a bar. Features two handles in case you want to serve a round of drinks at your next party:) Trays like this are often seen for several hundreds of dollars so you will recognize the incredible value of my being a direct importer here.

Measures 33″ x 19″ x 2″


ITEM 4 This is a new round silver planter and what a beauty! How pretty is the shell/floral relief pattern alongside the rim, features four elegant feet and two lion head rings. Perfect for orchids, flowering plants or even with nothing at all!

4A Measures 11″ round x  6.5″


4B The same planter but in an elegant oval shape. This one could also be used to hold wine bottles, your favorite flowering plants or orchids and even as a pretty way to display utensils at a buffet, etc….elegance personified!

Measures 10.5″ x 7.5″


ITEM 5 Love our new antiqued nickel French large beverage tub. This is a beauty, has been “antiqued” and can comfortably hold four of your favorite bottles. Also would make a gorgeous planter for orchids. Love the French engraving and pretty heavy handles on either side.

 Measures 12″ x 10″ (15″ across including handles)


ITEM 6 Freshly stocked on my gorgeous silver and most elegant chargers.  These are the height of elegance and will beautifully dress up any china pattern. Just a fabulous way to escalate any tablescape….classic elegance at it’s prettiest! 14″ round.

6A The bamboo hex charger is a classic, just love the  shape is unique and really stylish! With spring and summer these are a perfect addition to any table (14″)

$40.00 per charger, buy 12 or more they are $36.00

6B And how beautiful is the pierced round charger with it’s beaded edge, just a classic beauty! 14″ round

$38.00 per charger buy 12 or more $32.00

ITEM 7 Etched mint julep,  offered in two sizes. These are incredible and besides using them as mint juleps they make the best bud vases.

Medium: 4.5” H x 3.5” W $18.00
Large: 6” H x 5” W  $30.00

ITEM 8 Love our equestrian mint juleps, super unique and perfect for the Kentucky Derby! Offered in medium only $18.00

ITEM 9. Calling all equestrian lovers. These are a must have for anyone who love horses and the equestrian world in general. I love these pieces! Equestrian salad servers and flatware are offered up today

9A Salad severs- Beautiful and elegant set comes in it’s own box, also can be used as serving utensils $25.00 for the set

9B Five piece place setting of this gorgeous equestrian themed place setting, sold as a set of 5. $25.00 per place setting.

ITEM 10  Nothing like an elegant pair of beautiful silver candlesticks to grace a dining table (or a console/sideboard). These scalloped beauties are not only intricately detailed but very heavy. Offered in two sizes- med and large. These are truly an exceptional deal!

Med 9″ $55.00 for the pair!

Large 13″ $80.00 for the pair



One super lucky silver loving reader will win two of our silver items!  Winner will receive one medium mint julep and a pair of our fabulous silver salad servers! Just leave a comment on this post to throw your name in the hat and I will announce a winner on Sunday, so do check back!




See! I told you everything is gorgeous:) See something you must have? Then simply call or email your order in-



Don’t forget just announced a brand new contest, Tablescape Love! Read below to enter-

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Mickey H on

Great give away. Thanks Tina.

Sandi Wells on

Beautiful and affordable silver pieces! Perfect timing for the equestrian items… Happy Spring!

Regina S. on

It’s all beautiful! Love the bamboo charger!

Mary Anne Liljedahl on

Fabulous! I especially love the horse julep cups!

Gay on

The aged buckle is really nice and you have made it so sophisticated! Wow

Donna Dowd on

Lovely, lovely, as usual! All chic pieces.

Cathy Shifflett on

Beautiful silver! Love, love, love. ❤️

Sherry B on

Every item a beauty. I love the large beverage tub. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway.

Roxanne on

I’m one of those crazy people who actually enjoys polishing my silver!

Eve B on

Love all the silver pieces ! You are amazing!

Maree Sperle on

I was almost too scared to open this email when I saw that it was about your silver arrival. Of course, I did. Gorgeous silver pieces everyone of them!

Gayle on

Love the French Bolinger wine ? holder… fun for a wine and cheese party!!!

Susan B on

All the pieces are beautiful. Would you consider offering a Silver teapot? I would love to have a teapot and silver sugar & creamer set, so elegant. Thank you!

