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Hello friends! Starting to feel the holiday frenzy yet? I most definitely am, we have had some crazy, hectic truly non stop days at the warehouse, it is like a beautiful Santa’s workshop:) Suddenly I am feeling that pressure that I feel every year but and determined to fight it.

I woke up two mornings in a row even earlier than usual, bought my first batch of gifts online and instantly felt some of the pressure lift. I have devoted part of this coming weekend to doing some decorating around the house and hopefully do something with my poor front door planters that don’t know if it’s summer, spring or winter lol. Then, I got the first few Christmas cards in the mail and instantly feel myself deflate, as much as I vowed to take that elusive family picture, it just did not happen. So another year no cards. I am not going to beat myself up over it but just accept that there are some things that will not get done. Moving on and hopefully next year I will get that  family photo that seems to escape us for a few years now!

I also decided to not have our Christmas party this year and it was with mixed emotions that I made that decision. My mom who has early dementia has her good and bad days.I am still grappling with even accepting that this is happening. Not knowing if they will come here (or we may have to go to them) makes the holiday a bit uncertain. Though, as of now they are coming here and that makes me so happy.  The newness of this and some of the uncertainty that goes along with it has left me feeling kind of indifferent to throwing a party. Not totally in the party mood.

We were thinking maybe of hosting a post holiday party. January, is pretty anti climatic with the holiday frenzy being over, it might just be a nice time to host a gathering of some sort. We will see. Doesn’t mean I will still not decorate though, I will,  simply because it makes me happy:)

Ugh……life. Amazing how it changes from day to day. I am getting really good at telling myself over and over “one day at a time” and that is all I try to concentrate on. It is working because in doing this daily exercise it makes me focus on the here and now. This is a huge step for me, Ms. anxiety and world class worrier.  OK, onto this post. Here is a look at the last week or so in my life……

OK, I am digressing, onto this post. Here is a look at the last week or so in my life……


The big ornament shipment due in today, Friday! Ornaments orders going out fast and furiously…….

Got in the. most beautiful pjs from Luna and Noon…..what a beautiful gift!!! I could not love these more and they are beyond comfortable in the softest cotton….wish I could live in these:) Click here to see them

Welcome to Santa’s workshop where we make all your blue and white dreams come true:)

Got our first official snowfall, it was a very light one but beautiful nonetheless!

How stunning is this new arrival, our latest mint julep! Offered in medium and large…love it.

On the night it snowed (Sunday) we ordered our favorite Japanese takeout, I binge watched Gilmore girls and had a bevy of magazines by my side…doesn’t get better:)

Speaking of food had friends over and made my yummy brushetta, I literally could live on this and eat it for all three meals, so good!

Got some gorgeous new goodies in!

A beautiful horse drawn carriage at PB over Thanksgiving

The charming pro shop at PB

How adorable are these wreaths from the pro shop at PB!

Set up for the annual opera night happening on Friday, Dec 6th- our theme this year is a blue and white Christmas! Here are the florists trimming the tree!

Almost done-

Had a fun sip and see over at Scarcellas where I have a pop up shop…it was such a fun night! Only got a few pictures of setting up

Friend took this one…how clever and beautiful is this, a magnolia wreath used to hold the crudite platter…love it!


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Another Gilmore Girls fan! I watch it over and over…we have a channel that plays it on a loop! A nice respite from all the usual bad news!!

Tina, I am sorry to read about your mom. IT is so hard to see our parents age. As you said, take it one day at a time and enjoy every minute of your time with her.

Love seeing all of your photos from the pop-up shop, the opera night and of course your new products.

Take care of yourself and enjoy the season.

Tina, please gift yourself this season with being as kind to yourself as you are to other people-take as much stress and pressure out of your life as you can and keep in mind what the season is REALLY about-I can relate to what you are going through only too well and it’s no surprise that you are still recovering from being sick. In a few months, you won’t even remember what you didn’t do this holiday as much as you will remember the times you spent with loved ones and family and making the very best of a difficult time. Merry Christmas to you and yours and I’ll be thinking of you-

Just beautiful, with a dusting of snout make it feel even more like Christmas. I’m so sorry about your mom, Tina. You handle everything with such grace, and a party in January would lift everyone’s post holiday spirits! Thx for sharing all the pics. Just lovely.

Aaah, I’m making/baking “that Magnolia cake” on the “Southern Living” cover! I ordered the “gum paste Magnolias” from ETSY. Guess that will decide my “table theme”…gold glitter (candles, etc.) and…cake!! That’s it…just cake…hah! franki

My thoughts today are in sync with Barbara’s comment above. Focus on staying healthy and the time with family. This is the same theme for us this year, a more pared down Christmas. I love this season and love our home decorated for this time, but, we have A LOT going on right now and while we will do a little bit of fa la la around the house ( one tree instead of three ) we are going to enjoy not being maniacs about doing it ALL. That is my real Christmas gift…less exhaustion! Your mom will be in my prayers. I wish you peace and rest and love this Christmas. Find joy this year in simple and calm. You are a blessing to all who enjoy your creativity and energy. Thanks for another great year of The Enchanted Home.

I can hear the stress in your voice as you talk about the things you are “unable” to accomplish over the holidays. However, as a follower of your posts, all I can focus on is the BEAUTIFUL things are sharing with us each day. You are AMAZING! Give yourself a break and know that your readers adore you ❤️

I’m so sorry to hear of your mother’s condition. It’s heartbreaking. My sweet father was afflicted for a good while. Somehow it made him all the sweeter. Yet the whole thing was like one long good-bye–glad to have hime with us yet sad at the very same time. Your family is in my prayers.

Tina, I totally understand what you are going through with your mother. My mom lived to be 100. The final three years were lived with increasing dementia to Alzheimers. It’s neither pretty nor easy. It nearly broke my heart when she no longer knew me. My best advice is to please her as best you can. Patience and lots of love are the best medicine for her. My thoughts and hopes for a happy Christmas are with you and your family.

Holiday times can be tough!
One day at a time and family and friends are what counts!

I love the footed wicker bowls…are those sold at EH?

I am sorry to hear about your mom. My mom has dementia too and even though we have been living with it for more than 8 years now, it is still a punch in the gut when I walk in to see her and can tell by the look on her face that she doesn’t know I am her daughter. You would think such things wouldn’t bother me at this stage in the game, but it does. I wish I could tell you that it gets better or that you get used to it, but that has not been my experience. I hope you enjoy the holidays with her. Time is precious.

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