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Hi friends, well its been my birthday weekend and its been a really good one. I have a lot to be thankful and proud of and I am focusing on all the good there is to acknowledge this weekend. Thank you for all of the wonderful and warm birthday wishes. It’s always such a busy and hectic time of the year that the trouble and fuss those who are in my life make over me makes me doubly grateful! I received so many wonderful gifts, flowers and even a few baskets of cookies/sweet and I can’t say no to those)!

Since it’s  been such a fun, busy and very full weekend, by Sunday night I will be ready to slip into my favorite holiday robe nice and early and call it a night:) Busy, busy week ahead, having a photo shoot in the early part of the week, a few holiday parties and of course doing over time at the office/warehouse helping to spread Enchanted Home joy anywhere the big brown truck will go! If you have an order that you have not gotten please call our office Monday morning at 800-804-9565.

We are shipping things out right up until Christmas eve, and anything ordered this week will arrive by the 24th (if that cannot happen we will notify you). We have lots of daily sales happening this week so stay tuned including a wonderful linen flash sale that starts this morning (click here to see). Hope you are having a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday….




1 A COMMERCIAL THAT WILL MAKE YOU SMILE AND CRY AT THE SAME TIME. My dad sent this and I have watched it at least 10 times since. You MUST watch this in it’s entirety. I promise you will not regret it. This could easily be in my  all time favorite commercials. Being hailed as the best holiday commercial ever and if you can believe it, it cost $130 to make.

This is soooo well done. It speaks to my inner child and to my penchant for things the way they used to be, going back in to simpler times. Not to mention I do feel forever young!   I have not only always loved this song but this message is so beautiful., it makes me cry every time I see it. This just does it for me. Enjoy!

Thanks Dad:)


2 DAY IN NYC! It was my birthday yesterday and it was a wonderful, full day and one I felt incredibly grateful to have. Started off in one of my happy places, the flower district in NYC! I so love it there, there is such a contagious energy, and now they know me:) I bought lots of fresh greens and some flowers, I choose what I want, pay then drive my car right up to the front, call one of the guys there on his cell and he comes out to load up the car. My car never smelled so good!

Then it was off  to the Mark Hotel to meet a good city friend for lunch, it was so nice to sit down, indulge and catch up! I was supposed to then stop by to a holiday party/luncheon that a friend does every year but there wasn’t enough time.

The day ended with being feted by a group of friends (couples) for a wonderful dinner then back to my friends house to watch a movie in their theater…I don’t think birthdays get much better than that. Since I have been feeling a bit down over my mother, this is honestly what I really needed more than anything- just feeling the love and warmth of friends and family. I could ask for nothing more.

Then it was off to the Mark Hotel to meet a dear friend for bellinis, decadent lemon pasta and more….

A few snapshots along the way

Love how all the dogs in this dog walkers pack were white…so cute!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This weekend is chock full of the most amazing holiday inspiration, clearly I had a hard time narrowing theses down,  I just couldn’t say no. Love them all!

4 COWTOWN COOKIE COMPANY Discovered this darling cookie company based in Texas and am a bit obsessed!! I would be baking cookies morning, noon and night if I had this kind of talent! I have always had an obsession with beautiful cakes and cookies, such an art. Love her aesthetic, and always enjoy seeing what’s baking over on her end.  Almost too pretty to eat…

Click here to visit Cowtown Cookie Company’s website.

5 MY TRUL AMAZING CUSTOMERS. I always say my best advertisement are my very own customers….I am always floored by their talent and decorating chops! SO many good ones to share this weekend, many stunning Christmas trees too….keep them coming! These make me so proud! I am just in awe of these amazing pictures featuring my products……


6 CHRISTMAS IN SALZBURG  Have you every wanted to just escape into the inside of a snow globe? I think visiting Salzburg is about as close as you can get. You know what I want to do next year for Christmas? Take my family for Christmas in Salzburg, Austria.

Known to be one of the most beautiful cities for Christmas, it is alive in beautiful festive lights, decor and of course their world famous Christmas market. Have you been? We have been to Vienna which is such a beautiful city (not at Christmas) and I hope to make this wish come true next year, stay tuned…..

The video at the end is really worth watching!

This video captures it beautifully-

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Are you good at saying no? At recognizing when you cannot do something or follow through with a commitment? When you want to do something but realize you are taking on more than you can chew? Well, I used to not be so good at that but I am really proud by what strides I have made in the last year.

I tend to be a consummate multi tasker and if I am to be honest, am good at it. In fact kind of thrive on it. However I have my limits like anyone else. I used to feel like if I say yes to something I had to carry through regardless of the pressure it put on me. I have since come around and realized that I cannot do it all (and don’t want to do it all)  and am getting really good at just recognizing when I cannot and am not afraid to say so. Maybe too good, lol. Since I am working full time, suffice to say by 5 or 6 pm I am often wiped out.

If I know I have something going on that night, I will leave early and allow myself a time to rest of just take it slow. I had a few obligations (one Christmas party and one function in the city) that I had said yes to but did not anticipate such hectic days at work.

I had no energy at the end of day much less to sit in traffic for 2 hours and head to the city. So I, as politely as possible bowed out. The old me would have forced myself to carry on regardless of how exhausted I was. I stayed home and felt so much better, it was the right decision. I have come full circle in my ripe age of 55 and you know what? It feels good!! How about you?


