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Good Sunday morning to you! I want to first announce the lucky winner of the pair of pagodas. Congratulations goes to-

The “grand dame” is gorgeous! I also love the mini foo dogs and pagodas!

Please email us at [email protected] to claim your prize and provide your shipping info so these can be on their way!


Hope you are having a great weekend. Ours has been a good one, quite busy with dinner plans, a party and today going out on a friends new boat, looks like a beautiful day to be out on the water, such a relaxing thing to do.

Hope your weekend is going well, as we ease into fall and leave summer behind. I had my first official runny nose ( a sign fall is near), and of course the signs are everywhere, both literally and figuratively. I see signs for all kinds of fall fairs and apple picking events, school buses are now rounding every corner, mums are outside every market storefront and even in Starbucks, the push for the pumpkin lattes is in full swing (though I am a coffee purist and just drink straight dark roast coffee).

Yep, it’s on our doorstep! I have only added one measly little fall touch to my home, with my three porcelain little pumpkins on my mantle:) More to come!

We just had all of our summer plants pulled as they were on their way out and I will soon start planting my yearly white mums. Somehow I am not quite ready to welcome fall just yet, maybe a teeny part of me is still hanging onto summer and the laid back pleasures that come along with it but don’t get me wrong, fall is my most favorite season! OK, well let’s delve into this weeks post…..


1 ARABELLA JUNE I have shared her work before, because I am a huge fan. I had a custom monogram done by Arabella June and among other things had these beautiful stickers/gift tags made.

I have gotten so much use out of this particular monogram, it is so special to me as it has everything I love- my home filled with my family, ginger jars, flowers and of course Mr. Teddy himself! I went to a birthday celebration and brought this gift wrapped in my favorite new chinoiserie paper adorned with my monogrammed gift tag-

Click here for her website and click here for her instagram (she is one to follow)!

Here is a look at some of her other work, simply exquisite!


2  REAL OR FAUX? So I always buy kalanchoe mostly to keep in planters for the kitchen (occasionally outdoors too), they are a great little plant because they bloom incessantly, are quite hardy and last a while.

But they do not always have white (the only color I generally buy) so now I have solved my own problem, I have found this faux kalanchoe that literally could fool anyone (including someone who stopped by the other day who thinks she is a flower expert) lol.  I immediately added them to the shop, they are offered in two sizes, both incredibly realistic, as I know people like seeing “real life” shots, I have included how I used them. I also liked mixing them, and in my new planters I am really in love!

Here they are on (on left) shown in our newest exclusively ours footed porcelain planter (the arrangement to the right was a mix of dried hydrangea from my yard and some faux that I had on hand)

Click here for the 14″ kalanchoe (shown here) and click here for planter info (presale)

And here is the 9″ kalanchoe shown in our newly stocked cane wicker small hurricanes, great for indoors or out!

Click here for the 9″ kalanchoe and here for the cane wicker hurricanes in small

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Mixed things up a bit this weekend, there is a healthy dose of beautiful interiors, yummy food with some beautiful fashion thrown in-

4. FARM FLOWERS I went “out east” to the North Fork of Long Island last weekend and among filling my backseat with fresh fruit and veges, found the prettiest bright farm flowers. I brought them home and gave them new life in a beautiful ginger jar. Love the way the colors pop against the blue and white, always pretty and such a quick and easy arrangement.

5 THE RANCH AT ROCK CREEK So……being my husband is sure he was a cowboy in his former life and I do love farms, horses and the west in general, we have been wanting to go to the Ranch at Rock Creek for a while. At one point we had planned it out with two other families while my son was in high school but crazy schedules and lacrosse state playoffs did not allow it to happen.

Now we are hoping to go with good friends of ours late spring next year, to celebrate both of our husbands “big birthdays”,  does this look like a dream or what? It is like getting to enjoy the simple pleasures of a ranch lifestyle with every conceivable luxury…!  I really hope this will happen as I am ready to get out my turquoise jewelry, jeans and even don a cowgirl hat:) Included a beautiful video after the pictures for you to really get the complete picture of just how special this place is. Click here for more information

6 A CUSTOMERS INCREDIBLE DREAM WEDDING! We were so excited to get these incredible pictures back from a customer who we helped supply blue and white pieces to. How stunning is this wedding. I am most definitely tucking away some of these ideas…..who knew the garden seats could be used this way..brilliant! And those bars (the lattice and the one with the Scalamandre paper in the panels) are  TO DIE FOR!!!!! I am saving these bar inspiration pictures for……something, somewhere, someday!

