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Hello friends, hard to believe the holiday weekend is upon us!  Love shoes? Love a bargain? Then you have most definitely come to the right place:) I bought a few pair lately (some of which are on this post) and found others that were such amazing deals, thought it would make a fun shoe post.

One thing about going between houses which I have not mastered is how to keep a “spare” wardrobe at PB and not feeling like I need any of those things in NY. Inevitabley there will always be things I wish I had from the other place but that’s Murphys Law:)

One thing I think I have mastered however is the shoe department, I have found particularly for summer months and with Palmetto Bluff being quite mild year round, that as long as I have a pair of sneakers, a few pool shoes, wedges, espadrilles and something to go out with at night, that really covers all the bases. I also have found that you don’t have to spend a fortune for great looking shoes, and think by the tie you are done with this post, you will agree I have more than proven my point.

So without further ado, lets get started. Time to choose your three faves-


CHOICE 1  Aren’t these the cutest, I love the detailing and this is one of my favorite styles, love espadrilles for the warmer months! Click here



CHOICE 2 I like the chunky (means comfortable) heel, offered in a few fun colors, like the strappy style, perfect with sundresses and capris, plus at a price that you won’t believe. Click here


CHOICE 3  These are adorable, I have a. lot of Fereagamo shoes, they are classic and always elegant, so it’s nice when a pair I like happens to be on sale! Click here

CHOICE 4 Would you believe if I told you that these re $54! I did a double take, I love the color because they would go with everything, and this is my favorite style, a little height with the comfort of a wedge, offered in there great neutral shades,click here

CHOICE 5  Own these and they are adorable, love anything with raffia and these are a perfect summer mule for every day styling, best part is they are unbelievably under $50!  Click here

CHOICE 6 Aren’t these adorable, a great pool/beach sandal. Always drawn to anything with a lattice-y design. Click here

CHOICE 7  One of my favorite espadrilles are on sale! This are darling, go with everything and are very very comfy. Click here

CHOICE 8 These are a favorite, I own them in the natural and now that they come in all these other amazing colors, I am definitely going to add, not only are they adorable but they are very comfortable and have a flexible sole, I love them for easy day time dressing with capris, shorts, sundresses, super well priced too! Click here

CHOICE 9  Bought these from a previous post I did as a pool/beach sandal and they are SO comfortable, a perfect little summer sandal that slips easily on and off. Click here

CHOICE 10 Aren’t these pretty, love the colors and by now, you know I do love my espadrilles. I own these very shoes in a tan leather but really loving this variation. Click here

CHOICE 11 Can you believe these cute strappy heels are only $55! Another amazing deal, offered in several different colors/patterns, these are my four faves. I am not a big heels person except when I must, but love this strappy styles, always have. Click here

CHOICE 12 Ordered these and fast,  because I actually through the price had to be a mistake, but it’s not. I hope to have them in a few days, I ordered the cognac color but if they fit and are comfortable will get black too. I really like this style because it has a few inches, but still super casual. Click here

CHOICE 13  White is tricky, I like these because first they are from Andre Assous, I have owned their wedges for years and can vouch for their extreme comfort. Second, these are like the perfect white wedge for summer that you could wear out even at night and lastly,  they are not too high. Priced well, checks all the boxes! Click here

CHOICE 14 Let’s end this with something super cute, love these fun and whimsical shoes from Soludos. Priced right, they would make anyone happier wearing them, click here



So many cute pairs, best part is they are all super reasonable. I could easily buy each and every one but had to control myself, even then didn’t feel one bit of guilt. A definite perk of summer wardrobe shopping!

Do you have a favorite shoe style or do you like to change things up? I am very loyal to my espadrilles and wedges but occasionally will try other styles (when the occasion requires it). Thanks for stopping in, hope the start to your Labor Day holiday  weekend is a fantastic one! Until next time…….

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Sharon Harper on

PERFECT. Perfect wedge, perfect color, perfect choices and beyond perfect price!
H. E. L. L. O. SUMMER?

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Love the shoes you have chosen. Ferragamo Shoes are my favourite. Love the Salvatore Ferragamo Hair Clips as well. Check them out. Have a great weekend.

Patricia Freeman on

Love the shoes but I can only wear “narrow “……. any suggestions?

Lorraine on

Always enjoy your selections

Cher on

All of these shoes are so cute and have great style but lack adequate arch support. If I wore any of these for a full day I would have achy feet that would keep me awake throughout the night.

Mary Pickett on

The Ferragamo shoes are so cute! I would love a pair for summer because they are flat and easy to wear…….so oooo cute!!!

Susan on

Beautiful selection of summer shoes and so reasonable. I have gotten many things at your recommendation- just love love your style?

Carol on

Easy choices. I have a lot of Ferragamo and can always add another pair. They are made well and never go out of style! I bought the Sam Edelman from your previous post and put them on (at least for a few minutes) everyday!

Mary Ann Pickett on

wow…great choices. I feel a little closet refresh coming on 🙂

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