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Hello friends and happy Sunday to you. Happy to announce the winner of the Pet Love contest,  all were truly fantastic and I loved seeing so much love for everyone’s pets!! Thanks to all who entered and voted!


Congratulations to Susan for submitting this precious picture-

(smart pup who already recognizes how fabulous blue and white is)

Please contact us at info@enchantedhome to provide your shipping details so your pagoda dog bowls can be on their way!



Today is Father’s Day!! Wishing all the dads out there, a very happy Fathers Day. To my own- Dad, love you more than words can say and feel so incredibly lucky to have you as my dad. I learn from you every day and the examples you set are ones to aspire to, both for me and my kids. We are all SO lucky to have you.

I am surrounded by great men, my husband and dad. My boys are so unbelievably lucky to have my husband as their father, so I feel very fortunate on both ends. Both are men of integrity, strong character, discipline and epitomize what being a gentleman is. I am very very lucky!  Wishing all the dads out there, a very happy day and hope it’s one showered with attention and love:) Hoping late day rain does not thwart our outdoor BBQ plans! Onwards to my Seven on Sunday this week……


1 A GORGEOUS HOME IN PROVENCE FOR RENT! How gorgeous is this! I have wanted to rent a house for a month in Provence for a very long time. I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet! I think next year could be my year, 2020- 20 is one of my favorite numbers and I just have a good feeling:)

This incredible home has me dreaming about escaping for a few weeks to the countryside of Provence, biking to the local market, coming home and preparing a feast and dining under the stars while the scent of lavender permeates through the air. Click here to find out more about Chateau Ventoux


2 MY NEW SILVER AND PAGODA LANTERNS!! Was so excited to get in some new pieces to add to our growing and might I say very fabulous silver collection. 3 new chargers, 2 magnificent trays, a gorgeous new ice bucket, small planter, the pierced bowls and our best selling beverage tub! Today ALL new arrivals are 20% off! Click to see all of them and there are many 🙂 Use code “summer”.

And then on Tuesday this super chic pagodas are arriving!  Can’t decide which color I like the best.


3 A PAIR OF SHOES EVERY GINGER JAR LOVER NEEDS! You can thank me later for the amazing deal on these cuties! Can you believe they are $59! They are soooo cute, I already ordered them and they are on their way. A must have for any ginger jar loving fan. Click here for more info.

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty this weekend, just knocks my socks off. Hope you enjoy these…….


5 MORE GREAT CUSTOMER PHOTOS! So enjoy getting your pictures and seeing my products in your beautiful homes! Keep them coming, (send to


6 A PERFECT SUMMER COCKTAIL If you are looking for a great cocktail that is not only super pretty but incredibly delicious look no further than this beyond yummy Rose sangria. The first time I made it a few weeks ago I swear I could have downed the entire pitcher, good thing friends were stopping by! So easy and SO good!

Rosé Lemonade Elderflower Sangria

This Rosé Lemonade Elderflower Sangria is the most refreshing summer cocktail! It’s super easy to make, only 5 ingredients, and is easily multiplied to serve a crowd! All you need is dry rosé, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a touch of simple syrup for sweetness, elderflower liquer, and a splash of seltzer. Absolutely delicious and dangerously good! Found at Spices in my DNA, where I have found some other fantastic recipes, click here.


  • 5 ounces rosé*
  • 1 ounce elderflower liqueur
  • 1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 ounce simple syrup*
  • splash of seltzer water
  • sliced strawberries
  • lemon slices
  • fresh mint for garnish


  1. Fill a glass with crushed ice. Add a lemon slice and a few strawberry slices. I like to push them down a little bit too. Add the rosé, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and simple syrup and stir to combine. Add a splash of seltzer water and stir again. Top with more sliced strawberries and a sprig of fresh mint. Enjoy!


 7 SUNDAYS SURVEY This is about meat. Do you eat it? I used to but no longer do, as of about a year ago. Every now and then I will have chicken but less and less. I feel my best when I have lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and other lean/healthy foods.