Blaire Events- click here to follow

Vivantrentals (the gorgeous bars)- click here to follow

7.  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So if you are on Facebook or Instagam, this is for you. I am not sure if you have heard but those in charge over at their headquarters are toying with the idea of taking away the “likes” feature on both platforms. This would mean  only the owner of the account would see who liked their picture and how many. Apparently they are trying this already in a few countries as a test.

I actually support this idea, as it equalizes the playing field for those who put a lot of weight into the likes, and for young teens, for whom this is a big deal… could be a game changer. They are saying many both kids and adults, have started having tremendous anxiety over likes, it is pure and simple seen as a metric of popularity.

Reports coming out now,  are saying  that Instagram is the most detrimental social platform to a young persons mental health. I actually never thought about it that way but this makes me support this potential huge change even more, knowing this. It might sound crazy and even nonsensical,  the it’s very real. I personally don’t see why they wouldn’t do it but it will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Curious as to your thoughts on the matter, assuming you are on Instagram or Facebook-


So there you have your Seven on Sunday. Anything excite you here? Tell me about it! Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day and great end to your weekend. Thanks for making TEH part of your Sunday routine, it is very much a part of mine too, Sunday’s wouldn’t feel the same without it! Until next time…..

PS Extended the house tray flash sale and we are taking the last batch of orders through today. Click here for details


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mardi hackett on

How do i find a source of an instagram post
There is a blue brocade jacket on citychic 4 ever from sunday???

Liz on

Another beautiful post, thank you for putting these together. So much good information, cannot get over those kalanchoe! Good find.

The monograms are beautiful, what a nice gift for a bride/groom. Laughed about your husband thinking he is a cowboy, I have the same deal here. The ranch looks amazing and like such a fun trip!

Susan on

Beautiful everything Tina. That wedding was something, and love the new flowers, so realistic!

I too am not happy to say goodbye to summer, went by way too fast.

Emily on

First time commenter but have to say THANK YOU for posting those wedding pictures. We were nailing the details for a big event I am co chairing in April and the details on those bar just gave me an “aha” moment. So happy I did not miss this, everything you showed is beautiful.

Judy Walters on

What a lovely post today, as usual. Thoroughly enjoy all the Instagrams – beautiful tomatoes to make a delish tomato pie! Can’t beat the Farm Flower arrangements and the smiles that sunflowers bring.

I hope the “Like” button can stay because it does bolster some folks who really want to hear what others think – So it is a 2-edged question – Keep from harming those who get bad responses OR reinforce those who have good reponses? Tough question – thanks for asking.

Jo Shafer on

I’d not heard of Facebook and Instagram making this change, so I don’t have an opinion one way or another. Will this proposed change affect posts, too?

Elizabeth Yingling on

If the owner of the account would be the only one who sees how many “likes” they have, that means that the young person with an account would still know how many likes they did nor did not have for their post… and, therefore, the young person would still be impacted by the post’s popularity (or lack thereof). Other people would not know, but that individual would still know. Not sure how hiding the likes from other viewers would make a significant difference. Perhaps a better idea would be parental controls, based over whether or not one’s child is mature enough to handle the consequences of posting.

Stephanie on

Hi Tina, I recently ordered a monogram with Arabella June – she’s almost done and I love it so far! Can you please share your source for having stationery and gift tags made? Thank you!

Dagny on

As far as Ranch at Rock Creek goes, watch out for the dead flies in the log cabins that lay their eggs in between the chinks in the log walls. Housekeeping tries to clean them up and then the next morning they are back again.
Also, because they are so far away from local suppliers, they don’t get fresh food delivered every day. So your supply of fresh vegetables and fruit will be limited, as maybe they get them twice weekly.
Menu sounds good, but food is not sophisticated like Twin Farms in Vermont is.
The movie theatre may or may not be working.

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