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Hello and happy Sunday to you. First I want to announce the winners of both giveaways-


The winner of the foo dogs is-

Karen Tortorella

The winner of the  solid color foo dogs  is (please tell us if you want white, light green, dark green or turquoise dogs)

Jennifer James


Please email us at to provide your name and shipping info.


By the time you read this I will be back at Duke visiting my niece, who is thankfully making major progress every day. It is beyond exciting, and we are eternally grateful. If you missed the entire backstory, click here to visit the post yesterday.

Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Onward with my Seven on Sunday…..


1 ONE GORGEOUS HOME I really like this house done by Mark Sikes, its most definitely sophisticated and beautiful but young and very current. Lots of color and pattern, just feels like a happy and welcoming home. Click here to read more

2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK This story just has to make you smile. I could watch this all day long…..we need to hear and share more stories like this. Daphne is real world modern day hero in her dedication working with autistic kids and opening their ears and hearts via the piano…..incredible!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a beautiful round up this weekend if I say so myself, such beauty out in the world!

4 A DELICIOUS AND SUPER HEALTHY SALAD! I tried this the other night and it was actually incredible good. Tasty enough to make for a luncheon, you can add chicken or protein of some sort to make it more of a meal. The dressing was delicious and I bought prepacked shredded cabbage which made this a cinch. Funny as my husband does not like quinoa but didn’t even realize quinoa was in the salad….kind of snuck it in:)  Very good, click here to visit The Kitchen Girl for the recipe.

5 PURPLE HYDRANGEAS FIT FOR A QUEEN So for someone who is not much of a purple fan, I surprised myself by how much I fell in love with these exquisite purple hydrangea topiaries I had never seen these before but bought four on the spot. And paired with the blue and white, its a match made in topiary heaven.

6 FAVORITE MASCARA Keep forgetting to follow up on this mascara which I talked about a few months ago. Fast forward a few months and let me just say this is my all time favorite mascara! It has some kind of filler in the formula so you don’t need much but it most definitely lengthens and thickens your lashes. I normally go to town at night and the other night a friend actually asked if I was wearing fake lashes:) Guess it worked! I bought it directly from their site, click here to visit.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Summer is here……have any major plans? Do you prefer to wing each long lazy summer day as they come or do you prefer a schedule including perhaps travel? Do tell!



Hope you enjoyed this Sunday post. Always nice to know you stopped by, feel free to comment if you have something to say. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and smooth end to your weekend. How nice is it that summer is officially here! Let’s take advantage of every minute before we see back to school sales:) Until next time…..

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Peggy E. on

Love the home designed by Mark Sikes. The only room that I couldn’t get on board with was the blue bedroom with the stripped wallpaper on the ceiling; it was just too busy for me. But I did love all the other rooms. Also, loved the hydrangea topiaries, they are perfect in your blue and white porcelain. So pleased that your niece is doing so much better. God does answer prayers.

Victoria on

Such a nice post to start Sunday! Those hydrangeas are beautiful especially in the blue and white pots?
We are going to Italy next week and will be traveling through for almost 3 weeks for the summer. Great instagrams!

Traci on

Hi Tina! Thanks so much for including my Asian salad recipe in Seven on Sunday. What a fun roundup! I hope your readers love the recipe. Cheers!

Eve B on

Love the hydrangea topiaries. I live near you and was wondering where you purchased them.
Glad your niece is getting better. Was not able to click on to read about her.
Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Megan Bobbitt on

Thank you for sharing the inspirational video. It was a beautiful story!!

Sara on

Thanks for sharing the Mark Sikes photos. So glad to see some color again. I’m tired of beige and off-white rooms that are uninspiring.

Miriam Reese on

Love the hydrangea topiaries. Sorry about your niece. Also, no post yesterday to click. Noticed 2 doggie bowls in corner of pic. Did you get new dogs? Hope so!

Vicki on

I really enjoyed your post today. Beautiful inspiration. I can never get enough of that Mark Sikes house!

Norina on

As a teacher of gifted children for over 36 years, I can appreciate the challenges one faces when given the responsibility of commitment and dedication needed to help children feel successful. I, especially admire educators like Daphne who have the patience and dedication needed to work with children who have special needs. May God bless them and their students.

Elizabeth on

Cannot find the story of your niece. Please post!

Mary Lou Layden on

The inspiring story segment touched me greatly. Thank you for sharing it.

Ann Bailey on

A most inspiring story. I believe Daphne is an Angel on earth.

Bonny Berryman on

I look forward to Seven in Sunday.
My city is very short to stores with really beautiful things. This post is so much fun !!!
Thanks for all the time you put into it.

Sharon on

Tina, I was hoping you could do a blog of how you ate healthier & lost weight. What are some of your menu’s, snacks, daily calorie intake, did you exercise? I’ve been trying to lose some weight & find it impossible. I remember you said you are back at your ideal weight & that has inspired me to ask you. Thank you.

Mel on

Could you post where you acquired the purple hydrangeas topiaries?. They are gorgeous. Thanks

Delia on

Thank you so much Tina for posting this 60 Minutes segment. I’m Australian but had missed this episode. Emotional but so inspiring!

Teena Tucker on

I use the Thrive mascara and love the results! The only thing is it’s hard as heck to get off, so I save it for special occasions

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Colour is so important in our homes. I have many friends who have decorated their homes in taupe, beige etc. (Boring) I like going outside the box and sprucing up my home with colour. Take a chance. It is uplifting!

Celia Becker @ on

Hi Tina. I use the Thrive eyebrow liner/filler and love it. Hate how our eyebrows and lashes diminish with age. I’ll have to try their mascara! Happy Sunday!

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