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Hello friends and happy July 4th! Hope everyone is enjoying this special day celebrating our great nation’s independence. We are in Palmetto Bluff and this was scheduled ahead of time, so hoping it posts as planned.  Palmetto Bluff is a wonderful place to celebrate the 4th,  complete with an old fashioned parade, fireworks and many other happenings.  A really great place to escape to often referred to as my “happy place”,  love my late afternoon bike rides, lazy mornings, coffee on the porch and so much more.

Yesterday my sister, husband, niece and rest of family arrived and the biggest celebration is that  we will be celebrating her recovery! Today  we will have the obligatory BBQ (of course) and toast her progress (I will post more about what exactly happened as many have asked in a separate post one day soon). Hope this finds you enjoying whatever you are up to. So, heres a look at various highlights from the last week or so……….


I had the great fortune of being able to preview the tremdenous Oleg Cassini auction (held by Doyle Auctions) needless to say many things spoke to me including all the dishes!

 I had to use tremendous restraint

The history of his relationship with Jackie O and Princess Grace, I found most fascinating. The iconic dresses, letters and photo collections were incredible!

Vintage cars anyone?

Stacks and stacks of pictures and drawings of his earlier fashions

And yep, there was the iconic blue and white too!

I am loving these new 6″ pagoda salt and peppers, we will have them online to preorder in a few days- offered in two tones

I have the most wonderful local seamstress, an older Italian woman who worked for many many years as a head seamstress for Oscar de la Rent and Gorgio Amrani I love going to her house (where she works out of) and watching her in her bustling old school sewing room, she defines old world craftsmanship, going visit her is like going back in time

In cleaning out the warehouse, found a few left of each of these fabulous large pagoda lanterns, aren’t they gorgeous!

Visited an old friend in Sutton Place, such an elegant part of the city and how about that blue door!

Was at a stop light and took a pic of this corner grocer….reminded me of living in the city, how I loved making my weekly stops to these local markets for my weekly dose of flowers:)

Stuck in traffic in NYC, and was stopped behind this very proud parent:) Couldn’t decide if they were over the top vain or have a gaggle of kids who are about to take over the world with their obvious supreme intelligence!

Stopped in to gorgeous East Hampton Gardens where my pop up shop is, such a treat every time I go!

We are taking advantage of every summer night that we can, to eat outside (yes, my purple hydrangea topiaries are still going strong)!

My hydrangea hedge is exploding with blooms and vibrant white color!

Love taking pictures of clouds:)

A perfect sunset one night on the water


And that’s a wrap for the past week or so. Lots of fun summer highlights. Hope your summer is going well, it just flies by so fast we need to cherish every day and try to fit things we love doing into the mix. I always preach to my kids life is all about balance, granted I am sometimes feel like I am still figuring it out but I am trying! Always appreciate you stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday!

PS Today is day 2 of the 2 day sale in celebration of July 4th,  where everything site wide is 20% off.  Click here to visit the shop.

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Charlene on

A wonderful post?Happy 4th of July??❤️!

Kathy on

Happy 4th of July?????? Enjoy your beautiful family!

Deanna on

A beautiful dose of pretty pictures, and I like looking at clouds too. Thanks for the update. Enjoy being down at Palmetto Bluff! Looks so tranquil and lovely.

Nancy Everest-Home on

I so enjoy, as always the beauty, imagination of design and peace found in the gardens, flowers and exquisite blue and white.

Donna Scully on

Please develop a recipe icon for your site so we don’t have to hound you about your wonderful recipes. Thanks………

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Happy July 4th to you and your family??

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Happy 4th of July, CHEERS!

Roz on

So happy to hear your niece is on the mend to a full recovery. Happy 4th in PB!

B Zimmerman on

That was one educated, expensive windshield!

Marguerite on

So glad your niece is on the mend! Please make white porcelain pagoda salt shakers! They would be so elegant! Thanks in Advance!

Neillie Lucado on

Love the pagoda salt and peppers!!
Have a Happy 4th

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