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Good morning, still home sick. It’s been some week and I am most definitely getting cabin fever. It’s really going around according to my doctor. So it started off with strep throat and turned into a strain of a flu. Get your flu shots!!! I must admit I have only gotten the flu shot once but as soon as I am better I am running not walking to get mine!

Missing out on life for an entire week is not something I care to experience again anytime soon. That said when I am sick, I am very good about canceling everything, staying home and taking good care of myself. Plus I find it so selfish for people to go out in public when they are not well/sick and potentially infect others!

The downside is that I had a few really fun things planned this past week so am super disappointed but better now than when the holiday frenzy officially kicks in! Hope wherever you may be, that  you are healthy and well! OK after almost 5000 votes, we have two finalists for the Fall Love contest.

So many beautiful shots but I think these two finalists show that nature prevails and is a  hard subject to compete against though there were several that followed closely behind. These are both incredibly majestic and surely exemplify fall at it’s most beautiful. So time to vote for your absolute favorite and to crown the Fall Love contest winner. Check back tomorrow to see who won!


From Round 1

From Round 2


Vote for your favorite (one vote allowed per IP address)


A few honorable mentions from each round are below. These are the top five behind the winners from each round, though truly all were spectacular-


So much beauty, no wonder fall is my favorite season! Many thanks to all who sent in their pictures to share fall with us and to all who voted over the two rounds and today. Next stop on the contest train will be HOLIDAY LOVE! We will hold our contest centered round the holidays  mid December and will start taking pictures around Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for details, we are not accepting pictures quite yet.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see who won! Wishing everyone a wonderful day, until next time………

PS Calling all entertainers!  Our annual Vagabond House flash sale starts today! So many exquisite new items, perfect timing for the holiday period. Great gift ideas too. Click here to see the sale.

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Nancy Heider on

Hope you feel better soon. You have convinced me to get a flu shot ( I never got one before) Thanks for sharing all the beautiful fall photos. Be well.

Roxanne N. on

So hope you feel better soon, Tina. That you continue to push through and post each day is amazing and I thank you. Loved the fall photos!

Eileen on

Well, I voted, but must say that the second place winner will be just as fabulous as the first place winner. Talk about an impossible choice. So many stunning photos. They are all winners.

Alice Genzlinger on

Hope you are back on your feet soon. Good advertisement for a flu shot. My mom always said “I never get the flu so I’m no getting the flu shot”. Flu caused her death! So get well soon because we miss your posts.

Peggy Mae on

I understand how you feel about being sick. Doctor said it’s some kind of viral infection. Not the flu and not a cold. Had me in bed for a week and than another two weeks before I felt like my self again. I do appreciate your sentiments about staying home when you are sick and not spreading your germs. I have a special needs daughter and we usually hibernate during flu season as I can’t take the chance of her getting sick. What may be a cold to you could land her in ICU. Continue to rest – you will feel better.

Joan on

Feel better soon Tina! Good for you for listening to your body and getting the rest you need, you don’t need this flu to turn into bronchitis or worse! I have started keeping home-made chicken soup in the freezer, add noodles if desired when I heat it up just for cold season.
Loving the photo, have inspired me to get my act together now that renovation work is finished and start focusing on the inside of our home now that the holidays are barreling towards us!

Charlene on

Still praying you are healing day by day❣
All the pics here are beautiful!

AFN on

Get well soon and take good care. I had the bug for three weeks last year….it is a tough one. The Fall picture contest included incredible entries. I think the final two pics should both be winners. It was too hard to choose between them. Both such touching scenes.

Norina on

I love both pictures. It’s difficult to choose one over the other. Why not have both pictures be winners.

Jo Shafer on

The photo from Round 2 is now my computer screen background since yesterday! I’m delighted it made the next-to-final cut.

Mitch Rhoades on

I think many people missed the best of all—the little boys eyes thru a pile of autumn leaves— a young “leaf man” surrounded by a pile of things to come! —–“and it’s a long way from May to——-“

Deanna on

And now the flu! I’m so sorry. Feel better very soon, and thanks for all the beautiful fall pics this week. Pure bliss in two posts of yours. Loved them all!

Marilyn Holliday on

So sorry you are sick. I have been rereading the book A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp who had her book on the New York Times bestseller list several years ago. I thought I would read it to get ready for Thanksgiving and think about all the things I am thankful for.

Kate on

Tina, when you go for the flu shot, tell them you want the one WITHOUT preservatives. It made a huge difference for me.
Walgreens has them.

Takes two weeks to kick in, they told me—so stay well if you are able.

ayra on


Peggy Thal on

Get well soon!

Emily on

Love you, love your content but I have to say no to the flu shot. It’s a sensitive topic but all I ask is you research it before getting I your shot. Just you tube “dangers of flu shot” Vaccines can save lives but they also come with risks and I learned that the hard way. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

Dana Neil on

Love….thats all!

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