Sandy W on

All the silver is gorgeous. Love the chargers.

Leslie Polatty on

Beautiful silver pieces! Thank you for your giveaways! ?

Dotti on

Once again you have filled a hole with great silver items!

Brenda on

Absolutely love item #1. I can just see my large orchid in this. Thanks for always uplifting my day.

Donna C on

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!

Alison H. on

Beautiful silver items, simply gorgeous!

Sandra on

Love the equestrian items! All of the silver is beautiful!

Mickey Shannon on

Silver is classic for us hospitalitarians! Nothing says “I’m serious about entertaining” like polished silver and an ironed table cloth and napkins.

Karen Markovich on

Great looking silver pieces. Liked the idea of using the planter for utensils when entertaining.

Debbie H. on

Love the mint juleps! Great bud vases.

Eileen A on

Beautiful silver all of it.

Ellyn on

Silver is fabulous!! My husband has a professional buffer, when I can get him to polish for me!

Donna Scully on

Wouldn’t the Equestrian silverware be nice for all of those ladies who belong to Garden Clubs?! Offering a place setting as a door prize & etc.

Kathryn on

From one silver lover to another – thanks for the beautiful selection! These pieces are SO versatile!

Jenni Toebben on

Love it all! Each piece is timeless!

Gail on

You are so right! These are gorgeous pieces. Love the equestrian items.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

? The SILVER pieces you are offering is beautiful. Love silver pieces in the home. It always takes your home decor to the next level. Classy!

Maureen on

The salad pieces are my favorite!

Anita. on

So many stunning pieces it’s difficult to choose what to add to my TEH candlesticks that bring me so much joy.

Jennifer S on

The mint juleps have so many uses!! Everything is beautiful

Peggy Wilkins on

The mint julep cups are amazing…..and oh, so Southern! <3 Pass the whiskey, 'dah-lin'!

Mary Ellen Brenneis on

I love polishing silver! I know, crazy!

Linda G. on

Love the bamboo chargers!

Laurie on

I just love silver! Have gotten many silver heirlooms from my father’s family and these are absolutely beautiful!!! So glad to see people using silver as of late!! ( although it never goes out of style as far as I’m concerned!!)

Joan on

Love love love ❤️ silver. Do not understand why young people do not want it anymore. It is beautiful and classic. I would use any of those pieces.

Michelle B on

Such beautiful silver pieces! And a great giveaway 🙂

Susan K on

Love the pierced tray! I think this would look nice on my vanity.

Ann M on

Everything is so pretty! Love the antiqued French bottle holder.

Catherine Heers on

Love, love silver pieces. The candle sticks would be lovely as gifts.

Mary Anne on

I love the silver candlesticks with beaded shades that I purchased from you!! I too love to polish silver!! Beautiful selection!! My husband collects Georgian silver so we are really all set!!!

Peggy E. on

Love all the silver pieces, especially Item 4B, silver planter with lion head handles. It would look great with an orchid or two in it.

Amy Leake Lopez on

Everything is beautiful! As always… love, love, love the equestrian themed items!

Karen C on

Love all of the silver!


Oh my…I love the Kentucky Derby! I have a huge set of mint julep cups, monogrammed and use them every year. I’m more than happy to add to that collection, and enjoy the salad servers too! Thanks for the giveaway!

Tim F. on

Love the julep cups!

Linda on

Generous giveaway. Thank you!
Linda O.

The Velvet Pug on

Your taste is impeccable! I love all the pieces.

BJ on

Lovely new things – wonderful for planters!

Rosalie on

What a yummy selection of silver!

RL on

Fantastic silver pieces!

Christine on

Gosh i love silver – especially with flowers! Thanks for offering such great pieces AND a giveaway.

Susan Scott on

I love silver. Always an elegant touch to a table setting or a vase on a table!

Barb Austin on

Think I need candlesticks….like these a lot! Could you look for ice tongs? Thanks.

Jane on

Love it all! The etched mint juleps have so many uses!

Mary M on

Love the large French beverage tub!

Paulette P. on

What a beautiful array of silver you have!! I especially love the pierced round chargers with beaded edge and both sizes of your candlesticks. They are such a good price point.

