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Hello, hope this finds you doing well on this lovely weekend. One really exciting thing happened this weekend- my first ever pop up shop opened at the gorgeous and super stylish East Hampton Gardens!!! I will do a post on it next week and tell you all about it and include lots of pictures but if you are out in the Hamptons, by all means stop by!! We hope to plan an event or two later in the summer so stay tuned:) Michael the owner is fabulous and incredibly talented, you can follow him and East Hampton Gardens on Instagram, click here. How cute is his dog, Harper drinking out of one of our pagoda dog bowls:)

Here having a nice weekend, dinner in the city with friends and hanging around the house today and will hopefully get some gardening done, the weather is overcast but dry so a good day to garden. I happened to stop off at my favorite nursery late Friday, picked up the prettiest hydrangea topiaries (never had seen them before) and tomato and herb plants, loved that smell of basil permeating my car on the ride home! Just have to watch out for that poison ivy as I am HIGHLY allergic….tis the season. Onward with this weeks Seven on Sunday……



1 A FEW NEW BOOKS WORTH GETTING I am fickle with books like I am Broadway plays, I see a few in spurts then there is a long dry spell. Ditto, books. I haven’t gotten any coffee table books in a while but the last few weeks got in 4 fabulous new ones all worth mentioning, the kind you will go back to over and over again, my favorite kind:) I could literally open a little coffee table book store with my many many books but this is one thing that makes me happy, I am very attached to all my books!

If you are like me and love all things English including fabulous old castles with a storied past, this book is for you. A first time all exclusive pass to behind the scenes at this iconic and once off limits, Highclere Castle.

With the outdoor season upon us, happy to have gotten this beautiful book. There is not a single Veranda book I do not simply love and ooh and ahh over, lot of good outdoor inspiration as we are all in the process of setting things up outdoors.

Love Southern homes? Traditional interiors? Then this book is for you….it’s on it’s way and I can hardly wait . A friend has it and after briefly going through it, knew I needed one of my very own:)

Another amazing outdoor/garden book, the gardens of style icon Bunny Mellon nonetheless. This is one of those books that you will want to savor again and again, so much beauty!



2 A MOVIE I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE. I read the book (one of the few books I started and finished in the last year) , The Goldfinch and was so excited to hear it’s being made into a movie! I think they chose well by casting Nicole Kidman, she fits the part to a tee. This is the first glimpse, finally Hollywood is giving me something I am excited to go and see again!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beautiful instagrams, this weeks surely does not disappoint. Love this roundup, a little bit of this and a bit of that-





4 MY BEAUTIFUL NEW BLUE AND WHITE MELAMINE! Only showing you a few pictures, because I am doing a whole post on this, but I was sooo excited to get back from my trip to see my fabulous melamine has arrived.

I was waiting on pins and needles and couldn’t wait to set a table and that’s exactly what I did! I just love the way this came out and this has fast become my every day dinnerware. It is now for sale on line, I love the entire collection and the salad plates are uniquely beautiful as they come in a set of four with four charming figurine characters. Click here to see the entire collection

And today when you purchase $40 or more of melamine, you get one of the beautiful large serving platters free!


5 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Always enjoy finding inspiring stories and sharing them with you on Sunday. With so much sad news, it seems all the time, think it’s nice to hear positive and uplifting stories too. We need to feel hope and inspiration and be reminded that most of our world is full of good people.

I remember catching something about the Daniels family on the Ellen show then it fell off my radar however recently read about this remarkable and exceptional family, who pretty much spend all their time doing good for others. Ellen now has a series on the Daniels family highlighting all the good they are doing and they are doing a lot. Their spirit is contagious and their story is worth sharing, what I love most is how they involve their four children in every aspect of their giving. To see a family have such joy in the process of giving to others makes my heart swell:)


6 MY FRENCH BOX I have shared these before with you because I am just a wee bit obsessed with all things having to do with Sharon Santoni’s fairy tale life via her My French Country Home. Thought her introducing these monthly subscription boxes was  a brilliant concept as it’s the next best thing to hopping over to France. She has painstakingly overseen every single box and is extremely discerning about providing the very highest quality of every item. The presentation is superb and would also. make one heck of a great gift!

