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Hi friends, well if you go on Instagram regularly, it  seems like the day before Labor Day many style makers have their  homes totally decked out for fall and ready to show Instagram the day after Labor Day. Me? A little late to the starting gate but getting there! I don’t go crazy for fall but like changing up a few vignettes to reflect my most favorite season. I  love incorporating certain elements into my fall and winter decor. Fresh magnolia being an unequivocal must have. And no one does fresh magnolia like Weston Farms!!

Then you pair it with blue and white and you have yourself an instantly beautiful fall vignette that feels both fresh and timelessly elegant at the same time. Today I am showing you a few fall vignettes that I have created around the house and showing you how easily I did them. Some of these pictures were from a fantastic photo shoot we did not long ago, love the way they came out and so happy to share them with you. Plus I did a DIY which to my surprise, came out as pretty as the inspirational shot and was easier than I thought to put together:)

So, let me show you……


Love this incredible arrangement and could easily have this in my home year round, it’s that pretty. This was done in part for a photo shoot and must say it makes quite the statement in my foyer. It honestly,  looks like something you would pay a local florist several hundred dollars to create, as it is huge and really breathtaking when you first walk in.  Well, think again. Chances are if you follow along with this blog you just might own a ginger jar:) One step behind you. Chances are also likely you have some fresh greens out in your yard, evergreen, boxwood, branches, etc…so this arrangement can be put together almost free!

Fresh magnolia branches are key here. Thankfully they are very reasonable and I am providing you the very best resource on the plant for the freshest magnolia, next best thing to being on the tree cutting it yourself! Weston Farms is the only place I go to for fresh cut magnolia, cut that day from their sprawling magnolia farm.

I like ordering a combination of both tall and small clusters. Now if you are super lucky yours might arrive with flowers or buds that will flower (but the life of a magnolia flower is literally hours once cut). If not, have no fear that is when my newest arrival, the really exceptional faux magnolias come into play. I mixed them with the real magnolia leaves from Weston Farms and seriously….no one would ever know you don’t have a magnificent arrangement of blooming fresh magnolia! The beauty of this arrangement is that it can easily be scaled down (or up) depending on where you are using it. This welcomes the season of fall in such a beautiful way.

Fresh magnolias from Weston Farms click here



I also love mixing magnolia with fresh flowers and surprisingly it’s not done as often as you might think. Also for the photo shoot a few weeks ago, I made this massive arrangement with beautiful fall toned mixed flowers with fresh magnolia mixed in, it surely gave me the “wow” effect I was after! I only wish I could have found a way to preserve this to last forever. Then of coures any chance to use my tulipieres, makes me happy. I used the same flowers and flanked the arrangement with a pair of tulipieres.


One of my favorite ways to dress up a mantle is with fresh greens and magnolia (and here added large sugar cones). Was so thrilled with the way this came out and it is especially striking against the blue and white with the rich greens and rusts. Once again quite easy to replicate, go and cut some fresh greens, fill in with magnolia branches and do the same to a pair of vases. it was surprisingly easy to do this and looks so rich and elegant. I could keep my mantle like this all year long:)

Here is another incredible arrangement I did with the same idea for that photo shoot, just love how the magnolia gives it that rich touch of color that screams fall.  A magnolia wreath is a must have and not only is there one on my front door but I love having them inside. I suggest spraying yours with a water bottle a few times a week to keep it from drying out. The idea of this arrangement mixing florals and magnolia  can easily be applied to a much smaller arrangement as well.

This time used my large village scene tulipieres and filled them with the same flowers, isn’t it fabulous! I was so happy with the way this came out.

And now onto the DIY I mentioned. While at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  I was stopped in my tracks by this incredible arrangement, their arrangements are always swoonworthy and huge! I remember thinking how beautiful it was for the season of fall and wondered if I might be able to create a smaller version for my own home. Well, yours truly is not one to ever shy away from a challenge so off into my yard I went with my clippers and a big plastic bag a few weeks later. I swear this took maybe 15 minutes to do and the beauty is it can be adapted to any size/type of container!

Here is the arrangement at the Met that stopped me in my tracks-

And here is mine! (surrounded with a bunch of smaller white pumpkins)

Here is how this was done, much easier than you might think-

1. I gathered some fresh magnolia branches, went into the yard cut off dried hydrangea (loved having a reason to repurpose them), cut some boxwood, got tape, a few blocks of oasis and my cutting shears

2. Used three blocks of oasis, which you can easily cut with a knife to make it just the right size

3.Fit the oasis into the base of the planter

4. Put two vertical and added tape to secure them to the base

5. Did not have floral tape so used what I had, it might not be pretty but it works!

6. And I just started from the bottom up, started with a soft layer of boxwood then hydrangeas and filled in with magnolia

7. Cut them shorter as I continued to the top, since I was going for that same cone shape as the arrangement at the Met

8. Voila! All done, it made the perfect fall statement piece for my foyer


Buy any of the pieces i used in today’s post for your own fall decorating and you will get 20% back in blue and white bucks which can be used towards any purchase Oct. 15- Dec 15th!

Click here for the blue and white double happiness vase

Click here for our tulipieres

Click here for the porcelain pumpkins

Click here for the faux stone urn (in this picture it is shown in pompeii finish, the default finish is mine shown above, white moss)

Click here for the large centerpiece bowl

Grand temple jar (preorder for mid October) click here

Click here for the faux magnolia flowers


Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together. I am not much of a DIY’er but must say there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes with creating something you really love and watching it come to life. Major bonus points when it turns out to be easier than you expected too:)  If you need magnolia stems in your life, don’t forget to visit Weston Farms (CLICK HERE) for fresh, off the farm magnolia cuttings! Tell them Tina sent you:)

Maybe this helped to inspire you to create a little fall vignette of your own.  Do you have a favorite fall vignette that you like to create? Do tell! Thank you for stopping in, make today a great day!


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Your arrangement is infinitely better than the arrangement at the Met
But then all that you create is just breathtaking every time
You are gifted with fabulous for sure

Looks every bit as beautiful as the one at the Met! Thank you for these instructions!!

Good morning Tina,

I love to use magnolia leaves and other greens from my yard. This looks fabulous! I will have to ask my neighbor for a few of her hydrangeas!

I’ve had good success using Wilt Stop on evergreen wreaths and garlands, have you ever tried using it on Magnolia leaves?

Oh my word the most beautiful fall decor!! I am impressed with your skills did you take a floral design course? Simply amazing, you have inspired me!!

Love this picture of Teddy. He looks as if he is sniffing the crisp autumn air. He was so handsome.

Oh I thank you for showing us fantastic ways to make beautiful arrangements. I never thought to use the oasis in a vertical arrangement. Perfect. And yours was beautiful also.

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