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Hello and happy Sunday to you!  I want to first announce the winner of the gift topper giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


#23 Suzie Parrott on

The gift toppers are just the icing on the cake. Adorable.


Please email us at [email protected] with your name and shipping info so your box of gift toppers can be on it’s way!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. A little scary that we are in the thick of the holiday season and Christmas is a mere 2 weeks away… did it sneak up so fast! We had two back to back parties, I finally made a dent in my holiday decorating and today hoping to go into the city to meet our son for brunch. Yesterday was the first day in a very very long time, I had a number of hours all to myself with no agenda or schedule and honestly it was the best early Christmas gift I could have asked for!

It was so nice to have that desperately needed down time and it really helped me to recharge my batteries. Gearing up for another super busy week, lots of ornaments and gift wrap orders flying out of our doors and our ornament arrival sale stars Mondays available for immediate shipping! Onward to this weeks Seven on Sunday….


1 SOME EXCITING SHOP NEWS!! I was biting at the bit to tell you about this incredible new addition to my line of products. Finally, my new belljar line is being produced!!! For three years, I have purchased my belljars from a vendor and it’s been a consistently top selling item, they are beautiful and classically elegant. I had thought about this for a long time but finally its happening!

This was born out of a few things- I was getting frustrated with my vendor over quality control  and continuous price increases. I had styles in mind that I wanted to create and wanted more creative control. Best part for you will be the pricing!! You are going to be overjoyed, I promise you!

These beauties will arrive towards the end of January and we will hold an arrival sale at super special pricing when they come in, they will arrive around mid January. I am really over the moon about this as it’s been a long time in the works. Here is a sneek peek! The bulbs used here were too bright but you certainly get the idea and can see how beautiful the etchwork is-




2 CHRISTMAS DECOR AROUND HERE SO FAR! I will be the first to tell you it is slow going this year but I am getting there, it will really ramp up soon as we are having our house shot for a magazine I love for next year in about 9 days so things will start really happening in the holiday decor dept soon!

In the meantime, I got these fabulous 2 feet boxwood Christmas trees from Scarcellas and placed them in my favorite round scalloped pierced planter (just got these back in, click here) , important to always put the sticky tabs on bottom which comes with all our porcelains-

I decided to jazz them up with our gift toppers aka 3″ ornaments and look how darling! I am in love with this tree!

And filled my backseat with white poinsettias and started doing my mantle, will finish today, I love seeing a hearth filled with white poinsettias (pay no attention to the top)!

Bought minis too which work beautifully for our new large mint julep and favorite mid size village scene hex planter, these are also perfect for powder rooms to add a festive touch

Caught that beautiful late day light coming into my living room and had to take a few pictures of the only holiday accomplishment that I did early, my Christmas tree:)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST If this roundup doesn’t get you excited for the holidays, not sure what will. I am especially enamored with this incredible grouping of serious holiday inspired Instagrams! You can thank me later for this round up that I might have to say is the prettiest yet!


4 A CHECKLIST WE SHOULD ALL PRACTICE AND SHARE. When I got this, via Tom Samet on Instagram I was immediately captivated. I thought of course I can do this or at least try to do as many as possible……..such small gestures every day but it spreads the holiday joy and cheer.

Imagine if all of us pass it onto 10 people we know and love, or share it on social media….it’s infectious and let’s face it, dong nice things makes you feel better! Try it, I think you will like it:)

5. TWO VERY SPECIAL PRESS MENTIONS. I love when I see the name Enchanted Home on the glossy pages of my favorite magazines and editorials. There were two amazing ones in the last week and I am incredibly grateful for the mentions.

The first was in the Wall Street Journal where our nutcracker ornament was featured!

The second one from Southern Living was sooo beautiful. A two page spread in Southern Living magazine, just loved how this looks. Very exciting!

6 OUR HOLIDAY ROBES AND APRONS ARE HERE!!! Stress no more what you will wear on Christmas morning! I have you covered. The fabulous print that I collaborated on with Giddy Paperie was made into the most darling robes and aprons ever! Very limited supplies, orders yours while we have them. This print is so beautiful and happy, it will be something you will look forward to taking out year after year. The robe is one size fits all, a great style that is generous with a darling ruffle detail, striped belt and 2 pockets. Click here for robes

Beautiful photography by Leslie Chalfont

The darling apron also has 2 deep pockets (great for even holding utensils lol) which everyone loves and an adjustable strap. Great gift idea/hostess idea as well! Click here for aprons

And of course you need the matching holiday mug and swizzle sticks to complete this fabulous holiday get up! Click here for mugs and here for swizzle sticks-

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY  I have a friend who is buying gifts for relatives in the family. She wants to buy a 6 year old her own iPhone which I told her I thought was crazy. You do not have to agree with me, it’s just my opinion that a kid that age does not need a phone, let alone an iPhone.

