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Hello and happy Sunday to you. First I want to announce the winner of our Summer Love contest. After almost 6500 votes total, you have chosen your winner.

Congratulations goes to Kathy for submitting this incredible picture!!

Thanks to everyone else for submitting your summer pictures that left a big smile on my face and to everyone else for voting. I know everyone really enjoyed getting to see what summer means to so many. Kathy please email us at so that we can get the first of your three goody packages on it’s way!



By the time you are reading this I will be visiting my mom who is recovering (quite successfully I might add) my mom who had hip surgery. Nothing like being with family when they need us, I will be busy keeping her busy and making some of her favorite meals, so posts for four days were made ahead of time. Hope this posts on time and hope you are having a great summer weekend! Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday…..



1 ONE BEAUTIFUL WEDDING By now you know I do love ogling beautiful weddings, what’s not to love. They are celebrating love, and of course with that comes all kinds of other beautiful things, great food, gorgeous flowers, beautiful clothes, etc….so this wedding really caught my eye in more ways than one.

First because Villa D Este might be in my most favorite hotel in the world and secondly because Lake Como wedding planners planned a wedding for a relative there 2 years ago and the wedding was dreamy beyond words! Click here to see more about this fabulous fete…..

2 A NEW FAVORITE SALAD YOU MUST TRY Let’s face it, you hear the word kale and you don’t exactly get excited. HOWEVER, after being inspired by having the most delish kale, Parmesan/lemon salad in a few places, I was determined to try and mimic this at home.

After a few trials with various recipes, I found a winner! This is so unbelievably tasty and best part, healthy ! Click here for recipe (only things I did differently was I chopped mine very small because I love a chopped salad and used pinenuts instead of the pistachios)

3 HOTEL DU CAP EDEN ROC This is one place I have not been that I really want to visit. I am thinking late spring/early summer next year as this is most definitely a place to visit in warmer weather. Their lobby has my name all over it, click here for more info.

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Another great round of pictures! Lots of travel this weekend, must be channeling some traveling vibes:)

5 SOME SERIOUSLY NEW PORCELAINS AND A SNEAK PEEK AT ORNAMENTS!  I am jumping for joy over this new collection that I created, just love every single piece!! Cannot wait till they come in (mid to late Sept).

We have a huge 40 foot container arriving then and it will be loaded with all kinds of fabulous new products especially in anticipation of getting our homes in perfect holiday ready shape! These beauties are now all available for presale, which will guarantee you, your order. Click here to see

And a sneak peek at the first batch of ornaments which will be here later Sept including a preview at the new colors of red/ivory and green/ivory Staffordshire doggies!


6  A NEW FAVORITE MOVIE TO ADD TO YOUR LIST  You must see The Art of Racing in the Rain if you haven’t already,  just be sure to have tissue at the ready.  I had read the book and loved it, I didn’t think the movie could possibly do it justice but in my opinion it did. I will admit, I put off going,  because I know it was going to be very emotional and wasn’t sure I was up to a cryfest. I barely touched the seat, and felt the tears welling up in my eyes.

Of course I immediately couldn’t help but think of Teddy and how much he is missed. I was also reminded of what unconditional friends these dogs make, like no other.   This story/movie stirs every emotion possible and honestly upon leaving the theater, it made me want to go and immediately buy 2 golden retrievers:) This was so good, perfectly cast and every bit as good as the book!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK curious how you might react here. I was in Starbucks and there was a long long line. I desperately needed my coffee as I had a long afternoon/night ahead so patiently I waited. I felt the presence of someone behind me as she walked up in line.  I also sensed her inching closer every time the line would move even a fraction.

Pretty soon I could just about identify what perfume she was wearing and feel her breath…she was that close. I bit my lip but after a few minutes, being super OCD and a bit of a germaphobe I couldn’t take it another minute but wasn’t sure  how to approach it, so first I decided to try the “old icy stare” trick, turned around and put on my best icy stare, but it seemed to not have registered one bit.

So………finally I turned around and couldn’t help myself and my stare said “back away”. Don’t think she quite got it once again however my good fortune was that I was called at that very minute to place my order, but I will admit I was still fuming over this woman’s obvious invasion to my personal space. Curious how you might have reacted?


That’s a wrap, hope you enjoyed this weeks Seven on Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping in, hope you are enjoying a great weekend, signing off from Virginia. Until next time……..

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Gay Lundin on

What you you just described seems to be occurring more and more often to me. If it isn’t standing in line it’s someone in a car behind me ….way too close. In line I simply smile and ask, “would you like to move ahead me”? In the car it has gotten so bad, I’ve pulled over…only to watch the car repeat the behavior to the next person ahead of us.

Rosalind Laird on

This very same thing happened to me recently
My first reaction was she was a pick picket? strange I know but why else would someone do that. (Traveling in E makes me aware of those around me)
I think next time I’ll just step back and tell them to go ahead of me?

Charlene on

So thankful you’re with your dear mother to give her the best TLC possible?
These are times to treasure as she rests and heals with you close by!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Love the pictures! As for the question about someone who is/has invaded your space, definitely turn around and say “excuse me, I need space thank you”. Most likely they don’t even realize what they are doing. A lot of these people have headphones in their ears, texting with their head down, being nudged by the person behind them. Not making excuses for these inappropriate behaviours but say something, they are in your personal space, speak up!

