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Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. For those in Dorian’s path, I so hope you are safe and on higher ground. Things can be replaced but those we love cannot. I think we all know that you cannot mess around with mother nature. My prayer is that it will change course and venture far out into the sea and stay away from the coastline, especially after seeing the devastation that is starting to come out in the Bahamas.

Please don’t throw something at the computer screen because I am talking Christmas……please! I was one who didn’t even think about the holidays until early December but now that I am “in the biz” all that has changed, I think about it all year long lol.

Every holiday and every spring for 2 years now I come out with a collection of gift wrap and ornaments (for holiday). This part of the business, the creative process is what really drives me, I am always thinking about what I love, what I wish I would see more of and that generally is a driving force in designing whatever it is that I am working on.

I absolutely am in  love with these papers and ornaments…..I cannot wait to start decorating and wrapping!! Sound crazy? Perhaps, but these ideas I have had in my head for many many months prior to them going into production so to see them happening is a true thrill. I am so excited to share with you the new papers and ornaments. Many of our best selling ornaments are coming back but we have new ones to add to the collection and they are I have a feeling going to be top sellers.

I would love to know what you think about the collection and for your time I am offering one lucky winner 4 rolls of holiday gift wrap (current collection) and a set of 2 ginger jar gift toppers! This will give someone a head start as we head towards the holiday season. OK onward to show you the goodies, best part about this entire post-


*****Please note the papers are not yet available for sale(this is just a sneak peek), almost all ornaments are in stock except the new Staffordshire dogs and nutcrackers. We wil hold a first presale on ALL items shown in about 2-3 weeks****


Introducing the new holiday papers for 2019!

Say hello to the blue/green papers-

And a how do you do to the red/blue papers-

Now our best selling Staffordshire dog ornaments will come in 5 fabulous colorways!

Here are a few storyboards I made showing how the ornaments coordinate with the papers-

The red/green storyboard (there is still a red nutcracker that we did not get pictures of yet)-

And some of the fabulous ornaments!

And hot off the presses look what just came in yesterday! A small first shipment of our newest and greatest!! (only missing one is the red/blue/green nutcracker). So exciting!


I cannot lie this has me very excited for the holiday season, and I will be doing a photo shoot with a decorated tree in the next month or so, which of course I will share with you because you know I am not great at keeping a secret:) All holiday items will be available for a first presale within a few weeks and then another later in October so stay tuned! OK your turn to chime in, which is your favorite? Here are the details for the giveaway-


One lucky reader will win 4 rolls of current holiday gift wrap and a pair of our darling 3″ ginger jar gift toppers. How to enter?

Simply leave a comment here on this post telling my what you love most  and I will announce a winner on Sunday morning!

Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…..

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Robin Gwaltney on

In LOVE with the red and green paper and plan on doing a tree with your new ornaments! They are perfection!!

Leslie on

My favorites are the nutcracker ornaments and the wrapping paper with the stockings. Always look forward to seeing your ornaments. Love love love.

Gayle on

Loving the nutcracker ornaments!!

Gayle on

Loving the nutcracker ornaments!!

Cheri on

My favorite are all the blue and green papers.

Eve B on

What fabulous new merchandise. You have such a talent. I would be happy with an empty box that is wrapped with your paper!

Andrea on

Love the new papers and ornaments. They all feel festive and fun while remaining elegant and refined. Congratulations on incorporating blue and white into a red and green holiday. Gorgeous!

Roxanne N. on

So excited to see the newest papers and ornaments! I so love blue and white al year long BUT what I love even more are nutcrackers! I am thrilled you are offering them in blue, white, with green and red. So cheerful!

peter on

The joys and smell of the Christmas season,I can hardly wait. In your business you need to be always planning the next holiday, I am partial to red and green. Your paper looks fabulous.


Kim Lewis on

I love all of the gift wrap and ornaments. So many to choose from!

Jordan Welch on

Oh how you just got me into the Christmas spirit early too! I LOVE the newspaper prints and the nutcrackers are amazing!!

Charlotte on

Oh my gosh. The new papers are gorgeous.

Wendy McCabe on

I’m speechless! Each design is absolutely beautiful! I must add another tree with all your ornaments! We all need something to look forward to and plan for and you’ve given me an excuse to start planning my Christmas decor!??

Kim on

You have the most beautiful papers I’ve ever seen! Makes me so excited for the Christmas season!

Jordan Welch on

And when will these be available for purchase? 🙂

Mimi on

Great now you’re making me plan to have two trees instead of one !! Totally in love with every single item, the gift wrap papers are to die for and the ornaments I cannot get enough of, those doggies melt my heart and I love the addition of the nutcrackers ! Super well done I am sure these will sell out instantly cannot wait until they’re for sale ?

Linda Sturdevant on

LOVE…LOVE….LOVE……’s the best yet!!!! Very “Christmas-yy”!!!!!

Gail on

It is never too early to think and plan for Christmas! In fact, I needlepoint and shop all year round! Love the little nutcrackers! Hello, sweet Teddy…….

Mary on

Tina, just when I thought your collection couldn’t get any better you added – Nutcrackers! They are absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to add to my tree and pair with your paper for beautifully wrapped gifts.

Blair on

I love all of the blue and green papers and ornaments!

Ann Stark on

Bravo, Tina! Exceptional collection. Love them all and particularly the blue and green. Gets me excited, too, for the holidays.

Hurder Kathleen on

Love all the wrapping with topiaries!

Tague Lisa on

Love them all ! If I had to choose , my favorite is the blue and green story board. Absolutely fabulous and the stockings are uniquely done . Another home run , thanks Tina .

Robin Faulkner on

I bought ornaments last year and leave them up all year. I love the gift wrap.

Maggie on

What a wonderful way to get us in the mood ! I can’t wait to stock up on the gift toppers!

Karen Wheat on

How can I love just one—all are spectacular and the new Nutcracker ornament—-inspired. The papers are gifts in themselves…bring on Christmas.

Becky Erdel on

Love! Love! Love! You’ve hit a home run this season for me!!! When are the new papers available to order?! Can’t decide between the blue/green stockings and ginger jar wreaths or the red/green ginger jar wreaths and fishbowls!!! Maybe a combo is in order this Christmas! Thanks for your unique products for all of us blue and white lovers!

