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Hello friends! Hope this finds you doing well on this Sunday, we have had a week of soggy, dreary but decidedly cooler fall weather, the temps have starting to dip and I can’t lie, I am loving it. But would be very happy to push the pause button on 60 degrees and sunshine:)

Having a nice weekend, a birthday celebration with our oldest son, dinner plans, and a quick trip into the city. Today, maybe just maybe going to drive north and try to get a glimpse of the fall foliage in action.  Lots of fall fairs happening this weekend into the next week or two which is always a true rite of passage for the beautiful season of fall. Time to get started with this weeks Seven on Sunday, but first a few announcements-


Holiday gift wrap shipment due in later this week as well as half of the ornaments (arrival sales will be held next week)

October porcelain container due in by Friday/Monday

And finally a new small batch of the long awaited cake dome platters are due in as well

All above orders will start shipping out as soon as they arrive to the warehouse and are inspected!

Our offices are closed for Columbus Day and will reopen Tues at 9:30 EST




1 ADDING THIS TO MY BUCKET LIST! I have the new and improved Ritz Paris on my bucket list but now that I learned they also have a cooking school, it just moved up a few notches. Can you imagine anything more fun that not only taking cooking classes in France but in the eponymous Ritz nonetheless! Sign me up! They have everything from pastry and cuisine courses to young chefs and gourmet events.  Looks incredible, but then again I would expect nothing less. Has anyone been? Please tell us all about it! Click here for more info

And a video to really whet you appetite (no pun intended) The artistry in this video is incredible!


2 JUSTICE FOR HARRY I heard about this story and I literally have not stopped thinking about it and continue to monitor any new developments and things are changing daily. Chances are you too have read/heard about it, it is beyond heartbreaking. A diplomats wife was in London who was driving on the wrong side of the road. She struck a 19 year old young man, and he soon after died.

What happened next however was nothing less than shocking. The woman under the “diplomatic immunity” flies back to the U.S. just a few days after this tragedy. Stunning that this can happen! How can she sleep knowing she has left a family in utter devastation.

I heard an interview with  Harry’s mom and just couldn’t shake her words, the level of heartbreak was one of the saddest things I have heard in a long time. They are doing everything in their power to have this overturned and have the diplomats wife brought back for a hearing. I just cannot begin to imagine their heartbreak, and want to help them being attention to their plight.

This story spoke to me both as a person who feels this was an outrageous abuse of power but mostly as a mother. I simply cannot imagine. They have set up a go fund me page which I was only too happy to support and I want to spread the word, thankfully it is rightfully getting a lot of international attention now.

If you are on Instagram please show solidarity for their loss and follow them to keep abreast of all developments, click here

If this story interests you, click here to make a donation (none is too small)!

Here is some more recent info on the driver Anne Sacoolas, seems like she should not have have a license period. She was cited in 2006 for “not paying attention”

To be this calculating and methodical in her “escape plan” sends chills down my spine knowing the utter devastation she left this family in-

BREAKING AS OF SATURDAY! The Dunn family is traveling to the U.S. to raise awareness, believe they are heading to D.C. I wish I lived closer I would be there with open arms to give my full unwavering support! Read about it here


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST More beautiful fall inspiration, after all we are in the thick of it now! Plus of course the expected dose of blue and white-


4 NEW PRODUCTS PREVIEW! You know me, I have a hard time keeping things under wraps when I am excited about new things, you are the first people I want to share them with! Here is a look at some new and very exciting, beautiful new items that will all be here in a few weeks. Christmas in October works for me:) Many more coming in.


I haven’t been this thrilled about something in a while. Getting in a beautiful shipment of gorgeous tray tables and this one is going to be a sure best seller! The tray comes off to use as a large serving tray but comes with the elegant bamboo legged stand to use as a table. Love this-

The above trays will be tray tables like below (but tray can be removed to use as a tray as well)!

A few lamps just got their final paint coat, love them!

