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Hello! Seems like a while since we have done one of these, but it felt like the right time with the changing of the seasons. And with that comes the summer purge and taking fall items out to reassess (sometimes that means what I can fit into or what has gotten too big, love when the latter happens). Fall/winter for us here in NY is a loooooong season so I have no problem investing in good quality pieces but I of course, like everyone else love a deal too:)

My closet has many things that are 10, 15 years old. Some I still ware. I believe in buying good quality clothes (especially for fall/winter) and fill in with less expensive items but the main things I wear more than pay for themselves. Like a great fitting pair of wool pants, a cozy cashmere sweater, etc….

And I am known among those who know me best as a very good, wise and astute shopper. Have bought many things for friends/family and even at times am kind of their little personal shopper aka helper. I know what I like and that tends to be  the classics. In fact, you might be surprised to know I have long dreamed of having my own little clothing line and that dream is still alive. I have had many things made, always gotten many compliments, which tells me there could potentially be a tiny sliver in the market for what I love (and that I don’t see nearly enough of).

As far as every day dressing, I literally could live in black straight capris (Theory is my fave), a black, camel or cream mock turtleneck with a 3/4 length sleeve, a gold bracelet, and a pair of mules. I swear that could be my every day outfit. Then you mix in camel, charcoal sweaters, a few cream colored pieces, a few pair of nice boots, a great shawl, a good white collared shirt, a a perfect LBD and I would say you pretty much have a timeless capsule wardrobe. So today’s focus is on just that, classic every day dressing for how I like to dress. Ready to name your three faves?


CHOICE  1 Love this so much, both colors I wear a lot of in the fall/winter. Ordered the gray and if I really love it, then will get the camel too. Beautiful cashmere wrap sweater, the kind of thing I could live in all season long. Click here

CHOICE  2 Such a “me” sweater, love a mock turtleneck and a 3/4 length sleeve, this is offered in several colors, great cable knit detailing and is fantastically priced! Could easily become a part of my fall/winter uniform:)  Click here

CHOICE  3 Own these stylish leopard flats from J Crew and they work beautifully with all winter colors, click here

CHOICE 4 Love this blouse from Tory Burch, the ruffles, color ans styling are so feminine and gorgeous. I will splurge on these kinds of pieces as they last forever, i can see this so many ways. With a tapered skirt, velvet pants around the holidays, a narrow cigarette style pant. Classic at its best. Click here

CHIOCE 5 I am not buying this because I literally have a drawer full of these, but I featured it here to say how much I enjoy and use mine. They are prefect for nights when it’s not super cold but you still need something to cover up with, plus they are fabulous to travel with! Beats an airplane blanket:) Click. here

CHOICE 6  This pretty sweater is a beauty. Love the classic styling for chic every day dressing, Vince has great sweaters! Click here

CHOICE 7 There are some things I don’t skimp on when I find them, a really exceptional pair of great fitting pants being an example. Say hello to my faves from Theory. I buy these for every season in colors that I will wear, black, cream and camel. They last forever, fit like a glove and are really nicely made plus after wearing them the. knees don’t sag like many brands, so worth the money. I get more than get my monies worth! Click here

CHOICE 8 Never met a pair of riding boots I didn’t love…these are really good looking, like the tall body of the boot. Great with pants, jeans and skirts. Click here

CHOICE 9 So happy I was able to snag one of these darling sweaters, this is so the kind of sweater both in color and style that I gravitate to. Click here

CHOICE 10 You know how much I love a bow…..this sweater dress is so pretty, a real throwback vibe so I ordered it in green (have not gotten it yet). Sweater dresses can be tricky, they either fit like a glove and are very flattering or hit you in all the wrong spots. I am thinking with the slight a line design this might be a winner. Love the femininity while being a dress that can keep you warm! Click here

CHOICE 11 If this is as good as it looks and as I am hoping this is, this will be the deal of the year. A slim knit black pencil skirt is the kind of thing every woman needs in her closet. Dressed up with heels and a beautiful top or down with a sweater and riding boots, this goes the extra mile. So hoping its one I love as the price seems to be too good to be true! Click here

CHOICE 12 Another classic must have, everyone needs a couple LBD. and this was an instant “add to cart” for me.  They get us through everything. I have a dress which was one of my first big splurges from Bergdorf Goodman, gorgeous black cocktail dress with lace which i still own (32 years later). That bow detailing on the sleeve is sublime, so elegant! Click here.

CHOICE 13 Another “me” sweater, such a “Love Story” or “Something’s Gotta Give” kind of wardrobe piece! Pair this with navy pants or jeans, and you have an instant very chic effortless look. Love it in both colorways, the brass button gives it that special little edge. Click here

CHOICE 14 Love these velvet pants, always like a cropped pant and these from J Crew are not only super good looking but priced right. Great colors for the coming season! I have a version of these from them last year and they got so much use, can easily be dressed up or down. Great holiday party pant! Click here

CHOICE 15 Bought these last year and these are super duper comfy. The rubber wedge heel makes these a perfect every day casual easy slip on boot. Offered in a few great neutral colors, click here

CHOICE 16 Another sweater that is such a typical piece that I would gravitate to. Love me a turtleneck and adore a puff sleeve detailing, offered in a few fantastic colors. I couldn’t get over the price on this darling J Crew sweater!! Click here