Turner Loretta on

I am thrilled to see the new Holiday Collection and love them all, I like to plan ahead as well!

nancy on

I liked all things nutcracker !!!!!
The paper in blue and green as well as the blue and green nutcracker
ornaments are my favorite.

Terri on

The new wrapping paper and addition of the nutcracker is brilliant.

Dana Munoz on

These are all fantastic! How do you ever choose?!

Liz on

You’re best designs ever!! So adorable. Love it all but my favorite has to be the red/blue/green paper with trees, topiary and poinsettias! And normally I don’t care for that color combo. Great job Tina !! Oh and the nutcrackers are too, too cute.

Deborah on

Everything is wonderful! Love the wreaths and ginger jars with red bows and nutcrackers and of course, doggies!

Frances Barnum on

It’s all so beautiful there’s now way to pick a favorite!!

Susan Seymour on

I absolutely adore the nutcracker ornaments. I can’t wait to add these to my growing blue and white ornament collection~

Julia F. on

The nutcrackers are adorable! Bet you will have to order more! Loving all the Christmas ornaments and paper.

Lisa on

So very hard to just pick one, but I have to say the topiary paper in blue and green is my favorite!

Mary Anne Liljedahl on

I love everything, especially the blue and green nutcrackers! Wow!

Maria Carpenter on

Mon Dieu!! C’est magnifique!! I love all of it!!!

Darcy on

Oh my goodness!!! Gorgeous. I love, love the blue and green color way. Now I can’t wait for Christmas decorating.

Terry P. on

I have a HUGE smile across my face this morning – and I’m thinking those NUTCRACKER ornaments did it 🙂

Meghan C. on

LOVE the new blue and green stocking paper and all of the Staffordshire dogs! I’m always ready for Christmas time to come, especially after a Louisiana summer!

Lynne B. on

I love the blue and green stocking paper and the blue and green nutcracker ornament.
Great Christmas selections.

Jill Haney on

Blue bows on a table tree accented with the elegance of the Nutcrackers and Doggy ornaments! I just love all of this!

Mary Cherrey on

I love it all but especially the red, blue and green paper with wreaths on it.

Whitney on

All your papers are beautiful! My favorite is the wreath and ginger jar with red bows, love that pop of color! The ginger jar ornaments are such a classic.

Stephanie O. on

I love it all as usual! I especially love the new paper with the blue and white planters and red accents!!!

Marianne Lille on

I simply adore this “blue collection”. There are not enough Christmas “blues” for those of us who love this colorway. My favorite has to be the Nutcrackers. I used to take my girls to a performance every year and would buy them each a new Nutcracker ornament to commemorate the day. How wonderful these are! I am going to purchase one for each even though they are grown women now. They will bring back such fond memories.

Faith Boggio on

I love all the Christmas wrapping papers. I guess I am just going to order many of them to wrap presents and watch my family and friends faces light up when they see them regardless of what’s inside. I will love to watch them carefully unwrap them and fold up the wrapping paper to save it because they love it so much. Thank you Tina

Caroljo Kimberly Creighton on

I LOVE the papers and ornaments, especially the red, blue and green with the ginger jars and wreaths! And the nutcrackers are precious! No worries from me about talking Christmas… I’ve just dodged a huge hurricane in North Florida, and if the forecasters are correct, we’ll only experience the wind and a little rising water on the lake. Thank you, Lord, as of now I will have a home to decorate for Christmas!!! Praying for the many in the Bahamas who won’t.

Joanne on

I love,love the blue and green topiary paper. My doctor package this year will be blue and white and coral with some gold. With you – can’t believe I am thinking about Christmas!

christine on

I love the touch of red in all the different papers…especially the trees! And those nutcrackers are adorable!

Mary Catherine on

With fall in the air, Christmas is not far away! The green and white ginger jar and wreath wrapping paper is my favorite, along with the new table scene ornament. Thank you, Tina, for adding to the collection!

Sandy W on

I love them all, but the wreath and ginger jar paper in blue and green is my favorite.

Mary Ann on

Love it all! My favorites, however, are the blue and green wreath and ginger jar paper, the blue and green nutcrackers and the blue and white pagodas. Wonderful combinations for a spectacular package.

Sharon Ellis on

You hit it out of the ball park AGAIN!
I don’t know how you did it but those papers are amazing! And the ornaments! I can’t even make up my mind! Thanks for your hard work & attention to details!

Carol M on

I’m particularly drawn to the blue and green wrapping paper with the wreaths and jars. And the cute dog ornaments.

Maria on

I MUST have the ginger jar and wreath paper in red! Love how your holiday items have evolved!

Megan Bobbitt on

So hard to chose just one!
The blue and green papers would make me very happy!

Donna C. on

I love the paper with the blue stockings and the one with the blue/green nutcrackers. Don’t know which I like better. I also love the precious Staffirdshire doggies. Gosh, I can’t choose a favorite?

Janet on

Love, love, love the nutcracker ornaments and papers! I think of nutcrackers as one of the classic holiday designs, so really fun to see your interpretation of them. But, really, it’s all lovely and fun!

Kristin on

I love the wreath and ginger jar wrapping paper (the red, blue, green colorway!)

Suzanne on

The most beautiful papers and ornaments I have seen period!! Cannot wait for them to go on sale!!

Janis on

I am mad/crazy for the blue & green papers!!!

BP on

All are stunningly beautiful but the red and green collection gets my vote and I will certainly be ordering!!

Tracey Brandon on

Elegant, simple and classy….the entire collection makes me smile! I love poinsettias and topiaries, so the fresh, updated style of the wrapping paper will look stunning under my tree! Thank you for the curated Christmas collection.

Joy Searles on

What beautiful wrapping paper and ornaments! Thanks for the opportunity to win some.

Elizabeth Yingling on

Stunning! I love it all! You have struck the perfect balance between holiday elegance and whimsical charm. I love how it all coordinates so perfectly to make a truly beautiful Christmas room. I can picture now all these lovey ornaments on my tree, along with the matching, beautifully wrapped presents underneath it. No running around all over town to find the perfect coordinates… You’ve done all the work for us! Thank you!

