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Good morning! If you love flowers, you will love this post and if you love peonies you will be in peony heaven. I took so many pictures that this is being divided into 3 parts, yes you could say I am  bit obsessed but seriously can you blame me! Peonies are so very beautiful and getting to visit a farm where they are actually grown was practically euphoric for me, I literally did not want to leave! So here is part 1-


This is what peony heaven looks like friends:)

Then I loaded them up in my car, as you can see I had a hard time containing myself and couldn’t stop staring at them on the drive home!

And yes the scent was intoxicating…..

Then got home and got busy-

Added this huge mound to my grand jar (only after did I realize i was missing a candle in the right hurricane-oops!)

And here they are outside

Adore the way they look in the new cane wicker hurricanes (click here to see them)

How beautiful are the pink peonies in my gorgeous blue and white cache pots! I love these planters (click here to see them)

Even loved them on my garden seat in my living room:)


Did this give you your peony fill for the day? It sure did for me, and with luck I will be going back next week for more:) Stay tuned next week for part 2 showcasing more arrangements I made via a little photo session. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping in. Until next time…….

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Jennifer on

Gorgeous as always! I have fallen in love with peonies! And I have to say that the Pet Love contest was fantastic and every photo made me so happy! Thank you for sharing them ?

Eileen A on

Enchanting, your blog is aptly named.

Fiona on

Oh what cute photos! Although, it is sad, if you google “grey horse with snowman” it appears as a stock photo on many websites, including pictures at Walmart. I can’t believe someone would take a photo from the internet and claim it as theirs. Overall I’ve loved this contest and the peonies are gorgeous!!

April on

Peonies, the best. The pet contest was so much fun. So many wonderful animals. Great enjoyment. Thanks

Tahani on

So nice every think for you

Donna Jones on


Jo Shafer on

You’ve shown me that I’m not the only one who goes all out with peonies! Not to mention blue & white porcelain. Lovely!

Vivian on

Loved the outdoor setting with wicker/peonies and dishes on placemats.

Nancy Greco on

Peony heaven! Please share where you go for them! Also, love all the pictures of Teddy. He would definitely win Pet Love with that sweet face!

Larry Cohen on

Flower Power

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