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Hello and happy Saturday to you. If you love accessories and all things beautiful for the home, sit down for this one- trust me🙂 Every few months or so I like to share what is new and exciting. And suffice to say, there is a lot that is happening over here. It’s been feeling like an early Christmas lately at our warehouse, with many shipments coming in, we are busting at the seams with gorgeous things. A good problem to have indeed:)

Sometimes there is a lot to share with you, and it warrants its very own post, and this is one such time. I am so thrilled about so many things happening and arriving. Our product line continues to grow and is keeping up with my sometimes overactive imagination:) Lots of new tabletop, holiday, porcelains, chinoiseerie tole and so much more, plus a little giveaway.  So here it goes-


We got our magnificent porcelain container in, all 40 feet of it! With over 1100 beautiful porcelain pieces, you can say I was on a blue and white high this week. We got out all back orders, presale orders and the last wholesale orders are shipping out tomorrow.

Phew…quite a feat! So our arrival sale started Thurs and ends today. Click here to visit the sale. All items will be available on the shop site at their regular selling price (still heavily disconnected).

Our offices are closed on the weekend so you will need to email your order to, we will send you invoice Monday morning!


We also got in an interim shipment of ornaments and will get our final big shipment around Thanksgiving to gear up for the official 4 week period before Christmas! There are so many beauties  this year, it makes me want to put up a second tree……seriously:)

As of now we have limited stock on the new dogs (all five colors), the beautiful nutcrackers and most of the ginger jars, though we are getting low on many styles. But our huge shipment will be here around Thanksgiving just in time for the official “decorating season”.

I am also so excited about our new gift toppers! These are just the cutest! They are sold in boxes of 6, and just elevate a gift to a whole new level. Coupled with our exquisite gift wrap and you give a gift that would be hard to rival. Look at these that I played with on a few gifts last week. I also just got the nutcracker toppers, too cute. I got them later so was not able to photograph them, but they are now in stock!  These are now available online, click here.

Then there is our  holiday paper, oh how I love the paper and tissue. I can’t get enough! Right now we have very limited stock on 3 of the new patterns and sold out of the other three. We had gotten a small shipment and started filling presale orders in the order they had come in.

Our big shipment is due in around Nov. 15th and we will get all presale orders out at that time. You can in the meantime preorder your paper as this will guarantee your order. There are some patterns I foresee being sold out of by early Dec.  The response has been tremendous! Click here to see the new holiday papers. (first is the tissues then ribbon then scroll down for papers)

We have limited stock on a few patterns but the big shipment arrives Nov 15th and orders will start shipping mid November, fast and furiously:)


One new things this year is the addition of our luxurious velvet ribbons, to which there has been an incredible response. Velvet is a beautiful touch to any gift but tends to be expensive. Most rolls of 20 yards runs about $50 or so. We are selling a 25 yard roll for $30 which is quite a deal if you know the price of velvet ribbon. I have doubled up on my order and getting in a huge order this week. This is a bargain if you know the prices of velvet ribbon! Click here to see the ribbon.

Check out these fabulous  stockings made with designer fabrics and trim,  we are adding a bunch of fabulous new colorways, some have been added already more to come this week! We will have an arrival sale on these fabulous stockings custom made for beautiful interiors! Click here to see what has been added to the stocking collection.

Hold on to your hats! We have a new chinoiserie tole shipment on the way and let me tell you, this is one amazing shipment. I am so in love with every piece. Feast your eyes on these beauties-

Hear over and over how hard it is to find beautiful, elegant affordable tray tables. Well look no more! I LOVE these, they serve as a tray table but also the tray comes off and you can easily use for entertaining, display,etc…..

Here are what the trays look like, the bases are detachable which makes these have a double function! We will be having a presale on these within the next 2 weeks.

Then we have three new lamps coming, loving these beautiful soft tones and how about those pinks!

Feast your eyes on these!! And these incredible new fretwork Provence planters will be here in plenty of time for spring planting, offered in black, white and pale blue/gray, quite smitten with these and four will find a way to my home for sure!

Another thing we hear that people are always looking for are beautiful brackets, well we have you covered. Really anticipating these arrivals as I will be bringing home a small batch to my own home….absolutely loving these! Solid wood and hand painted brackets which surprisingly are not as easy to find as one might think. I think these will be great sellers.