How pretty is this new pale pink/white lamp! (these are upside down as they are drying)

Lots of new colorways heading this way will be here in about 5 weeks (will offer a presale in about 2)

Would love your opinion on this new style jar I am seriously considering (just got samples).  Want to add a new take on a ginger jar, something soft, a little current/transitional and a bit modern looking but still being a classic ginger jar. I have to say I am kind of loving this, love the pale pink and the simple elegance of the understated white tonal cherry blossoms. If I go forward, will introduce these for spring and l will do it in pink, pale blue and pale green. Thoughts? Your opinion means so much!



5. A LEOPARD OTTOMAN One big project I need to take on is a much needed family room redo.I am starting to toss ideas around about my family room redo. You will be there with me for the ride as it’s always fun to share. The room is quite large and finding a perfect sized rug was not easy. I like the softness of the colors of the rug but the most obvious accent color is a very soft red, not my personal favorite but it’s subtle enough to work around. There are some soft greens and blues but its very faint. One thing I love and am rather smitten with is a beautiful leopard ottoman, it is kind of a neutral in that it works in any space with any colorway.

The furniture in there we have had for almost 15 years and though it has treated us well, its looking tired. I know full well how what you think might start as a small project,  can quickly grow so I have decided to use the left side of my brain and made the executive (and smart) decision to take this on after the holidays. Plus it will give me something to look forward to after the holiday period, as we all know it can be anticlimactic. First a look at a few inspiration leopard ottomans, love the look-


If I do it it has to be in a really high quality leopard like Scalamandre’s leopardo. I also see its offered in a softer tone which is actually really pretty though I still think I would go with the original as it would help ground the space with a dash of boldness.

Here are a few pictures of the room, a beautiful room but the furniture being about 14-15 years old is a bit dated and kind of tired looking-

Close up of the rug,  stay tuned!

6 AN APPETIZER SO GOOD, YOU WILL CREATE REASONS TO MAKE IT. Yes, kind of like what I have done, more than once. I make a batch and then remember…ooh, I am not having anyone over afterall, oh well someone’s got to eat them:)  So I am kind of sorry I made these as these are seriously addicting and kind of wishing my doctor would tell me I am allergic to cheese lol.

And I have very little willpower around cheese, then add baked brie and puffed pastry and I surrender! This is a mini version of the big one I do for the holidays. First they are soooo cute, secondly they are a perfect bite size (OK maybe two bites) they look like mini popovers. And they are really easy. Here is a  quick “how to”. Forewarning, you may not be able to stop at just one!

Say hello to your new best friend we will call them baby brie:)

This is all you need above (normally it is done with pecans but this trek mix from Trader Joe’s make them so much better, different nuts and raisins)

Take your dough out, cut it in half and roll it out, cut into 4″ squares

Cut the brie into small 3/4″ squares

“Fill” each square with one cube of brie, top with brown sugar, the nut mixture and add a  little butter pat on top and then “wrap it up”

Beat up an egg white and with a pastry brush, brush it over the wrapper up baby bries

Ready for oven after that! Bake in preheated oven set to 350 for about 22-25 minutes, watch until they are just started to turn golden brown. Be ready to be addicted:)

I serve with Carrs water crackers as they are mild and do not interfere with the yummy flavors so choose your crackers wisely!

And this is what you get, oozy cheesy, nutty light pastry filled heaven!

Soooooo good!

A friend stopped by and I whipped up a few, needless to say there gone in about 2 minutes flat!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY The other day, I was reading a magazine, think it was either and older copy of The New Yorker or Time and came across an article about America’s happiness and how happy/unhappy Americans are across the board. The article struck me by many things, not all surprising however. One is that parents in general are much happier than our kids. So sad. The word happiness encompassed (in the article) things like contentment with where they are professionally, their relationships, their success, etc….

There is no doubt about it, this is a tough world to live in right now. I think social media sadly has made things harder for a lot of our younger generation. They even say it, I will have this conversation with my kids,their friends, nieces and nephews and across the board I can see they are frustrated with it as well. They can’t shut it off it is such a huge part of their lives and it makes me so grateful to have grown up when I did. So turning back to the question of happiness and contentment, wondering on a scale of 1-10 how happy/content are you? This should be interesting:)

I feel a responsibility to say this– If anyone chooses below a 4, I hope you are getting some kind of help whether it’s a support system through friends and family or a professional. Support is key at a time of need, and if you really need to speak to someone,  I am a good listener and only an email away:)  NO ONE should ever feel alone or like they have no one to turn to.


