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Hello! hope your week is off to a great start.  Here, it’s a super busy one, one porcelain container arrived yesterday,  the chinoiserie tole arrives today and a huge porcelain container comes in next week. It’s practically like Christmas! No complaints on this end, however as I am like a kid in the candy shop every rime a new container arrives!

Also celebrating two good friends birthdays, have a shower and a birthday dinner this weekend so plenty keeping me busy over this way this week. Here we go with my most recent random musings-




A few pictures from my pop up over at East Hampton Gardens… seeing my products displayed (way better than in a warehouse)

My new favorite melamine which I am using almost every day around the house! (click here)

If you are in the Hamptons this summer, please do stop by!

Perfect for alfresco dining:)

Entrance to East Hampton Gardens, such a beautiful place!

My new favorite charger, just arrived! I cannot wait to set a table with these.

Hydrangeas about to bloom, cannot wait!

Anyone else fascinated by “dancing sprinklers”?

My Provence planters got a paint touch up

Midweek early dinner with a friend!

Any day that ends with a car load of peonies is a good day in my book

Was invited to a friends rooftop for a BBQ, NYC style!~ The view was incredible……I walked up 25 flights (do not take elevators) so you could say I earned my meal and it was very much worth it both for the food and company:)


And my beautiful peonies at home where they belong

And here are my luscious peonies in various settings around the house, love them in my cache pots!

Gorgeous on the mantle!

While in Durham visiting my niece at Duke, we went to a place called Pizzeria Toro …..I haven’t had pizza in a very long time but this place made the indulgence so worth it! Plus their kale Cesare was out of this world. As one guy said “why do I have to come from Chicago to have such delicious pizza” 🙂

Visited a favorite nursery and these hydrangeas were so beautiful!

A very easy and pretty idea for serving guacamole

I like to spoon the guacamole into half shells as individual appetizers, no one else’s fingers to worry about and the perfect size (also no fighting over the guac as sometimes happens with my sons lol)


And that’s a recap on the last 2 weeks or so, at least the good and pretty:) Hope your week is off to a good start, here in NY we are due to get a week of rain but looking at the bright side, everything is looking so green and lush, that it’s natures way of ensuring it stays that way! Until next time………

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Cindy G on

Thank you Tina, for continuing to brighten our days with your posts. You’ve certainly made my life more thrilling since discovering you 6 months ago! I appreciate all the hard work you put into your beautiful blog/posts/shop. You will never know just how far reaching your efforts go in making people’s lives more wonderful! Thank you dear girl.

Becky Hamilton on

I wish you would sell those beautiful blue glasses with the clear stems !!!!
They are beautiful and would look lovely with your other dishes.

Sharon Simms on

Hi Tina! I enjoy your posts as always and find lots of inspiration. I own the dinner plates in the first melamine pattern you produced and love them. As you know, summer in the South is hot and I don’t get to eat dinner outside as often as I would like. We do often have neighbors over for wine and appetizers. Have you considered offering your melamine in a bread and butter size for appetizers? I have some by Cadeaux and use them all the time but would prefer having some in your blue and white. Thanks for considering this!

Maria Elena on

CINDY G said beautifully was in my heart and I echo it- you DO brighten my day with inspiration. Also, i was drawn to the Blue glasses with clear stem. Love from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Eve B. on

Looking forward to visiting East Hampton Gardens next time I am out there. Can’t wait!
Beautiful post on this dreary day on Long Island. Thank you!

Charlene on

Beautiful pictures and that Kale salad looks divine?

Jane on

Your rooftop friends could use some of your pretty serving pieces….:-)

Elizabeth on

I love your pop up shop! How fun! I am sure that one day there will be An Enchanted Home Store filled to the brim with your beautiful finds, and perhaps hosting parties or cookie classes.

I hope that your niece is doing well. I have here in my prayers.

Beautiful peonies!

Susan Haidon on

Thank you for sharing all those beautiful pictures, so enjoyed them all. So many beautiful things coming in for the holidays. Love all the beautiful flowers and gardens.

Eileen on

You have some really stunning photos. Do you take them with an iphone or a special camera? They are excellent.

Yolanda on

Pics are beautiful, love love love the new chargers.

Roxanne N. on

Loved your photos! Especially will adopt your guacamole in half shells! Brilliant! Many thanks for every day fun reading

Mary Lou Layden on

Your home is SO PRETTY !! Thanks for sharing the beautiful views with us !!!

B. Woodring on

I love a dose of inspiration! Ready to dine alfresco ❤️

Melissa Hebbard on

Your outdoor collection is truly divine. You have done such a brilliant job with them. I love your idea of scooping guacamole into the avocado shells for individual serves. Great idea that I will have to incorporate.

Linda Sermersheim on

Always enjoy reading your articles. Keep it up ??

Elizabeth on

Another delightful post, as always.
How I wish I lived close enough to the Hamptons to drop in at the pop up shop. Sigh.
Anyway, every tidbit was beautiful and interesting in this post.
I will also add that those beautiful blue glasses are to die for! Pleas add them to your Shop!!!

PS: I live I. Raleigh and will definitely check out Pizzeria Toro!

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