Then finally, we got in a most gorgeous shipment of new tabletop pieces. I am continuing to add new pieces to my growing collection of etched glass and might I say this was born out of my minor obsession with etched anything particularly glass. Also have a “thing” for chunky wicker anything, so adding some fabulous new wicker pieces to our growing collection of wicker hurricanes, flatware, etc……

Surprisingly not that easy to find so I am really over the moon about these pieces. Beautiful new hurricanes, bowls, lots of new wicker hurricanes, trays and blue/white wastepaper baskets ( matching tissues soon to be coming). All of these beautiful items are here and we will hold our arrival sale on them next week! Here is a sneak peek-

On the porcelain front, we will get a last shipment for 2019 right around the end of December. We will have some beautiful new products and the one I am the most excited about are these new takes on porcelain ginger jars. LOVE them, perfect colors and timing for spring…..

For anyone who has ordered the infamous cake dome and platter, thank you for your patience as we have needed to perfect getting this right! This is one incredible piece but we were having manufacturing issues with the platters. Finally a shipment of 30 perfect ones are due to arrive within a week or so.

The minute they hit our warehouse,  all backorders are shipping right out. We apologize as this is the first time we have had any issue of this sort, but it was important to be sure they are perfect!  Click here to see them

Phew!! Yes, you can say I have had a lot going on….at least I have something to show for those mornings that I am up at 4:30 lol (certainly not by choice)! I cannot wait to share with you a sneak peek of the GORGEOUS new melamine patterns for spring and the new spring gift wrap (it’s coming along so beautifully) but not quite ready for it’s unveiling.

If you have purchased from us and want to earn $10 off your next order, see below. Leaving a google review takes a minute and $10 is $10! Click here and look on the right where it will say “leave a review”

Once you have left a review simply email us at and in subject line just say review left. Your $10 credit will be on file with our office for one year. To use the credit you would need to call us 800-804-9565, or email us at If you place an online order and want to apply the $10 just email us and we will refund you back the $10 when our office opens on Monday.


To celebrate all of this excitement, I am giving away one box of ornaments to a lucky reader. Simply leave a comment on this post telling me the item(s) that most excite you here. I will announce a winner on Monday!


Thanks for stopping in, following along on this fun journey with me and always being such a wonderful sounding board. So………which excites you most here? I want to hear! Wishing you a great day/weekend, until next time……

PS Tomorrow the fabulous porcelain arrival sale ends. This is one you simply have to see if you are a blue and white lover. We have heard from many who are giving these as holiday gifts, which of course is the best gift possible! Click here for the arrival sale.

The cutest little holiday elf ever:)

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Suzanne Hughes on

Absolutely love the Staffordshire and little ginger jar ornaments! Beautiful way to adorn a gift!

Robin M Gwaltney on

Im obsessed with the ornaments and all the wrapping!!!

Kristen on

My home has just been waiting for those new chinoiserie tole wall brackets! I can envision them in my foyer, living room, powder room….!!

Liz on

I am in love with these fretwork Provence planters!

Any M on

I am sorry there is too much to love- I need this new planters on my front door now! Absolutely love to try to especially the one with the ginger jars. Already ordered my gift wrap and ribbon and needs those precious toppers- great idea! Those pink lamps will be perfect for my daughters bedroom redo after the holidays- thank you! They are harder to find , then you might think, they are beautiful!

Kim on

Everything is gorgeous but I’m so excited about the wall brackets!! I’ve been searching for some recently. Can’t wait till you get those in!

Lauren Thompson on

I’m so excited to give my tree a blue and white makeover this Christmas! I love the mix of the ginger jars, pagodas and nutcrackers!

Maureen O on

Those new brackets are beautiful! Different in design and practical too!

Suzanne on

Oh my goodness you have been one busy girl! You have spectacular taste and how wonderful that you have found not only something you love doing but something you’re so good at, it is a gift to all of us! I must say I love literally everything but the new planters and brackets have me dreaming of a little redecoration! Also love the new ginger jars, those are really beautiful.

Eve B on

Love them all. The new fretwork planters are beautiful.

Donna C. on

Tray table, tray table, tray table. All day long I love the tray table! Have THE PERFECT place for one (or two).

Karen Markovich on

So excited about the new wall brackets. Can’t wait until I can order them.. Very difficult to find…

Caryn on

It’s all beautiful! I really love the gift toppers!