And there you have my Seven on Sunday. See something that you enjoyed reading about? Do tell!

Also something to keep in mind as we are all in full fall mode. I will officially announce the new Fall Love contest later this week, but something to consider  when you see a photo op:)

Always appreciate you stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day and a great end to your weekend! I am hoping to maybe get to go do some seriously fun fall foliage watching, as there is nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by the majesty of nature in the fall! If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen next weekend (the next two weeks are peak)!  Until. next time…..

PS In celebration of the Columbus Day holiday, today and tomorrow, the entire shop site is 20% off! (only exemption are presales). Click here to visit the shop


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Thank you so much for a fabulous Sunday post! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. I love the mix of decorating, new products, your recipes, your polls, and I am equally concerned and saddened about news stories like 19 yr old Harry killed by a diplomats wife. Also have to comment about your happiness poll and add that my children in their 20’s struggle with much more anxiety than I remember going through. I agree that it has a great deal to do with social media. Thanks for bringing awareness and a forum to share about it. And on a final positive note, I have to tell you how much I love following along with your decorating projects and am so excited to see what you do in your family room. Surely to be beautiful! Please continue to share this project!

You have had a lot of beautiful posts but I have to say this might be my favorite Sunday post ever!

Love that pink ginger jar and the ginger jar tray, please tell me they will be here before Christmas!

Thank you for more information on the story about the young boy from the UK I have seen it here in there on the news but I’m going to be reading more about it today thanks to you.

Being so good on my new diet did you really have to post about the brie? Haha looks so good.

Very much look forward to following along with your post about your family room redo it already looks beautiful but change is good.

Such a fun blog this week! We have a Provençal house near Chateauneuf de Pape and I’m anxious to visit Sarrians and the Chateau! Please let us in on your secret to making a Large Baby Brie! Merci beaucoup!

This is so much better than any newspaper or magazine because it’s like both!
Story about Harry is tragic thank you for bringing it to our attention.
LOVE the new ginger jar and trays. They are different than anything I have seen which is one reason I love them?
Those Brie appetizers look sensational. Do you know if you can make them ahead of time and freeze them? I would love to make those when we have our Thanksgiving party for about 30!
Love your blog!
By the way I got my hurricanes, best deal on the planet- love them so much!

Simply want to say, you are a kind person. I knew it before but your offer to be an email support for anyone in need. Well, that’s above and beyond caring.

Thank you for your post. Lucky, you get to experience the fall colors. The Brie recipe sounds delicious and easy. What is the temperature to bake them and for how long?
Thank you
Have a wonderful week

I have followed your posts for years now. The story of Harry really hit home. I lost my 24 year old son to a drunk driver in February. He was on a motorcycle. We have traveled to England quite a lot and yes driving can be confusing, especially when turning, but she should have stopped after the accident. And if she knew she had issues with attention span, she should not have been driving. My heart goes out to Harry’s parents. Their lives will never be the same. Losing a child is the worst loss.

Dear Tina,
That is so kind of you to care about your readers and offer to listen to them if they so desire.

Thank you for opening up your heart and home to bring kindness into others – I am so fortunate to of found the enchanted home –

Love your new trays and, frankly, all your products; quite a few of them have made their way in to my home.
Love the brie recipe and will make it for my dinner party this Thursday. Your recipe saved me hours of contemplation
between online sources and my own huge pile of recipes.

As to the young man who died after being hit by a car driven by someone with diplomatic immunity-
a few comments – While we are caught
up in our emotions regarding a death from an accident, let us not start piling on the driver until we actually know the facts.
The media is prone to embellishing the facts or just plain lying. Trayvon Martin case comes to mind. I like to wait for the facts before making judgements.
That said, most or all countries have what is called diplomatic immunity. I suspect some previous terrible actions have been
covered up through this process. Perhaps the world needs to revisit the rules/regulations/laws concerning it.

I actually love the look of that house and (imho) don’t think the furniture looks “tired” at the age of 10-15 years. It’s classic and warm and looks like home. It definitely is not new and modern, but oh so elegant and inviting. Thank you for posting such lovely and inspiring photos!