Miriam Reese on

I love the new nutcracker ornaments! I have ordered all of the other ones previously. Looking forward to ordering from the presage!

Janet on

All your Christmas/holiday items are adorable! Selecting the item I love most is like trying
to eat just one potato chip! It’s impossible!

Marsha on

I love, love, love the Staffordshire dogs, the green and blue nutcrackers,& all of the wrapping paper!! I will take one of EACH!!

Mary Ann on

Your papers are beyond exceptional.! They make one happy just viewing them.
Maybe….thinking ahead… you will consider gift bags.
With care, they may be enjoyed over and over by others.

Lucy Porter on

For me, Christmas is all red and green! I would love to see all of my presents wrapped in your red and green wrapping papers! The more the merrier!

Jo Anne Jones on

Love the blue and green papers. Now my packages will coordinate with my blue and white collections and decor.

Kathy on

No one does it better? The blue/green colorway might have to be my signature holiday wrapping paper this Christmas. ???. In love with the wreathes/ginger jar combination and the stockings.

Allison Hollett on

Oh my goodness I can’t WAIT for Christmas! Wait – did I just say Christmas??? Thank you for feeding the spirit!

Patricia Greene on

Can’t wait for the Presale! Love the topiary wrapping paper. So fresh and current! Might have to work my whole Christmas theme around it! Thanks.

Linda C on

The red/blue collection of paper is stunning, very Christmasy

Jane on

LOVE the blue and white papers w the red accents! Thanks! ❤️

ting on

I love the Ginger Jar Ornaments and the Blue White Red wrapping paper the most!! -What a neat Giveaway! Thanks,–Valery

april on

Staffordshire dogs and blue/green papers are favorites. Beautiful collection. You have all the fun
Tina, creating and designing.

Laura Erenwert on

Love the green dogs. Can’t wait add them to my tree

Mary Ann Frasher on

I am a Christmas nut and almost start planning for the next Christmas right after the last Christmas! But I have to tell you your Christmas wrapping paper is the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time. It’s almost the present itself.

Kathryn on

I have your beautiful paper and ribbon from year before last and last year, and I LOVE them!!! Looking forward to getting a new paper and more ribbon when it appears!!

Regina on

I love the Staffordshire dog ornaments and the Christmas tree wrapping paper!! They are all gorgeous!

Ann M on

I’m a gift wrap junkie and love everything, old and new. The nutcracker papers and ornaments are fabulous.

Betsy Carlisle on

Love them all! But especially the Staffordshire dog ornaments

T O on

Loving the green wrapping with echoes of chinois wallpaper.

Suzanne Vuillemot Sloan on

I love all the new papers and ornaments!

Gina Penner on

Your wrapping paper is beautiful! I bought it last year and I will be buying again this year.
The nutcracker ornaments and paper are my new favorites!

Ann H on

First off I love your beautiful Golden Retriever Teddy I believe. I know how much you loved him. Golden are such angels and mischievous at times as well.

I also love the red and blue collection, along with the Nutcrackers ❤️?

Rosemary on

Love love all the blue/green papers especially the stockings and nutcrackers. And the red/blue/green topiary paper is great too!!! Question: Are the nutcrackers coming in gift topper size??

Cindy Bauer on

I love the paper with the blue and white vases filled with topiaries, trees & red poinsettias! It makes me want to duplicate them on my kitchen counter with my Enchanted Home Blue & White Vases!

Danelle on

I love, love,love the new paper and the nutcrackers are beyond. I can’t wait to get my hands on those staffordshire ornaments. Great job with all the new designs.

Ruth on

I love the blue/green stocking paper! Will look so pretty with the blue gingham ribbon from 2018❣️❣️

Hollis Martinez on

Everything is wonderful but I love the Soldier ornaments the best!

Alice Genzlinger on

I love all of your inspirations, however I usually end up using wrapping paper with less design on the paper and allow the Christmas tree to shine.

Vicki C. on

Happy Paper! Happy colors!

Natalie on

Oh! They are all so pretty! I do like the blue and white with the Christmas stockings! The nutcracker ornaments are also fun!

Mary M on

I love everything but my favorite would have to be the nutcracker ornaments and paper.

Kathleen Coalter on

Merry Merry!!! The paper is once again amazing! I had so many compliments last Christmas!! The ornaments are fabulous!! Thank you for your concern and prayers about Dorian. Hope your home at PB is out of harms way! ?

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love love those blue and green nutcrackers!!

Deb Harris on

Love the blue and green papers. Can see packages under the tree using them right now!

Piper B on

I love everything Nutcracker!
Also can’t wait for those adorable Staffordshire dogs!

Heather K on

Love the dog ornaments!

Meredith on

I can’t get over how spectacular the entire collection is I literally cannot name a favorite but I must say the papers are beyond gorgeous and the doggies are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen !

Mary Ellen Brenneis on

The colors are great! I can just see that under my tree!

Teresa Tario on

I like the Blue Ginger Jar & Wreath with RED bow paper best. I also like the floral ginger jar ornaments. The Stocking paper is pretty but I wish there were a few red berry branches added to the stocking stuffing…

Faith on

Oh my goodness! It would be impossible to pick a favorite, they are all spectacular and I cannot wait to purchase these!!

Gay Lundin on

The topiary blue/green is perfect! Crisp and cool!

Duchess of Java on

I love your gift wrapping paper. Can’t wait to see it under my Christmas tree!?

Mylinda Mitchell on

I love the green wreath paper with the blue ginger jars.

Deb on

The blue and green story is the prettiest I’ve ever seen – so elegantly designed!

Mylinda Mitchell on

I also love topiaries with blue and white planters.

Roberta Moors on

Just moved south to Georgia and am filling my house with all blue and white!! Love all the new designs. Just beautiful and such fun.

Ellie on

I love the blue and white jar and pots wrapping paper with red flowers! Adorable! I also love all of the blue and white ornaments!

Melissa Hester on

I am very passionate about my blue and white collection. After that, I love my collection of Nutcrackers. I can hardly wait to order several!

