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Hello and happy Saturday to you. Hope you are well and enjoying a wonderful weekend. Just got back from idyllic Nantucket and must admit it was hard to leave, a very special place. It had been too long since I had been and I vowed to go more regularly….it is so beautiful. We are heading back to East Hampton later today and it’s going to be HOT!!!!!



So……it got me thinking, this is a perfect time to hold our Summer Love photo contest!  I always love seeing how you interpret various seasons and summer is such an opportune time for photo taking opportunities, whether its time at the beach, an alfresco set table, a family vacation, a yummy lobster roll, maybe pictures from a local farm stand or kids and pets frolicking in the surf. This contest is all about the joys and pleasures of summer. So here are the rules, then it’s time to get busy and send us your best shot!


  • You can send in 1-2 pictures (must be YOUR pictures)
  • Pictures must be AT LEAST 400 x 600 (cannot take anything smaller) so please check the size you are sending first
  • Pictures cannot be downloaded from the internet, there are strict laws about doing this with regard to copyright, etc…please be sure these are your pictures to enter
  • Please email pictures to info@enchantedhome and be sure to put the words “contest” on subject line (only pictures sent to this email address will be considered)
  • Clarity, color and size matter (examples of a good quality picture are below)
  • We are taking pictures today through August 3rd
  • If we cannot take your pictures we will let you know
  • The contest will start on or around August 10th and there will be two rounds (if we get more than 80 entries, we will divide it into 3 rounds) Then there will be a finalist round which will decide the grand prize winner
  • One grand prize winner will win three months of Enchanted Home goodies!


So,  I always like to includes good examples of what a great entry should look like. Clarity, color, size and overall quality of picture are very important. We will let you know if we cannot accept your picture and give you the chance to resubmit. All these pictures below (from last year’s contest) are ideal examples of what a good quality picture should look like-

OK time to go out and start photographing your favorite summer highlights! I can’t wait to get your entries. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and great weekend!


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Anne Marie O'Connor on

Beautiful pictures! Summer is definitely here. Enjoy!

Patricia Freeman on

Just received my chunky ginger jars with the dragon design and love them!!!!

Emma Lee Welker on

Enjoy it all, thanks for sending all those pictures.

Melissa Safer on

What an array of summer love these pictures capture. Love!

Elizabeth on

Liked all your pics except the sunflowers. The only thoughts I have when I see them is fall, colored leafs and pumpkins. Not yet, thank you.

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