Brenda in Virginia on

It’s so hard to pick a favorite, everything is amazing! I can narrow it down to the top three, the ornaments, the paper and the ribbons! I want it all!

Anne on

Naming a favorite would be like naming a favorite child!
However the standouts to me are at the ginger jars, the tray tables, the brackets and the new planters- absolutely nothing else out there like it and trust me I am practically a professional shopper haha BEAUTIFUL!

Nikki on

The spring jars – they are gorgeous!

Barbara on

The waste paper baskets and coming tissue boxes are so nice and hard to find really nice ones. I look forward to seeing them!

Nancy Caswell on

Just received several boxes from TEH!!! Such fun opening and seeing the pieces in person!
Can’t wait til my other items arrive! ?

Peggy Wilkins on

Wow! Beautiful selection! With Christmas whispering around the corner, I think my favorites from this post are the soft blue Christmas stockings and then the lovely ornaments. I have been so inspired by your posts that last year my Christmas tree was a sparkly royal blue with white lights. So many beautiful options!

Claudia McCauley on

Cannot wait for the tray tables…LOVE…
And the brackets…brilliant…so exciting!

Karen F. on

Bright and cheery way to start off the holidays! Think the nutcracker gift toppers make the perfect adornment on any gift and can be added to small tabletop Christmas trees as well!

Jennifer S on

The gift toppers are a must for wrapping packages. I am looking forward to the new brackets. Wonderful!

Cindy on

Love the trays

Elaine on

Love mini ornaments. So cute and a special touch to that special gift for a loved one❤️???

Linda Imgrund on

You are one busy creative gal, Tina! I’m really loving those tray tables!

B. Woodring on

I love seeing someone’s face when you give a beautifully wrapped gift…and they say “too pretty to open”!! I am in Love with your ribbon, paper & gift toppers!

Regina on

I love the Staffordshire dogs. I am an animal lover and these are adorable!!

Eileen on

I can’t describe how impressed I am with the quality, variety and quantity of your gorgeous items!! You and your elves are certainly working overtime.

Nancy on

I am in love with the gift toppers!

Karen on

Love the nut crackers and velvet ribbons!

Melissa Marsden on

The black tray tables are very chic. Also like the Provence planters.

Carol M on

Loving everything listed, but my eyes almost popped out of my head at the trays and stands. The black and dark blues ones are stunning.

Judy Nelson on

Love love love everything! I’m a Blue and White fan club fan ?

Donna Dowd on

I love the wooden brackets! Beautiful. So many uses…..

Erin Nantais on

Love the wooden brackets… And especially love the etched glass pieces, can’t wait for those to come out. This is an exciting time of the year for sure!

Tim F. on

I really like the fretwork planters.

Cathy on

I love the tray tables

Elizabeth Conway on

The soldier and ginger jar ornaments/gift accessory. Plus the paper. Love it all!

Jo Anne Jones on

Love my melamine plates! Can’t wait to see the new styles!!

Marlene on

The little nutcracker ornaments and the Staffordshire are definitely my favorites. Just a must this Christmas season.

Mary on

Tina, everything is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the tray tables and the “three new lamps”, so gorgeous!

barara m on

The Enchanted Home ornaments–all shapes and sizes in blue and white are the only ones I use since I found these. So glad new ones are being introduced, but my fave is the double happiness ball, just perfect!

Karenann on

What beautiful items you have. The pink Spring jar is my favorite! So pretty and would look amazing in my living room!

Suzanne on

I love it all!! But the ginger jar ornaments are so special. You can never have too many ginger jars.

Ann H on

Tina the cake dome is beyond beautiful. It’s my favorite.
Your Christmas collection is wonderful.

Linda C on

I LOVE the lucite tray table with the blue and white tray

Blair on

I am loving the wall brackets! Simply beautiful!!

Carol Lane on

I am favoriting the gorgeous tray tables! ALL of them!

Janet Vendetti on

Love your show stopper holiday papers and ornaments! Beautiful additions to make the holiday special!!!!

Jill on

I love everything! My favorites are the dog gift toppers. What a wonderful way to spread the joy!

Susan M on

I love the new soft tone lamps – especially the green one. Excited about all the new products – thank you!

Susan Millen on

I love the new soft tone lamps – especially the green one. Excited about all the new products – thank you!