Barb Austin on

Can hardly wait for the nutcrackers and have to have more dogs. I like the gift wrap as well…love a wrapped package, I know bags are easy, but they don’t look as pretty under the tree.

Perfect offering on

Your newly designed wrapping papers are beautiful.

Lee on

You are probably the only one who can get me excited this early about Christmas! Love the blue and green papers, particularly the ginger jar and wreath paper. Also love the topiary paper, because I think it could be used not just at Christmas?

I am going to ordering some more because I order some the beginning of this year and I love it it’s beautiful thank you for all your beautiful thanks God bless on

Everything so beautiful I love the gift wrap paper I am going to ordering some more because I order some the beginning of this year and I love it it’s beautiful thank you for all your beautiful thanks God bless

Tempie martin on

Love the blue and green boxwood wreath and ginger jar paper. Looking forward to your ornaments arrival.
I decorated with them the last two years and made snapshots so I can do the same this year. I use silver and ,French blue velvet ribbon also. My granddaughter gifted me with the blue an white ginger jar ornaments last year.

Linda W on

Beautiful green and blue nutcrackers and stocking paper. All are wonderful!

Tamara Stone on

Loving the wreath and ginger jar wrapping paper and the ginger jar ornaments! So cute!

Linda W on

All so stylish and love blue and green

Laurie on

Love love love the red blue combo of paper and the tin soldiers are adorable!!

Alison on

Love the blue/green color combo on it all!

Linda Beth on

Love the Staffordshire dogs and the nutcrackers are a favorite, too!!

Gale Goldring on

I love the gift wrap paper the blues and greens and the bird designs looks like Gracie wallpaper. The ornaments are fabulous the Staffordshire dogs along side the blue white nutcrackers.

leigh b on

Love the wrapping paper!

Mitchell Rhoades on

Blue and white nutcrackers?

Judy on

Adore the stockings, nutcrackers, and wreaths – gift wrap and ornaments. Can’t wait for Christmas with these gorgeous items!

Amy on

I loved the nutcracker ornaments from the moment you posted about them and have been waiting to order, now there is matching paper! I am soooo excited! I can’t wait to wrap!!!

Ann Marie on

The nutcrackers are a great addition to the ornaments.. The stocking wrapping paper is very whimsical.! All add a nice touch to holiday decorating.

Mia Davis on

The new Holiday papers are wonderful! Love the ginger jar are wreath versions in the green and blue. Also, the blue and green stocking is a favorite!

Jennifer on

I am in love with the nutcrackers! Beautiful wrapping paper not only makes the tree look great, but it also lets the recipient know that you have taken the time and effort to make their gift special. 🙂

Debbi Benedict on

The black and white dog ornaments – perfection!

Ellen Clark on

For those few of us who cannot use blue in our living room or entry hall
color palate, I cannot over emphasize how wonderful and traditional the
red and green papers (flecked with gold) are truly beautiful!!

Jill on

I love all your new holiday offerings but the green and blue nutcracker ornaments are my favorite! They make me so excited for Christmas.

Jan Carol Stubblefield on

First, love, love everything! Your excitement is contagious! I love the packages and dogs, but the topiaries are about the cutest. Heck, I may give the gift wrap as a gift. But, what I must say that I love evenmore is your is very generous offer to to donate some of your profit to the hurricane relief in the Bahamas. You epitomize the American small business/entrepreneur spirit this country has been built upon. You are willing to share your success with those in need. My hat and heart go out to you Tina! Thank you for what you and most for who you are and the example you set for all of us!

Pat R on

I absolutely LOVE the wrapping paper with red bows, both with topiaries and ginger jars. And the ginger jar ornaments are still my favorites. Everything is extraordinary !


Oh my…how do you choose between such lovely gift wrapping and ornaments. I love all the designs and color schemes. If I have to choose a favorite, I like to use red in my Christmas decor and your new wrapping paper with the topiaries, ginger jars and red bows are a perfect touch.

Beverly Rowntree on

I love the blue, white, and red papers with touches of green. And the ornaments are darling.
Too cute?❤️?

Marguerite Neuhaus on

My heart belongs to the little Pagodas……

Christy Bennett on

All of the new papers are gorgeous. My heart is with the blue and red wreaths and chinoiserie. I love, love, love the nutcrackers and can’t wait to see the red and blue ones.

Vicky on

Wow you have outdone yourself yet again ! I love literally every single item I have to say I’m also very touched by your kind and generous offer to donate part of your proceeds to the hurricane relief effort . Very commendable!

Mariae on

All of the new gift wrap and ornaments are beautiful, the nutcracker addition is a must!!!

Joan Jure on

Love the wrapping paper with the blue and green stockings! Perfection!

Therese Jones on

I would not be able to decide. I love the ginger jars and wreaths.

Kathy on

Oh gosh Tina, the nutcracker ornaments are perfect! Our family collects them. What a great “addition to our tradition!”

Robin Hamli on

I adore the red, green and blue papers. Can’t wait to experiment with ribbon colors!
However, my favorite item in this photo of your dog in the snow! Just perfect!

Peggy Wilkins on

I’m in love with the blue and white ginger jar tree ornaments and plan on purchasing several. My family loves to tease me about my love of blue and white ginger jars, so I’m hoping small ginger jar ornaments on the tree will drive them over the edge! 🙂 Also, love the gift wrap……it’s all very pretty.

Perri Martin on

I bought a bunch of ginger jar ornaments last year after Christmas, and I’m SO excited to put them on the tree this year!! Would LOVE some matching wrapping paper…….and the nutcracker ornaments are just adorable!

Anita. on

I’m excited about the blue green wrapping paper with the ginger jars and wreaths. How cute that will look with the ginger jar toppers?

Alana on

I love the blue and green combo.

Christine on

I am very new to The Enchanted Home but have fallen in love with so many items! The red/green Christmas color way has my name all over it. Very excited for the presale AND more medium blue/gold pagodas arriving. Thank you!!!