CHOICE 17 I will be the first to tell you I do not look forward to wearing heels at all. But there is doubt of the elegance and formality they give an outfit. I LOVE the look of an elegant simple point toe pump but they are typically not very comfortable. The only pair I have found that I can wear for any length of time is Jimmy Choo,  I think it’s because they are cut very low in the front. Though at first glance almost all black heels look alike, the cut is apparently very important.  They are “up there” but so worth the money as I have owned a few pair of years and they are my “go to” shoe when I need to wear a heel. There is nothing worse than achy feet, no thank you! Click here

CHOICE 18 Love the “Jackie-0ness” of this dress (yes, a new word lol). So reminds me of something that would have been designed by the late Oleg Cassini. Such a classic silhouette with the delicate bow on the waist. This would be right in keeping with what I would design as part of a capsule collection (except the cap sleeves as they are not flattering on most). The fact that I even found a dress like this gives me hope that elegant feminine dressing is still alive somewhere! This dress is an amazing deal as well and offered in several colors. Click here

CHOICE 19 This is an example of one of those investment pieces that will last from year to year. A gorgeous cream reversible belted coat from St. John. Yes, its expensive but I love that it’s reversible and will last forever. I have coats I have owned for many many years that still look fantastic. There are certain piece I believe you need to invest in that will get you through more seasons than you can count and this is a perfect classic example of that. Click here

CHOICE 20  Everyone should own this, first its so reasonable. Secondly, the perfect piece to have when you wear cardigans, sweater or blazers. It won’t feel cumbersome to have long sleeves that ride up under the sleeve of a cardigan or blazer, but you will have the effect and of course the bow is a huge bonus! I couldn’t order this fast enough because believe it or not, one day I actually cut the sleeves off of an. older white shirt I had to achieve this effect! Click here


So……your turn to choose your three favorites.

I loved putting this together as I was excited to add some new pieces to my fall wardrobe and it reminds me of how much fun it can be to play with clothes and looks.  When I look back at my closet, and see many things I have had for many years, I will say one thing- I have stayed pretty true to my style of dressing and have always gravitated to a particular style.

How about you? What is your “go to” look for the day? Always enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Signing off from dreary, rainy, cold NY:)

PS Our “Seconds Sale” started yesterday, things are moving very fast. Incredible deal on the seconds of our hurricanes and remaining cake domes. Click here for sale.

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Franki on

If I purchase “one more pair of riding boots”…I’ll get “the boot!!” franki

Jennifer on

I absolutely love the cashmere wrap sweater…it looks so comfortable yet elegant!

Amy Wheeler on

You are my fashion hero and can shop for me anytime! Love every single thing here!

Marianne on

Good Morning! Thank you for being my “personal shopper”, and collating these great looks. I went and bought three pieces…one for myself and two for my daughters (Christmas shopping early). Hope you do this again!

Cynthia on

Not to my surprise I love your style in fashion too! You should do the line, it’s so needed!

Jane on

Thank you for the beautiful pieces you choose to post. One thing I would love to see is a greater variety of styles/options. I am what the “Color me Beautiful” people years ago called a “winter.” I cannot wear anything in a muted color—not cream, beige, camel, most grays, or any soft pastel. They wash me out. The only thing with any yellow in it has to be a bright yellow. These are not your colors; I get it—-yours fit your coloring. But I have olive skin and very dark hair. I need saturated color—vivid, bold colors, and love them. The only thing from this post that is anywhere close to what I can wear, e.g. is the red or black sweater.
Just a thought—that you might “include” more of us if there were a broader offering.

Susan B on

so many pretty things! I purchased the pretty, feminine sweater, #9.

Carol E. Lane on

Thank you Tina for sharing your Fall fashion recommendations! I love the way you dress from the pictures in your posts and I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to get some fashion advice from you!

Carol E. Lane on

Oh, I forgot to mention, I bought the J Crew leopard mules and the white sleeveless blouse with the bow!

Donna on

Love when you add your ideas for wardrobe selection.
You have excellent taste!

Kate on

We like several of the same pieces!
I’ve already ordered.

Tina, you should try your hand st Fashion Design!

Deanna on

I love your taste in fashion. Please, do this more often!!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Great choices! Wish I could have picked ALL of THEM.

Katy on

All lovely. I love it when you point out pieces in a “capsule wardrobe” right down to the jewelry. Please do more. Elegant but simple. Thank you so much.


Well I want to be very upfront with you as I respect your great taste most of the time. Since I live in a city my wardrobe like yours is classic. I have been wearing cashmere sweaters since 1946. The clothes from the forties fifties and 60’s were elegant but simple and also sportswear was fabulous. Anyway wool, gaberdine were what we wore. Maybe a slip or blouse was rayon. I still wear the same kind of clothes although i must admit in the seventies and 80’s my look was more trendy.

Today your offering was not for any age group over 40. Tie waisted sweaters cannot benefit a more mature body unless you are skinny! The lovely dresses with short sleeves cannot look good on over forty arms . I love most of your posts especially the homes and gardens and look forward to all your e mails. What I really admire is your honesty in your reviews. Thank you, Diane Devine

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