So we agreed to disagree as we often do, but always do so with a little laughter at the same time….this is part of our friendship:) So I told her jokingly I would make this my question this Sunday and she loved the idea and asked if I would do it,  so here it goes. Is 6 years old too young for an iPhone or just right? Maybe it’s me who is clueless as my kids are older, maybe this is the new norm?


And that friends is a wrap for this Sunday! Do hope you are having a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. Hard to believe that we are only 17 days away from Christmas!! Pace yourself and let’s all keep ourselves mindful of what this season is all about:)

I love that I have that wonderful calendar I shared today printed out, it really is such a simple but beautiful one to try and follow along with daily. It also reminds you of how even the simplest gesture can literally make someones day. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and great end to your weekend.

PS Still a few spots left for Holiday Love contest (not many) so do not delay. Right now we are taking one per person to allow more people the chance to not get closed out. Send your holiday related pictures to [email protected] For full details click here



My favorite snowbunny

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Ellen on

What an absolutely beautiful post to wake up to!
There are so many things to comment on, just love the lighting, I cannot imagine that will be a smash hit.
The ropes and aprons are so cute! I need to pick up a few for last minute gifts. your gift topper tree is magnificent I may need to try and copy that .
Congratulations on the press that you have been receiving, it is extremely well deserved not only do you offer beautiful products that you don’t see everywhere but your personalize customer service which I can attest to is unparalleled! Hope you find time between your busy schedule to put your feet up!

Mary Baker on

The article in Southern Living was so well deserved and hearty congratulations. Love the apron, robe, mug. I am ordering the apron now and can’t wait to wear it upon arrival. I love your post this morning and all the pictures are breathtaking and beautiful. Hope you have a magical Sunday decorating.

Franki Parde on

Just ordered gum paste magnolia blossoms…we’re having “that” cake featured on cover of “Southern Living” for Christmas Day dessert! Luv your photos!! franki

Patricia Freeman on

Looking forward to your bell jar arrival…. beautiful!
Are the green bush inserts available on line…. great size and shape….
Merry Merry?

Sue Schmitt Haidon on

‘‘Tis the Season?everything is looking so festive. I Love your tree in the Living Room, so beautiful. Those bell jars are gorgeous. Happy Sunday, Tina??

lynne on

I love the robe and apron and of course everything else. As far as your survey question I as a parent would be furious if someone gave my 6 year old an iPhone, but wait I would be happy to confiscate it for myself.

Amy on

Hi Tina, on the subject of cell phones we live in New York City and I have to say that both my kids ages 7 and 10 have cell phones. Made this decision based on many reasons, and in fact interestingly enough the school encourages it!
I think it’s quite situational, I don’t think a kid that age necessarily needs an iPhone however as they are very expensive but a phone in a large metropolitan area, not a bad ideH
Absolutely love your Christmas decor and those bell jars lamps are amazing! Have just the place for a pair! Thank you for this beautiful post and happy holidays to you.

Theresa on

Tina, Thank you for all your beautiful and inspiring posts! Merry Christmas to you and your family!❤️?

june on

Just an observance on the robes and aprons. They are very cute, colorful, fun and appear to be of good quality. But, why in the world don’t you offer larger sizes. I would guess that half of your readership could easily wear a plus size. I think your readers are mostly over 40 and you need to consider that, as we mature the waist line expands. Please note this and consider for the future.

Suzanne on

Loved seeing The Enchanted Home in Southern Living. It’s one of my favorite magazines and I have subscribed to it for years. It was nice to see your beautiful thing in it.

Suzanne on

Loved seeing The Enchanted Home in Southern Living. It’s one of my favorite magazines and I have subscribed to it for years. It was nice to see your beautiful things in it.

meg on

Congratulations on the wonderful press! You are very deserving.
Love the calendar you posted and agree that its all about sharing simple kindness every day. (love Tom Samet, too)
Lastly, thank you for the info on the cashmere sweater sale…bought one that I had been searching for! And…the new bell jar line is really beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Charlene on

I love your new upcoming bell jar lighting❣It’s just beautiful!

Jennifer on

I believe my daughter was between 10 and 12 when we bought her a phone….hard to remember exactly as she is now 30. Our reason for doing so was the fact that she would get off of the bus and head home by herself. We were both working and I wanted her to have a way to contact us if there was a problem…. like forgetting her keys or something of that nature. Six seems sooo young and I certainly would not let a 6 yr old be by herself and in need of a phone…just my opinion.

Love the Bell jars!!!!

michelle l oleary on

Beautiful content to this post. Love the bell jars. I am often thankful phones did not exist when my older kids were young. I gave my kids phones in 8th grade. Little later than most of the friends but definitely was not needed before that age. Books and conversation were necessary without them.

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