Beverley Scott on

Love the nutcracker!!!

jan on

Every year I tell myself I am going to buy some of your beautiful wrapping paper and tree ornaments. I have such a hard time deciding which ones to buy and I end up with nothing. Your newest papers are the clincher for me. I repainted my whole house in blue and yellow and can’t wait to use these at Christmas. I will even wrap empty boxes so that I can use them every year just for decoration. I Couldn’t bear to watch anyone “rip” into these gorgeous papers and have to throw them away. However, I will use some for gifts to special friends that I know will appreciate the whole blue and white look. Great job……..keep it all coming.

MaryLouise Holtz on

Oh my the wreaths with jar paper is gorgeous….Thankyou!

Beth on

I absolutely love the elegant topiary paper. My friends and family will know immediately who their gifts are from. They know me and my obsession with blue and white! Thank you for getting me in the holiday spirit today. It’s never too soon to start planning.

Cindy on

I love the red, blue and green paper collection!!! The pops of red are my favorite!❤️❤️❤️

TJF Design on

Tina ~ what I love the most isn’t one specific item. I love that you have followed your passion and creative drive to realize the dream of your divine destiny. Even more awesome than the green and blue topiary wrap and the ginger jar ornaments. I’m waiting for you to give us some foo dogs and some cherubs or angels. Love it all !!!

sue yuditsky on

While all are lovely, there is a tie (at least for me) between the blue/green stockings and the red/green planters…I cannot stop looking at them and cannot select a true first place. Both are fun, colorful and reflect my taste! Great job and it is never too early for Christmas planning!

Molly Ellis on

Cannot wait for the Christmas paper!!!
I used your paper for the first time last year, it completely changed the look of my tree!!! So beautiful!!!

Leigh Whitaker on

My eye immediate went to the charming blue and green nutcracker ornaments!!! Charming!

Nancy Griffiths on

I am crazy about the blue and green wrapping papers…have already begun a wee bit of Christmas shopping so I am ready to wrap! Anxiously awaiting the presale!

Susan Hayes Long on

I can see a beautiful gift wrapped in the paper with the wreaths with red bows with a bow of red satin or velvet with one of the adorable blue and white ginger jars. I would be tempted not to unwrap it.

Karen on

Last night I dreamed of decorating our Christmas tree and today I am looking at your holiday beauty! The blue and green nutcrackers are spectacular!

Patricia Freeman on

Having evacuated to Atlanta from Florida to avoid Hurricane Dorian, I was thrilled to receive your post today! Everything looks great and I have to admit that NOW I am ready to start planning for Christmas…..

Eileen on

I think the stocking gift wrap is the cutest thing ever. So adorable. I love and have ordered the ginger jar ornaments so would love to win a couple more. Thanks so much for such a pretty blog.

Kim B on

I love the blue/green papers!! Beautiful!

Gabrielle on

Tina this is all absolutely beautiful! There is not one wrapping or ornament that is not magnificent. Thank you so much for the wonderful colour combinations and gorgeous designs.

Gabrielle xxx

Marian on

Loving the blue and green paper!

Linda Anzalone on

love the green nutcracker ornaments!!

Lillian Suddeth on

The blue and white Christmas trees with the red bows is my favorite. Looking forward to gifts wrapped in this paper

Jennifer S on

Oh my gosh! I love everything!!!!!

Marilyn on

I love the red and green nutcracker paper and the nutcracker ornaments.

Mickey H on

My favorite is the blue/green gift wrap with the Christmas stockings. So lovely.

Patti S on

Love the blue and green paper and Nutcrackers – they are adorable!

Susan A Howard on

I love the first collection combination that you showed–pagoda ornaments, nutcracker ornaments, and green and blue wrapping paper! I am looking forward to adding this new collection to the blue and white ginger jar ornaments and wrapping paper that I purchased last year! I also plan to purchase a few more of the blue and white ginger jars ornaments this year!
I also love the new blue and white containers with the red poinsettias wrapping paper!
It is so hard to choose. I love the entire new collection! I can’t wait for them to go on sale!

Beth D. on

What a lovely introduction to the holidays! Your papers add such an elegance to the privilege of gift giving. But what I love even more are the blue and green nutcrackers-simply beautiful.

Rosemary Vickers on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the red, green and blue paper! Can’t wait to order some for the hollidays

Sherry T on

Love, love, love the nutcracker products!!

kesha on

I love the new red and green holiday paper. It is so pretty!

Sharon Foster on

The Staffordshire dog ornaments are just too precious. I recently purchased several of the ginger jar gift topper/ornaments and they are so adorable. I will definitely be ordering more of these. But then I also know that my granddaughter loves nutcrackers and a special friend would love the pagodas. What can I say – – I just love them all.

Pam W on

Love the gift wrap with the blue & white Christmas trees & the red bows.

Jill K. on

Love ALL the new paper

Suzy Kelly on

It is almost impossible to choose a favorite, but I keep scrolling back to the blue and green stocking paper. That’s my favorite, but I honestly love everything.

Mary Hergert on

I love the blue/green papers and of course the blue ornaments.

Kate on

Love the vibrant Nutcracker ornaments. I would use them when passing around “Christmas Happy Gifts,” to all of those that are so wonderful to me throughout the year….. I love to “dress up “gifts of cookies, candles, candies, etc. These sweet Nutcrackers will be so perfect!

Teri Walsh on

Love the new Holiday papers, so pretty!

Arleen on

Tina , Not only is your paper and ornament’s a representation of your love for design and decorating, it’s also a glimpse into the past for all who truly believe in the Holidays!! Bravo !!!!!

Jeannette Gevedon Interiors on

Your blue and green gift wrap is my favorite! Loved last years too but I saw them too late to order, ☹️. I would like to “wallpaper” an area of my kitchen backsplash or around my garden window with one of them for Christmas! Read that if you use cornstarch and water as paste it’s removable! Woohoo!
Thanks Tina, ALL is beautiful!
Also, I love that you still post pics of your beauty Goldie at the end of each article. ?

Sherry B on

I am not ready to think about the holidays yet, but I love the new papers! Hard to choose which one is my favorite. They are all beautiful.

Robin on

I love the paper with the dogs and stacks of presents tied up in big green bows?

Marilyn S. on

I’m thinking it would be a shame to use this beautiful paper to wrap packages only to be thrown away. Why not use it for drawer liners and shelf liners?

