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Hello! Hope this finds you doing well and having a great weekend!  Time to announce the giftwrap/topper winner. Congratulations goes to #44-

Jill Haney on



I am so thrilled you all loved the new collection, thank you for your plethora of compliments Many of you asked when they will be available, we will hold the first presale on ornaments and holiday gift wrap within two weeks, so stay tuned! Moving along, beautiful weather here this weekend, we have had a nice and relaxing weekend, dinner with friends and supposed to the Hamptons today, trying to savor those last few weeks of summer (yes it is still summer)! Yesterday it was almost cool and I loved every minute:)

I am also trying to make time to go and see After The Wedding, looks so good and very much my kind of movie. Plus I need to lick my wounds in a movie theater with a giant bucket of popcorn. Sept is always tough for me, when I see all the back to school buzz and hoopla, I feel so disconnected, even when. my son was in college, I still felt part of “that world” but now my sons have fled the nest, I have still has not totally adjusted (or I think I have until I see those buses rounding the corner or cute little tots all decked out for their first day of school). Thank the stars for how busy I keep myself with my business and blog, its been my saving grace:) That is my new “baby”!

OK onwards to this weeks Seven on Sunday…..



1 THE BAHAMAS I, like everyone, am so devastated seeing the catastrophic damage in the Bahamas. Its almost more than I can even wrap my head around honestly. Where does on begin in the recover process?

To think about all those lives that have been affected, people displaced, some have lost loved ones, almost all have lost their homes in the most hard hit areas.  Just about the only silver lining in these types of events is that it naturally brings people together to fight for a common cause. Everyone must do their part, both big and small.

The news seems to be getting worse as they start having access to areas that were hard to reach in the first few days. I am afraid to think of what the death count will be, with so many missing. The recovery and eventual restoration process is going to be daunting at the very least, so I want to do anything and all I can do.

Here at Enchanted Home we have extended our offer to donate 15% of all sales to Americares towards their relief effort until tonight. Plus there is a little extra perk to thank you for your kindness and support (see below). THANKS TO ALL who have supported this cause this week, we are grateful!  Click here to visit our shop.


In addition my friend Leslie of Giddy Paperie has designed this precious mug as a fundraising mug for the relief effort. You get a beautiful mug and get to help all those in need, click here for more info

2 TWO INCREDIBLE NEW ITEMS I AM EXCITED ABOUT OK feast your eyes on these two new arrivals. So excited over these and couldn’t wait to tell you about them especially this first one which is uniquely beautiful and the ultimate gift!! Think housewarming, wedding, holidays,etc……

OK this is what I call “THE tray” because well,  there is nothing quite like it!  Just over the moon to now be offering these fabulous custom handpainted trays. Whether or not you use them or simply display them, these are like no other. We call it the house tray however we can do other subjects, pets, people, etc.. These are,  AS OF TODAY on a special arrival flash sale (on for 4 days). We are offering a limited number of trays at a special introductory price. Click here for all the details……what an amazing holiday gift idea!!

And how beautiful are these new small fretwork planters? I  will of course immediately be putting a few pair aside as i can see my various Christmas florals in them and even beautiful boxwood balls. Also love that they have a removable liner. Offered in three beautiful colors, black, ivory and navy. Now up for a presale and they are arriving in about 8 days! Click here to preorder.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of beautiful and inspiring Instagrams to share with you, here is this weeks incredible round up, love each and every one of these-

4 DOWNTON ABBEY MOVIE! I will be first in line to see this….cannot wait. Looks sooooo good and a must see for Downton Abbey fans! Anyone else? See you in line at the theater on Sept 20th !

5 A NEW MASCARA THAT IS A MUST HAVE So I spoke to you several months ago about Thrive mascara which I really like, it has little tiny fibers which really lengthen your lashes unlike most mascaras without having to reapply several times.  It is on the pricey side (about $28) but I don’t like that you can only order it and in only a few places, so when you run out it’s not like you can run out locally and pick it up. They probably would have had a fan in me for life if it was something I could buy locally and easily.

I read a review about a new L’Oreal mascara that promised the same result. So I figured it was worth trying for $10 or so and guess what? It’s amazing! I found a new mascara to. love, I can say I like it as much as the Thrive and it’s actually easier to take off plus I can buy 3 of these for the price of one of those! Click here for more info

6 FLOWERS FOR MY NIECES ENGAGEMENT PARTY. A few weekends ago my sister in law hosted a large engagement party for my niece. I couldn’t believe that I got sick with some kind of a flu/virus that had me in the house for 5 days. I had committed to doing the flowers and carried through with my promise., thankfully the flowers were delivered and all I had to do was set up a makeshift florist on my kitchen island along with all my favorite hurricanes.