I feel like fewer are eating meat but maybe it’s just my own circle of friends. Not sure, one of the things that has been challenging is if we have someone over for dinner or a BBQ, I will still buy and prepare meat but truth be told, I enjoy it less and less and often have a hard time with it. All my sons and husband love meat so it’s not going anywhere fast in this household but I am curious how much company I have out there?


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time…….

PS All new arrivals are 20% today and tomorrow! There have been many new things added so definitely come check them out. Use code summer, click here to see all new arrivals.



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Elizabeth Yingling on

Happy Sunday, Tina! I always love your Seven on Sunday posts. I’ve found that I really look forward to seeing a new post from you (on any day) in my inbox. Please keep doing what you are doing! As for Chateau Ventoux, is this the same one featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week? It’s beautiful, as well as elegant and refined (Wish I could say the same for the behavior of the housewives while they were there, LOL!)

Melissa Hebbard on

I find that I feel dreadful if I don’t eat meat! Too many vegetables and fruit, especially the vegetables required to replace the proteins and calcium found in meat and milk products make me bloated, crampy and lethargic. Too much fruit also gives me dreadful heartburn, especially those high in Vitamin C. I don’t do well on processed bread products such as pastries, nor do I feel well on fizzy, lolly water drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc. I guess that I have the digestion of an old fashioned variety, meat and 3 veg, 2 pieces of fruit and homemade everything!

Jann on

Oh my goodness- so beautiful! Is there any way to find out where to purchase the pagoda placemats? I love them!!

amjean on

Our meat is mostly in the form of pork and beef steaks; primarily rib eye and filet, or a tenderloin roast of beef or pork.
We eat a lot of chicken, some pasta and some evenings have salad and vegetables only. We are plain jane when
it comes to food and I can’t stand the idea of veggie burgers!

Peggy Wilkins on

I wish an option would have been, on the survey, a vegan option. I don’t eat any animal products (and never felt better!) 🙂

Amal Elhage on

Happy Sunday! Ever since watching the documentary “What the health” and listening to speeches by Dr. Michael Klaper and Dr. Michael Gregor, I’ve become very uncomfortable eating meat. My husband and children love meat as well but I am only making meat dishes 3x week, the rest of the week I make vegetarian dishes.

Susan V. on

I so enjoyed your Seven On Sunday today … lots of yummy eye candy photos!! That Rosé Lemonade Elderflower Sangria sounds wonderful and looks like summertime in a glass! Plan to find an excuse to serve this soon.

Charlene on

Love those shoes! Unfortunately they’re sold out in my size???

Mary on

I’m thrilled to see you post the Instagram photo from ExclusiveItalyWeddings! Laura planned my daughter’s wedding in Ravello last spring and it was amazing! The best part is she is one of the nicest persons you can work with. on

I just bought the shoes – both black and blue ?. Soo fun! Thanks

Laura on

You might enjoy getting a puppy soon. You would be so glad!

Robin on

Tina, you have such elegant taste. I’m newer to your site. Very glad to receive all your interesting ideas now. Enjoy this special day!

Marcia Moorhead on

Trying the Sangria this week, and I just might drink it all! Our whole family plus my 4yr old grandson are vegans and we do not miss meat at all, I am the only one who still eats fish, have never felt healthier.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

I think it is important to have a balance diet. I prepare meals for my family with a variety of meats. 3 times a week I will prepare chicken, 1 day a beef dish, 1 day fish, 1 day pork and also a pasta dish. Protein is important. All served with healthy vegetables and salad. If guests are vegetarian, I will serve a vegetarian dish, not a problem. Fruits are also a favourite in my home. Enjoy!
I know it is very difficult in today’s world with people having so many different allergies etc but I would try my best to accommodate my guests.

Katie Corrigan on

I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist those Jack Rogers Ginger Jar flats.

Jan Carol Stubblefield on

Please order more lemon trees!!
Thank you!

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