Filled with all kinds of special, uniquely French surprises every month, it almost feels like Christmas! This months was a huge hit as it had a blue and white theme. To me, this is the best one yet! The quality of the products is sublime and you know what? We all work hard at whatever we do, sometimes we have crappy days and getting a box in the mail as a special surprised brimming with all kinds of fabulous French products is the least we can do for ourselves:) It’s an instant mood lifter!

All my loot, this was one chock full box and the minute I opened it, the most beautiful scent wafted into the air (the magnificent candle)

Click here to find out how to get in on this special subscription service and start getting a little bit of France delivered to your door! You can thank me later:)


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY When it comes to health, how would you rate yourself in terms of how you take care of your body, mind and soul? I think the older we get the wiser we often get, and with experience comes knowledge and wisdom and I know I am much more in tune with what makes me feel good, what I need to do to feel my best.

I don’t necessarily always get it right, but I am absolutely more aware than ever before at least on the health/eating well front, I feel very in control of that and have learned what is good for me and what isn’t. I have educated myself on the perils of sugar and just what a hidden ingredient it really is shockingly in almost everything.  As a result I am at a good, healthy weight back to all my clothes and feel good.

On the exercise front, other than being a super active person I really should do more and I am slowly easing my way into that department:)  It’s not a perfect process but one which I think I am slowly mastering. How about you?   CHECK ALL THAT APPLY




In celebration of the alfresco dining season and the arrival of our newest collection, there is a fun melamine gift with purchase! Buy $40 or more of our fabulous melamine and receive one large serving platter free! No code required, click here to view the collection.

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Nancy OShaughnessy on

I wanted to send my well wishes for your daughter. I had a lung transplant 7 months ago and it has been life changing. So happy your daughter has been given this chance for a better life. All my best!

Amy on

Hi how exciting about the pop-up, I hope to be there in August and will most definitely stop by!!

Absolutely in love with the outdoor table setting, I think I need those plates ?

Really enjoyed the inspiring story, what a wonderful family and what a great example they’re setting for their kids

Dani on

Everything is beautiful as always your new blue and white plates are simply magnificent and I always enjoy discovering new Instagrams!

Love Eric Ross’s new book- you will love it

Leslie Polatty on

Love My French Box! Received mine last week. It’s fabulous ?

Celia Becker @ on

Happy Sunday Tina! Thanks for sharing Sharon’s French box. I knew about them but did not realize how terrific they are. They would make a very special gift. Hope your niece is doing well. What a trauma for your family. Sending best wishes your way.

Sherry on

Love your blog!! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful things with us❤️

Ellen Bowman on

I really really really enjoy your blogs. Thank you for the visual and emotional boost each week.

Deanna on

I want to be healthy, and I’ve fought to be that always, but since 17, I have had many autoimmune illnesses. I still fight but just had to say that some people may eat well and exercise, but they might have a “sick” body. Believe me, I have tried everything out there. I’m glad you’re done with sugar.! And the French box looks divine. A blue and white theme, made me think of you instantly:) Lovely post, as always….

Yolanda on

I so look forward to your blog on Sundays!!!! Everything is so tasteful and elegant even Melamine ?

Ann Peace on

I love the French box full of wonderful gifts, the Gien coffee mug would be perfect start to my morning.

sharon santoni on

Thank you for your lovely revue Tina,
I’m so happy that you enjoyed your May box! And I hope you like our magazine too!

Hugs from Normandy,

Jen on

Love the melamine. So charming. I can’t wait for The Goldfinch. I adored the book.

Carol on

Absolutely love My Stylish French Boxes. The Blue and White Box is my favorite, to date! I love reading Sharon Santoni’s blog about real life in Normandy

Eve B on

We very rarely go to the movies, but I can’t wait to see The Goldfinch. I love to read and this will be my next book. Thank you!
Looking forward to visiting your pop-up store in the Hamptons this summer!

Juliet on

Seven on Sunday is something I truly look forward to. Love the book recommendations, and being and addict, will probably order them all! Hope your niece is doing well. xo

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