Allison on

Absolutely love the green and gold

Susan Fulkerson on

I love that your ornaments and paper are classic and timeless. They will never be dated.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Wow, your Christmas decor is beautiful! I especially love your blue and green nut crackers. They look exquisite. The green and red papers are beautiful. Also, I must add that the blue and white ornaments are perfect. “Noel, Noel”.

Marcia on

I absolutely love the blue vases/ green wreath wrapping paper , I can see using this as background for china display. Loving the Stafford shire dogs, as I am a new collector ! Thank you ! Looking forward to decorating my home this season !

Catherine B. on

Hi Tina!! Love the Nutcracker wrapping paper. Thank you for the generous giveaway!!

Barbara in Texas on

Really love the nutcracker ornaments and paper. Looking forward to seeing the Red ornaments. Your new papers are great. I am planning Christmas all year long.

Deanna on

I love the red and green topiary paper. That is my favorite. It really says Christmas, shouts “happy,” and feels so clean and crisp. Then add the red or green Staffordshire dog ornaments…perfect! My runner up favorite is the ginger jars with red ribbon wreaths. Both so unique.

Anne on

Love, love, love the paper with the stockings with green and white; also the paper with ginger jars and wreaths with a red bow. The nutcracker ornaments are different and classy – I can imagine them on my tree!

Tammy on

The new wrapping paper is beautiful as are the ornaments! Love the nutcrackers! Thank you

Jennifer Luken on

Now. I’m in the holiday mood. Love all the creative touches on your items.

Susan on

It’s so difficult to choose, loving them all! My favorites are the red/green topiaries and wreaths. What I love most is your unique blend of the elegant and whimsical. These qualities shine not only in your designs but the person you reveal in your writings and photos, sophisticated yet very warm. Enchanting! ?

cheryl p on

I love the blue and green holiday papers! so festive. and the nutcracker ornaments are adorable!

Becky E. on

I loved the holiday paper I bought last year. Didn’t imagine you could top those designs…but YOU DID! And the ornaments are spectacular.

Mary Ann on

Love,, love,, love the exciting new Christmas wrapping paper and ornaments. The addition of the nutcracker ornament and paper is fabulous and a perfect gift for all who annually go to the Nutcracker Ballet. Can’t wait to take my Granddaughter and give her a Nutcraker ornament as a reminder of our special time together. Stanford shire dogs also make wonderful gift toppers. I am over the top excited about your new collection.

B. Woodring on

Loving the stocking blue/green paper & also the soldier blue ornaments. Really though, love it all!

Victoria on

These are simply the most beautiful holiday papers EVER!!!! You have outdone yourself with this collection and the ornaments are swoon worthy. Brava Tina, cannot wait to order.

Emily P on

Just dying over this collection simply exquisite ! I do have a question will you offer her the beautiful satin ribbon that you did last year? They were so beautiful and such a great deal I wish I had bought more , I hope you have a lot of this gift wrap coming last year I was late to the game and you were sold out of all the patterns I wanted. I will be sure to be in early bird this year.

Jane Braica on

I love it all!. I purchased several of the blue and white ornaments for a tree a few years ago, but will now add the nutcrackers and Staffordshire dogs to my collection. The gift wrap is beautiful, my favorites are the blue and green wreaths and stockings. I do shop, decorate and wrap early, only because I love to leave it up as long as possible. Congratulations on this newest collection.

Peggy Mae on

I love your new paper with the stockings and the wreaths with the red bows. They are going to look fabulous under my tree this year.

Patti on

Love, love how ornaments and paper coordinates together!!!!

Jennifer Skipper on

Finally found the perfect paper and ornaments I’ve been searching for….. these are beautiful!! Love them all!

Kim on

Loving your nutcracker ornaments and the stocking wrapping paper! Fabulous!!!

Laura on

You rarely see blue and white with red for Christmas. I love the paper and ornaments!

Whitney Jones on

Love the red/blue wreath paper! Can’t wait to order?❤️??

Lauren Etter on

I love all of them! My favorite has to be the wreaths and ginger jars if I had to pick just one!

Janet Masterson on

You have put me in Christmas planning mode with these beautiful papers and ornaments. I absolutely love the blue and green papers and toy soldier ornaments….perfection!

Lety on

Tina, having already purchased several ornaments from your collection, I cannot wait to add more, I might be just as excited as you are!! (Maybe more, I just get to order and receive) .
Everything is beautiful as always, but I am loving the blue, green and red ginger jar paper and the blue and white little dogs.
Thank you, look forward to the sale!

Karen Shea on

These are all amazing❣️ I love all the blue and white. I will be ordering g gift paper as soon as it is available. I follow you on Instagram and can’t wait to see what you list daily! ❤️❤️

Anthony von Reichert on

I love them all. So hard to pick just one but if I had to it would be the Staffordshire Dog Ornaments.

Ann on

Love the blue and white ginger jars and blue/green nutcrackers. Will tie ginger jars with red ribbon and nutcrackers with thin gold cord!

Olivia Bilenky on

These are all so beautiful! My favorite is the blue/green. You’re right to be excited, just beautiful design!

Lynne Knight on

I love all of it!!

Karen C on

Love ❤️ the nutcrackers and the dogs are also precious!

Brigid Forcey on

I absolutely love the nutcracker ornaments and paper! Thank you so very much for making these available!

Mary McNamara on

You have so many beautiful choices that it’s hard to pick out which ones to get!

Jenne Hermel on

Oh my goodness! The new gift wrap prints are just beautiful! We’ve purchased our first home and I think that darling blue & white boxwood print would be perfect under our tree! Santa is already planning our first Christmas in the new house ?

Donna H on

Love the red and green topiary paper!

Marion duffield on

I’m thrilled to bits for you. Everything on this post is stunning. It is hard to pick just one.. but since I collect blue/white I’d have to say the bl/eh ginger jars and the matching paper with the green wreaths….wait! That’s two things!! Lol my bad. Your work is gorgeous with amazing attention to the smallest of details. Regardless of a win I’ll be watching your posts and availability of both wrapping paper and ornaments! Brilliant!!!

