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Hello friends and happy Labor Day weekend. As I am out of town, crossing my fingers this posts on time. Hope you are having an enjoyable and safe weekend as we close out summer…..boy, this may have been the fastest one for me yet. Only one measly lobster roll and not nearly enough hours spent at the beach!

Onward to this weeks Seven on Sunday….



1 A LITTLE LEOPARD. I have always loved a touch of leopard whether its a scarf, a pair of shoes, a pretty pair of leopard pillows. When it’s not overdone, it can be super chic. One of my favorite looks for fall/winter is an all black or black/camel outfit with a pair of leopard shoes. Since I wear flats everyday I was on the hunt for a comfy pair of good looking leopard flats. Found some really great looking ones that don’t break the bank!

J Crew has a new Italian shoe designer and it shows, i have some really fabulous shoes from J Crew and this pair will soon be added to my fall collection and these beauties will soon be added to my shoe closet, click here



I like the detailing of the of the bow on this pretty pair, click here

I love the styling on these classic ballet flats, pretty and practical, plus extremely well priced.  Click here

And lastly I adore these, loving the plaid with the leopard and a slingback is my all time favorite style for a shoe with a heel, click here


2 A FEW FAVORITE DOCUMENTARIES WORTH SHARING If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know by know I devour documentaries the way some do chocolate (and I most certainly have been part of the latter group too:) When I was sick last week, I saw enough of them to last me a while! These are all over the map but all were totally fascinating and highly recommended in case you are looking for something good to watch.

The last one is not a documentary and a huge stack of tissues is required, so if you can’t handle a sad movie, do not watch. It was however incredibly moving, poignant and a very touching reminder to keep all those we love close and try to make every memory tangible in some way shape or form.


This is an English film and like I said. must be watched with a big box of tissues on your lap. Geez, even watching the trailer again and posting this has me crying again!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Clearly this weekend I had a hard time saying no as I just had so many favorites. At some point I needed to employ some self control and did, those will appear next Sunday:) Enjoy this gorgeous roundup-



4 PUMPKIN POWER! Regardless of how you feel about it, fall is at our doorstep. I personally am sad to say goodbye to summer but being fall is my favorite season I welcome it with open arms.  Plus it means I get to take out the pumpkins! I have amassed quite the little pumpkin collection.

From my stunning trio of porcelain pumpkins (click here to see), created because I could not find porcelain pumpkins anywhere to the fabulous faux stone ginormous pumpkins (click here) for my front door and a smaller version for the side door….I love bringing them out every year.

Since the entire shop site is 20% it’s a great time get either of these and get your home fall ready. Click here for the porcelain pumpkins and here for the faux stone pumpkins. Here is a look at things here last fall…..


5 A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING WITH A FEW REALLY UNIQUE IDEAS. The setting alone is dreamy, anything in France in my book makes for an incredible celebration but then you add a chateau and Chateau de Carsiz is about as pretty as they come. I love the backstory of how this couple met and his super romantic proposal…you gotta love love! Click here to read all about this beautiful wedding over at Vogue.

And how gorgeous are these invitations!

This was a beautiful not overly formal affair, however my takeaway were two incredible touches that I loved (and will tuck away perhaps for a future wedding idea for one of my sons)! One is they hired a local artist who sat and painted paintings as the guests were out and about and gave the paintings to the guests as a take away souvenir of the wedding weekend. I LOVE THAT!!!

Second, I love how the night before the wedding they hosted a more casual dinner and had a giant screen set up and showed one of their favorite movies outdoors. What a fun idea!


6 SOME FABULOUS NEW PRODUCTS!! I just cannot keep these under wraps!! So excited over this growing part of my tabletop line and just had to share!! These are all on the way and will soon be added to the presale tab on the shop site, we will also hold a presale in a few weeks on this entire container as we always do. Feast your eyes on all of these exciting and new items…..