Dana Tate on

I love Christmas…!!! The most wonderful time of the year!! I look forward each year to seeing all of the Enchanted Home’s new wrapping papers, ribbon and, omg, those ornaments!!! I’m obsessed with the blue and green nutcracker ornament this year!!

Mary M on

I love everything but I especially like the the gift toppers and tray tables!!

Susan Kayden on

The Nutcracker Ornaments have my heart! They are absolutely adorable!

Judy D. on

The dome is ultra special. Very impressive!!!

AFN on

So much glamour, so much fun. I am really looking forward to seeing more about the oval blue tray with bamboo stand. Hard to just choose one. The gift toppers are adorable. The whole collection so appreciated to see. Thanks Tina and staff. You have been busy elves.

Elissa Cron on

I’m going to be home all day reviewing this post!! Thanks for all the fun and great merchandise!!

Sharon Foster on

While everything at Enchanted Home is beyond compare, the chinoiserie tole tray tables were my favorite today. Not only are they elegant as you stated but so versatile. They literally can be used in any room in your home.

Angela on

Loving the tray tables. So versatile!

Bobbi on

Those tole wall brackets are to-die-for! The black one is beautiful, but the green is a stand-out!!

Goldie Stetten on

I’m I love with the blue dog ornament with the gold collar and the white one with the red nose. I may have to order them, every year I tell myself no more ornaments, I own way too many but I can’t resist!

Barbara Morris on

As always, you have the most wonderful items and I love the new planters. Also printed out all the entertaining ideas and hope that you have your Christmas party again this year at your home. Always love the ideas!

Laurie on

Hi Tina. What an exciting time of year with all the holiday items! I am most excited about your Holiday Ornaments and gift toppers. The Nutcrackers and Ginger Jars are truly magical! Not to forget to mention the gift toppers look perfect with the wrapping paper. Thank you for the opportunity for the giveaway!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Love your new gift ornaments. Beautiful! I especially like your blue and white tray and the navy trays. Lovely! Enjoy the season and have fun!

Linda Owens on

The ribbon and ornaments are just perfect. Everything is beautiful and it’s hard to choose a favorite but with Christmas so close those items come to the forefront.

Susan K on

Looking forward to the wall brackets! Scouting my house now for the perfect location.

Susan O’Callaghan on

?The ginger jars are just too cute!!

PopOColor on

Love the new wrapping paper.

Marge on

Hi Tina,
What a wonderful spread of Christmas cheer on EH!
Love all the b/w ornaments and can see a tree in my living room decorated with all your beauties!

CWPhelps on

The fretwork planters are calling my name! Love those!

Barb A on

Adding a tole tray table in white to my Christmas list. Also would like to have two, three, or four of the Provence planters.

Beverly Raney on

Love the tole trays! I choose pink!

sandra K on

Can’t wait to see your new chinoiserie line – especially the tray tables!

Alissa S on

Seeing all your beautifully wrapped gifts gets me excited for Christmas! From the lovely paper to the velvet ribbon and gift toppers, it’s the most gorgeous collection I’ve seen!

Anita. on

Like you I’m in a blue and white high over the new wall brackets. I think you must be a mind reader. Adore the gift toppers too. ?????

Patricia Larson on

The Provence planters are my favorite! I will be ordering those and the wall brackets. I also ? the wrapping paper and toppers.

Jo Shafer on

My new Christmas wrapping papers arrived earlier this week! I already have plenty of velvet and satin ribbons, but I’d love a box of toppers as gifts of tree ornaments, especially the Nutcrackers in pajamas.

Gretchen on

Just purchased one of the blue and white ginger jars and love the wall brackets!

Mimi on

I really am drawn to the Nutcracker ornaments. They are very unique. That said, unique ornaments on a Christmas tree and a new puppy don’t mix.

Maria on

I am in love with the Nutcracker ornaments! The touch of green is brilliant. I look forward to adding these to my EH tree!

Janet on

I love the trays and tray tables, but then I saw the brackets. I love them too!

Jill on

I am in love with the artichoke topiaries! How tall are they? I’m thinking I need 2 ASAP 🙂

Ann on

Love the tray table and definitely wish I had one. It would be so handy to have especially for the holidays. I’m still trying to decide on the Christmas paper and ribbon to order. Everything is beautiful and so unique!

Jennifer Garren on

I love the tray tables, do many places I could use them.

Sharon Ellis on

How did you know how much I wanted the tray tables & brackets??? You must have special powers …. of course you do!