Grace H. on

LOVE the red and blue jar/wreath paper!! Can’t wait until the presale!

Mary Lu on

NUTCRACKERS! Yes…now you’re talking! 🙂 So happy to see these!

Kristen on

I’m loving the new nutcrackers! I have just about all of your other ornaments, so I’ll definitely be adding these to my collection this year!!

Diane Booren on

You have outdone yourself once again! I love the blue and green stocking gift wrap!

Patricia on

Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love the green and blue stocking paper and all of the coordinating ornaments. Can’t wait for your presale!

Anamae Coberly on

WOW! What a collection of paper and ornaments. I love the blue and green papers and my favorite dog is the blue and white one. You can tell I am a blue and white gal. I am all ready thinking of my tree.

Leslie on

Love love the dogs!! ❤️

Peggy on

Love the holiday ornaments and the green wreath and blue ginger jars with red ribbons on the gift wrap.

Lori on

Blue and white forever and always! It just doesnt get any better than that!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Cindy W on

It’s all gorgeous!!! How to choose?!?!?!

Jennifer Johnson on

These new patterns could not be any more perfect. I absolutely adore the blue and green stocking paper and the wreaths with the ginger jars, and the blue ginger jar ornaments. Perfection!!!

sue on

Love the blue and white ginger jar ornaments

Patricia Vinson on

Are the staffordshire dogs black/white?
Thank you. ?


I adore all of these!
Can’t wait!
You are a genius!

Barb on

I do believe that the blue and white nutcrackers would complete all my Christmas wishes! Can’t wait to gift them to my friends! So dear!

Paula on

This is by far the most beautiful wrapping paper I have ever seen!! You ve captured the spirit of Christmas with a fabulous decorator home motif! I ❤️ ALL of it. Can’t wait to start wrapping xoxo

Libby Marks on

This my first year to see your beautiful papers. The taste you have exhibited in your designs is to be expected after seeing your lovely and family oriented site. Thank you for sharing you with all of us. We’re a lucky bunch?

Sandy Haddock on

In love with the blue and green papers ! The stocking one is my favorite.

Elaine Sarratt on

Honestly, this is almost like asking which one of your children or grandchildren is your favorite! How is it possible to choose between all these adorable ornaments and papers? I’m loving them ALL!

Rhonda Michael on

Oh my goodness! I love everything but especially those ginger jar ornaments and the ginger jar paper with red accents. What a great selection of holiday goodies!! 🙂

Ann R. on

I LOVE it ALL! The ornaments are beautiful and so unique. I would have to pick the ginger jar and wreath with red bows paper. ?

Kaylee on

I am in love with the nutcrackers and nutcracker wrapping paper. I have been collecting beautiful nutcrackers for 10 years now.

Diane S on

I adore the blue green stocking wrapping paper and nutcrackers!

Ingrid on

I’m in love with the topiary paper — especially the ones with red. Next fav is the paper with wreaths!! All so cute!!

Linda on

I love the Christmas wrapping paper ! I have been waiting for 2 years to purchase because I have been waiting to build our new home. I want it to be special for our first Christmas in our new home. Hoping to move in by October! ?

Linda on

I love the wreaths with the ginger jars. Truly I love it all! I have wanted to purchase you wrapping paper for the past two years . I was reluctant because I wanted to wait until we built our new home . We hopefully move in October . ?

Bonnie on

I absolutely love the blue/green stockings paper and the ginger jar ornaments! They are perfection!

Ann Peace on

You have done an artful job with your Christmas collection. The items that have captured my attention are the Stafforshire dog ornaments …adorable and the gift wrap that I think of as classic Enchanted Home, the ginger jar with red bow.
Thank you
Ann Peace

Susan on

Love the topiary in blue/white container! A traditional classic that can’t be improved on

Sandra on

The dog ornaments remind me of larger figurines my grandmother owned when I was young. They bring back sweet memories of her wonder decorating at christmas

LeeAnn Young on

Too many to love!!! But my fav is the blue/white ginger jar with green wreath paper!!!!

Merideth on

Love the red, blue and green papers! I would love to do a tree in my kitchen with the Staffordshire dogs. ??

Beverly on

Christmas staffies!! How adorable! When are they available? Every Christmas present I wrap this year gets a Christmas Staffie! ?

Sharon Kirkand on

All the papers and ornaments so awesome. Papers would make great looking quilt additions, so classic. S

Laura Benson on

Can’t wait to wrap all my Christmas presents in your gorgeous holiday papers! ?? ❣️?

Susan Johnstone on

The nutcracker paper is perfect for children. My son adored nutcrackers when he was a child.

Cindy Daugherty on

Your ginger jars with wreaths gift wrap is perfection! Love love love in both colors!

Suzie Parrott on

I recently found your blog. Lucky me, just in time for your holiday gift wrap!! And I love the blue and white ginger jars too.

Lou on

The ornaments are just beautiful. I think they would be so pretty hanging out all year. Whether around a lamp with cord or hanging down from buffet doors. The ginger jars are my favorite, I guess because I am trying to change the colors in my home.

Cheryl Mangano on

I love your green and blue christmas wrap and all the ornaments! I love your blog!!

Mary Holt on

I love them all but mostly the blue and white present stacks with the dogs and the Christmas trees with the red bows. Cannot tell you how excited I was when you announced the blue and white ornaments. This will be my tree theme this year. Thanks for all your attention and time towards your posts. Beautiful stuff.

Jana Rinehart on

I absolutely love the nutcracker ornaments and gift wrap!

Roxie on

Oh Tina,
You have out-done yourself with this holiday collection! I could never pick one favorite, but maybe more than one! The Staffordshire dogs, the blue tree wrap with a red bow on top of the tree, the nutcracker, and more!

Dotti on

Those Nutcracker ornaments are the cutest! Especially great for those with an attachment to the ballet! Watched my daughters dance in it for years.

Kathy on

Tina, Another stunning Christmas collection!!! There is not one ornament or paper that I do not like. The new nutcracker ornaments are adorable! Christmas will be looking good this year!!

Mickey on

Loving the blue and greens! Never have used blue at Christmas but think I will this year! So striking yet classic.