This was the best post. So interesting and diverse. The leopard ottoman is fabulous. Can’t wait for the tray tables to arrive and hope you have some like the red one at the end of selection. The recipe looks delicious. Look forward to seeing your new design for your family room. I can’t say it any better than Jennifer P, #1 comment. The world seems upside down at this time. All will change. Be patient, do what is right and think good thoughts. Be a good example to all. Thank you Tina for all your concerns.

I love your blog but disagree with you posting articles like the article about the diplomat. The poor woman made a terrible mistake which could happen to anyone in a foreign country. She followed the advice of the state department to protect herself and her family. She had a child with her in the car. How traumatizing for him if he had to relive it. What a tragedy for the family who lost their son but nothing anyone can do will bring him back. The poor family who lost their child is being manipulated by the media who want a story. Don’t fall for it!

Adore your blog and how every Sunday we never know what we will get to read about. Always so interesting! Sad about Harry’s story, let’s hope justice is served .

The pink ginger jars are phenomenal, I will be first in line to buy them And the tray tables are beautiful, very hard to find!

Just stop with those Brie bites, now I am craving them? Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

I am concerned about all of the social media and how it affects young ~and old. About 3 years ago, I turned off the news, FB and most of the online news sites. It really can take over one’s life and cause frustration, anger, hopelessness, sadness and have one thinking about it too much. The day I decided to turn it off was when I was somewhere with my husband and all I could think about was taking a picture to post on FB and what pithy comment to add. It suddenly hit me that I had crossed a line. It was time to take action. I was embarrassed for myself and even ashamed. I put an end to all influences that weren’t really “me”. Since then I no longer talk like everyone else such as using popular slang and other current cliches or dismissive terms that I had fallen into using and yet hated doing so. I noticed that I can think more for myself instead of being influenced by talk news shows or talk radio and that all in all I am more open and interested in more subjects and I am just free! There is so much to be interested in instead of just what happened today, things that are relevant to my actual life, not an online life. It’s hard to escape all of it as it’s everywhere even if you don’t subscribe to any of it, it pops up on your screen anyway. But I am so much happier and much more in touch with my true thoughts and feelings instead of what is being dictated on how to think, feel or act. We are more easily influenced than we realize with all the ways to get to people these days with TV, smartphones, computers. It’s hard to get away but it can be done or at least limited severely. I wish young people would just try it. They would be so much happier and more their own person.

Always a treat to read and I thank you for taking the time to not only inspire but also to inform me.

Thank you for your lovely and inspirational photographs, Tina, but I really don’t what to think of your opening story about the diplomat’s wife “getting off” with diplomatic immunity. This is a case of justice turned wrong side out to expose the loose threads and crooked seams. Yes, ma’am, that’s a metaphor that just popped out, but I mean it. She should be extradited by UK and forced onto the next plane back to face formal charges. ‘Nuff said.

In regards to the story about Harry, I have learned these last couple of years not to rush to judgement without hearing both sides of the story–particularly if reported by NBC news.

I cannot wait to see your family room redo, while I think it’s beautiful I understand that you would want to change after so long.

How much fun would it be to go to cooking school at the Ritz! We were there last year just for two days in route to Avignon- The hotel is a dream and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Regarding the story of Harry Dunn, we have been following it closely as my husband’s family is from that area. Thank you for posting it and alerting your readers and anyone who may not be familiar with the story, I believe the more people that hear about it the more likely the chances are that this woman will be sent back to the UK where she should be right now!

Really adore your blog, thank you and hope you’ll never stop writing!

Reading today’s post made me cry and then get so excited about the new pink jars! Seven on Sunday is always amazing. Thank you for sharing “all things”.

Hi, there is obviously so much to love about this post. That ginger jar tray the new pink jars you’re yummy brie recipe!

However what touched me the most was on your number seven when you spoke about happiness your offer for anyone to reach out to you if they needed someone to speak to, that says everything I needed to know! You are a rare gem!!

