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This has been scheduled to post on Sunday morning, sure hope it does as I am out of town for a family emergency.


Hello and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. May your day be showered with love, attention and may you get to put your feet up while being catered to:) To my own mother, I don’t have to tell you what you mean to me because I think you know that-

I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet to have grown up with a mother who taught me what it means to be a mom, a kind and empathetic human being, an honest and authentic person, and someone who has given and continues to give so selflessly to others. You have and continue to be a role model like no other. I celebrate you not only today but every day and feel honored to be your daughter.

OK getting off my little soapbox and moving along with my Seven on Sunday. Here we go……



1 ONE GORGEOUS HOME! This. newly completed home by super talented Susanne Kasler is a beauty. This elegant home is located on Sea Island , I like how she mixed a soft coastal palette with striking traditional details…..think it’s beautifully done and looks like not only a wonderful family vacation home but a fantastic place to entertain family and friends. Click here to see and read more.


2 TWO NEW FAVORITE FRAGRANCES So one of these I just recently “re discovered” and love all over again and the other is brand new and an instant favorite!

Privet Bloom is like bottling up the Hamptons,  it is so fresh, floral and lovely. I love it and actually forgot I had a small sample bottle of it:) I found it in a travel bag and was so enthralled with the scent I immediately went online and ordered a bottle, have been wearing it a lot lately.

Just love how fresh and soft it is, a perfect summer fragrance, next I will try their candle with the same heavenly scent. Anything with top notes of lily of the valley and hyacinth, you know it’s got to be good! Click here


This one I just bought last week and it is so scrumptious, a perfect summer fragrance. It is soft, floral and powdery. Already gotten many compliments, been a long time fan of Jo Malone fragrances and own several for their serious staying power. Click here to find out more.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Another beautiful round up this weekend, love discovering new accounts too. Hope you enjoy these as well-



4 IS THIS WHAT HEAVEN LOOKS LIKE? I have watched this video at least five times……this must be what heaven looks like. And from the few people I know that have been to the Maldives,  one thing they all say is that  “it really does look just like it does in videos and pictures”.

The main thing that has kept me from going is the distance, such a long flight. I am not at all a good flyer and only do it when I must. But one day, I may just get the courage to go and see this fantasy land for myself! This particular resort is the Soneva Jani, click here for more info.


5. A PAIR OF WEDGES YOU NEED FOR THE SUMMER. I consider myself an espadrille/wedge collector, I wear some variation nearly all summer long. Mostly because they work with everything and are super comfortable, and comfort is king for me.

I have a pair like this from Stuart Weitzman from last year in navy, so saw these and decided to order the black. At $80 I didn’t have to think twice, well these are not only great looking but super  comfortable and I just ordered the tan as well. A great summer shoe with pants, capris, skirts, dresses, anything! Click here to find out more

6. INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK This little boy will make you cry happy tears, what a beautiful soul. I was so touched by his story but mostly by his incredible maturity and acceptance and refusal to allow his disability to hinder every one of his dreams.

If this doesn’t inspire people of all ages, don’t know what will! Love when he said ” I have to think about what I have, not what I don’t have”. Something I think we can all live by and learn from. Simply amazing.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY How many times do you eat out/take in  a week? I always wonder this. As our lifestyle has changed (me working full time and having adult children leave the nest) somewhat begrudgingly, our lifestyle has changed.

I find that I may cook once or twice most a week, normally on a lazy Sunday when I have a stretch of time in which case I actually enjoy going to our local little markets and/or farm stands (in season). Otherwise it’s going out for dinner, having something delivered or picking something up to bring home. Easy means doable and at the end of a long day, easy sounds might good:)


That’s a wrap for this Sunday, hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to chime in or comment about anything from this please do, always love to hear what you enjoyed reading about/your input. Appreciate you stopping in and wishing everyone a very happy Mother’s Day. Hope its a great one! Until next time……..

PS Today is the last day to take advantage of all pieces in our fabulous melamine collection being 20% off,  use code “alfresco”

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VALERIE Arnett on

Welcome to Jo Malone land. The scents are amazing, especially when you mix two or more together, plus use their lotions with them. I sound like a salesperson, but am not…just a devoted user. Also, try their home defuses and candles. These products are special and pricy, but total worth it. I have many of the scents, rose, pomegranate, peony, nectarine, lime basil. Nordstrom is a good source for try different combos. Enjoy!

Sharon on

Happy Mother’s Day Sorry to hear about your family emergency do hope all will be OK. Loved this post, we owned a home on Sea Island for many years until about 3 years ago, we then relocated back to my husbands native New England and now live in Boston with a beautiful historic home on Martha’s Vineyard.
I am going to try your suggested perfumes as I am looking for a pretty new light summer fragrance. Loved the video of that special young man, his parents must be proud of his incredible spirit.
Hope you get a chance to have a little me time today, thanks for your wonderful blog.

Meredith on

We eat out at least 3 times week (or order in). Living in a big city, we have the luxury of so many options which are almost always cheaper than going to the market and buying everything not to mention the time and that neither my husband or myself really even like to cook. We are both professionals with our youngest daughter having just left our home for college this past Sept. It is a new normal but we love it and the freedom that comes along with it.

Loved the inspiring video and seeing Teddy’s sweet face is such a nice way to end the post.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Happy Mother’s Day. Sorry to hear about your family emergency. Being a mom, you know you are needed and possibly can make a difference being present given the situation. Take care.

Jennifer on

Happy Mother’s Day!
I loved the inspirational story!

Peggy E. on

Oh my, that home on Sea Island is gorgeous! It is beautifully decorated but looks so cozy and welcoming. Your instagrams were beautiful, especially the Sparrow in London. To live in a home with all those purple plants, divine. I pray that your niece is doing better. Happy Mother’s Day, Tina.

Celia Becker @ on

Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you are getting to enjoy this day with your boys.

Martha on

I’m praying for your family emergency and hoping you all find joy and peace today whatever the circumstances. Blessings to you.

Emily B. on

Love your blog, always makes me happy to visit! Sunday mornings are always the best as I get to sit down and read over your Sunday posts. We were out of town so catching up today. Hope all goes well with your family member.
Loved the video of the sweet boy and I am also a fan of Jo Malone, she makes the best fragrances!

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