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Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Hard to believe its the Sunday before Thanksgiving! Hope this finds everyone doing well and enjoying a nice weekend. Busy one here, a bit of work and play, going back into city today for a bridal shower and then will be leaving for Palmetto Bluff for the holiday this week. I am finally starting to feel like myself but bronchitis takes a while and still running on about 75% of my normal energy level.

I originally wanted to get to PB this weekend but had too many things going on so will get there just in the nick of time to shop and cook! Really looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation…very much needed and probably the only form of any rest before the holiday frenzy kicks off:)


GIFT WRAP CONTAINER arrived Friday, many orders shipped out (we get orders out in the order they came in). We anticipate that all gift wrap orders will ship by Tues.

ORNAMENTS CONTAINER is due in on Friday or Monday and we will be busy little elves getting all ornament orders out right away. Many have shipped already but for the few ornaments we are out of, those orders will ship out at that time.

Onwards with this weeks Seven on Sunday…..


1 IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A BIT LIKE CHRISTMAS AROUND HERE! With my tree already up, its taken some pressure off the holiday decorating and I may do that every year going forward. Anything I can do to lighten my load works for me! I, in the meantime am starting to add other small touches here and there, doing it at my leisure so this way there is minimal pressure.

I say break the rules and decorate whenever you want!  It is a lot of work and to do it to only enjoy for a few weeks seems wrong. I think decorating in November and getting to enjoy the holiday magic for both Thanksgiving and Christmas sounds like about right:)

Had fun placing some of my favorite new holidays florals around the house…best part they will always look this goregous!

Click here to see our fabulous collection of holiday florals

And even wrapped two gifts, love my paper and gift toppers, they really elevate the gift giving experience!

To see the new holiday gift wrap click here

To see our fabulous gift topper collection click here


2 SOME WONDERFUL PRESS! It is always such a thrill to see the name “Enchanted Home” on the glossy pages of magazines, it is such a validation of what I do. I had four wonderful recent features that could not have been more exciting.

One was some of my ornaments featured in the Dec issue of Hamptons Magazine!


The second was an article about me and my business in Cottage and Gardens magazine…another thrill!

Then the dog stockings were featured in Dogster magazine, didn’t even know this existed but apparently there are lots of enthusiasts out there

And finally, in the Hampton Real Estate Magazine, our beautiful silver etched wine bucket took center stage-

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST You can feel the holiday buildup just from scrolling through Instagram. It is impossible to not feel that holiday spirit and I am so happy to share these holiday minded Instagrams along with a few funnies with you. It was hard choosing my faves as there were so many but here is my round up for this Sunday-


4 A JAIL FOR YOUR CELL PHONE! I know a few people I might have to get this for:) This is both a fun semi gag gift but honestly one that is actually not such a bad idea! Holds up to 6 cell phones.

Humm……not a bad idea to have this for Thanksgiving or for when you go out with people who insist their cell phones take a seat on the table! If I had this for Thanksgiving, I can be sure all my family members will be willing participants for my board game marathons:) Click here to purchase


5 TAKE ME THERE NOW! This is so unbelievably gorgeous. One place I have always wanted to go is the Maldives but being someone who is a very very nervous and fearful flyer, the long trip has kept me from going.I know two people that have been and they said it is every bit incredible as the pictures show.

This new hotel from Waldorf however makes it look so enticing. How incredible is this brand new Waldorf in the Maldives! I feel more relaxed just looking at these pictures of this heavenly oasis. This place is so beautiful, it almost looks like it can’t even be real……amazing!

Click here for more info


6 THE AMAZING PICTURES OF MY NYC DESIGN PROJECT. I was so eager to get these and they surpassed my expectations. Many of you followed along with my fun NYC project. It was such a fun protect to work on as the young owners,  had an appreciation for the finer things and wanted it to feel classically traditional with a few twists.

It really did come out so amazing if I can say so myself:) I could have moved right in! Here are some of the pictures from the professional photo shoot and the library picture that made the cover-

Photo courtesy Peter Rymid

And the icing on an already very sweet cake was seeing the cover!!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK this has to do with winter. This is the first year I realized I actually can’t stand it. The cold is really getting to me , and it’s not even winter yet! Getting dark at 5pm has me feeling like I want to go into hibernation mode. You know that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie’s grandparents are in their bed all winter long? That could well be me:)

You might be one of the lucky ones to live in a place with a warm, moderate climate year round. But for those of us who experience the four seasons what is your take on winter? I thought I liked it, but realize it was when my kids were young and it meant weekend ski trips. Other than that, happy to gloss right over it!


And that is a wrap this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the post. Look forward to a little time away for a few days, so needed! It is so important to get away and recharge especially around the holiday season.

We have some insanely busy weeks coming up with a lot happening so storing all possible energy is a necessity. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and great end to your weekend. Until next time……

So cute in his Christmas sweater:)


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It is nice to decorate early! I didn’t have any events here November and decorated. Loving it.

Another magazine to add to your portfolio. I was paging through Country Living magazine and they featured your dog stockings as well. Congratulations on all of the features. It is well deserved.

I did not know your husband’s company, Safavieh, had a magazine. What a great place to showcase your project. Love the blue lacquered walls.

There are no words ! You must be so proud, that is so gorgeous. You have a magic touch for making the most beautiful welcoming spaces.

I love all Seasons and look forward to changes each one brings. Sameness in weather, decor, clothing etc. would get boring.

I love all the seasons, but the thing that messes us all up is daylight savings time. It shocks our systems and puts us in a gloomy mood with the early darkness. I say let the seasons evolve naturally and do away with daylight savings time! It is no longer needed in today’s world. Let’s get it on the ballot and let the American people vote…….

A hearty congratulations on all the wonderful magazine exposure! What a thrill! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in PB!

Glad you are feeling better & will be going to your happy place (PB)!! Are the obelisks on the table in the library of your NYC design project something the client already had, or did you get them for the project? If you got them, please share your source if you can. Thank you Tina and have a great week!!

I recently saw your Ginger Jar ornaments in Southern Living’s Double Issue, “The Spirit of Christmas”, page 105 ?

Love seeing you featured in the Dec issue of the magazine! I know that must be so rewarding! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I live in Houston and we really don’t experience the cold of the north like so many. I do however love our winters! I am a “cocooner”. I love the early evenings and sitting by the fire with the love of my life. It’s such a special time for us each evening. {Unless we are enjoying one of our grandchildren play basketball or volleyball…always an evening game!?}

Beautiful!! I love everything! I would love information on ordering the ottoman table in the blue study. Did you do the table Tina? Thank you!

My goodness everything is so beautiful I come to your blog for inspiration!

Congratulations on the beautiful feature of the apartment that you decorated, it is spectacular! Library is out of this world!

Love your home decorated for the holidays. To me, it is everything a holiday home should look like.

My son and daughter-in-law went to the Maldives for their honeymoon last year, they said it’s the only place they have ever visited that they did not want to leave!

On the subject of weather, we used to live in Massachusetts and now live in sunny Pasadena, California, I don’t miss winter one bit?

Everything is so beautiful! Congrats on those wonderful features. I am not surprised as your product line is my favorite and so special

Got my hurricanes and bowl on Friday and they will be front and center on my Thanksgiving table this year. Love them!

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