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Good Sunday to you! Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing summer weekend. A little crazy that July 4th is now behind us and it’s full steam ahead into the second half of summer. We are in East Hampton this weekend with lots going on,  and banking on great weather and some summer fun with friends.

It’s been a very busy summer so far, and I am still trying to carve some more down time. I vowed to make the second half of July into August more about finding time to relax a bit more, work a little less because you know what’s around the bend- the H word….the holidays and there is most certainly no rest for the weary come September.  I am bracing for holiday frenzy:) Onward to my Seven on Sunday……




1 ONE FABULOUS TABLE Oh my, this incredible table took my breath away! Talented Paige Minear along with two tastemakers  set up this fabulous table at the fabled Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. Epic is one word. I was excited to see my now bestselling basketweave flatware used and was so thrilled to be a part of this incredible table setting. These beautiful pics were taken by Andrea Kinnear. Click here to visit Paige over at the Pink Clutch to see more pictures and get the backstory on this fun day!


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Loving this round up this weekend, a little bit of this and a bit of that, beauty, travel and all around inspiration:)


3 ATTENTION ALL TRAVELERS! Did you know that you can now renew your passport with Fed Ex in 24 hours!! Where was this info when about 8 years ago we got to JFK, bound for the Caribbean only to discover that someone in our party found out his passport had expired! I thought this was excellent info to share as I don’t know that the average person is aware of this? Pass it on, with summer being a top travel time, I am sure someone will find themselves needing a passport ASAP! Click here for more info.


4 NEW FAVORITE NECKLACE THAT YOU WILL LOVE AND ADORE!!  I was so excited when I found this then did a total double take at the price!! This is F A B U L O U S and goes with everything, I chose the pearly white but it comes in a beautiful soft shade of pink as well.

Love the chunkiness of it too. I  had bought one very similar a few years back from a shop in Bermuda that was about 5 times the price of this and it has disappeared, so when I found this one, I was jumping for joy. I have worn it several times already and everyone comments on it. A fabulous piece for dressing up any summer outfit, click here for info

5. INSPIRING STORY I just love sharing these stories, they make my heart swell and bring a smile to my face. Makes you realize the world is full of really good people, we just need to talk about them and the things they do more than we do the bad.  So I am doing my part every Sunday:) I have always had such a soft spot for the homeless, to me, I cannot imagine anything more personally degrading, talk about hitting rock bottom in life. Just thinking of the effort required to get just a warm meal or a hot shower brings tears to my eyes.

I am particularly moved about how many young people are making it a mission to go out and help the homeless, it is not only very touching but is incredibly inspiring. It is so easy to forget the forgotten, and what a beautiful thing this young man did.

You can skip over the first couple minutes but it is sooooo worth seeing when he first meets the homeless man and gets his backstory, and the rest is just too good to not watch! Everyone has a story with dreams and aspirations, their hopes are no different than ours. I sent this to my boys and have challenged them to do something similar. I love the idea that these acts of kindness are contagious, and cannot imagine anything more rewarding than paying it forward.


6. PLACE MATS YOU WILL WANT TO HAVE FOR SUMMER ENTERTAINING. You can thank me later:) So I saw these great raffia woven place mats that were beautifully detailed (albeit pricey- 4 for $108) however they didn’t have 12 and they cannot get more so the search continued…..

I was so disappointed as I had my heart set on those but I was happy that I ended up finding these from Pier One, and the best part? They are only about $8 each AND they are now buy one and get one at 50% off  That means these beauties are a steal, great for every day use! How can you refuse! Click here for info

Here is a sneak peek at a future photo shoot I will share with you in a few weeks using these very mats-


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So by now you know how much I value your input on so many things, you as I always say, are the ultimate focus group. Crazy as it may sound, we are in the throes of Christmas ornament and gift wrap ordering/producing. I worked on my designs many months ago and cannot tell you how excited I am over them!

This has to do with how and when you buy holiday items and prepare for the holidays.  Admittedly I was always one to think about Christmas the month of Christmas but that has somewhat changed being in the business I am in:) So…….when do you start planning/purchasing holiday related items?



And that friends, is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this Sundays post and hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. We are trying to soak up as much summer sun and relaxation as possible:) Wishing everyone a great day, thanks for stopping in!

PS Second and last day today to enjoy 20% off of every single ginger jar! Click here to see our amazing collection.

PPS If you missed my post yesterday on one of my favorite alfresco tables, click here!


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Phyllis on

In the future, can you pleazzzzzze offer several 32 inch Blue and White temple jar/ginger jar options!!

Lisa on

Tina it was so nice to meet you last night at East Hampton Gardens! You are beautiful and were so welcoming and warm! I loved your skirt and would love to know where I might purchase one! I will email you-

Great post today that table setting in Palm Beach is beautiful. Good luck with your new shop, so happy I got to visit.

I am the one from California who spoke about Teddy and how handsome he is?

Sharon Simms on

Hi Tina, I have your Pagoda melanin plates and love them. Have you considered offering a bread and butter size to be used for appetizers? We often entertain neighbors for wine and heavy appetizers. These would be perfect. Thanks!

DD on

The daisies in silver cups are so spectacular and unexpected. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and positive thoughts.

Emily on

Beautiful way to start my day! Love the necklace, definitely need it! And always enjoy your Instagram picks.

I start prepping for the holidays right after Labor Day, my husband has a huge family and there is no time too early to start preparing especially with all extensive gift buying list’. Love the hurricanes I just bought from you- they will be beautiful on my holiday tables!

Charlene on

Another lovely Seven on Sunday Blog?

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Love your post. Happy Sunday!

Laura Livingston on

I love your website. Now in my late 60’s so I don’t need as many accessories for the home as I use to buy but I LOVE your things and have purchased in the past. Keep this great blog going!

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