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Good morning! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I cannot believe summer is going by so fast, only a few weeks until Labor Day………crazy! We have dinner plans, today and are planning to drive out to the wineries on the North Fork,  taking advantage of a beautiful summer day. I know from this point forward, I am going to cherish and savor every last summer day that I possibly can. OK, here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday….


1 ONE FABULOUS JEWELER! I have been a longtime fan of Christie Nicolaides based in Australia. Her jewelry is fabulous and so unique and she has such an eye. I just love her style/aesthetic. I have a pair of her earrings and they are among one of my faves. Click here to find our more about her line.


2. GORGEOUS NEW PRODUCTS COMING IN! This is what I would call Christmas a few months early:) These beauties are on their way and will be here in about 4 weeks. We will hold a presale on them in a week or so, this is just part of what is coming in…so excited!

Get more requests for pink items than you might imagine, so say hello to this fabulous new pale pink/gold tray

And navy! Love it….

Both black and ivory are coming back


Have had many requests for navy/white bathroom pieces, so here they are!

And how about this incredible new style wicker hurricane/vase!

And how about these fabulous brass pagoda finials, the perfect finishing touch for any lamp, offered in 2 styles and four colors! These are now in, click here to see on shop

Also if you follow me on Instagram, I am offering up two pair today to two lucky readers, click here to read on Instagram

Click here for style 1 and here for style 2

Of course added them right away to my bedroom lamps (these are the new lamps we just got in, click here to see on shop)

And these fabulous new exclusive to The Enchanted Home pieces will be here mid to late September…..already have a place for them:)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many beauties this weekend, it was hard to know where to stop! Hope you enjoy…..



4 GOLDENS!!! When we were in Aspen last weekend, I swear at every turn, not only was there a dog but there were more goldens there than I have ever seen. I had to stop and talk to each and every one of them, as they reminded me so much of my sweet and irreplaceable Mr Teddy.

One as sweet and cute as the next. One of the owners I spoke to swore by their breeder who just for fun I looked up. I cannot lie, I miss having a dog so much but don’t think I am quite ready. Part of it is guilt as I know how busy I am and afraid I just won’t have a lot of time but had to share these pictures for anyone else who just might be considering a dog.

How precious are these pups from Wisteria Goldens. I almost can’t watch this video without crying both from how cute they are and from how much I miss Teddy. Click here to find out more about Wisteria Goldens

5 OUR PRODUCTS FEATURED AT A MOST GORGEOUS WEDDING!  I nearly fell off my chair when I saw these most beautiful pictures of this fabulous wedding, featuring many of our blue and white pieces. Proof positive that blue and weddings are the ultimate!!

I hope one of my sons will let me indulge my blue/white wedding fantasies:) Doesn’t get much prettier than this. How fabulous is this wedding done for Beth_Blick. Click here to follow Beth and here to follow the talented floral designer, Stella Rose Floral


6 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Oh boy I am warning you now,  its hard to watch this without crying. So emotional and so incredibly touching. This is about as powerful as it gets.

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY OK summer is almost over, isn’t that something…where did it go! I have only had a single lobster roll and felt like I was just getting started:) I am sure like me, your email box is overflowing with all kinds of back to school/back to college shopping offers.

I don’t know I am not quite ready for it….I mean I love fall and all,  but not quite ready for summer to end, how about you? What is your current frame of mind regarding the season coming to a close?


So that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Lots of fun things coming up, our pagoda sale (just got a huge shipment in), our Summer Love contest starts this week and more. So stay tuned and be sure to check back in. Thanks for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday routine! Until next time…….

PS As of Monday morning our 3 pagoda hurricane sale is on! Click here to see these beauties and take advantage of extra special pricing!

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Jo Shafer on

Summer ending already? The last day of August is always a bit sad for me, yet the first of September is so welcoming! I feel the same way about the last day of November, signaling for me the last day of autumn; by the first of December, my mood changes to joy.

Celia Becker @ on

Boy, I’m with you, I feel like summer has just begun! I think it’s because this year we had such a long, brutal winter. And yes, give me just one more lobster roll please.

Gina on

Regarding Sunday Survey, we live in Scottsdale, AZ. As much as I enjoy summer, no school for the kids, it’s HOT! and ready for it to cool off! However, what I dislike about the end of summer is my kids getting sooo much homework each night. I really dread it. I don’t understand why so much is piled on them. I think previous generations did much fine with less night homework.

Deborah on

Good morning in KD Hamptons Instagram there’s a blue and white striped umbrella and I can’t read where it is. Can you help me or give me contact information for KD Hampton

Stephanie on

On August 1st I was so depressed. The end of summer is near! But I am trying to savor each and every day like you Tina.

Deanna on

I would like 5 months of summer, 4 of autumn, 1 of winter (for snow at Christmas) and 2 of spring. I hope you get a chance to enjoy more lobster rolls! They’re so good.

Peggy E. on

Those puppies from Wisteria Goldens are adorable. They all seemed to love the girl and each wanted her attention, except the one at her feet, content to chew on her shoe laces. Our dog, Asia, is eighteen years old and I value every day we have her. I don’t look forward to the day she is no longer with us; it will leave a gigantic void in our lives, for sure. But, I know we won’t get another dog for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t want to go through the “puppy stage” and secondly, I feel like I would be doing Asia a disservice by trying to replace her. She is so smart and protective of my husband and I. Every time she goes with my husband in the car, when she returns, she runs into the house to find me, I love on her and then she goes back to the living room to lie down.
I really hope that one of your sons, and future daughter-in-law, lets you help with the wedding. A table can be set beautifully, but the addition of blue and white porcelain just elevates the look.
Can’t wait to see the photo contest.

Charlene on

We got our Golden’s from Wisteria. Debbie and Billy Franklin are so nice to deal with. We are our girls. They are so sweet and very beautiful.

Ann Peace on

I noticed the new style wicker hurricane/vase and am anxious to see them for sale. The style is just a wee bit more finished and refined than the others. I can’t wait for a chance to order them.

Jennifer on

I spied a photo of a chinoiserie painted panel and no description. But I’m dying to hear about that beauty in a future post. I hope it’s another of your fabulous new works in progress. I love it all!!

Mary Jo Miller on

Hi Tina,
I know how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet and they can never be replaced. Having said that when you bring another beautiful puppy home they bring such joy and love. Your concern that you are so busy is valid, however, since you are self employed your
fur baby can go to work with you and pet friendly offices are wonderful. Hope that you are soon able to welcome a new fur baby into your life.

Kathy on

Beautiful Sunday! Time is definitely flying by, our granddaughter is getting ready for college and we will miss her every second but at the same time we are excited for her next adventure, I also noticed the blue and white Chinoiserie panel and was hoping there would be more info to follow.

Charlene on

Love all your wonderful posts today!

And the puppies?what more can be said………love!!!

Elizabeth on

Wonderful post as always, Tina. So much beauty!
Those dogs are just too precious, really sweet.

I also would love more info on that beautiful chinoiserie panel. I sure hope it is a future offering!!

Tempie martin on

Can’t wait till winter. Summer is so humid and hot! Other people get depressed in the winter not me .summer is horrible.

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, dear Tina. I saw The Art of Racing in the Rain over the weekend. I am still drying my tears. I couldn’t help but think of your beloved Teddy. If you go to see it, arm yourself with a case of Kleenex. Yes, I said “case.” Enjoy your week. xx

Cindy A on

Tina- loved the info on the goldens! You simply must go see The Art of Racing in the Rain!

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