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. I am looking forward to a day with no plans to speak of except dinner tonight and working on my Christmas decor in anticipation of the photo shoot here on Tues! It is a good incentive to get busy and get myself in motion. Hard to believe we are just 10 days away from Christmas, isn’t it! As always, appreciate you stopping by.

Did anything on this post hit home for you? So excited that the HOLIDAY LOVE PHOTO CONTEST starts this week, you will want to check back so much amazing holiday inspiration! Wishing you a great day and wonderful end to your weekend. Until next time………

PS Many of you have written about the beautiful white linen table linens we had offered a while back, they did not make it to the website as it’s been so busy but we did just put them up this morning as part of an impromptu flash sale.

These will all ship by Wed in time for your holiday tables and the flash sale is on for 2 days. If you are needing beautiful 100% linen table linens, that are incredibly priced look no more! These are simply beautiful. Click here to visit the sale.

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Sally on

Dearest Tina
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for yesterday, and all my fondest good wishes for a wonderful year to come. You are a beautiful person who gives so much, and you so deserve all the love and spoiling from friends and family on your special day.
I would have chosen a lunch in New York & flower market as a birthday treat too!
I hope the next days are fun and festive for you, and your lovely mama is in my thoughts
Happy Birthday darling
Much love Sally xx

Peggy E. on

Happy belated birthday, Tina. So glad that you have learned the value of saying, “No” to certain commitments. It’s a difficult decision to make, but once you realize you can’t do everything, your stress level will decrease and your health won’t suffer.

Well, I learned my lesson this year with ordering Christmas paper. Thankfully, I ordered two rolls, and with what I had leftover from last year, I had just enough. I am almost out of Christmas paper, from Enchanted Home, and will be sure to order more next year. Plus, I will order your velvet ribbon next year, as well. I thought that I might be able to find it at a craft store, but no such luck!

Salzberg looks truly magical at Christmas time. Just don’t know if I want to be with the crowds of people.

Loved all your Instagrams, especially those cookies. Like you, I would hate to eat them, they are such works of art.

How exciting to have a photo shoot in your home. Your home is truly beautiful and your subscribers, like me, can only dream about what it would be like to live in such a lovely home.

Slow down, put your feet up, and rest occasionally and enjoy this wonderful, blessed season of Christmas.

Charlene on

What a beautiful Post this morning! Belated Happy Birthday blessings to you and I’m glad it was a glorious one for you❣
I received my beautiful gift toppers yesterday and they certainly did not disappointment, leaving me wanting more & more!
I love both the videos as I ponder my childhood often with my parents and sister now gone heavenward. My maternal heritage is from Austria & Germany so I love seeing the beautiful places and markets there.
Have a blessed Sunday and week ahead!

Decorative Interiors on

Merry, Merry Christmas Tina and thank you so much for all your inspiration and the beauty and kindness you share all year!
And – Happy Birthday too!

Eileen A on

Happy birthday to you and yes, I cried at that wonderful commercial.

Alice Genzlinger on

This post is a Christmas present to me! Everything was so beautiful. The cookies were works of art however my favorites were Tall Wood Country house and the Robert Norris picture and any picture with a Cavalier King Charles in it. They are the most loving of any of the dogs. I’m surprise you don’ t have three of them. If you ever have one you will never have any other . Ours have been a part of our family for a long time. They understand every word we speak and spell. OMG?

Anne on

I so enjoy your posts every Sunday! I’m always forwarding your inspirational clips to my children. I loved the cookies from Cowtown but so very disappointed that they can’t ship them.

Dianne D on

Happy Birthday Tina !!!!!!

Janet on

Hi Tina.
I recently bought white monogrammed Christmas napkins from your shop and I love them! What is the best way to laundry them? I don’t really like to have things dry cleaned. Thanks, Janet

D O’Meara on

Please keep all the incredible pictures coming , they are so inspiring.

AFN on

Happy Birthday weekend Tina. Good you are resting between your many projects. Salzburg is truly magical and one of my most favorite cities. Do go sometime. The markets start in November. It may look busy but
we did not feel there was a crowd. We could not have had a better time anywhere.

Roxanne N. on

Happy belated birthday Tina!

Loved today’s post.

I want to share that we have, in fact, had a Christmas in Salzburg many years ago on an R &R while living in the Middle East. Our children were 3 1/2 and not quite 2. We stayed in the Goldener Hirsch, a lovely old hotel in the heart of town and enjoyed several days at the Advent Market. What wonderful memories of eating roasted chestnuts, sledding in the snow, shopping for crystal and especially the evening we took a tour to a nearby town in Germany where Silent Night was first performed. So many voices singing in their native language. It was a magical time and the memories of over 35 years ago remain in my heart!

I hope you get to experience it some day!

Merry Christmas!

Judy Brucker on

Hope your dream comes true?! Christmas in charming Salzburg would be wonderful!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

You and my husband have the same birthday! Happy 55th? You mentioned your mom but I may have missed seeing an update on her. Hope she is ok.

Katie Clooney on

Thanks, as always,Tina, for the delicious non-caloric Sunday eye candy. I hope that you and your family have a heavenly Christmas and happy, healthy new year.

Kristin on

Please go to Salzburg so I can live through you! We were there a couple of years ago….LOVED everything!

Nancy L Parker on

Great post, Tina. Happy Birthday!
Just looked up Cow Town Cookies and I’m so sad to learn they do not ship. ?

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