A HUGE shipment of the now super popular pagoda lanterns is en route (we do have some pagodas in stock, (click here to see current available pagodas)

How about these new additions to the ever growing wicker collection!

And a sneak peak at some of the new designs of exclusively ours hand blocked linens (will be offered in place mats, napkins, and tablecloths)!


I have gotten a number of requests for navy/white bathroom pieces, so here are two wastepaper baskets (tissues coming in about 5 weeks) and a beautiful new navy tray-


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK calling all coffee drinkers, and I am most definitely part of that tribe:) I have very specific tastes when it comes to coffee. I would forego a cop if its not the kind of coffee I like to drink (bold/dark roast). It has to be just so, go ahead……call me a coffee snob. It’s OK, and I will own it. I only like two brands Starbucks and Peets. My freezer always has an extra 3 month supply as I can never ever run out.

Some think I am crazy and that “coffee is coffee” and when I was out with a friend a few weeks ago and she wanted to stop in at “insert another coffee place’s name here” (do not want to offend anyone) for coffee, I passed. She was baffled because she thought I was being mildly difficult but I truly wasn’t. I just like a very specific taste to my coffee and would rather not have it if it’s not the kind of coffee I like to drink. No crime in that, is it? So….wondering how many of you are like that too or maybe not. Your turn!



And that is a wrap! Yes, this was a really full post………..and a fun one to put together for me:)  Hope you enjoyed this post and love hearing from you, especially if you particularly loved something about today’s Seven on Sunday.

I want to wish everyone a very relaxing and safe Labor Day holiday weekend. Hard to believe its the unofficial end of summer, onwards to fall! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…….

And don’t forget to get your calendar order in for the delivery in October!! Click here to preorder-



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Leslie Huff on

That Acres and Acres trailer. Could hardly see the rest of your post due to tears. Thanks for sharing that wedding in France. Perfection!!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

I too love the Fall time of year And, I too love my coffee. Cheers! Enjoy Labor Day weekend! ?

Alison on

Always on the hunt for that perfect cup of coffee! Would love to try some new brands. What are your readers’ favorites?

Bonnie Kovacik on

Hi Tina
Great Seven on Sunday!
Just wanted to make a suggestion regarding your coffee!
Never freeze it because it’s your coffees worst enemy! Moisture builds up.
Just keep it in a cool dark place!
Don’t know if you by whole bean but best way to buy. I bought a burr grinder at William Sonoma many years ago best investment ever!

Franki on

Way!!! franki

Susan Hayes Long on

So bummed that summer is sadly leaving us, but your “stone” pumpkins do put a little happy face on fall. Love them on the planters.

Celia Becker @ on

OK, so I hadn’t planned on starting my Sunday morning with a good cry but you did warm me. I’m a sucker for a good love story and that film, Acres & Acres, is now at the top of my to-watch list. Thanks for the recommendation! Loved that wedding too!

Sally Bremer on

We like Gevalia French dark roast coffee and when my husband isn’t looking I set the coffee maker on the Bold brew setting!

Barbara on

My husband is a non-coffee drinker so I get my preference — Peet’s French Roast and only this one. I never buy more than one at a time and store in a rubber sealed, clamp jar, never frozen or refrigerated. I am admittedly a true coffee snob.

Susan on

I love your linens. They would make such cute, casual scarves, maybe with a tiny fringed edge! ?

Charlene on

Great post! Happy Labor Day to you and am glad you’re feeling better!!!

Neil Lucado on

Happy Labor Day!!

M. Rose on

You might enjoy CDM dark roast with chicory-a New Orleans tradition!

christine on

Lovely post.

Thank you….and Yes, even the trailers make me cry. And of course, i understand you. Not coffee, but tea. I am a tea snob. But not what most people think. I find the herbal teas either bland, too pungent or perfumery. Just give me a nice cup of black tea!

Dana on

I’m a bold/dark roast coffee girl myself- even Decaf. My son works for Birch Coffee Co in NYC- must try! 😉

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