Cindy W on

There’s just nothing more classic or beautiful than silver! Your collection is fabulous!!!

Maureen on

I am also a silver lover and try to use mine often. Life is too short not to enjoy the pretty!

Donna Holbrook on

Beautiful! I really love the new oval planter and the candlesticks.

Lorraine on


Linda Wishart on

Love item #5, so useable and yet classy

Tricia on

Thank you for your beautiful posts. I really enjoy your feed.

April on

Beautiful collection. Especially interested in mint julep collection. They make wonderful containers

dale s. on

I can see flowers in almost all the containers. Lovely

leigh b on

Love the mint juleps and wine cooler especially! Thanks so much!

Fran W. on

Lovely pieces. Nothing is more elegant than silver.

Debra R on

Fabulous silver! Love the large tray. Hope to add to my vintage silver collection very soon.

Jeanne E on

So much to love here. My favorites: the lion handled planters.

Carolyn on

The silver selection is gorgeous! Love the trays ?

Pam F. on

Love the antiqued silver beverage tub! I can think of several ways to use this piece…

Bettina Woodring on

So love seeing your updates on your PB home! Also, love all these silver plant holders.

Susan H. on

Beautiful pieces! Love the round pierced chargers.

Michelle on

Everything is gorgeous as usual!

Leslie on

Love these new silver item!!!

Kim T. Gordon on

Just love the candle lamps with the bamboo motif that I recently purchased. And your mint julep cup is on my desk right now holding a pair of hibiscus blooms. Love your beautiful things.

Dianne D on

Love the beautiful tray & mint julep cups !!!!!

Julia Margolis on

Everything is so beautiful, it is so hard to choose. I love it all!

Elizabeth Prakash on

Your love for silver always inspired me to use the once’s I have. Thank you! Your new collection is one of a kind , would love to have them on my table.

Annette Miranda on

Love, love, love the mint julep cups!!!

Jennifer Patterson on

Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I think I need the candlesticks though!! Thanks for the beautiful offerings!

Rae livesey on

Beautiful products you have lovely taste

Liz W on

Oh boy that is a wonderful givewaway!

Donna on

Salad servers with summer on the way!!! (-:

Barbara Morris on

Love the lines on #2……just wonderful.

Marsha on

My sister would love the equestrian salad servers. What a great gift for her birthday. Love, love ,love

Tina Carpenter on

The silver pieces are gorgeous. Adding to my wish list.

Marilyn on

I love the equestrian mint julep cup. It is so pretty.

Francine on

There is nothing like silver to bring elegance!

Dana Cowdrey on


Tammy Ringeisen on

Beautiful silver pieces!

Mary T on

LOVE all the prices, it would be hard to pick a favorite!

Julie on

Love all the silver!

Susan on

Love that elegant gallery tray!

sandra K on

Love the mint julep cups. They are so versatile!

Melissa LaPointe on

Love your beautiful, shiny and timeless silver.

Leslie Huff on

I absolutely love my silver beverage tub!!!

Sandy K. on

I love the large beverage tub. Perfect for holding champagne bottles!

Voula on

Love love love!!!!

Jeanette on

Being Southern, I of course love both styles of your mint julep cups. My favorite of your items shown today is the silver candlesticks. The simple classic styling of the silver candlesticks will make them stand out in any setting.

Karen on

Mint juleps for my spring flowers! I’d love to win!

Donna Gauert on

Beautiful silver pieces….. I especially love the large gallery tray! Thanks.

Lynne O’Brien on

Hi! I just love the wine/cooler planter that was listed first! It is so beautiful with so many uses!

Anthony von Reichert on

Love it all!!!

William M on

Would love to win this elegant set

Lisa on

Love ,love , love the silver . They are not only gorgeous but they multifunctional .

Alicia Moskal on

Love your silver! I’m lucky to have added some mint juleps and a planter or two. Thanks for making these additions to your shop as they are lovely and affordable!

Carolsue on

I love the silver salad servers! So beautiful!

Frieda Polk on

So Happy for the return of many silver items . so thank full,God Bless

Gail on

Love the silver pieces. My passion is for the candlesticks!

Rivka on

The chargers are really nice.

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