BJ Malgari on

Love the new Christmas wrapping papers

Vickie Hawkins on

I have loved blue & white since a child and have NEVER tired of it. I love your site and all rve glorious goodies!!❤️

Shirley Craine on

I love the wreath wrapping paper! So so pretty!

Susan O’Callaghan on

The ginger jars, Staffordshire dogs and ALL the wrapping paper has me wishing it was December so it was time to decorate and wrap gifts!!!

Christa Wise on

Hello, Christmas. Nothing is more fun than wrapping presents in beautiful paper with crisp folds and lovely ribbons. I like blue/red/green ginger jar and wreath print the best. Imagine the look with satin ribbons and sprigs of holly on top. Love it!

Ann French on

Love all but especially the blue green ginger jar wreath wrap and Staffordshire dog ornaments!

Laura Hamling on

. It brings me joy and happiness with a big cherry on top! I love blue and white and I love Christmas. You mixed two of my favorite things which just gives me goosebumps!

Pina Prainito on

I LOVE the nutcracker ornaments and the topiary/tree wrapping paper. I would use it for literally every gift I would have to wrap…I would actually find things to wrap. No more gift bags for me!

Marie Clayton-Cox on

Talk about hard decisions….they are all unique. I can see stocking stuffers for everyone! Nutcracker ornaments for my brothers, Staffordshire dog ornament for my dear cousin, and of course the ginger jar ornament for my mom, who loves all things oriental. Your wrapping paper is over the top……in the very best way! You bring the Christmas fun!

Caroline on

I love all of your Gift wrapping ! Especially the new blue and green paper with the blue ribbon wreaths and I adore the red ribbon wreath blue and white paper ! So excited about your Stratford dog ornaments as well ! All of your items are so beautiful!! Timeless and classic ! ????

Cindy Strong on

Oh my goodness ! I want them all! I’ve never been so excited for Christmas wrapping paper! These are gorgeous! Soo in love with these ! Can’t wait to see these wrapped around family gifts under my tree ? in my blue -white living room! ?

Charlene on

I so love your Staffordshire dog ornaments in every color! Would hope to have any one of them this year???❤️??

Frannie B. on

As always, you have done a great job which makes it hard to choose whether it is an ornament or the awesome papers for gift wrapping. Maybe I’ll have to order BOTH.

Debi Giles on

I absolutely love it all! How could anyone have a favorite? I love the blue & green but I also live the classic red & green. This paper is “happy paper”.

Debi Giles on

I absolutely love it all! How could anyone have a favorite? I love the blue & green but I also love the classic red & green. This paper is “happy paper”.

JeanneW on

I was nodding my head at all the beautiful new additions but the Nutcracker matching ornaments and wrapping paper really caught my eye! It was unexpected and I love it!

Melinda Hartzog on

Love it all!! You had me at blue and white but can’t wait to purchase the green wrapping paper.

Maureen on

It’s the bees knees!!!!!! I’m like a kid in a candy shop ?????????? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

Mary Williams on

I like the ginger jars !!

Debra on

I love the blue and green …the red and green is pretty too but blue and green feels fresh …hoping I can get some blue and white ornaments this year…love them

Stephanie Lake on

Staffordshire love made into ornament magic!

Jody Hobson Smith on

Your posts kept me sane while living in Abu Dhabi, UAE for several years! We are back in the states and I am reunited with my “blue and white treasures” but still love looking at your posts!

Becky on

These are awesome! Love the red and blue gift wraps and of course, the Staffordshire dogs! Can’t wait to shop!

Suzy Reynolds on

I love all the blue options for Christmas! This has given me so many ideas how to work WITH the blue in my living room this holiday season instead of working around it. Thank you!

Lindy on

Those nutcrackers are adorable! I also love the blue/green ginger jar and wreath paper. It’s all gorgeous!

Caroline Breard on

I LOVE the blue and white ginger jars with red bows and wreaths.

Ann on

? Love the blue and white Staffordshire dog ornaments and your wrapping paper that has the blue and white ginger jars along with green wreaths topped with “sassy” red bows. This paper just
struts Christmas in a classy, fun way.

Gayle K on

My favorite paper is the blue and white ginger jar with the green wreath and the red bows. That would tie in to the traditional and I would then add in the blue and white, green wreaths ,blue bows, and the stocking paper with the nutcracker ornaments!! Irresistible!!!

Liz on

Wow— what beautiful things for Christmas!! Love ALL of the blue and white ornaments!!
as always –Thanks for sharing all these beautiful things!

Lettie on

Love love love the nutcracker ornaments!

Jayne on

I absolutely love the Staffordshire dog ornaments! My 30 year old daughter has a more contemporary bent and I am a traditionalist but we both love Staffordshire dogs. I can’t wait to see the look on her face on Christmas morning when she opens a box filled with the dog ornaments! I know it will be a highlight of her Christmas and something that she will enjoy for years to come. I just love it when I find a gift that I know will be perfect for her!!

Amanda on

My favorites are the blue/green papers! You’ve outdone yourself this year & I can’t wait to get wrapping!!

Diane Chambliss on

The blue and green ginger jars and wreaths paper is making me swoon. Total love fest.

Michelle Hall on

Swooning over the new nutcracker ornaments and ALL of the papers for this year! ? The Red/Green are my favorites ? I do 5 trees each year… Christmas is my FAVORITE!!♥️

Lori on

Oh my goodness! These gorgeous gift wrap papers are what I have been looking for.

Blair on

I am in love with all of the gorgeous gift wraps. I cannot wait for them be ready for purchase!! You have me excited for Christmas!!

Nancy Anders on

Love them all but the Nut Crackers are my very favorite!

Gayle Christensen on

I love the red and blue Christmas papers. Interested in pricing and when they are available. Gingerjar ornaments too.

Pam on

Oh wow!! Double Happiness!

Alyssa Neumaier on

I love the beautiful ornaments and wrapping paper. I do a blue and white tree, can’t wait to add one of these lovey ornaments. So excited for this line.

Destiny L Hart on

I’ve always been drawn to the blue and white vases. They are so elegant and just mesmerizing. This year I purchased my first piece. Its a small egg cup from a second hand shop but, it’s only the beginning.

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