Kathy on

I just received my Five candlestick lamps for my holiday table and I love them!

Jane Faulk. on

Love all the ornaments, whether on a gift or a small tree! Can find lots of places to use them.

Jane Faulk. on

I love all the ornaments, will be perfect on the small tree in my dining room

Sueb on

Great Wall brackets unusual!

Elizabeth Newton on

Both my daughter and I have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels so last year I gave her the dog ornaments She is also a professional dancer so this year she will get Nutcracker ornaments

Deb Harris on

Love,love,love the new trays with table combinations!!

Marilyn on

The ornaments are lovely.

Donna A. on

I love anything in miniature, so all the ornaments are speaking to me.

Tammie Conatser on

Love the gift toppers! Wish listing the trays and stands!

JoAnn on

Love, love, love all the paper, ribbons and prezzie toppers!

Sue on

So hard to narrow it down to one item when there are so many “wants” but besides all the other gorgeous items I would say for me the etched cake dome is definitely a beauty

Laurie on

I am so excited about the new holiday gift wrap!!! Love it!

Nancy on

Just love the new velvet ribbons…will be just the finishing touch for your gorgeous gift wrap!

Ann Marie on

I love all the new arrivals, but what really caught my eye were the tray tables.. i am going to have to find room for at least one of them.. Beautiful!

Camilla Route on

I am crazy about the dogs!! Been looking and looking for some blue & white ones!!

dale s. on

Love the ginger jar ornaments and every color of the velvet ribbon.

Barb Wismer on

I started to say the nutcracker gift ornaments, but then I scrolled to the tray tables….but then I saw the beautiful pink (or the green!). Oh dear I can’t decide it’s all so wonderful!!! Thank you so much for all you do to beautify our world.

Jennifer P on

I cannot wait for the news chinoiserie tole products. I will definitely be buying the tray table and brackets! Love everything though! Thank you!

JennyBC on

I really love the navy tole tray. So pretty. Congrats on seeing your hard work come to fruition.

Nadine Middendorf on

I wish you could see my beautiful tree with all blue and white ornaments that
I have bought over the past two years. Gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️ Will send a picture!

Linda Beth on

The gift wrap, ribbon, and ornaments will add a special touch to our Christmas celebration this year!

Karen Wheat on

Your fabulous gift toppers and wrapping papers are so beautiful…no matter what is inside the outside is a work of art and a gift in itself…

Tina Woodward on

All of the blue and white
the paper and ornaments
the new tabletop items,
the tray tables, planters,
and lamps oh my ❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!

Julie Whitsitt on

You make it hard to choose a favorite but my MOST favorites are the chinoiserie tray tables and the Provence fretwork planters. Beautiful!!!!

Jo McCready on

The cake dome and platter excites me most. So versatile and very very beautiful. Anyone would love to own this piece!

Natalie H. on

I love the adorable dog ornaments!

Karen McLeod on

I love love the chinoiserie brackets! The prettiest i have seen. They can go so many places.

MariaE on

The gift wrap and ribbon will sure make all my presents merry and bright!

Joan Richards on

I think those table trays are fabulous! Great colors and interesting shapes!

Mickey H on

I love the new Christmas stocking gift wrap.

Addison on

Love it all, but especially eying all the ornaments for a blue and white tree this year!

Ann-Marie on

Love love the tray tables!!!!

Diana on

Love it all but most excited to add a few fretwork planters in black, the wicker hurricanes, and the toppers will find their way to join ornaments on our Christmas tree. Congratulations on all of it it is always exciting to see what you imagine come to life!

Catherine B. on

Hi Tina. So many exciting things going on! The spring jars are darling.

Kim D on

Everything is wonderful! I especially love the Christmas ornaments and gorgeous wall brackets. on

I am so VERY excited about the brackets! You are so right, they are so difficult to find and many are very poor quality. I have been envisioning something exactly like the black bracket to finish a wall in the room next to my kitchen! Again, thank you for curating the most beautiful things for our homes.
Sincerely, Traci Miller

Jordan Welch on

The trays are AMAZING!! LOVE the painted jars and frame, and that they can be used as a table. Also love the brackets, and the spring jars are going to be beautiful!

Jackie C. on

Oh, the ornaments! Not sugarplums, but those ornaments are dancing in my head! They will make me want to leave my tree up all year!

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