Eileen on

Your survey was tough to answer. An invasion of privacy is always hard to handle. Just think that maybe you smelled fantastic and she couldn’t resist getting closer…..which is really creepy, but all I could come up with. Not a comfortable situation under any conditions.

Eve B on

I had to laugh when I read about the about the person “invading” your space. My daughter-in-law would have told her to “back off–you are invading my space”. She is a real New Yorker! I have had this happen to me in grocery lines. I always ask if they are in a hurry and tell them to go ahead of me. They are taken aback and always thank me. Sometimes you meet the nicest people. I always tell them to play it forward.

Peggy E. on

Congratulations to the Summer Love Photo Winner! That is quite an achievement!

Your survey was very interesting and I liked the reply by Gay about asking the person if they would like to move ahead in line. It’s the least confrontational and these days, one can’t be too careful.

So glad that you are spending time with your parents. Sometimes, it will be trying and exhausting, but I am sure that they really appreciate your help. It also gives you time to visit and reminisce.

Suzy on

People from other cultures – particularly in parts of the world where they live, work and move in close, often crowded circumstances – have a smaller circle of personal space than Americans raised in wide open spaces. What we consider an invasion is merely a normal distance for them. A European guest of a friend encroached on my space, and I stepped away. We repeated this dance without my awareness until I realized I had circumnavigated my hostess’ kitchen and was finally wedged in a corner. With no place to retreat that’s when I became uncomfortable, yet the European was finally content, having closed the gap I had been leaving between us.

Lucia Donahower on

Thank you for the recipe and the movie tip. Love the Instagram posts. Have a wonderful week.

Susan V. on

Loved Kathy’s photo that ended up winning the Summer Love Contest!! My husband’s hobby is photography and he thought it was amazing as well. Both of us enjoyed perusing all the photos exploring the joys of summer and we thank you for another great contest, Tina!

Kate on

Another thing to try with the woman in line is to take a step backwards. You will run into her, and she will probably step back as well. Then you can say you are sorry and give yourself a bit more room. Sometimes it works!

Ann Bailey on

People from other countries are not as space conscious as we Americans. I would have politely let her know she was in my space.

Nancy on

This was funny to read about lady being to close to you. I live in NC and when I travel to NY this is normal. I only go to NYC and not often because I don’t like the traffic at all !!!!…..And people being on my heels.

Jen M on

I’ve been procrastinating seeing that movie -anticipating the tears!! I still miss my 2 dogs that passed years ago. I have always gotten my dogs from shelters or rescue groups. I would like to encourage you to consider rescuing your next dog, in several posts you mentioned buying one. Rescue dogs have just as much love, if not more to give ❤️

Alice Genzlinger on

People aren’t taught good manners any more and asking them to give you space could cause them to react poorly, so I agree with those that said they would ask them if they would like to go ahead of you as it seemed they were in a hurry.

helen johnson on

Honestly, its just not worth losing your peace over. I would have just left if I had felt that uncomfortable and gone somewhere else. I will not accept other people’s rude issues to steal my joy.

Elizabeth on

Have a great week Tina, I hope that your mom is doing better and that you had a nice time in Virginia. Love your Sunday 7. Have a great week.

Wendy on

Download the Starbucks APP! You can place an order on line and then run in and pick it up. You will never have to stand in line again ?

Joan on

Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery. It is amazing to me that they have hip & knee replacement patients up on their feet as quickly as they do. Good reminder for those of us over 40 to get our bone density tests done and take our calcium. I was surprised to learn that even tho I take calcium w/ Vit D that my Vit D numbers where low and now take an additional supplement to ensure full calcium absorption. This is what happens when you wear sunscreen!
Like Rosalind, I worry about someone trying to pickpocket me if they get that close behind me. I have told someone that was standing very close to me is not going to make the line move any faster and to please stop crowding me. If it continues, I drop the ‘please’.
Am going to wait until ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ comes out on DVD. Having lost two very smart, sweet large dogs, I know I’ll be puddle if I see this movie in a theater. And surprisingly enough, having two dogs was not that much more work than having one. Am now happily going through the puppy stage with a new dog, and loving how each of our dogs, although the same breed, have had such different personalities.

Faith on

What a great idea Gay Lundin had! “Would you like to move ahead of me?” is the most polite way to let them know they have invaded your space. It creeps me out when people do this and you do wonder what they are up to…are they in a hurry, plain rude, oblivious or pick a pocket.

mel on

A friend of mine married a woman who seemed to have no concept of personal space. Every time we got together she stood so close to me that I had to back up. And when I stepped back she took another step toward me. I couldn’t figure out how to handle it, she was sweet and well meaning but it was challenging. I decided to say nothing. Years into my relationship with her she mentioned that she was blind in one eye and had no depth perception. I had no clue. I am so grateful that I didn’t say anything. Now I feel tender in those moments when we bump foreheads.

Fran W. on

Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery. I’m sure she loved having you with her for a few days!

Ann Redd on

I have not been getting my e-mails from Enchanted Home, and guess what we moved to Callawassie Island in August.

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