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Good Sunday morning to you!  First I want to announce the winner of the pagoda hurricane giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#113 LEE

Please email your name and shipping info to [email protected]



Hope you are having a great weekend, here it’s been a busy one, a bridal shower and party yesterday, and tonight hosting a very small dinner for my husbands birthday. It’s a beautiful weather weekend after a long dreary week of rain…..thankfully, this will allow us to eat outside, as planned. Hope alls well on your end, here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday-


1 ONE FABULOUS WEDDING IN TUSCANY A wedding in Tuscany…..YES! What’s not to love and this fabulous wedding featured in Vogue epitomizes all I would think a Tuscan wedding should be. Click here to read more about it


2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Wow these are the kinds of stories that we need to share as often as we hear them…..such a beautiful and heartwarming story. You have to see it to the end, it will make you cry tears of happiness.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always such fun scouting out my faves of the week, and several feature my products so it was a double thrill this weekend!


4 MY NEW PAGODAS IN ACTION So this week was exciting as my new pagoda hurricanes came in and of course I had to take a few home, tired of being the shoemakers son and there not being enough for me when all is said and done. I have caught on (finally), I need to bring my loot home first:)

So I set a table for a last minute dinner with friends and these beautiful  pale blue pagodas were the perfect compliment to the table set with my favorite summer flowers, peonies (OK tied with hydrangeas). You can see all the colors by clicking here to see all new arrivals (scroll down).

Next month will get in the next larger size in another 6 colors!


5 A HEAVENLY NEW APPETIZER IDEA Discovered this I believe on Pinterest and OMG these are soooooo good! I did a trial run and made just a tiny batch to see how good they were. They most certainly did not disappoint, heavenly good! If you love crab meat, you must try these! Found them over at Home Is Where The Boat Is, click here for full recipe.

6 JACK ROGERS I have worn Jack Rogers for as long as I can remember, however I had no idea they were doing espadrilles  and so many other styles. I fell in love with these below and ordered them right away, even cuter in person and best part is they are super reasonable. Plus a few other favorites were on sale too. Works for me, as these are such great and affordable summer shoes.

Love these gingham slides and now they are on sale! Click here

And who knew they were doing espadrilles!  I though these were so cute, I ordered the pair in midnight, price was right too! Click here

And because I have an affinity for anything woven, especially this summer these beautiful woven sandals immediately caught my eye in three great colorways, click here

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So I am “in talks” with a fellow business owner about introducing a line of products that would feature handpainted versions of various pictures of mine transposed onto fabric where we would come out with a line of adorable robes and pjs!

We will also introduce an Enchanted Home desk top calendar. There are other ideas we are floating around and I am admittedly loving every single one of them. One question we do have is for the robe, it will be a high quality cotton, and possibly the cutest robe you will ever own. Only danger I can see if never wanting to take is off:)

Imagine handpainted ginger jars or tulipieres with flowers all over your morning robe! We need to be sure we are going to price it at a price point where people will feel its fair (given its a custom item) but it has to make sense for us too. So please tell me, if the robe is as irresistible as what I am describing,  which price point you feel is fair-



By the time you read this I will be busy preparing for a very small birthday dinner we are having for my husband tonight. Thankfully the weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, after a week of non stop rain! Hoping you have a great and relaxing day and smooth end to your weekend. Until next time…….

PS If you love our chic melamine and our stylish basketweave salt and peppers, you will love this offer! With any $50 or more purchase of melamine, you will receive a basketweave salt and pepper free! Click here to see melamine (no code necessary)

Jack Rogers

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Eve B on

Beautiful weekend here on Long Island. Happy Birthday to you husband! Enjoy!

Lolla on

Would love a zip up the front robe!

FiveFabulousFrenchies on

Inspiring as always! Happy Birthday to your husband! Enjoy the beautiful day!

Franki on

Super post!!! Luv!!

Charlene on

Oh, what a post of so much beauty and goodness?Especially love the OKC one! And the SHOES!!!

amjean on

Would you consider adding a canape “plate”, small appetizer plate to your melamine collection?

Judy on

Your inspirational stories get me every time. This is incredibly sweet. What a hero to this precious little girl. She is beyond grateful.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

I thought about the robe you were designing. Maybe you might want to just paint blue and white florals, ginger jars, tulipieres with flowers down the front of the robe and the tie, with an added pair of blue and white floral non-slip slippers. I can also see, white robe with blue and white floral trim and then the opposite navy robe with white and blue trimmed with flowers, etc. Have a great week!

Donna Dowd on

I voted for the $125 price point….but I would like to see the robe offered in plus sizes, and would be willing to pay extra for it! Thanks, Tina! And, Happy Birthday to hubby! You are one lucky couple!

[email protected] on

Make sure your finished artwork is a two way print. It has the potential of great savings in yardage consumption and cost. Please don’t forget a pajama pant!

Patti on

What about designing a kaftan instead of a robe? I’m so into these for entertaining but hard to find stylish ones…

jody on

You haven’t described length of robe, whether there will be cuffs (or not), hemstitching, piping (or not), pockets (or not), available range of sizes from small to XXL, will there be a hood (or not), monogramming (or not), weight of cotton, will there be a lining, can it be washed in hot water without the print fading, etc., etc. So it is impossible to say what I’d pay for a pretty robe under those circumstances.

Celia Becker @ on

Happy birthday to your husband! I’m sure your dinner party will be over-the-top wonderful so you must show us photos next Sunday. Loved that Tuscan wedding! Simply stunning!!!

Susan V. on

I’d love it if you did a an Engagement Calendar, Tina … I currently get mine from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store but I’d really like something more design oriented.

Tempie martin on

I like a long robe that comes to my ank,es. I am 5’ 8” and hate short robes. Elegant and simple is my favorite . Slippers with a choice of ginger jar or happiness jar would be pretty. Price point not over 125 for the robe.

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