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Hello! Hope everyone is having a great and hopefully short week with the July 4th holiday around the corner. Suddenly, it feels like the fast forward button has been pressed and summer is zooming by. I haven’t even had a single lobster roll yet….have lots to check off my summer bucket list yet.

My husbands birthday falls in the summer and since next year is a, let’s just call it, a “big number” birthday, which we will certainly do something for, we were not doing anything beyond going to dinner this year. A few of his friends had planned a dinner out to celebrate his birthday but when our group of 8 grew,  I suddenly found myself hosting a small dinner bday party for about 15 people. I do well under pressure and last minute gatherings give me fuel, go figure.

I made a trip to get the very last of the peonies of the season to my favorite peony farm, planned out some appetizers, set up outside and prayed for great weather. We got so lucky with the weather, it was a truly spectacular day with a light breeze, bright blue skies and not a cloud in sight.

We were planning to have Persian food (if you haven’t tried it you are missing out) It is amazingly delicious, mostly grilled chickens, steaks, fish with various types of rices. The kind of food that is super flavorful and there is definitely something for everyone.  I regret that right after the evening started, my phone was misplaced but it was found right when we were about to serve dessert.

So here is a look at that impromptu birthday dinner…….


Nothing could be prettier than opening my garage refrigerator and seeing it stuffed to the gills with peonies:)

Kept them there overnight to keep them nice and cold! You do what you have to do!

And the peony arranging begins!

Loved having an excuse to use my gorgeous new hurricanes (the smaller size in this case) Loving the two new designs coming in 2-3 weeks

And the flowers are all done……

This new size hurricane (6″) is perfect for dinner tables as even with flowers, they are still low enough for conversation

Everyone always expects my bruschetta and its one of the simplest and tastiest appetizers on the planet

Making asparagus/prosciutto straws….always a hit especially with the men:)

Table flowers chilling out until I bring them outside.If you are eying the spectacular handprinted tray of my home this was a special item done for me from the company that produces all my tole and guess what- they are going to soon be offered on the site in three sizes! Stay tuned, it makes literally the most spectacular gift:)

Sprucing up outside, was fun to bring out my pillows

So nice to see everything coming out of hibernation

And then late in the afternoon as the sun is setting, I brought out the arranged peonies and my hurricanes…the jewels of the table!

I used my new smaller 6″ hurricanes (will be online tomorrow) as centerpieces for the peonies, perfect size for a dinner table

Also was setting up the round table

Everyone loves shrimp cocktail and it’s almost always part of what I serve for appetizers, a definite staple and always a people pleaser

Everyone always expects my bruschetta so it’s another staple, soooo good and relatively guilt free.

These are asparagus/prosciutto wrapped phyllo “straws”, the guys devoured them! Unfortunately my phone was misplaced and I missed out on pics of the yummy dinner but it was found in time for dessert-

A big tray of fresh fruit is always on my menu and these two cakes from the famous Lady M bakery are out of this world, they are crepe cakes which feature hundreds paper thin layers, we got the Greek tea cake and the lemon cake….yum!

Don’t judge the candles, remember this was last minute:)

Fresh fruit for those of us who prefer to eat a little lighter


Such a fun and enjoyable night. We felt lucky to be surrounded by the love of good friends, great wine, yummy food under the stars. The best ingredients for a memorable birthday:) Sometimes those last minute impromptu get togethers turn out to be some of the best ones. Thanks for stopping in, until next time…….

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Sharon Cass on

Beautiful party. Where did you get the outdoor pillow?

Marilyn S. on

Do you share your recipe for bruschetta? It looks delicious

Alice Genzlinger on

Would you be willing to share your bruschetta recipe ? It’s the best impromptu birthday party ever!

Mary Ellen Brenneis on

We all want the recipes! Bruschetta and asparagus straws for sure!

Mary Kay Graves on

Please share your recipes.

Piper B on

Tina, I know that you are a very healthy eater so I’m curious what was on your menu for dinner? And, yes please, share your recipes. I think they may somewhere in an older post. Thank you. Your yard looked beautiful! Lucky husband, lucky guests!!
Oh, yes. I love the 6″ hurricanes!!

Mary Anne on

Beautiful feast for the eyes and the tummy!!