Hi Tina,
Just love everything about your beautiful website, and in particular the SEVEN ON SUNDAY posts. Want to make those yummy Brie pastries for my next book club meeting. How long do you bake them and at what temperature? Thank you for sharing your beautiful homes, your decorating expertise, love of flowers, all things blue and white, and most of all your kind heart and generous spirit which resonate in everything you share with us. I am so happy I found the ENCHANTED HOME.

The story of the diplomat is one that’s sicking. This kind of thing has been going on many years here in the states where a foreign diplomat does something awful then skips the country and is never held accountable. I hope she will change but if not I know she will be held accountable to God.
I loved the picture of the truck loaded with pumpkin with the dog looking out the window and the wedding picture. Do you know the location of the wedding picture?

What a wonderfully filled with so many points of interest you have in today’s post!
I love the new soft colored ginger jars you are considering for Spring! I’m not a pink person but this is so soft and fresh? And I can’t wait to get shopping at the store for the ingredients to make your specialty puff pastries!
Have a blessed Sunday where you are there in whatever you’re doing!

So happy I found The enchanted home, you are indeed a good person, you will never know how you have helped me, thank you for your time and knowledge you share with us.

Tina, have admired and appreciate you for a long long while. My dear, you really need to write a book. A HUGE BOOK, photos, recipes, family stories,, houses, rooms, gardens, patios, yards, linens, tablecloths, china and pottery, crystal and glass, etc cetra, etc cetra, etc cetra. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

Dear Tina, I always enjoy your beautiful posts, but today your kindness and generosity of spirit really touched me. Our world is hurting and in dire need of virtue, kindness, and (in my opinion), spiritual awakening. For you to offer to listen to someone who might be feeling lonely or desperate is amazing to me. I live in Dallas, Texas, and I do not know if you are familiar with the recent trial here of a LEO who shot and killed a beautiful, kind, decent, young man, thinking that he was in her apartment, but, the example that the victims’ young brother showed to the LEO by offering her his forgiveness and wishing that she would turn her life around, was nothing short of a miracle, and an example to all of us as to how to live. The story about Harry in the UK has caught my attention as well. I hope that the facts are sorted out properly and that the diplomats’ wife will put herself in the place of the victims’ family and do everything humanly possible to show remorse for her actions and to be accountable. There are many cases of foreign diplomats in our own country who have committed violent acts against Americans, who have gotten away with their sorry behavior by claiming diplomatic immunity. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place!

Heavens to Betsy Tina your library/den is lovely!! Just replace the coffee table with a more contemporary one and reupholster your sofa. I think it’s wonderful to have a room in your home that is relaxing, comfortable and inviting. Your home is beautiful in every way and certainly doesn’t need a complete re-do! I live in the Dallas area too and wish all the world could have seen the brother of the man killed offer forgiveness to the woman who killed his brother. She will suffer the consequences of her actions but when he extended love and forgiveness to her it hopefully was thr beginning of a changed life for all eternity.

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada. May your hearts be filled with Thanks and Giving.

As an older woman, please allow me to offer a tidbit of life: Happiness and contentment are two entirely different concepts, and I don’t believe I could mingle them together on any kind of scale. Happiness is a fleeting emotion and difficult to sustain. Young people have no longevity and therefore little context for rating happiness except for a momentary emotional feeling. Contentment, however, is a state of being. You can be very content without being happy, Having known the ups and downs of both: Happiness is a flirt; contentment is pure.

Can’t wait to try the “Baby Brie”! Anything with brown sugar has my name on it.

Okay, I am writing this after thinking on it for awhile and after seeing on the news of the day’s happenings regarding the young man who died as the result of an accident in England caused by the American woman driving on the wrong side of the road, and as a very good customer of Enchanted Home. I, too, do not usually comment on things political, but I kinda feel the need to this time, as some commenters have referred to our “corrupt” government. I heard today that the parents met with our President (whom I support, even though I do not like some things he says, like making up names for people), I do think he has the interests of our country at heart and is not trying to carry us down a path to big Government Socialism and huge tax increases, and the way the Democratic Party is running this sham of an impeachment “hearing” and not letting the other side participate. I became a Republican after the shenanigans of Clinton and the behavior of the Democrats and their unaccepting of the 2016 election (which Trump was asking Ukraine to investigate–NOT the upcoming election, as much as the Democrats would like to make us think) has solidified that decision. President Trump met with the parents in the Oval Office at the REQUEST of the Prime Minister of ENGLAND who asked him to try to get the two families together. The President had the woman driver in another room and asked the parents about meeting with her, which they REFUSED, saying they only wanted to meet with her in ENGLAND. I do not understand that, because if I had a child involved in an accident that resulted in serious injury or death, I would like to talk to the other party ASAP. It makes me wonder why they would come all this way and not talk to her. I think it is possible the parents have “handlers” like attorneys, etc., who might be advising the parents on what to do to exact the highest payout as a form of revenge–I’m not saying they do, but I know how quickly these kind of people swoop in when a big incident happens.