I would call it a labor of love:) Here are the flowers, I was so sorry I was unable to go and enjoy it, but happy a little part of me was there in spirit via these florals!

Alot of people ask me which hurricanes these are so for reference the top are the in chunky wicker hurricane in large (click here)

The two to the left and far right are the new 6″ hurricane (click here)  and the middle one is the 4″ hurricane (click here)

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY  So this is all about my holiday collection of gift wrap which I unveiled a few days ago……so excited that you are as excited about it as I am! Last year we also added tissue to  match the paper and we did sell out of almost all of it. With increased prices and tariffs this year, the landscape has changed. I am not raising my prices but wavering on the tissue. So just curious how important do you think it is to add it and furthermore, would love to know your three favorite patterns in case I just add 3 or 4.

One quick decision I  need to make is deciding on whether or not do the matching tissue.We did have it last year and we sold out of most patterns, so obviously many of you loved it. So what do you think?

Also would love to know your three favorite patterns, click here if you missed the post. For a quick reference, here they are. I  may just do 3 or 4 so would love to know which are the most popular. Thanks in advance for your participation!


OK, that is a wrap for this Sunday. This past week was super productive in that all holiday orders were finalized, things are in production and we are going to have our holiday things early this year plus we almost doubled up on the quantities of our best selling items. Plus wait till you see the. new stockings, sooo pretty!

Meanwhile, I am going to put a pause on holiday for now and really enjoy my fall. I LOVE fall, it’s my most favorite season which I eagerly anticipate every year and this year I am not going to miss driving up to Vermont to take in the fall foliage, it will be done and I will make the time for it!

Wishing everyone a fantastic day and great end to your weekend. Until next time……

PS Don’t forget today is the last day to help out with our Prayers for Bahamas campaign. 15% of all shop sales this week will be donated to Americares for the relief effort (ends tonight). In addition for every $50 you spend, you get $5 back towards a future purchase. Win/win/ Click here to visit shop.

PPS Click here to visit the warehouse sale, a lot has sold but some things remain and a few are now available for non payment, click here to see sale

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Susan Hayes Long on

I so agree how things trigger your memory to the old school days. My two sons are also grown and yet every May when the local nursery school puts up the sign for transportation day I get a tear in my eye remembering our youngest being photographed in the wheel well of a tractor trailer. Ah, the good thing though is not having to brave the stores to buy school supplies.

Terri on

Your hydrangea arrangements are always amazing. They fill the space and yet look so effortless and natural. HOW do you keep the hydrangeas from wilting quickly? I can’t seem to keep mine from closing and wilting soon after putting in the water.

Peggy E. on

Like you, I can’t wait for the Downton Abbey film. I really enjoyed the series and wanted it to go on forever! There are too few television programs on these days worth watching.

Your pink and white floral arrangements were beautiful! I loved the pink roses peeking in and out of the hydrangeas. I am sure that your niece appreciated the effort it took for you to make them and felt your presence at the gathering.

I can’t believe that we are talking about Christmas in September, but I know you said you were starting the ordering process earlier this year. One of my favorite craft stores had Christmas items out before the July 4th holiday. No wonder we feel rushed! We all need to sit back and enjoy the season we are experiencing at present.

I hope that you are fully recovered and enjoy good health during these upcoming busy months.

SLP on

Hi Tina, so much to comment on. I am happy that I will be able to help you with your generous donation towards the hurricane relief effort . It is so devastating to see what has happened to the beautiful Bahama Islands.

A brighter note, your flower arrangements are simply beautiful, curious if you order them from a local florist or do you get them from some kind of a wholesaler ? Mentioned that they were delivered which is why I ask, I would love to know of a florist or flower wholesaler who will deliver to the house !

Love the house tray what a beautiful gift idea and those planters are stunning.

I’m also very excited about the new Downton Abbey movie ?

Barb Austin on

Tina — why not get tissue paper with a scattered flower, or evergreen cluster with berries and ribbon, to contrast the wrapping but go with it….just thought. a contrasting tissue could be used with probably 3 papers and if you did tissue in two colors it would go with all papers. blue/green and red/green

ting on

Your advertisment for Loreal Volumous Mascara – comparing it to Thrive- which all I wear is Thrive, it is a “tubing Mascara” Thrive is– I am going to try the Loreal and hope it works-I hope it is a tubing mascara and works as well as Thrives!! will let you know. Thanks for the tip.

Sarah on

Such a great post! Love the house trays and new planters! Yes cannot wait for Downton Abbey movie??

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