Decorative Interiors on

Thank you for sharing these wonderful, detailed photos of your party! Happy July 4th to you and your family!

Teresa on

Beautiful party! Please share the asparagus wrap recipe. Would love to know your dinner party menu and recipes. I have so many good ones from you! ?

Janet Allison on

All your parties have been fabulous, gorgeous, and the food you make all looks divine!
I was curious: do you have elves and fairies to help you prep the food and serve.?
I sure do need help with all the above when I entertain.

Barbara Fox on

You are amazingly talented

Liz @ Home and Gardening With Liz on

Looks like it was a wonderful last minute birthday party! The peonies looked fabulous!

Mary Ann on

Bruschetta recipe, please!

Donna Tarleton on

Recipes, please.
It looks like puff pastry in the photo, not phyllo as noted under the photo.

Maria on

Lovely! I want a tole tray with my house on it!

Susan on

Beautiful home, delicious food and great company and of course the peonies, a perfect birthday dinner party.

Elizabeth on

Divine! Absolutely everything looked divine! What a beautiful party!

I also would love the recipes!!!!!

Sherri Mccormick on

Could you give us your bruschetta recipe again?

Susan on

You make everything look so easy. Please share all the recipes and share your tips on how you pull everything together at the last minute. Do you have someone to help you? I love your blog. Have been reading for years and is my favorite one to read first each morning. I always love your tips on entertaining!

Nancy Olmsted on

What a gorgeous terrace you have and your party styling is divine! I’m sure your guests and your hubby had a wonderful evening.

Sandi Wells on

I am (once again) impressed ! Would love to have the “straw recipe”!

Barbara Kelly on

Please repost your Bruschetta recipe.
Thank you

Charlene on

What a lovely party to celebrate your husband?I agree that impromptu can turn out to be the best!

Kathy on

Wow ~ stunning, every.little.detail.

Judy Stevenson on

Beautiful Tina! I LOVE Peonies! And the food presentation is beautiful as well.

Danae on

Love the simple yet colorful menu. Perfect cocktail party menu sand the entree! Love seeing your process & I know others would love more party planning tips- the ones you take for granted because you entertain so often. Would love more resources like you did for your Palmetto house. Table linens, determining size, what types of tables used, etc. You have a lot of knowledge to share!

Nancy Kelley on

What an amazing birthday dinner! How lucky your husband must feel to be the honored recipient of such a beautiful event! You are quite the hostess, Tina. The flowers look exquisite and the food scrumptious! You created a very special memory for everyone invited!

Diane on

Would love your recipes as I noticed a lot of others would too! Maybe in another post!
Beautiful party!
Thank you

Linda Imgrund on

As always, a delight to the eye! You are amazing Tina!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Beautiful party!

Pam M. on

Absolutely lovely! Recipes please!

Mel on

Everything is so beautiful, I love your style it is so elegant ! I’m sure your husband felt very special and your guest felt very pampered ! Like everyone else would love your recipes, the ones I have gotten from your website I have not only thoroughly enjoyed but they have become regulars in our household ! Those peonies are just dreamy?

Joy Wood on

I loved and enjoyed your steps to perfection.

Susan B on

GORGEOUS PARTY! You are my entertaining heroine Tina!!

Bobette Lerner on

So beautiful, and your setting of house and yard, just my taste❤️
And your appetizers are a great reminder for me when I’m stewing over what shall I make ??
And of course…. our mutual love of our Goldens ??????

Donna Scully on

Tina, Could you have your programer develop a recipe icon where we can go and find your recipes?

Elisa Ikard on

The birthday party looks like a professional party planner did everything – you certainly did everything with ease and style! Maybe you should consider publishing a ‘party book’ with your recipes, flower ideas and decor suggestions! I would buy a copy. Loved everything!

bonnie moore on

So elegant and inspiring Tinia !
Thank you for sharing this happy birthday dinner !

Belinda on

Tina, I always love visiting your blog. Would you share your famous bruschetta recipe?

Anne Combest on

Perfection!!! Just beautiful and I felt like I had been there as you took us step by step. Would love the bruschetta recipe. And so curious what you served for dinner.

Loving your house on the tray. I want one!!! Will be looking for that.

Lastly, oh my… the peonies… they were the cherry on top of the cake! Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

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