Even though it does not make the outcome any different or better or obsolve a wrong way driver, it would be good to know if the boy was speeding and/or was he wearing a helmet. My hairdresser just had a bad accident on her jazzy Italian scooter driving on the Bayway where speeds are 65MPH+ and the car in front of her abruptly braked to a full stop and she hit the car in the rear, was ejected from her scooter and broke her jaw and right arm. Luckily, she was wearing a helmet and broke her jaw, not her head — which would have most likely killed her.

This accident happened outside a military base, which probably was in a more rural location like they usually are, and I have friends who have said it is easy to get disoriented about the right side of the road to drive on over there when you are on country roads outside of the city. This does not obsolve her of responsibility, just making a point. I am sure she was advised to leave the country by the State Department because the British Press are sensation-seeking horrible people (look what they are trying to stir up between the Royal brothers for an example) who stalk people endlessly. I am sure the State Department was trying to tamp down an international incident by removing her. I think to suggest that she left because she did not want to be tested for drugs or alcohol is quite an insinuation to make. Also, the fact that she was ticketed for not paying attention in 2006 could simply be that she was on her cell phone and should not make one think she was a serial offender. I think that she obviously was very upset and panicky and when the State Department told her to go, she gladly did. I just don’t think she should be made into some kind of demon. She will live with this for the rest of her life, as will his parents for the loss of him. The fact is, tragic ACCIDENTS happen all the time. Last summer my highly decorated Air Force Colonel cousin was killed by a native American while he was on vacation in Montana with his wife. The man was going the opposite direction down the road and swerved over into my cousin’s lane–it cut his SUV in half and killed my cousin instantly in full view of his wife in the passenger seat. The driver left the scene–he said to call for help since he did not have a cell phone–he said he panicked–it was his first thought, not thinking that other drivers would make the call. What I’m getting at it is that people make mistakes, sometimes tragic ones, and sometimes they show human emotions and don’t do the exact right thing. Of course, she should have defied the State Department and stayed, but being involved in Government (which I know something about because I am a high GS level Government employee), you are taught to follow directions from your superiors.

I just don’t like to see people being demonized because they didn’t do what most people think they should do after an accident like this. It is a
very complicated situation. The world is a mean place these days. I live in an affluent, highly educated neighborhood and I don’t feel like I can
put up a political sign in my yard because someone on my street got her Mercedes keyed IN HER DRIVEWAY because she had a TRUMP sign
in her yard during the 2016 election. Another woman had her sign run over IN HER YARD. Of course, my very liberal neighbors’ CLINTON signs stayed up proud and strong for months. I remember when people had friendly political discussions. My yearly family reunions when I grew up were fun with the aunts baking their DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN cakes to try and outdo each other and everybody had a great laugh about it. Last night, Anderson Cooper was totally rebuffed when the potential candidates got upset when asked about feelings about Ellen and President Bush and the ability for two sides to get along. That is what is wrong with America today–people are unaccepting of any other opinion and the other side must be demonized.

I think the woman will go back to England for an interview with the Police. Feelings are very raw right now on both sides. President Trump said today that the parents were “devastatingly sad”. I am sure they are, I know I would be. I just hate to see someone made into a pariah
over an accident that could happen to ANYONE and following directions given to her by superiors to leave. I am sure she was in too emotional of a state to argue and think clearly about it, even being a mom herself. She also probably wanted to remove her child from the media frenzy of the tabloid English press camping out in front of her residence and harassing the family at every sight of a family member. I am sure more facts will come out too, she already admitted responsibility — that she was driving on the wrong side of the road.

