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Hello and happy Thursday, we have had an insanely busy week with our porcelain container arriving! We got about half of the orders out yesterday and expect the remainder to ship today. Makes for a busy week but the best kind of busy, being surrounded by blue and white never gets old:) If you had a presale order, you will get an email with your UPS tracking the minute it leaves our warehouse.

 Coming up for air to call on all incurable blue and white lovers out there! Time for our “virtual meeting” for all of us that can’t get enough of this time honored color combination. So imagine that we are all seated in a beautifully decorated room (blue and white of course) and having our monthly meeting about our insatiable love for our favorite color combination. Every time we “meet” we discuss different ways to use this timeless combination.

I  pick a subject and show many examples of why I think it works. I like to hone in on one specific topic with blue and white, show you why I think it works well and welcome your input, to talk about various ways to use blue and white in the chosen topic.

Today is all about using blue and white in the kitchen. Whether its accessorizing with a few blue and white pieces or going all out with  a full on blue and white kitchen, it’s safe to say blue and white to no surprise works beautifully for kitchens as well. Let me demonstrate just what I mean-


My own kitchen has touches of blue and white via the beautiful Brunshcwig and Fils window treatments and various blue and white porcelain pieces. I am constantly changing out the blue and white pieces, part of the fun is that it’s so easy to do!

M and M Design Consultants created this beautiful mostly white kitchen with the blue and white accessories being the contrast love it!

Just love this, a beautiful blue toiled backspash.Not only great for color but for adding a pattern to a kitchen, Sara Steinberg Custom Designs

How about blue cabinets? It is striking and love the bistro stools with it, think the key to taking that risk is having A LOT of natural light, Stephen Young

In researching blues in kitchens, this is not the first time I came across lower cabinets in dark blue with white uppers, never thought I would like it but have to say its pretty fabulous looking, who knew! Rebecca Hay Interior Design

Never would have thought to fully wallpaper a. kitchen but it sure does work beautifully here, on a sidenote- have never seen a range built into an island like that!  Traditional home

Think this is so pretty, love that soft pale blue color, and there is a cool vintage vibe going here with the floors and lighting, Richard Harp Homes’

Love the way Citrine Living incorporated blue and white jars into her fabulous kitchen!

Here the soft blue stools and backsplash are the colors/ contrast in this white kitchen, very pretty. Studio M Design

Think it’s safe to say that Danielle Rollins loves using blue and white in her pretty kitchen

Kara Hubert designed this beautiful kitchen with soft blues, so fresh!

And when you have a gorgeous blue range like this, that might be all the blue you need:) CBI Design Professionals

Isn’t this beautiful! I love the blue range along with the fabulous backplash, and the gold hardware is the prefect finishing touch. Yankee Custom Builders

Pretty blue and white stools and jars are all the blue you need in this pretty kitchen, Style at Home

Blues come in many shades, and this soft powdery blue kitchen is a stunner Sarah Steinberg Designs

Kelly Martin took a chance and it worked! The lower cabinets grounding the upper cabinets in their dark rich navy and how about that fabulous floor!

Using a dramatic blue backsplash is another beautiful way to incorporate blue into a kitchen, Hello Lovely

This kitchen looks like it would be so much fun to cook in. I love how open it feels, thanks to that massive wall of windows where the light seems to flood in, beautiful rich navy for the win! Optimise Design

Love the idea of mixing shades of blues with patterns in the kitchen, here is proof positive it works well, Veranda

Pretty navy island with blue and white porcelain as accent pieces, kitchen belongs to Ruth Chancellor

How stunning and dramatic is this fully tiled backplash wall in a beveled navy subway tile! Alice Lane Home

And sometimes you need to let the range take center stage and in this case, the blue range and hood are the stars in this kitchen, Savoir Faire

This is a beauty, that floor is so striking!  Kitchen Lab

Hard to count the ways how much I love this, and what a gleaming example as to the impact of just a touch of blue and white, At Home Arkansas


One of the easiest ways to incorporate blue into your kitchen is adding a few porcelain pieces. I am constantly changing mine around but they never fail to wow me with the impact they have. So…… every time we have a “meeting” we also hold a special sale. Today and tomorrow ALL blue and white porcelains are 20% off! Use code “blue”

Many of our previously sold items have been restocked with this new container, therefore many previously sold out items are back in stock. Click here to see all porcelains (sub categories are on the left)

Well, I must say this has me thinking about using blue in a kitchen in a whole new way! These posts are super cathartic for me because sometimes it gets me out of my own comfort zone. As an example I am now daydreaming about dong a kitchen with painted cement floors in a beautiful soft blue vintage style with white cabinets and possibly a blue range or navy island:)

Something I would not have even thought about before this post. I like that there are so many ways to incorporate blue whether its with a few chosen accessories, making a statement with a blue/whtie backsplash or floor or even painting cabinets blue. So now its your turn to weigh in, tell me what you think about incorporating blue into a kitchen and which way is your favorite? Have a favorite here, tell me about it! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…….

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Peggy Wilkins on

I love your kitchen! Can you share what that beautiful creamy white paint color is that was used in your kitchen? All beautiful kitchens, for sure!

Pamela Page on

All of these kitchens are gorgeous! And I love all of the blue an white that you show – just stunning! A blue and white combo I don’t see you do (or I’ve missed it) is with Portuguese tiles and pottery. The southern European blues and whites are my personal favourite. I have a soup tureen and wine jug from living there when I was a child and they are my treasures. Always looking for more of that look.

Leslie Huff on

Great meeting!! Going to shop now!! Thanks for another inspiring post

Katherine on

I loved the little canvas slides you shared on Monday and ordered several colors . They are so comfortable and will be my go to this summer. Please continue to send cute finds!!!

Decorative Interiors on

Great post & fabulous photos with helpful details! Thank you! ??

Tahani on

I love it

Lisa on

White uppers, blue/navy base cabinets or island with white marble counters and backsplash is my favorite kitchen look right now. If I were redoing my kitchen, this is what I would have!

Ellen on

Good Morning Tina! I loved the study on blue and white kitchens and I am sending you an email containing photos of my new kitchen creation!! Hale navy lower cabinets, brick backsplash, cararra marble and lots of natural cherry. Thanks for compiling the luscious photos!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Truly, your kitchen is beautiful!

Gina on

All very nice but Tina your’s the most beautiful, classic kitchen!

VALERIE Arnett on

Absolutely lovely photos!

Michelle on

You have a lovely kitchen .

Amal Elhage on

Your kitchen is the nicest if them all! Absolutely beautiful

Anne Marie O'Connor on

By the way, looking over the pictures, did not like the blue and White Island stools. The stools looked plastic and cheap. Not good. Too much. Maybe on a backyard deck surrounding an outside bar would be a little more appropriate.

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