I just wish the parents would have met with the woman when she was in the next room today. It might have helped everybody to get emotions out in front of each other. I know they want to yell and scream at her and ask “how could you”, and maybe she could have told them what made her leave and how sorry she is. It is not going to be any easier in England in the future for them to talk. They came here to “get something done”. They had a chance to get a start on that and they did not take it. I know I would have taken that chance. I think if they are getting advice from “handlers” they need to listen to their own hearts. They made the comment that they felt it was some kind of photo op–NO–the Prime Minister of ENGLAND asked President Trump to try to get them together–that maybe it would help everyone. I think it would not have hurt to talk to each other today. Without talking, those parents are going to further internalize their bitterness and desire to get even. I know a little something about that. My husband’s stomach cancer was overlooked by 2 doctors at UAB Hospital in Birmingham who treated him for “bad acid reflux” for 11 MONTHS before they even did the first endoscopy to detect it. By then it was too late and the cancer had spread too far. I took all his medical records after he died to a high profile attorney to sue the doctors for my ounce of revenge. I was told that they could not prove that the doctors did not provide the minimum standard of care (which is what is needed for a malpractice lawsuit), and since I did not have an autopsy that made it even harder. So, I have had to live with the fact that 2 doctors at a renowned medical center were the cause of my husband’s death because they were not aggressive enough in finding out what was really wrong with him. It has been 7 years, and the bitterness has gotten better, but it is still there–I am angry over the unnecessary loss of my husband due to medical negligence. On the second meeting at the doctor’s office, I told him I thought my husband had cancer because he was losing lots of weight and I wanted him to do an exploratory surgery or more invasive investigatory procedures and was told without the right diagnosis the insurance would not pay. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, it is awful, but it does.

There will be nothing that makes this situation disappear from both sides’ memories and the parties involved will live with this forever. Accidents happen. When two parties are involved, someone is at fault. It does not make it any better to have someone to blame it on, especially when you have lost a loved one. And, it does not help to demonize the other side. More will come out as to why things happened they way that they did, and perhaps everyone will understand why things unfolded the way they did. I just don’t like to see a jump to conclusions about why
someone acted they way they did before all the facts are known for the reasons behind it.

Tina, I love your posts, and so enjoy reading about your thoughts on beautiful things and experiences. I don’t enjoy reading about sad and polarizing things here. That’s why I read newspapers and news feeds. I hope in the future you will refrain from discussing things that might cause disagreement among your readers. That said, I lived in England for several years and worked on a US military base that was in a rural area. Even after many years, I still occasionally found myself being momentarily confused as to which side of the road to drive on. Without the kind of reference points you would find in a more urban area, it is very easy to drive for several yards or more before your brain kicks in. Turning corners makes it even more confusing. I was amazed that some of the people who have commented here are so accusatory about a situation they have obviously never been in. If you are an American who has lived in England, you can totally understand how it could so easily happen. When I was there, an American airman was killed riding his motorcycle – on the wrong side of the road! It is actually surprising that it doesn’t happen more often. Of course, that does not make the young man’s death any less tragic. But it was a tragic accident.
As for the woman’s leaving the country, it is obvious that the State Department ordered them to leave. When you work for the US government in a foreign country, you do what the government tells you to do, and you have very little say in the matter.

Dear Tina,
I am a big fan of yours( even tho I have asked numerous times to be on your email list, I a can only get your blog through Pinterest) I just read your message about the tragic accident in Europe. Most of us that read your blog are more than likely educated, professional women. As one, I really do not want to read your political views. This is not why I go to Pinterest. It is to get away from every day work, what is going on politically in the world, tragedies, etc… It for me is like watching a soap opera, housewives, looking at beauty in the world, an escape for a few moments of my day. Please take that into consideration before you do this total transformation of what you are or were about. I cannot be the only one thinking this?!
Best Regards,

I love the family room and the rug. I think the only item that looks like it is 15 years old is the couch. Seems to happen with upholstered pieces. Switching from the red print to a solid linen or chenille would change the room dramatically. Beautiful instagram posts.

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